July 3rd, 2011


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If you were writing an email to a graduate program director at a university and you were referring to a professor you had who received his M.Ed. from that graduate program, what would you refer to him as? former M.Ed student? does that imply that he was my student? does that imply that he didn't finish his M.Ed? Is there another way I can say it?
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if you were to have a gypsy/traveller wedding, how lavish and ridiculous would it be? and don't tell me you would never dress your bridesmaids in neon or wear a 20ft train. this is mandatory.
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I know this gets asked preeeetty much everyday, but what's a good website for streaming TV shows? Specifically 16 and Pregnant, lol, they don't air that here. I've basically used up all of alluc.org's links.

DK/DC: What's in your favourite salad?
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 I pickled okra, carrots, onions, green beans, and cabbage and now I've got some leftover cabbage and onions. I was thinking I'd just sautee them up, but I can't decide what to make to have with it.

What goes good with cabbage and onions?

Besides pickling, what can I use fresh dill in?
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Some of you may have noticed that I sort of disappeared for the past couple of months and now suddenly I am back.  Well, I've been selling well at festivals and that means that I've been doing nothing but sewing since Mother's Day.  That's not a bad thing, but what is a bad thing is that my credit card company is limiting the number of charges I can take a month to only 10.  Which is ridiculous. 

Does anyone have a credit card company they deal with which they can recommend to a *very* small business?

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So I got a fair few responses back in 07 when I asked about it...

Does anyone here Spaceghetto?

Those who did and stopped: did you just stop trying to find the new ghetto after a million changes?

Also: why did my computer just make laughing noises? The only tabs open are TQC. ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!

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My Husband and I have been together for 7 years, married for 4. We are 26 years old.

Since I was a kid myself I have always known that I didn't want children. However others told me, and I told myself, that surely one day i would want them.

But I continued to not want them. I have told my husband this from the very beginning of our relationship. he always was on the same page as me, albeit with a mention or two of "Maybe someday, loooong after we have traveled" etc.

He has been talking about kids more and more and yesterday told me he was thinking the other day about us having a baby and that he wanted one. :O

The tick has never come for me. In fact after a rough two years and I think I want kids even less. I have anxiety, depression, and other issues I don't like to talk about. I don't want to be pregnant, alienated and out of control of my own body.

I am so afraid of how to deal with this. What would you do, TQC? Have you been in a similar situation? Please, any advice?
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Hello TQC,
I want to buy this cover up for my vacation to Florida

http://outlet.lanebryant.com/plus-size-clearance-intimates-swim/tie-dye-cover-up-by-fashion-bug/17041p93656/index.pro Mpper=96&Mpos=1&pageSize=96&Mcatn=intimates+%26+swim&Mcatp=category_root&Mcat=17041%409000#productTabs

It's on sale and it's the perfect colors/length for me BUT most of the reviews are saying it bleeds everywhere! Even after washing several times! Any ideas on treatments I can use to keep it from bleeding?
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Skinny bunny

My bun has two contradictory problems.  Poor digestion and low weight.  If I give her fattening food she gets soft stools.  If I give her straight Timothy hay (as per the vet's instructions) she gets skinny.  What I've been doing is to give her fattening food until her stools soften and then stop until they firm back up.  It helps, but I can still feel all of her bones.  Any suggestions?

x-posted to houserabbits.
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TQC, what would you do in my situation?

I'm currently in California right now. I live in a city with decent public transit, so I've never had to buy a car. I've also been unemployed for two years, so...couldn't really afford one, anyway.

I have accepted a job in Alabama. I will NEED a car there, since you know...they have no public transit where I'm going to be. OK, they HAVE it, but it's complete shit.

So, the way I see it, I have two options.

Collapse )

That's all I can think of right now.

Soooo, TQC, what would you do?

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What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?

Last night my fiance/husband/whatever were at a bar, he wears a ring and I don't have one yet and when he got up to go to the bathroom the slightly tipsy woman next to me went on a rampage about how I'm a homewrecker and a slut.

I totally went with it, when he came back I said "So...where does your wife think you are tonight" while waggling my eyebrow..he played along and the lady got so mad she got up and left.

Lololol, thank you Modern Family for influencing my real life.


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i need to go to the store but i never have any idea what to buy. i never know what i want to eat. i'm also super freaked out by food/grocery shopping.

what should i get at the store?

i'm pretty poor since i'm unemployed and living on unemployment and a little savings. i'm also SUPER picky. i don't eat a lot of dairy or meat(mostly just beef and chicken).

so far this is what i have:



It's 1983. You're accused of rape and murder you didn't do based on someone who supposedly witnessed the crime and pointed you out as the offender. There is no DNA testing done at this time so any evidence collected is unusable. You are found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. 15 years later you hear that DNA evidence is being used to appeal old cases and request that your case be appealed. 5 years later your request is granted and it is discovered that you are innocent - the evidential DNA shows that you did not commit the crime.

You are released from jail with no apology, given only the belongings you had when you were put in jail and sent on your way.

What would you do? Would you try to rebuild your life? Would you try to find the "witness" that accused you of the crime?

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if you were a director of an academic program at a university and you were receiving an email from a prospective student, would you prefer that email to be:

detailed and insightful OR as short as possible?

2 5-sentence paragraphs OR 5 2-sentence paragraphs?

(what would make you most likely to like the prospective student?)

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Do you have a spare change jar?

What kind of jar is it? (peanut butter, pickle, beer ball...)

How much is in it right now?

How often do you cash your change in ?

