July 5th, 2011

Belly rubbin'

I'm not entirely sure this makes sense, sorry if it doesn't.

I'm going to a wedding next weekend and I am going in on a gift with two of my friends. I paid for our hotel room, so instead of giving me money to cover their share of the room they are going to cover my share of the gift (the room is about $125 and we're spending about $120 on the gift, so it pretty much evens out). Originally it was just going to be me and one friend (friend A) buying the gift together, so we decided to get a $90 headboard from Target that was on the registry and have it shipped to the bride and groom's house. When our other friend (friend B) asked to go in on the gift with us I mentioned to friend A that we should get something else (this was before the headboard was ordered) that costs a bit more since it is from 3 people now. I had to explain to her that since we would each spend $40-$50 separately we should each contribute that to the gift and get something that costs $120-$150 (this is what my parents taught me anyway). Well, she went ahead and ordered the headboard on Saturday night anyway and then texted the next day to tell me. Today I told her that we should probably get a $50 gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond or some other place that sells bedding to go with the headboard, but she insisted that we spent enough. I tried again to tell her that 3 people should be spending at least $120 and she said that with shipping it was about $120, so we had spent enough. I feel like the cost of the item itself needs to be at least $120 and shipping doesn't count, but she disagrees. What do you think, tqc? Does shipping count as part of the $120 gift or do we need to get a gift card to go with the head board?
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Based on a post from before:

Do you know any old people who often make racist/sexist or other similar types of offensive remarks?

What do you do when they say these things? Do you ever try to get them to change, or stop?

I was in the car with my driving instructor the other day and we were driving behind a very slow car, and he went on for about 15 minutes about "Ohhhh, we're stuck behind a woman, I HATE women drivers they're all always so slow or they get really angry quickly. The worst is old women! This must be a really old woman because she is SUCH a bad driver"

It was so awkward because like...I'm a woman. Idk. I didn't know what to say. When we overtook them we both looked and it was a man driving the car. My instructor was like "Oh. LOL."

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What's the worst behaved kid you've ever seen? And how did the parents react?

This was inspired by the antics of my 7-year-old cousin. On any given day, he's caught cursing like a sailor, spitting at people, telling random strangers he's going to "shove a lizard dick" in their asses, and from about age 4, he's been allowed to carry around lighters and fireworks unsupervised. He's burned himself, but luckily, hasn't had any serious injuries. Today, his mother told him to stop lighting firecrackers because no one was watching him, and he screamed, "You're so fucking annoying, you bitch!" She just shrugged it off and watched him light several more.

I'm generally against spanking, but he needs an ass spanking badly.
look really good.
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I know that age differences can appear to be bigger at certain ages for relationships, like 14 & 19 is a huge difference. Do you think 19 & 24 is a huge difference?

I'm 19. He's 24.

terribly U.S centric question

S'mores? y/n?

And how do/did you eat yours?
Usual style or did you add stuff to it?

My answers:
Yes! [Just had one a couple minutes ago actually.]

This one was the usual style [Hershey's plain chocolate, graham cracker, regular-though a little stale- marshmallow] though I've had some with Reese's which were delicious.

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Which film did you like the most out of:

Transformers 1, 2, 3?

Who is your favourite Autobot/Decepticon?

What other 80's cartoons do you think Hollywood will pillage and plunder next? which would you like to actually see on the big screen?

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I'm going to Ocean City, Maryland this weekend.. what are things that I need to do there? What places on the boardwalk should I check out? :)

dk/dc: have you ever seen a shark in the wild? Was it scary?
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how do you deal with a mouthy 9 year old?
she has total disregard for authority and is rude beyond belief.

she talks back, tells her parents to shut up and go to Hell. (They yell at her and threaten to ground her but then let her do whatever she wants anyways)

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Whats the worst thing to throw up??

Right now Im going with hashbrowns...because I just threw some up and almost passed out because they were so thick in my throat and slow coming out that I could not fucking breathe.

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My friend had a couple of black lab puppies dumped in her front yard, and gave one of them to me yesterday. I have a crate for her and a few toys, but I'm feeling like spending my husband's entire paycheck on toys/treats/bones for her today. What should I get?

