July 4th, 2011

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What's something you've discovered thanks to TQC?

For me, it's goats milk moisturiser. Thanks to hajiomatic's post about goats milk products the other day. I spotted it at Priceline and decided to give it a go. It smells a little weird but my skin feels so much nicer now :D

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Is anything trivial pissing you off right now? Can we have a petty rant post?

This is the third night in a row that people have been setting off fireworks past 1:00 in the morning, and it's only going to be worse tomorrow night. It's making me want to tear my hair out.
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Have you ever used a product you saw advertised on one of those commercials where it seems like everything costs $19.99 and performs some magical task that no other product ever has been able to do?

Did it do what it was supposed to do? Did it work at all?

(Magic Putty is a veil of lies and deceit!)
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I got a wedding invitation in the mail the other day, addressed to "The LastName Family". The wedding is in September, and I'm due to have a baby at the start of August.

I will be contacting the couple to ask for sure, but would you take it to mean that the baby is also invited to the wedding?

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1a. What is your job?
1b. Do you have a lot of down time?
1c. Do you deal with customers/clients/etc?
1d. What do you do when you are bored and have nothing to do at work?

2a. Do you want to be friends?
2b. Do you want to play words with friends? I'm chilli_rhianno
2c. Am I too awkward on the internet to have TQC-friends?
2d. Do you use tumblr? What is yours?

3a. Do you have an Android phone? No? What kind of phone do you have?
3b. What are your favorite (free) apps?
3c. Anything cool your phone can do?
3d. Do you text or call more?

4a. Can you tell that I'm bored?
4b. Why is it that the last 3 hours at work DRAAAAAAAG on before you have a few days off?
4c. What do you like to do on your days off?
4d. Are you American? What are you doing today?

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I just got back from a vacation with friends and I'm depressed. It's a lot of different things- just the general sadness over a really fun week ending but I've been also feeling really bad about money, living with my parents, and losing my job/not being able to find another one. My mom is smothering me.

I haven't been home for 24 hours yet- I just woke up and she emailed me THREE TIMES this morning asking why I'm mad at her and what's wrong and...HOW DO I RESPOND WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE A TOTAL BITCH? She sends me this stuff all the time and it really makes me want to run out of my house and never come back more than anything.

Is this just normal parental behavior? What do your parents do to drive you crazy?

She is driving me crazy :(
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The boyfriend and I don't give a crap about the 4th, really, and are going to stay in, eat bad-for-us food, and watch season 2 of Breaking Bad.

Will pizza places be delivering tonight?

Are we the only ones who are pretending today is just another day?

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is it appropriate to tell someone in the military "thank you for your service to our country, happy 4th of july"? i feel like it is but i just woke up and don't want to do anything dumb.

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I wish I had some way to get my recipes online in the kitchen without bringing my bulky computer in there. Like.. I wish I had some built-in touchscreen thing that accessed the web that I could use to get my recipes.

What are things you wish you had, whether they exist or not?
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Related to the extinction post, do any of you have personal experience with keeping bees?  I'd love to hear about any you've had, as this is something my husband and I are talking about & researching.

If no bees, how about a garden?  Do you garden? What are you growing?

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TQC, my dad and I are both feeling down about our respective relationships. Given the fact that we're both off and have no plans, what should we do to distract ourselves? We can't be out for terribly long. I'm thinking pizza and cocktails. Or should we brave the probably-packed beach?

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So I’m starting to plan my wedding and I’m having trouble choosing the accent colors.

Collapse )

Details to consider:
-it will be an outdoor wedding in the mountains
-the wedding will be taking place late September/early October

Or if you think my colors suck, what colors should I choose?
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So here's the story.

I have a friend coming down for the weekend. I arranged for him to come down on my lunch break as I'm working a long day on Thursday and have a half day on Friday. I have the Saturday off and then he has to go back on Sunday so we don't have vast amounts of time.

I only noticed yesterday that they've changed my rota (because they screwed up) and put me on a half day on Thursday and a full day on Friday. I have proof as I photocopied the original rota.

I an mightily pissed off. How do I tell the boss in a nice way that there's no way in hell I'm working a full day on Friday and that if they want to change the rota asking me would be nice.

Also tell me how your work has pissed you off lately.
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I'm having a very small party tonight with mostly non-drinkers and we have access to a full-size ping pong table and I was thinking it would be fun to play beirut/beer pong (I've never played with paddles so idk how that works but we do have access to paddles). What could I put in the cups to make it more fun? Would it be fun with just water? Or is there an alternative substance or something we could put in there? Maybe slips of paper with embarrassing things to do? idk

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 If You could be part of any family from any television show or movie which family would that be and why?

