June 30th, 2011

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I am a childcare "attendant" for a boy with autism and epilepsy, and work closely around his family. Would it be awkward, tacky, or unusual to get his brother, who is turning 11, a small gift for his birthday?

If you could have any one thing right now, what would it be?
What if it had to be less than five dollars?

How much do you spend on groceries a month?
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I just got back a paper from school that I worked hard on and was really proud of, and I received a grade much lower than I expected. Will you post stuff to cheer me up?
Or tell me about a time when you were disappointed?

What was the last movie you watched? Would you recommend it? I'm going to drown my disappointment in the boob tube I think.


What are your thoughts on men who refer to you as "sweetie" or "hon"? (Assume you are unfamiliar with the men in question and encounter them at, say, a grocery store or a gas station.)

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 I was leaving my friend's house, and my car was parked across the street, and when I opened my car door tonight, there was a spider dangling from my roof. I call my friend and tell her about the spider, when a car that had been going down the street starts backing up. I tell my friend to get outside but before I can tell her why the passenger gets out, and the driver slowly drives away. The guy starts talking to me, and he seems nice but I thought it was a little weird, but I asked him if he wanted to kill the spider for me. He kills it and I thank him, then he keeps talking to me and ends up giving me his number. It was dark as hell so I don't know how cute he was. He told me his name was "Pelley"... My friend never came outside even though she heard me get approached by a random stranger in the middle of the night. So two questions:

1)Would you hang out with the guy? (He seemed nice, but it just seems a little odd to me that he apparently doesn't think it's weird to pick up random girls on the street in the middle of the night.) Also, what's the weirdest situation or way a person has hit on you?
2) If you were my friend, would you have come outside to make sure I was okay? Or would you be too scared and/or lazy like mine? Any other reason you might not come outside?

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Anyone know a good place to look for apartment rental insurance in the United States?

Google has a lot of sites pop up, but I'm not sure what's legit and such. If anyone has experience with good rental insurance companies, let me know. I've never had to do this since my last two places included the insurance in the rental agreement.

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What is one thing, non-career related, that you would like to do in your life?

I'm thinking stuff like climb Everest, whale watch, drink with your favourite celebrity...

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Today is my first day with the Supervisor from Hades.
What can I do to let him know I won't put up with his bullying???

I have HR on speed dial

so does he. There is an express lane just for him.
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What do you know about tort reform in the US?

Do you think that there are many frivolous law suits in the civil justice system?

I just watched a documentary called "Hot Coffee" and I feel differently about it now.  Its the true story behind the woman who sued McDonald's after spilling hot coffee on herself and the civil justice system in the US.

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TQC, I am le sick. But I can't call out of work. What OTC stuff should I get at CVS to alleviate the symptoms? My nose is stuffy and my throat feels like it's on fire, and my head hurts. X.x

dk/dc: when was the last time you were sick?
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what's a good quote for a jellyfish... a viking jellyfish?
small/short quote is preferable.

or just a short quote that you like, that works too. pretty pretty please.

alternatively: if there were a viking jellyfish overlord, which sea critters would be its minions?
(i'm thinking maybe seahorses or shrimp)

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When someone dies because they were doing something stupid/reckless/illegal do you feel any sympathy for them directly?

What if they have a history of doing reckless/illegal things?

Example: A man dies when he crashes his car going 100 + miles an hour while intoxicated.

Bonus : Is it possible to feel sympathy for someone without feeling sorry for them?

I feel little to no sympathy for them, I do sometimes feel sympathy for the people they have left behind.

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Do you have test anxiety? How do you deal with it?

I do. I had a test today that I just finished a few minutes ago and I have the worst anxiety ever. It took me forever just to start studying last night cause I was afraid I was gonna forget it all anyway so there was no point. I'm afraid to eat anything cause I might throw up.

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Does going on Facebook ever make you jealous?

