June 27th, 2011

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So I finally got around to cleaning my room after being out of commission due to back/pelvis woes. ANYWAYS, I was sitting on my floor cleaning. My butt and legs felt damp, there was a towel on the floor, so I thought maybe the towel was wet and got the carpet wet. I moved to the other side of my room and it was damper. If I push my hand down I can see "water" on my fingers.

Can this be caused by humidity/all the rain we've gotten? I have no idea what else it could be!
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Please help me rest easy:
I have known my neighbor forever... he's not in good health (had a small stroke not long ago) and a fire truck just pulled up to his house. No lights flashing or anything. An ambulance has not come. If something were very wrong an ambulance would come right?

We live close to 3 fire stations and 2 police stations (like... within a 5-10mile radius) so if one were coming I think they would be here already.
look really good.
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Did you have to get your wisdom teeth taken out? Will you tell me about it?
I'm getting all 4 of mine taken out tomorrow, so I figured hearing stories from other people might help ease my anxiety a little bit.
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I'm super superstitious about the month of July and I am literally so overcome by anxiety that I kind of want to hide in my house the first two weeks to be on the safe side. How should I prepare myself every day? Put on a helmet and some tinfoil and say fuck it? Srs/nonsrs
Examples: July 10, 2009 I broke my leg so badly that I couldn't walk for five months, lost my job, couldn't afford my rent and had to move in with my dad..it set me behind almost a year, then July 7 of last year I totaled my car and had to manage two jobs not close at all in order to pay for my apartment while going to school full time

What are you irrationally scared of?
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Paypal has just lost my trust.

Yesterday I ordered some fabric through eBay.  I used my Paypal account to pay for it.  I haven't made an eBay or Paypal purchase in months.  Just now I sat down at the computer (insomnia) and got notifications that I had made two more payments through my Paypal account.  Uh oh.  So I disputed the charges and changed my password and security questions.  But. 

The reason they have lost my trust is that the two new charges are for the same amount as the legitimate charge.  That means their supposedly secure payment system isn't secure.

Has anyone else had this happen?

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i used to be friends with this kid who i lent my ps2 too and a alan wake game, about 2 years ago. he promised he would give it back to me. we havnt really talked in year almost, i really didnt like him so i stopped hanging out he lives 40 mins away i sent him a message on fb saying i would really like it back and if he could mail it and i would pay for shipping because i didnt have a car. he blocked me. what should i do? should keep trying to get them or should i not bother?

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What can I do about my smelly cat?

I think he rolled in something dead last night. His head and front leg area smells awful, but the rest of him is fine. I tried dousing him in the tub, but the smell didn't really go away.

Also, I don't really have money for cat shampoo.
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You are being forced to get a name (any name) tattoed on the inside of your foot. What name do you get? What's your reason for choosing this name?

Can you tell me about something *good* that happened to you this month?

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Here's a better post about what should I have for lunch, what some options of what are around here. I really need help you guys.

So what should I get for lunch?

- A sandwich from a deli
- Thai food
- A sit down cafe with sandwiches, soups, and salads
- Mexican
- Japanese
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Would you ever add a coworker as a friend on Facebook? What about your boss?

Speaking of work, I was asked to switch my nights off around because a coworker had a death in the family. If you were in this situation, would you have switched?*

*I had plans to have a fantastic time, and I had to fight a little to get those nights off. Tonight will also put me at six nights in a row. However, big boss lady has been kinda mad at me lately, and as she's said, "favors get favors".

What do you like on your pizza?

What are you doing for Halloween?

Srs preferred.

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You think you need to rent a car, and you pre-pay for the rental service. It turns out you don't need the car later, so you call and cancel the service, but there's a $10 cancellation fee.

Do you spend an hour on the phone with the company arguing over the $10 fee?


Can you describe your cat's meow?

Silly? Dilemma

So... My partner and I are moving to TX in a couple of months for his military training. I've been working full time (he's unemployed till boot camp) for a quite a while, and frankly, I'm run down.

Once we move, I have the opportunity to be a stay at home spouse and work on self improvement and studies. My issue is that I'd feel guilty not working I think in part because I'm used to being the employed one. We'd only be living there for 4-5 months.
-Worth it to look for a temp job?
-Do you ever feel useless when you aren't working?

DK/DC- What are you doing this week?

Edit: Thanks guys. Good advice/cautions. I'll do more thinking before making a final decision.
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I need to find a new pair of khakis for work. The only place I have a chance of finding any is Old Navy/the mall, which is a 30 min drive. What would you do in my shoes?

today is my only day off
I really need khaki pants

I'm exhausted from volunteering this morning
there's no guarantee I'll actually find pants
I could end up in a foul mood because of the lack of pants
traffic to & from will be a pain in the ass

Alternatively, will you use this post to have TQC weigh your dilemmas?
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Sorry for posting again so soon..
BUT I am making hamburgers for dinner tonight. I was going to make french fries too, but I should be healthier.

I do not like salads very much.