Any tips on how to raise a puppy? She's my first. My 5-year-old son is already super in love with her.

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Calling all mechanics!

I recently drove my car about 500 miles round trip (probably just a tad less). There was about an hour's rest time between the trip there and the trip back.

About 60 miles from home, my check engine light came on. I check my oil- normal level. My gas cap was on tightly (a problem with Saturns). My oil temp was reading at a normal level, RPMs were at a normal rate.

What's wrong with my car? :(

(In all seriousness, I am leaving to get the codes read in a couple hours- let's hope it's an easy fix!)
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I was holding my (open) bottle of water and just sneezed. When I sneezed, the hand holding the water bottle tensed up and I squirted myself with my water.

What's the last stupid thing you've done?
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Randomly pondering.

What would happen if Hitler, with the same policies, opinions and intentions, came to power today? If WW2 had never happened, meaning we had no prior knowledge and no precedent of the magnitude of what he had planned, how far do you think he would get? Who would stop him and how?

I realize today he'd get squashed like a bug, but it's an interesting intellectual exercise, and I wondered what greater minds than mine would make of it.

EDIT TO ADD: I didn't ponder the ramifications of WW2 not having happened - I suppose growing up in the world as it is, I took for granted how much of histroy was shaped by its events!
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 I just found out my mom's been coughing up blood, and is making light of it. She has a doctor's appointment but is still going to work. She thinks it might be because of a cold. My grandmother (mom's mom) had a habit of hiding illness too. She ended up having leukemia.

Do people you know tend to hide their illnesses from their families and loved ones?

How do you go about telling them that illness isn't something to be ashamed of, and that being open about it can help them?
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I'd like to get back into creative writing, more specifically, RPGs. I've never done them before, but it's going to be a sort of bonding thing with my friend by doing a game together. I feel kind of at a loss at how to start, though. I used to write a lot when I was younger but I feel like that part of my brain has turned rusty. If there are any blogs or books or tips you'd like to share on this topic, could you? Thanks guys.
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make up questions!

I'm a newbie when it comes to make up. Is there any way to get coverage for a whole day, or at least a full work day (8-10 hours)? I use a lose powder and I swear it barely gets me to lunch. I've tried liquid foundation before but it just looks way too unnatural, and I've never liked it on other people either because of that. I don't care about hiding everything, I mostly just want to improve my appearance but still don't look made up. Should I give up, or am I doing this wrong?

Also, so far I've been to three make up places that keep trying to sell me a color that looks awful on me. It makes my face a bold yellow color when no other body part is. Is there a reason for that?
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I just had all my hair cut off, TQC! It feels amazing, I've always had at least shoulder-length hair before. What drastic change did you last make that made you feel amazing?

Would feta cheese on a frozen sausage pizza taste good? It's just low on cheese and that's all we seem to have.

Oh hai!

Hello TQC!

I'm new! I've been lurking for quite some time, posting a couple replies here and there, but I figured I needed a proper post of my own. I've had a lot of spare time the past couple of days, so the pace of this community has kept me entertained and distracted - thank you all for that.

I'm going to give a huge rant here about all the shit happening in my life which you are welcome to ignore or comment on as you see fit, but as per the community rules, I'll throw a question here:

- What is a fantastic TV show that you're obsessed with? I like things like Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, etc. I'm not a big "fantasy" fan - things with vampires, or things not set in "modern times" don't usually hold my interest. I'm also a HUGE reality TV fan. I'm looking for a new show to tide me over until Big Brother starts!

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Do you ever get that feeling someone is looking at you and you bring your eyes to the "random" direction and in fact someone is looking at you and maybe you even lock eyes and maybe glance away?

I see plenty of people experience it, even if I'm looking at someone they will bring their eyes to meet mine as if they just know.