Every time I go on to see all the cool things people I know have done without me it makes me sad. If it wasn't so handy for sharing pictures with my family I would just delete it.

double meaning

 Unconsciouly, my words often have a double meaning when I say something.  It unconsciously work.  Why? Because I try to hide something I really want to say and it automatically comes out?  Only happens when I have to say something very important.  Other times, I am normal. 
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I got hired at a bookstore a week ago (yay!) but today I found out that my killer sore throat is actually mono (NOT yay!), which means I just had to call in and ask for the next week off work when I've only worked there for like 7 days. I feel awful and can't really eat anything but oatmeal, easy mac and popsicles.
Can you cheer me up?
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so i got a job a couple days ago.

you guys... i'm pretty sure jonah hill works with me. how should i go about asking him why he's working at home depot?

in other news: do you know/often see any celebrity look-a-likes? will you tell me about them? there's a guy that works at the sam's club by my house looks just like peter graves (Airplane! captain)

Sexual Harassment. :C

So, I recently got a new job about two months ago now. Right from the get-go I knew my manager was a little weird and the things he would say would verge on the line of sexual harassment. Well, now everything is getting really fishy there. Alan, our cleaning guy who comes in for a couple of hours every day, gave me an apron (because I bake, and my uniform is ALWAYS a mess from it)- that's not the weird part. After this happened another girl who works there, Nicole, warned me not to talk to him. She simply said, "He touches people, just stay away from him."

Today, I overheard another person telling the other new girl to stay away from him too. At that point, I decided I had to know, so I asked.

Apparently, Alan used to work at a different location and he was sexually harassing the manager. He was fired. Well, he's good friends with the man who owns a couple of our stores, so Alan was given his job back immediately and now he works at my store. He's verbally and physically harassed several of our female workers since he's been here. My manager knows and just tells us not to talk to him. I'm pissed off, everyone knows but no one is willing to do anything.

What should I do, if anything at all? Should I talk to my manager or do I just wait until something happens to me and throw a fit?
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This is probably a stupid question, but I want to make sure. Is it normal for kiwis to make your mouth itch slightly? It's probably a small allergy that's developed, but I hope not because I like kiwi. :(

What's your favorite flavor of smoothie?

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If your SO suddenly expressed unhappiness in the relationship but was unwilling to talk about it, what things would you do to try and either A) get them to talk (even though it's not that easy) or B) make them happy again?

I feel so stuck and frustrated but I am not ready to give up. :\ help?

Have you ever improved a relationship? How?
To those of you in happy relationships, how do you keep it fresh and happy?
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 The other day I purchased my ticket for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 midnight showing, and was told that it was the last ticket. While I immediately felt jubilation that I had just barely gotten mine on time, I also immediately felt a great deal of disappointment because several of my friends had not yet gotten their tickets, and this meant they won't.

What was the last thing that happened to you that made you feel awesome and bad/bummed out at the same time? 

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What is your favorite question that's been asked/general type of question you like?

What's your least favorite question/general type of question?

Do you think you post here often enough? I don't, I miss here

If you have a tumblr, what are your favorite ones to follow?

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Which would you feel worse for knowing about? Like which would make you more upset?

That your government indefinitely held and tortured an innocent person for information on terrorists that the person did not have.
That your government released a prisoner because they had no solid evidence against the person, and then that person went on to be involved in a terrorist plot that kills 3000 innocent people.

Can you taste the difference between soda made with corn syrup and soda made with sugar?
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My co-worker said he'd develop the website for me when I have the data available. Would you subscribe to a service that could tell you how many times you've repeated yourself in this community?

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Do you have an ice cream truck in your town? What music does it play, if any?

One is on our cul-de-sac right now, and it's playing nothing but Christmas music. It's gone through Silent Night, Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and right now it's on Away in a Manger. I'm so confused.

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Females: Let's say doctors found a way to make men able to get pregnant and give birth. Your husband/boyfriend wants to try it. It involves taking one of your eggs out. Would you consider it? Assume it's been tested and done and it's safe.

Males: Would you want to try it?
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Tuna eaters: what do you put in your tuna salad?
Tuna, celery, dill pickles, and mayo. My mom used to make an even tastier tuna salad involving cream cheese, black olives, sunflower seeds. cracked pepper and lemon juice. So good, omg!

Best foods to eat when you're sick that aren't soup?

I have really great reading comprehension but I have a hard time retaining the information that I read. Can I improve this at all?
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Yesterday my auntie came round with the Twilight books because she thought I might enjoy reading them.

