July 1st, 2011

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Has anyone had a urinary blockage? What did it turn out to be? How did you fix it?

For the past year and a half or so, I've been experiencing painful urinary tract infections. I seem to have one every three months. Sometimes I'd have all the symptoms, but there would be no bacteria or leukocytes in my urine, meaning there was no infection. Anyone who has ever experienced a UTI knows it's very painful and bothersome, so it's really frustrating that I'd get them so often. And even worse when I only experienced the symptoms because if there is no infection, there really isn't anything they can do to treat you. So I've basically just been popping Vicodin for the pain because that's all my doctor can give me until she figures out what it is that's causing it.

Today, she made me an appointment with a urologist for tomorrow because she thinks I might have a bladder blockage. They develop gradually and can cause UTIs, which would explain why this has been going on for so long. At this point, I'm hoping it's a blockage, even if it means possible painful stones, because at least we'll know what's causing them and we can take steps towards treatment.

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My little brother had his wisdom teeth cut out earlier today. He's been sleeping for about 11 hours and just woke up. Is there anything I should offer to give to or do for him?

Just went to check on him and he's fine seems like nothing even happened. Apparently it was only one tooth not all of them like I thought so that might be the reason why.
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Does it annoy you when (female) tennis players moan so much? Who has the best/worst moan?

Who will win Wimbledon, Kvitova or Sharapova?

Who is your favourite female tennis player of all time?
Least favourite?

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The girl I've had a crush on for five years is home for the summer, and I don't know to how to handle this. She's so out of my league, it's ridiculous - like, she's in a sorority, and I'm not even on the radar - but somehow we're kind of friends anyway, and I always say the stupidest things around her. Our conversations usually go like this: 

"Lets go get something to eat."
"Yeah, um, eating is, um, I've been wanting to do that, like, all day, we should totally go, right now." 

How do I keep from being so tongue-tied?! It's embarrassing. :( 

Additionally, have you ever had a crush on someone you thought was way out of your league? What happened?

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Does it bother you when other people start shit on a facebook status or something else you've posted?

Because I'm sitting here  awkwardly watching shit hit the fan and I'm like, guys, can you take it elsewhere because this was supposed to be a light-hearted status. I'm undecided about intervening.
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 What is your favourite type of pickle? Right now I am chowing down on pickled onions and they are delicious.

What is your favourite type of cucumber pickle? I only like dill cucumber pickles, and I only like the little petite ones.

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Will you tell me something you did when you were younger that you thought was totally hardcore/badass but is absolutely silly now?

I stole my ex's neopets account that had completed the coveted lab quest to zap my neopets into cool colors or whatever. He never figured out I did it, I think he blamed his brother.
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i almost forgot about tqc for a second...

TQC, how do you import some song from a CD to an ipod? on the top bar-thing it says this:Collapse )
but when i go into my music it's definitely not there.
WAT AM I MISSING. why won't it just let me drag the songs into my music folder? who thought of this shit?

DK/DC: how much do you hate apple/ipods/everything that steve jobs makes?
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Where is "home" to you? Do you live there now? If not, are you homesick? Do you consider more than one place to be home? When you move somewhere new, how long does it take for you to feel at home?
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I'm so sad about who went home last night. They were my second favorite couple. (Not saying who went home, in case anyone who cares hasn't watched it yet.)

Do you think the judges chose the right people? Also, do the judges have to eliminate by couple, or could they choose a girl from one and a guy from a different couple?

I really like Sonya Tayeh and Tyce Diorio's pieces. Do you have a favorite choreographer?
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Will you post one of your favorite feel-good videos or pictures?

if you prefer, you can post one of your favorite downers instead or in addition to.

What was the most recent comfort food you consumed (even if it wasn't for comfort purposes at the time)?

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So I feel like I have complained about my upstairs neighbors a lot here but...

They are constantly throwing trash down into my garden from their balcony and while I have complained and it has gotten marginally better last night was the last straw.

I was up listening to them set off fireworks until around 2 am and when I left for work at 6am this morning I find they have completely destroyed my garden, there is what looks to be a used condom, a tub of spilt cool whip, a shit load of bottle rockets and other misc crap.

The office manager is MIA once during office hours like usual.

Would it be completely childish of my to sweep up all the trash and deposit it on their doorstep?


And now for the important question, should I go see Green Lantern or Transformers tonight?

Help me resize my art?

