July 2nd, 2011


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Does Raid roach spray stain? Because I just killed a roach on my ceiling, and there are all these huge light brown streaks across it now. I'm thinking it might just be wetness, but if there's anything I can do to prevent it from staining I'd rather find out now and not after it dries.

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How do I make my sister understand that whipping the dog does nothing? She came up to me and was like "see when I whipped the dog last time it taught him not to pee on the floor, cause he just peed on my floor and then ran to the door" I told her no it didn't it just made him scared he would get hit. Obviously it taught him nothing because he still peed on the floor.

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do you find that you usually wish you were doing the opposite of what you have to?

Tonight I was at a friend's house, and she was washing her work outfit for tommorow. All I could think about was 'wow, i wish all I had to do was do laundry before work'. I'm in school now, 24 credit hours over the summer, and I hate it. But when I was working full time and had house chores, all I wanted to do was go to school. bah.

TL;DR i got my life together and im stuck around people who havnt

my sister replaced alcohol with opiates, she is dope sick and jammed all the time, so she treats me like shit, she breaks my stuff, its so bad that today i told her to not talk to me anymore till she gets her life straight other wise me and her are done. i try helping her but she doesnt want it AT ALL, i also try to be there for her as much as i can because she tried to kill herself 2 weeks ago for attention, i know she is having a hard time, but its taking a toll on me the ways she treats me. the other day i took her into boston she made me pull over like 6 times to throw up from dope, then the next day i went with my best friend and her bf with my sister and 3 of her friends out to dinner, her and her friends didnt eat because when your high on opiates u cant eat and if you do you will probably just throw up. i was sooo mad. now shes bringing it in the house and her friends are coming over doing it, and im im a recovering addict, not from opiates but she does lots of other drugs too and it doesnt really matter to me what it is, if your high your high, it triggers me and makes me feel like shit on top of everything else thats going on. i tell my dad, he doesnt care he just thinks shes a fuck up and thats it, and eventually he will move away and she can deal with it. im 99% going to art school a couple states away in october. my mother is also a hot mess about to get out a 5 month bid in jail and is trying to move in bc she has no where to go. what can i do to stay sane till then? i really need some advice or help. i cant deal with any of this anymore :( been sober since may of last year if that counts for anything but i want to get high all the time.
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Do you watch Swamp People? If so, who are your favorites? I like watching Liz and Troy as a team, along with Willy and Jay Paul.

What non-competition reality shows do you enjoy? Other than Swamp People, I'm starting to get in to Storage Wars and Oddities.

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have you or do you know anyone who has started a nonprofit organization (preferably in the US)?

if so, i may ask you more in the comments.

if not, what is the most desperate thing you've ever done (in any context)?

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is anyone else watching a ton of star trek on netflix this weekend? I AM!

my real reason for posting... why can't I find that star trek gif where lt. barclay tells everyone about troi stuffing her bra?

anyone else want to post a favorite star trek gif?

July 4th

Amurkans:  What, if anything, are you doing to celebrate our opportunistic rebellion against the legitimate reign of King George III?

Non-amurkans:  Do you have anything nice to say to us for our collective birthday?

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You guys!

I just watched "Inside the Actors Studio" and they had Micheal J Fox on who I fell in love with...I have never seen any of his movies.

Should I watch Casualties of war or Back to the Future tonight?

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Paging Dr. TQC.

Today and yesterday, I've had intermittent hazy vision. I wear glasses anyway, and have pretty bad eyesight as it is, so this was noticeable. The haze (I wouldn't even call it cloudy; it's not that severe and it's only in my right eye) is accompanied by rainbow haloes around lights, and a few minutes ago a headache started to pop up behind my right eye. I'm not experiencing confusion or dizziness. Also, I'm alone right now and don't have a car, so going to an emergency care center is kind of out of the question. I've had one migraine in my life, about twelve years ago, and I don't remember the symptoms well enough to know if this might be an impending migraine. It's not a retinal detachment since I'm not seeing floaters or "curtains." How freaked out should I be? Any idea what this could be?