What was the last thing to make you think "wow, this person does not know me very well at all"?

Edit: it doesn't have to be a gift! Maybe they took you somewhere, made a comment, asked you to do something you'd never have done. :)
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Anybody use the gimp for mac? What have your experiences with it been? I don't want to buy photoshop (well, I'm sure I will eventually but I don't have the money at this moment), but I need something more than iPhoto.

I found that on my old laptop (running Vista) gimp crashed a LOT, and then I'd lose ALL of my work. But that may have been the combination of Vista + an older version of gimp.

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I need to send a pair of glasses from Georgia to Florida.

Can I send them in a padded envelope and put it in my mailbox or do I have to go through my local post office? Also, if they are mailable through the mailbox, how many stamps should I affix?

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What are you favorite things to do? Activities, things you do in your spare time, hobbies, etc.

I love doing makeup (on myself and on others), getting tattooed, going to my friend's parties, cuddling and lounging the day away with my boyfriend after waking up at 1pm, going to Disneyworld, going to the movies, getting on a writing kick, and clubbing is growing on me, too.

I never thought I'd have to ask the internet whether or not I should wash my hair

I haven't washed my hair in a week (to preserve my hair color. NOT BECAUSE I'M GROSS). I'm getting it bleached tomorrow. Should I wash it (it's getting grody and there's waterless shampoo all over it) or is it better to bleach your hair while it's dirty? I know it's better to put dye on dirty hair but I don't know if the same goes for bleaching it. I'm stupid when it comes to hair.

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My best friend's birthday is on the 7th of July. I'm getting her a new pair of sneakers cause she's expressed that she really needs and wants some. I'm also going to get her some chocolate candy and a pair of earrings my mother tatted. What else should I get her? She's turning 34.
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Anyone here keep an aquarium/tank of some kind? What sort of pet do you have in it, and how long have you had them? (Fish, turtles, hermit crabs, kraken...)
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Inspired by a comment below...

Is there something that you grew up thinking (or not thinking), only to grow up and realize that things aren't really that way?  Was there something unusual about your upbringing that you didn't realize was weird until you were older?


For example, my mom is the youngest of 13 kids.  I had no idea that not everyone's family had enough people to form two softball teams and play against each other on Memorial Day/4th of July/etc.

I didn't know that extended families (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) got each other Christmas presents.

Stuff like that?

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Pet look-alikes

Will you post a picture of yourself with your pet(s) so we can tell you whether or not you look alike?

If you don't have a pet or would rather not post a picture, tell us what celebrity you've been compared to.
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Inspired by FB drama.

My FWB's grandma died today. I posted a status on FB that reads "All the best to [name] and his people, love ans support." My uncle thinks that using the term "his people" when I meant "family" is offensive. Would that offend you?
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What's the last thing that really annoyed you? Edit: Details?

Sponsored by the people at my job apparently not believing I was feeling as poorly as I am because I 'was posting on Facebook'. They believed me when I dragged myself in and showed them the gaping head wound, but WTH? Is there no middle ground between 'can't get out of bed' and 'totally up for 9 hours of work'?
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TQC, I need some support, please!

A couple months ago, I started hanging out with this really cute guy in my hometown. We only hung out for a couple weeks and then I moved to the other side of the country for a job.

I'm back in my hometown now for the next few weeks, and I really want to see him. I don't think he knows I'm back yet.

The thought of calling him makes my anxiety spike, BUT I REALLY WANT TO SEE HIM.

Will you please encourage me to call him?

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Is there an iPhone app which is like the 'correct change' game on the nintendo brain training game? Where you are given a price and the amount given and have to calculate the correct change? Thanks!

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My company has been hiring summer help, and today one of the job applicant's background checks came back with a hit... for possession of and intent to sell an exotic animal.

We live just outside of Atlanta, GA.

What in the WORLD kind of exotic animal was he in possession of and did he intend to sell? The more non-srs the better!
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I need a new hobby. What should it be?

-Cannot be expensive, like golf
-Cannot require a class, like glass-blowing
-Cannot involve learning another language
-Preferably something that does not require a television or the Internet