How do you think that is possible? intuition? sixth sense? Something less elaborate?
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TQC, i love soccer. i think a lot of you know that. and i want to get a part time job at this soccer store in town, even though my friend said it's a shitty place to work(but i've been unemployed 3 months now so you can bet how picky i'm not right now). but i don't know much about GEAR. i never played as a kid or anything. i was always kinda slow and terrible at sports. but this is obviously mostly a shop for gear. i mean, they've got TONS of replica shirts and kits and balls and scarves and flags and tons of goodies soccer nerds like me totally geek out over, and i could help anyone with that stuff, but i don't know about balls or boots or nets or pads or anything.

do you think it would even be worth it to apply? i am a fast learner, i'm a people person, i love chatting and helping people, and the owner kinda knows me(at last he knows my face). should i send them my resume?

i'm also nervous 'cause i'd feel like fraud working there. i'm 100% a spectator and part of me is like, what business do i have working there? my friends actually PLAY the sport. is that crazy?


I'm down 40 pounds! ...However, my thies are -not- pretty. I see other girls my age around my weight and they don't have any cellulite so I'm kinda confused. Do you have cellulite? Have you found a sure-way to get rid of it?
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That phrase...

 I know I've heard a concise phrase for this before, but Google is being of no help right now (probably because I can only think of wordy ways to describe it).

Does anyone know of that phrase that people use to describe a situation where two people are walking towards each other, they each sidestep in the same direction to avoid bumping into one another, realize that didn't help, and continue awkwardly sidestepping until one person finally holds still? 

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Who here watches hoarding shows?    Who do you side with if anybody when they get into fights?  The hoarder or the person stuck living with the hoarder and his/her mess?  

I have a hard time not getting mad at the hoarder but I also used to live with somebody who was a borderline hoarder so I have a bias against them despite the fact that it's a mental illness.     
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I *hate* my boyfriend's little brother. He's never done anything to me personally, he's just obnoxious, annoying to the nth degree, and constantly takes advantage of the fact that my boyfriend would do anything for him. I live with his family most of the time, so I have to see the brother every day.

Is it inappropriate for me to express my dislike to my boyfriend?
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So inspired by the cocktail monster the Jaeger Bomb (Red Bull and Jagermeister) I was inspired to create the A-Bomb (Absinthe and Red Bull.)

It was godawful. But louched really pretty. If I EVER try it again I'm going with near-frozen absinthe and the goddamn sugar cube.

All this is to say, what was your last "great idea," and did it turn out like you hoped or was it a grand disaster?

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What's your favorite non-fiction book?

I think mine is "Nicholas and Alexandra" by Robert K. Massie. It has some incorrect information, like the "fact" that Alexandra would spy on Nicholas during meetings with the Duma, and that Rasputin wrote that letter saying the family would be murdered in two years, but considering it was the first Romanov book written and that it was written when Russia was still a Communist country, the amount of information collected for it is amazing.

Death to all math!

Ok, so. To get my degree ASAP, i took 24 credit hours this summer. I had to have Math 02 and Math 03.

Math 02 was June-July
Math 03 July-August

Ok well Math 02 is the devil. I'm taking it online (the only way its offered in the summer) and i basically have to teach myself (duh, right?) BUT the worst part is, I am HORRIBLE at math, and everytime i get something wrong, the program sends me backwards, and wont let me go forward until i get it right, i'm getting NOWHERE fast, literally. Then, Math 03 got cancelled. So I HAVE to go back in the Fall anyway.

SOOooo...do I take an F in Math 02 and focus on my 21 other credits this summer? (y/y?)
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What in your life are you very passionate about? Is there anything you're very interested in/value now that a younger you would have had nothing to do with?

Inspired by my own evolving views on life as of the past two years or so.
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I overheard the following conversation at Panera today :

"I dont have too many problems with recreational use of marajuana, as long as it does not because a problem or dependency. But if your spending all your money on drugs, to the point where you need help to feed yourself or kids then I think you need something besides just government food assistance"

"So in other words, if you have money to spend on weed you should have money to spend on groceries first?"


Whats your opinion on this?

Are you for or against drug testing for assistance and why?


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When you get really tired, do you ever see shadows, or other things that 'aren't really there' in your periphery?

Did you know there was a punctuation mark created to infer sarcasm or irony⸮ Apparently it didn't really take off..

*edited for improper syntax*
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My friend is having a baby. I'm writing her card right now and I want to put a special quote inside. Suggestions?