Our jar is a large pickle jar and it has about 60 dollars or so in it and at the end of every month I take all the money to the bank and start over...
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Massage Homework

Please help with my ridiculous massage homework. Google won't help.

1. What is the common explanation for the pain referral associated with trigger points and myofascial pain?

2. What is a second explanation for this phenomenon?

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We've had discussions here before about ebooks vs real books for pleasure reading, but what about for academics or for work? Remind us how you feel about ebooks. Do you feel the same about them whether they are being read for fun or for work?

I'm thinking of using ebooks for school instead of buying real life books.

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I recently worked with someone from a very different culture to the one I'm used to. I enjoyed learning about the similarities and differences, and of course it made me more sympathetic to an area I knew nothing about before.

However, we have very different ideas of respect, and he's made me promise that I'll let him kiss my feet whenever we meet. It makes me very uncomfortable, and even though I've explained that that sort of thing doesn't happen around here, he didn't get the hint. What do I do?

dk/dc: how do people show respect in your cultural background? how do people accept respect?

Religion :D

What is your response to this:

"Nobody chose their religion.

If grew up in a Christian environment, you'll probably become Christian, and in an athiest environment, an atheist. Now that's changing real fast because of the free access to information kids have to the internet. Now instead of going "Daddy, where do babies come from?", they'll go "Daddy, why are you Christian when you could be Buddhist?"

But nobody has any real choice in any of it. By the time you have "concious choice", whatever choice you make are already shaped by pre-natal conditions - whether your biological mother was a drinker, whether she was around people who smoked, whether people argued and thus projected all kinds of energies to the infant, what kinds of things they say to the infants over and over (eg. "I love you" or "God loves us all") - that by the time you're even aware of "concious choice", it's all already conditioned. And everything from there on are all conditioned responses. Even a person's choice to convert from a religion is the result of all the conditioning that occurred before that choice, as well as the environment, and thus conditioning, of that very moment.

To the extent that you realize this and discover something that transcends all conditioning, the human drama of things like religion and politics (which nobody really wants to care about) will keep on happening."


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i need a more ~professional~ e-mail for applying to jobs and what not. right now mine is soccer related and the guy at unemployment was all, you need to change that and i said, "Yeah..."

how should i do it? i was thinking my first and middle initial and my last name but that's taken, so i added my birth year. is that good enough or should i not have the year? i've been dicking around since i was 19, i have no idea what i'm doing! lolol.

does anyone not have plans tomorrow? i didn't get invited to anything. i never get invited to Memorial Day/July 4th/Labor Day stuff :(

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Do you recycle cans for money? My parents used to when I was little, but they don't anymore. Is it worth the effort? We have a bin designated for recycling, so I can just put the cans there, but I could also try to get some change out of it.


My parents used to drive into Iowa to recycle cans... we live in Nebraska - so it's like a half-hour drive.
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A follow up question to this post.

So I called the guy on Friday and got his voicemail. At least, I think I did. It didn't say his name, just his phone number. I left a message, and he hasn't called me back. :/

The thing is, the last time we hung out before I moved away, I remember him telling me he was thinking about switching wireless carriers, so I'm not even sure if the phone number I called is his anymore.

We're friends on Facebook (but he doesn't seem particularly active on it). Should I send him a message? When?

...what if he didn't call me back because he doesn't like me? :C

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Do you like your laugh?

Have you ever acquired the laugh of someone else?

I realized the other day that I have picked up my roommate's laugh. It's kind of explosive and sounds fake sometimes. I use it when I find something more delightful than actually funny... How do I change it?

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are you allowed to call a party a "bar-b-que" if you're just having hamburgers & hotdogs? or is that just a cookout? what are the minimum requirements to call something a bbq?

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when you were a little kid, were there big kids in your life you looked up to? what do you remember about them?

The sixth graders at my bus stop told me that if you eat paper, your heart turns green and you die. I believed it for years.

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Anyone watching the Twilight Zone marathon?

What is your favorite T.Z episode? Mine is the "The Lonely" about the convict who is sent to a remote asteroid, to live by himself and he gets a female robot companion. And when the police come to rescue the man after his sentence, the convict must leave behind the robot who he has grown to love.

It was very hard to choose to watch this marathon. It's competing against an I Love Lucy marathon!

Also, if you have never seen an episode, will you give it a chance? It's on the Scy Fy channel and its awesome. Reallly.

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TQC, I am not a runner. Yet I am plagued with runner's knee.


Also: if you've ever had it: what do you do to make it feel better?
I've gotten a few exercises to try but most websites say to elevate the foot of the affected leg and stop doing what hurts the knee. Well, it's both my knees and I can't stop walking or taking showers, so....

Help me plan my life

I have to go to grad school. I live about an hour outside of Manhattan. I can't afford to move out of my parent's house, and my job prospects for the fall (as a teacher) are looking like I'm going to be making less than $80 a day.

Should I pick a grad school closer to the city in hopes that maybe somehow, some magical way, I'll be able to get an apartment? (Even though I'll be teaching an hour away?)

Choose a grad school closer to home but far less fun, because I'm probably going to be stuck living at home forever?

How soon did you go to grad school after college? Did you have to go in a certain amount of time?
Teachers here are given five years to complete the degree.
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If you were going to live in Italy (Florence) for a year, how much money would you bring to travel around the rest of Europe? I'm planning on staying in hostels and eating the cheapest food while getting the cheapest train tickets. Any tips on how to travel cheap or useful websites to share? I have about 600 bucks saved up :/