June 29th, 2011

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I'm slightly tired, bored and in the mood to answer prettymuch anything. Is there anything about me you ever wanted to know? LAY IT OUT, CHAPS

I doubt you will ever get a drunk!post from me so this is prettymuch as good as it's gonna get.

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Anyone in here good with digital SLRs?

I'm trying to take a close up picture of something, but my camera isn't auto-focusing for some reason.
I'm using AV mode and the AF is set on the lens.

What might be going on?

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Sunday morning at my job I had to stay 2 hours late past my shift ending because the next person did not show up for their shift. My manager said to me "Oh, I'm so sorry! To make it up to you I'll cover your shift tomorrow!". They did, no problems.

I showed up at work today to see on our tardies/absences list I am written down as 'Sick' for the date that my manager covered. I don't know if the other manager wrote it down or if that was counted against me (after we have three tardies or absences we get written up), I just don't think it is very fair if my manager OFFERED to take the shift. Am I wrong and need to keep my mouth shut or do I need to speak up about this?
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Do you prefer showers or baths?

Do you like to shower with your SO (or hypothetical SO)? And if so, how often do you shower with them? (question edited for clarification)


Ladies with feet of TQC (or others in the know),

I am looking for a reasonable walking shoe fit for summer weather. I have wide/flat feet that have a really nasty tendency to get boiling hot and sweat in a lot of traditional sneakers. I tend to wear only sandals/flipflops in the summer but they aren't good for a lot of walking. I'll be taking a summer class in Manhattan that will probably involve being mobile a lot and am also going to Europe in August. I bought some nice lightweight breathable synthetic material socks that'll hopefully help.

The thing I can't decide is whether to try for something like a pair of Keens, which are sandal-ish but look way more sturdy than my usual fare (like so) or try to find something that looks more like a traditional shoe and will be versatile enough to wear into places where funky-colored athletic shoes might be an issue. Something that looks a bit more like this - http://www.zappos.com/keen-toyah-black

Feel free to recommend any brands/styles. Or how to get my feet to stop burning up like a furnace anytime I wear sneakers in the summer :( I'm setting my upper cap at no more than $100-120.

Canadians of TQC

What are your plans for this Canada Day weekend?

My Parents are going to a wedding this weekend and I wont be able to go anywhere with no car, should I have a fire while they're gone if the weather holds up?

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I bought some leather wristbands/cuffs on the weekend, and whilst they're gorgeous, they've obviously been sat in a suitcase for a few years, so smell a bit old and mildewy. I've googled, but whats the best way to wash them to get the smell out?

oh baby baby

What does it mean to you when you call someone 'baby' or 'babe' (and this someone is over the age of 18)?

Do you do it only in the context of sexytimes? And then it just sexytimes meaning?
Do you do it when you feel affection towards someone (even outside of sexytimes)?
Is this actually a term of hatred and not a term of endearment for you?

How do you feel about using the term 'baby' or 'babe' and/or other 'terms of endearment' for people? Who do you reserve these terms for? Your committed long term partner only? All your best friends? The girl that you kind of like a little bit?

Feel free to elaborate and wax on about this as much as possible.

Oh and also.. what is your age/gender/sexual preference?

ETA: the word 'babe'
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I'm trying to teach the world about depression and the mental health care system through my blog.

When you hear me say that, what questions pop into your mind? What do YOU want to know about mental illness? What do you wish other people knew?

DKDC: what is your favourite kind of blog to read?

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I want to bake something to bring to work next week. What should I bake? Recipes are highly encouraged.

dk/dc - Do people bring things to share where you work? Right now there's a box of doughnuts in the kitchen.
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When was the last time you went to the dentist?

The last time for me before today was 5 years ago. I just had a major cleaning to get rid of tartar build-up and now my gums are swollen and my mouth aches. I will definitely be flossing on a regular basis and going for regular check-ups. I'm happy I don't have any cavities, but I asked to get a filling replaced because I can't chew hard food on the left side of my mouth.

Do you have any issues with your teeth right now?