For me it would for sure be The Weasley's from Harry Potter. :) I think Ginny, Ron, Fred and George would be the most fun brothers and sisters ever. :)


How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

3 cubic feet
5! 5...wood, that is
An acre
Trick question. Woodchuck don't chuck wood, but rather, softer folliage
All of it
Whatever Geico dictates as the woodchuck benchmark for wood chuckage
I don't understand the question. Is this some kind of dirty euphamism?
12,583.758 wood every ten minutes
All your base belongs to them

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Were you, or do you know of anyone who was offended by Robert Downey Jr's character in Tropic Thunder?

Because I thought that shit was funny as hell and apparently that makes me a racist white bitch.....wont even get into the fact that half my family is black...



damn you autocorrect

My mom has been here visiting me this weekend, and my sister went by her place yesterday to check on Mom's house/cat/etc. She texted me to say that Mom's neighbor came over to make sure everything was OK and to see who was agreeing around the house. I said, "WTF agreeing around the house, what were you actually trying to say when you got autocorrected?" She never answered the question, just said LOL.

What actual phrase is a Droid autocorrecting to say "agreeing around the house"? Srs and non-srs answers welcome.
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 My mother gave me three different scent collections from BBW for Christmas and I still haven't gotten through it all.  Lotions and body washes will all get used eventually (I blacklisted buying anymore body products until I use. it. all. ) but what the heck do I do with all this body mist?  I don't really use it...

   TQC, what would you do with several full bottles of body mist in various scents besides spraying it on yourself?  Any creative ideas?  

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Have you ever eaten a plumcot? They look kind of like furry plums and the little placard at Whole Foods told me that they have a 'honey-sweet" flavor. What was the last new fruit you tried?

What's for dinner tonight? I'm making pork ribs and corn.
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Have you ever used a phrase with irl friends that you learned from tqc/LJ/somewhere else on the interwebs? What was their reaction? Were they confused?

I was just texting with a friend and used the phrase "true fax" and then had to explain that fax = facts.
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 Have you ever gone to a 1 person hair salon? 

I am going to see this guy named Paxton in Salem. He is apparently some AMAZING hair stylist but it is only by appointment only. I am really worried that it is going to cost a TON of money because it's just 1 really good guy.

How much have 1 person salons costed you?
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What can you do at the beach at night besides drink/swim/take photos?

What're you doing tonight?

What level/type of hoarder are you?
I'm probably a level 2. I hoard lots of receipts/paperwork for long periods of time. But I recently threw out a lot of them.

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1. What's something delicious I could eat with biscuits for dinner tonight?
(I don't have the necessary bits to make gravy but I could maybe buy some)

2. So on my way to work, there is always a homeless man at a particular stoplight. Sometimes it is a different man, but there is almost always a man there, needing money. Typically, I will give some money, but my change bin in my car is empty and I kind of can't afford to give out money literally every day. But I feel really, really bad when I drive away without helping because I've missed a chance to do a good deed. TQC, what would you do if you were in my position?
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Bad news: I got diagnosed with cancer.

Good news: I have an excellent prognosis and great faith in my doctors.

My question: I'm having surgery in a few days to remove the tumor. I will be on bed rest for quite awhile. I bought Plants Vs. Zombies to play whilst I recuperate. How much will I love this game? Is it hard to figure out? I bought it for my DSi XL, if that changes your answer.

Bonus question: when will the fact that I HAVE CANCER actually hit me and scare me? Right now I just feel kind of numb and have been keeping myself busy.

DK/DC: Did you go watch fireworks tonight?

ETA: Thank you, everyone, for the good wishes. I really appreciate it!

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does your cat sleep with you? or do cats run around all night?

i have a three month old kitten and i want to sleep with him tonight, but i'm not sure if he'll actually sleep. i've had him for a month but he was always in the basement or the first floor at night, but before he found his way up to my room, jumped into bed with me and took a nap. i mean i guess there's no harm in trying, but i just don't know if i should shut my door so he can't run upstairs and get lost or if he might want to use the litterbox in the middle of the night. i just wish my dogs would tell me if he sleeps with them or smacks them in the middle of the night.


what was the dumbest thing you did all week? or in the past month?

today alone i ripped part of my lip off with duct tape, got some expanding foam insulation residue all over my arms (it won't come off) because i didn't use gloves, and then i started a fire in my hand while cooking because i carelessly draped a paper towel near the stove. it's been a day.

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Have you ever had a dream about TQC?

I had a dream that my boyfriend cut someone off in traffic and five years later they saw me and my child and shot us both, and I was shot in the stomach, and somehow I wasn't bleeding, so I came and asked TQC what I should do about it.

If not, what's your favorite upbeat song? Right now, mine is either Friday (shut up) or Last Friday Night.