Long distance relationships.

Would you pursue a relationship with someone who lived across the world if you had never met them before?

I've been talking to this guy from Oxford (I live in Arizona), and I'm completely smitten. Would I be completely insane to start something serious with this kid never having met him before?

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This or that?

Eat a candy bar that was lying on the sidewalk, covered in ants. You just brush all the ants off and nomnomnom
Drink a small glass of milk that's three weeks past the expiration date

This or that?

Attend your next high school reunion, and right in the middle of it, drop your pants and take a piss on the ground in front of everybody
Wear a see-through gauze shirt (with nothing underneath and no jacket) to your high school reunion

This or that?

Be a sign twirler (those people who stand on the sidewalk waving signs) for one day (8 hour shift) wearing a bear costume in 100 degree weather
Be a sign twirler for a day (8 hour shift) in your underwear

This or that?

Watch '2 girls 1 cup' on a large hi-def screen in 3D...once
Watch 2 hours of Two and a Half Men

This or that?

Travel through the desert for 4 days on foot. You'll have enough water, food and sunscreen but nothing else
Travel through Siberia for 2 days on foot. You'll have really warm clothes, food and a tent and nothing else

This or that?

Spend the night alone in America's most haunted house...alone...with only a flashlight (there's no electricity)
Spend the night alone in a meat locker. You have only the clothes you have on and a large quilt

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i'm feeling super down and i need to get out of my apartment so i'm going to bike down to the video store. i've got two movies to return so i can rent two more.

what should i get?

i don't like gore/horror and i'm not much into thrillers. i'm more into comedies and foreign stuff like Central Station. i also like movies set in the southwest United States(oddly specific?). the other movie i have out that i haven't watched yet is Easy A.

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what's your blood type? do you give blood? i just tried for the second time in a week and failed again due to low iron. no free cookies for me!

so this little kitten that was born in our backyard wormed his way into our non-cat family. we've had him since memorial day, he's about three months old. and now i think he's teething. what's your experience with kittens and teething? is it just a phase or should i discourage him from biting? i remember my dog used to nip but i don't remember if he stopped on his own or if we made him stop. also i have two small dogs that he rolls around and wrestles with, and they obviously bite each other which is ok, so will he have a hard time learning not to bite us?

why aren't there any kitten teething toys? he chews on everything and steals the dogs bones.

also why the hell are my dogs eating his poop? it's disgusting. i pulled one out of the dog's mouth this morning and almost puked.

when did you get your cat neutered? i know they do it at shelters at 10 weeks, the low-cost vaccine vet told me 5 months, but can i do it now? he seems kind of ballsy, i'm afraid he's going to get even more aggressive if i leave his balls on any longer.

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If you make things to sell how do you generally decide on pricing for your items and the shipping/handling? Some of what I see online is so arbitrary looking. But I'm giving some benefit of the doubt because I don't know what they have to go through to get their items to their customers.

Do you/would you charge less for items that have are recycled/re-purposed, made of scraps or materials you got for free?

--  --  --

When did you first learn to use an electric hair dryer?

At what temp(s) do you keep the thermostat set?

Is a pebble a rock or a stone?

Why do we say "pants" and "scissors" when these items are not plural?

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A guy from work invited me to a Lan party last night. It ended up getting really cold and I was shivering so the group of us walked to his room (about a 10 minute walk) so he could get me a hoodie. I mentioned it was cold once and never asked for a hoodie. I haven't been dating since 2007 so this whole thing is new to me. Help TQC, does a boy like me?!
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I'm in the mood for curling up with a film. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I'm looking for something

fairly recent (I never make it to the cinema and I usually end up renting classics)
maybe emotional
maybe based on true story
maybe with a love story

I'll consider any recommendation, though. I am clearly too hungover and lazy to think for myself.
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Should I apply for food stamps?
I'm a 4th year undergraduate student who works full time. I have a summer seasonal job that will end when I go back to school. But I also work 20 hours a week at my work study job during the year and I have a huge chance of getting another part time job. 