I have a receding gum line on the bottom, because of the tartar. I also just got retainers after not wearing them 8 years ago when I had my braces removed. It all fucking hurts but it's worth it.. Lol.

:( Somebody kiss my teefs better.

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 These questions are for people who don't get triggered by anything.

Before livejournal, were you aware of the concept of triggers? IRL, do you give a trigger warning before talking about something disturbing, like a preface of, 'Hey guys, this might be a little disturbing, but I had a question/comment about ____.'

Just wondering! Seriously, before lj I had never heard of the concept. I know some people that would avoid movies, books etc with certain subject matter but I'd never really thought about it much more past that.
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Is it weird to bring extra fruits/vegetables from your garden to work to share?

My dad was going to bring some yellow squash (it's all that's ripe rn and it grows faster than we can pick it) to work with him but now he is convinced that it would be ~weird~ He works at small company with about 10 other people and has worked there for over 30 years, if it matters. Some of his coworkers sometimes bring food items in and leave them in the break area for whoever wants some. Would it really be weird to bring the squash in this situation?

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TQC, my bff/roommate's grandma passed away last night. On top of that, two weeks ago his parents told him they were getting divorced... neither of these things were unexpected by him, but still, it's a lot all at once obviously. I am not very good at ~expressing myself~ so I am trying to stay busy by cooking for him and ironing his suit and just generally taking care of shit. That's what I'm good at when bad shit happens.

My question is, do you think I should send something along with him for his mom? We've met & hung out several times and I absolutely love her. I was thinking a bottle of wine, cookies/something homemade, and a card. Do you think this is unnecessary? Or do you have any other ideas for a small gift? idk why I'm so worried, I'm not very good with grieving and I just want to act appropriately.

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What musicals/plays have you seen? What would you like to see?

I've seen...
The Children of Eden...Washington DC on a class trip
The Phantom of the Opera...Tour Cast
The Little Shop of Horrors...Tour Cast
The Man Who Came to Dinner...A college put it on. It was good enough to almost be a professional production!
Wicked...Broadway and Tour
RENT...Tour, but I saw it with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, two members of the original Broadway and also the movie

I'd love to see Les Miserables some day.

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despite the fact that I am soon going on vacation, I have ZERO money. I want guacamole. Should I go to the store and purchase guac on a credit card?
what is the least amount of money you've ever put on credit?

also, if casey anthony goes on the stand tomorrow and I sleep through it, i am going to be so mad. Can we have a phone tree?
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i feel like i'm kind of stuck in a rut. i just graduated and i can't find the motivation to do anything. i've been looking for jobs, but not as hard as i should be. i want to do things i neglected while in school, like working out and cleaning and organizing stuff, but instead i waste all day on the internet.

what can i do to generate some motivation? i feel like i'm still sleeping off architecture school :/
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I just heard on the news about how an airline (i think it was an Asian airline) has banned babies from first class because passengers have complained about paying extra money for the seats, only to be next to a screaming/crying infant. Babies are still allowed in business and economy classes. Do you think this is fair for the airline to do, or should babies be allowed in any class that their parent/guardian pays for?

I heard it literally 30 seconds ago, so i don't know anything more than that.
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The bad news is that you're going to get eaten by an animal. Sorry about that. The good news is that you get to choose the animal that eats you. And yes, it's going to completely digest you. What animal do you pick, and why?

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Does this sound ok?

I am a full time student at COMMUNITY COLLEGE in COLLEGETOWN, Alabama. CC is a 30 mile drive each way for me every day of the week where I am working to finish a degree plan in Office Administration Technologies. I work part-time at Wal-Mart in HOMETOWN, Alabama as a cashier. My parents do not support me financially in either living expenses or transition related expenses. As a result of my transition as well as lack of finances I had to take the 2010-2011 academic year off of school resulting in me having to begin immediate repayment of student loans in my name.

just want to know if it sounds professional and not choppy

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When you use a coupon for a meal, service, etc, do you find yourself tipping well above 20% of the original cost just so people don't think you're cheap?