It's been too long, I can't remember how to determine this.

Where do I tell what my PPI of an image is in Photoshop?  Under image size, is it the pixel dimensions?  I need to submit a photograph that needs to be 72 DPI (which I know how to do), and only 800 PPI on it's longest side.

If PPI is determined in the area with pixel dimensions, do I just manually enter 800 on my longest side?

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The paint is peeling like a mofo on my car and I want to paint it a new color. Actual ability to do so aside, what color should I paint it?

It is a 94 honda accord ex, like this one Collapse )

What would your ~ideal car color be? Pretend you have a car if you don't.
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cover letter email subjects

I'm applying for jobs via email and wondering how to phrase my subject lines. For a lot of the positions, I'm emailing someone I know/have talked to before asking whether or not they have anything open for a person of my abilities. When I send something cold I usually phrase it as 'Introduction - Firstname Lastname' or if it's a position that's even easier. But if it's someone I know, what should I put? 'Job inquiry - Firstname Lastname'? idk ;__; Especially since at some of the firms it's not obvious to me exactly what kind of position I'd be applying for (like I'm qualified in general to do the kind of work they do, but don't know specifically). Tips plz?
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San Antonio TX

A couple of my kids are going to be moving from the DC area to TX while he is in Navy tech school.  I'm looking for social contacts for them.  They're newly wed and are interested in science fiction, and handicrafts and the SCA and anime and that kind of thing.

Any ideas?
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Have you ever had mono before? Can you tell me your mono stories?

I have a friend coming in from out of town to spend the holiday weekend with me, my bf, and our roommates. We were planning on having fun drinking and fireworks shenanigans, but I have mono so I can't participate in most of it now. How much will this suck?

What's the last thing to make you unreasonably happy?
I just found A Hard Day's Night on Netflix. I seriously squealed out loud, lol. Glad nobody was around to hear me
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If you had to make an ad on a romantic profile site that was honest, including some of your negative/strange/odd points, what would it say?
What kind of interesting ad would you like to see from someone, if you are single?
If you are married/involved with someone, what would theirs say?
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Have you ever taken a gender studies class and if so, what were your thoughts on it?

Will you recommend a book to me on men's studies?
I'm currently reading Guyland

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I wish to watch a current/fairly recent film online, to have as background while I work. I do not like Westerns, and know nothing about comics. I have recently watched Bad Teacher, Super 8, The Rite & Senna.

What should I watch?
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I already looked it up and it's illegal to set of fireworks on Canada Day on city owned property without a license. I rent an apartment and therefore own no property. I'm also not about to go get some license.

Should I risk getting a bunch of fireworks and going to the park with my girlfriend and knowingly break the law?
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I heard there is a petition circling around California that will take money from gas companies and use it to subsidize public education. Can anybody link me or tell me the name of this petition? I've been googling but I can't find much. I probably have the whole idea wrong.

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Do you consider cooking more of a creative or scientific process? Would you consider recipe building creative work?

Brought on by an argument I'm having about whether the cookbook I've been writing this year qualifies as creative writing.

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My mom told me that her coworker has cats and puts something on them to control the dander which helps her husband who has allergies to cats not react.
Do you know what product she's talking about?

Will you use this post to show pictures of your animals?

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I just started a garden (using plants I got from a friend, not seeds) consisting of mostly tomatoes. There are a few flowers on the plants, and they're growing pretty quickly. Assuming I'm using nothing but good old-fashioned dirt and water, how long will it be until I start seeing tomatoes?

Also, what else should I plant? I'm probably missing prime growing season for vegetables, but eh. I'll live.

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What do you use for an alarm clock? (clock, cell phone, tv, etc.)

If a cell phone/radio, what music/sound plays as your alarm?

Also, why is it so hard for me to create questions without looking stupid?
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What are your thoughts on engagement pictures?

Is it wrong of me to be this excited that Family Ties is on Netflix streaming?

If your life were a TV show would it be a comedy, drama, reality show etc?

What show do you most identify with?

Do you watch USA Network? Which shows?

Neal Caffery is the sexiest man on USA, y/y?

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Every time I try to play DVDs on my blu-ray player, the background noises/music plays, but you cannot hear any of the dialogue. It's like all the actors are muted. I've tried all the menus on the blu-ray remote and the regular TV remote but nothing works.

WTF is going on? I just want to watch my DVDs :(