I've learned through various websites and news articles that college students are able to get food stamps if they are a part of a work study program and work 20+ hours a week and pay for their own food and shelter. I signed a 12 month lease for an apartment off campus with two other roommates, so I'll be responsible for my own meals and be paying all my own bills.

Do you think I'll get approved? I live in Florida and I'm going to school in Florida too.  I'm just nervous to apply and then get interviewed and say the wrong thing and get denied or something. =[ 
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I've decided I'm cutting all my hair off and going for a buzz cut at my next hair appointment on Tuesday. But I'm totally clueless- are there different styles of cuts I could go for, or is there like a single kind that's possible for each person?

Should I tell my parents before I do this, or be cruel and surprise them? I'm turning 19 in a couple weeks, but I still live at home, FYI.

Wood pencils or mechanical pencils? Pretend pencils are the only writing implements in existence.

gym bag

I work out at my local YMCA. I was there today doing free weights and there was a young woman doing weight machines, and she had her purse with her. Like her whole purse, and she carried it from one machine to the next. The YMCA has lockers if you brought your own lock, and if not they have coin-op lockers and the locker even gives you the coin back when you put the key back in. And the front desk will keep your purse/wallet/whatever if you ask. So why was she carrying her purse around the weight room?

Do you carry a purse in the gym?

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Why is Humpty Dumpty always pictured as an egg? Nowhere in the nursery rhyme does it say he's an egg. Or is there more to it that I don't know?

Why would the king's horses be involved in the repair mission? Maybe all the king's men could have done a better job without all those horses getting in the way.

What is something that you one day realized makes absolutely no sense even though no one ever really questions it?

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 Okay I saw a film a few years back but I can't remember what it was called.
I think it was something like 'She's not alone' It was a horror/thriller sort of thing.
It was about a man who pushed himself into a woman's life, made friends with her, put cameras into her house to spy on her and then eventually killed her.
The leading man is the son of a famous actor I think.

I will be so impressed if you actually have any idea what I'm on about :)
what people think

weird joy.

Have you ever tried something and it turned out so well you wanted to tell people...but when you think about it... it's not really something you just bring up in conversation... or it just sounds weird??

I cannot stand body hair. If I had the $$ I would laser all the hair off my body, except for my head and eyebrows of course. I bought an epilator for my legs and decided one day that I was sick of shaving my underarms EVERY.DAMN.DAY so I used it on my underarms. I know, why not wax it off? I had a bad experience with a salon and I just don't like armpits.. let alone making someone wax mine. I sure as hell couldn't wax it myself. It hurt like hell the first time but I didn't have to do it again for almost two weeks. When the hair grew back it was so fine that you could hardly notice it. The next time I used it, it hardly hurt at all. I love it.
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I'm interested in purchasing a DSLR and i'm after some reviews/opinions.

If you have one, how much did you pay? what make/model is it? do you like it? pros/cons? can you show me any examples of pictures?

thank you!
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would it be totally pathetic to bike to the bar down the street(like a 5 minute ride) and get a couple drinks alone?

my friend said he's gonna text me when he heads out but everyone's been forgetting me lately(including the guy i really like) and i'm super down and just don't have any faith he's going to remember and i seriously need a couple drinks.

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TQC, how do you behave around a grieving friend, apart from carrying a box of tissues and a teddy bear around with you? My FWB's grandma just died on Thursday and he mentioned something about wanting to hang out tomorrow, but I have no idea if I should just act normal or what. He mentioned being moody so I'm expecting a "go away, come back" attitude from him, which is fine, but any tips specifically? I know when my mom died, I just wanted to be as normal and upbeat as possible around my friends, but everyone deals differently.