I'm a total Groupon junkie, but I feel like I always basically tip a good portion of my savings just so they don't lump me with cheap coupon users, even when the service wasn't that great. I'm totally overthinking this, yeah?

Have you ever received less than stellar service because they knew you were using a Groupon-type thing and therefore assumed you'd be a crappy tipper?

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Do you think there will be any significance to the December 21st 2012 date?

Doesn't have to be if you think there will be an actual doosmday or not. Maybe a spiritual awakening? Cosmic happening? Some event maybe human created since so much attention have been given to the date? Just another day?
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I want to make lasagna but I only have marble cheese, not mozzarella. Making it with marble cheese is a bad idea y/n? Going to the store isn't an option because it requires putting pants on.

dk/dc what is the coolest thing your kid/pet(s) has done recently? :)

fake tan

i just purchased jergens natural glow daily moisturizer.
the bottle says it gradually creates natural-looking colour, with noticeable results within several days of use.
i am skeptical.
is this a bad idea? will i have horrible streaky orange legs?

right now my legs are really really dry. should i moisturize with some other kind of moisturizer before applying this stuff?
or do what the bottle says and use this instead?

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I have my first shift in a pub tomorrow! What can I do/learn/google to prepare?

Will you share your best pub/bar work stories and horror stories?

Eta: where's the 'hi, how are you?' alien picture from?

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I ask this question a lot.. But I just really like ice cream.
PS - last time I got bittersweet chocolate chip because of you guys and it was real good.

What flavor ice cream should I eat?

toasted almond
rum raisin
butter pecan
fudge brownie

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How high is your pain tolerance on a scale of 1-10?

What is the most painful thing you have ever experienced?

Brought you to by the various people who think Im stupid for planning on a natural/non-medicated birth,I am so SICK of hearing about the "ring of fire".


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I recently found out that at my University, if you fail a course, and then repeat it, the failing grade still counts. - I've failed a course, due to anxiety/stress (don't cope with stress well),  retaken it, and gotten a B/B+. (this has happened a couple of times) - this seems really unfair.W
What do you guys think? Does your university/college do this?
Will this completely fuck me over for grad school (I have a year left in my BA)

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Do you think it's fair if an undercover cop sets a guy up (or in this case, multiple people all at different times) to deal drugs, but makes the meeting place within 1000 feet of a school so that the person gets more heavily fined/in trouble? Or do the 'criminals' kind of set themselves up for it; like they shouldn't have been doing it in the first place or known better than to agree to meeting near a school?

This didn't happen to me or anything lol, just a popular news story around my town right now and I'm curious what others think.


Twice in the past couple of years my car has gotten so low on oil that the oil light came on and I had to stop and buy an emergency quart. My car uses more oil now than when it was newer. I've been trying really hard to keep the oil changed regularly (that's what I would normally do) but for the past month I've been super busy and couldn't go. Tonight I had some free time and took my car to the oil change shop...and they were closed, though their hours said they would be there another 45 minutes.

I'm going to be super busy tomorrow and can't go back to the shop. What are the chances my oil light will come on tomorrow?
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Summer books

Should I read trashy romance novels, or trashy vampire/werewolf novels this summer? If you are of the romance persuasion, please give me suggestions for a series. As for vampire/werewolf, I was thinking of picking up the Anita Blake books again - i read the first few last year. Thanks for any suggestions.

Poll #1757343 Summer books

Which should I read this summer?

Trashy romance books
Trashy vampire/werewolf books
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Motto for success

So I am being interviewed for our company newsletter and on the questionnaire I have to fill out I have to answer: What is my motto for success?"

What kind of crazy, nerdy quote should I use? I was thinking something to do with zombies or star wars.

DK/Dc What are your plans for the summer?

First Aid Training

So I'm deciding whether or not to sign up for first aid certification training.  The only thing holding me back is the thought of being in front of a group of people and practicing CPR on a dummy.  So my question is to those who have gone through first aid training: will I have to demonstrate CPR in front of a group of people or any other sort of demonstration?

DK/DC: On a scale of 1-10, how was your day?