(Some background, its going to be a girl, both the mother and the father are in to Harry Potter, gaming, outdoorsy stuff, etc. The father is my boyfriends best friend, the mother is a good friend of mine)

dk/dc what was the most exciting thing to happen to you today?
our air conditioning got fixed at work! hurray!

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Do you tend to burn, or tan?

Where's the worst place to get sunburn? How about razorburn?

Brought to you by the excruciating sunburn I have next to my armpits, RIGHT where my bra strap meets the cups, so the seam is rubbing directly on it. I want to die rn. D:

DK/DC: What's the last thing you watched on Netflix, if you have it?
ESheep walking!

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Does coffee go bad/stale? After how long?
I know nothing about coffee because i rarely drink it. But there's some leftover in the kitchen, probably from yesterday afternoon. It's in a metal insulated thermos-style pot, not a regular glass one.

Would it be gross if i reheated it in the microwave?
I really can't overstate how little i know about coffee :/
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Do you wear makeup/dress up when traveling long distances, particularly when you are going to be transferring planes?

Do you use My Fitness Pal?

Is Biotin (sp?) (aka the hair/skin/nails vitamins) really worth the hype?

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Can a tailor ... I dont know how to word this - sew out a pocket from a pair of jeans? I mean, you know how in some pants the pocket inside is noticable from the outside? Can tailors cut that out and the jeans will be fine?

(no subject)

Brought to you by the episode of Family Ties I'm watching on Netflix (lol):

Did you tell your parents after you lost your virginity?

Were you, or did you become, reeeeeally attached to the person you lost it to? To the same crazy irrational extent that every TV character who loses their virginity seems to be?
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Do you play cards still? With real cards? What's your favorite card game (IRL or online)?

I play cribbage at a cribbage club every Tuesday. I also play Pinochle with my parents. My favorite card game is probably Pinochle.

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What's the most unique gift you've ever received?

My mom is going through a rough time and she's about to have her 2nd year smoke-free anniversary. I want to get her something for it but she probably wouldn't want jewelry. She's sort of hippie-esque and loves her grandson more than anyone. What do I get for herrrr? (Already buying flowers)
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In response to this.

Thanks all for your input and calming me down a little. Had my gallbladder out this morning. Clocked in at 630 AM for a 730 procedure, and out by 1030 and home by 11:15A. They said I might not have an appetite for a day, maybe a week, but IDK what they're talking about - I scarfed down two chicken sandwiches earlier. Sore in places, but overall doing well. :-) And yay, no open cut! No complications either.

But oh yeah, my question - what's the best way to sneak up on my nephew and show him my incisions? He's 12 and doesn't want to see them, but I want to traumatize him. Any suggestions? :)

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Completely unrelated.

Do you have a bicycle?
Does it have a bell?
Do you USE it?

Today I was riding my bike down a busy street and I had the light and some lady and her pre-teen boys were scooting against the light and I had to yell "Heads up! HEADS UP!" at her twice to get her to look my direction and see that she was in putting us both in danger. I have a bell. But it's just easier to yell. Why DO we have bike bells anyway? When for the most part, we can just say, "Oh your left" or whatever.
Is it just because the brriiiinnggg-briiinnnggg is so darned cute?

(no subject)

Have you every suspected someone you know might be a compulsive liar? If so, what sorts of things did s/he say?

An acquaintance of mine claims she interviewed with Marc Ecko personally and will be working with him directly. I'm a little skeptical.

(no subject)

What's the best piece of advice you ever received? Provide context if it's necessary or entertaining.
What's the best piece of advice you ever gave? Provide context if it's necessary or entertaining.

(no subject)

What are some things that make you reassured the world can be a good place?

At the moment I have silly things that people do for no good reason except to amuse themselves and strangers they've never met, like Nyan cat guy, and extreme ironing.

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(no subject)

If a movie or album was downloadable on a "pay what you can" system, including the option to download for free, would you pay? How much? (on average, I know it might depend on which one).

Inspired by the fact that I just downloaded "The Winter's Months" by Rob Scallon on a name-your-price system. All you people that are always looking for new music, check him out! A hell of a guitarist/multiinstrumentalist.