What should I have with my burgers?

dk/dc: What have you eaten today?

I've had:
Vanilla Carnation instant drink w/non-fat milk
Turkey and bacon club sandwich
Chocolate chip and walnut cookie

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Last night I dropped my iPod Nano in my driveway and the glass screen shattered, but the LCD screen is still working fine. Will the LCD screen be fine without the glass panel, or will it eventually die without the protective panel? Has this happened to anyone before?

I see online that you can buy the panel to replace yourself, is it as easy as just snapping it on or do you need special little tools to do it?
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What is the biggest age difference you've had with a SO? How did that work out?

What, generally speaking, is your preferred age difference (if any) between you and your partner?

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so i watched hoarders for the first time today and had a really bad panic attack and now i am determined to clean the fuck out of my house. ALL OF THE FUCKS WILL BE CLEANED.

will you describe to me your method of cleaning your living space? the more detail, the better.
bonus points for bathrooms. i live with two dudes in their twenties, my apartment is gross.
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Just getting off of work and I'm hungry, but have 10 bucks until Wednesday. Not eaten since a teeny sandwich about 3 hours ago.

Do I grab something on the way home or wait till I get home and hope there's something worth cooking?
If grab something, what should I get?
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My single mother invited a male friend from the neighborhood to help her with a light or something. He brought his wife and both of their small kids who, I'm sorry, are super obnoxious and loud. I can hear them in every room I try to hide in. Is there a polite way to encourage these people to leave? Should I mention we should start getting dinner ready or is that just going to encourage them to stay for it?
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What are your favorite "old-school" video games?
Your current favorite video games?
What's your favorite video game system?

Do you feel violent media is to be at blame for violent behavior?

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If someone you work with (who has admitted in the past that they find you attractive) posts a picture of you on Facebook with the caption "ooffftt" and their friend comments "soiled? Lol" what would you think that meant?

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My son has a well known disability.
It's not a physical one per se.
I can apply for a handicap parking placard and more than likely qualify.
But technically we don't need one. Though if I drill down into worst case scenarios, I can see how it might be beneficial for our family.


Should the handicap placards be for only those who have physical limitations?

Do you know anyone with a handicap placard? Do you know why they have it?
Do you have one?
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I did a teeth-whitening treatment/kit/thing today and it worked and I'm happy, but now I have that lingering tooth-whitening taste in my mouth. How can I get rid of it?

I tried drinking some milk but it didn't really help and water isn't working.
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Probably quite simple question

OK. Help an old broad out here.

I have a prepaid mobile from X company (circa 1995, ish), and I want a new handset, but don't want to change my number or contract thingie. Can I do that simply?

That is: is there a way I can get a new handset but keep my phone number the same? or is the number always bundled with the hardware? (I'd buy it from the same company I got the first one from, so we're not talking different networks or whatever). I'm in Australia if that makes a difference.

Note: I don't want bells'n'whistles - I never use the bloody thing if I can avoid it. I just want one of the flip-top type that goes from the ear to the mouth like a proper receiver; mine is a little short thing you have to keep next to the ear, which means there's nothing visibly microphonic near the mouth, and I suspect it's very hard to hear on the other end if you're not talking in exactly the right spot).
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I'm applying for a job work program (AmeriCorps) that is asking for 2 references. My boyfriend is telling me to ask them for recommendation letters so I can send those as well.

Is this necessary? Is it over-the-top?
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If you were to choose a dessert right now, what would it be? I want something sweet and I don't know what I want.

ETA: Score! I found a stash of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the dining room cabinet.
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TQC, I started a new job a little over a month ago. I'm a part-time employee and it's a retail place, so my schedule is different every week. This week I'm only scheduled for 14 hours, which I was less than thrilled with when I saw the schedule. But then I saw next week's schedule - and I only have ONE eight hour shift. Eight hours for the entire week.

I wish I could remember the exact range of hours that was mentioned when I was hired, but it was something along the lines of 24-30 or 25-32 or something like that. Neither 14 hours nor 8 hours is even close.

Should I speak up? I would ordinarily hesitate to complain when I haven't been there very long, and if it was just the one 14-hour week I would have let it go this time, but an 8-hour week is pretty ridiculous, right?

How do I go about bringing this up? Should I phrase it like a question ("I was just wondering why I have so few hours this week and next week") or should I be aiming for something more assertive/aggressive?

I hate this because I feel like I have no leverage - if they can schedule me for only 8 hours in a week, clearly they don't consider me super valuable at this point, so it's not like they'll be too worried if they think I might quit if I don't get more hours.


TQC when was the last time you were really annoyed? My husband bought me a livingsocial escape for my birthday and the voucher only shows about 5 blackout days but when we called to make reservations they said that nearly all weekends are blackout days. We can't afford to take vacation days and go during the week! He got it specifically for a quick weekend trip.

Question 2 is, how do you get what you want over the phone? I am ready to be pushy as hell to get my weekend reserved but I always end up not knowing what to say.