June 26th, 2011

Kill Bill - Elle
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What amount of time would you consider an impressive keg stand? Sorry if this is bad worded. I'm fairly impressively drunk meself.

what the feck did y'all do this weekend?

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I don't regularly go on Facebook anymore but I noticed some pages that I supposedly "liked" but don't remember doing that nor what they even are. Have you ever noticed this? Can pages somehow add themselves? They're business pages.
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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 Don't know if this has been asked yet.

But for those who don't live in Florida...has the Casey Anthony case been big news to you folks too? How much coverage is it getting in your part of the country?

iPhone issues

1 . Can iPhones purchased under AT&T as the service provider be unlocked?

2. My iPhone 3GS was recently stolen. I need a new phone to use, and I have the option of going to an AT&T store and getting a new 3GS for only $49. OR I can just use my old Blackberry (which will be hard considering how used to the iPhone that I am). Come September, which is when the new iPhone 5 is rumored to be coming out, I would be getting a new phone anyway.

BUT, there is a chance that I may move to Europe for a while come next late spring/early summer. Would I still be able to use my iPhone abroad? It would be a pity for me to have just recently gotten an iPhone 5 only to realize that I wouldn't be able to use it abroad.

Given what I wrote in #2, what would you do in my shoes?
Keanu - Connect 4 I WIN
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I'm recovering from surgery, and I've been playing Solitaire on my computer a lot since my pain meds knock me on my ass. I think I've won like 3 games out of 400.

Why is Solitaire so hard on my computer? Is it just me?

If you don't care about that, how do you feel about narcotic pain meds? What is your favorite? I used to be a Vicodin girl, but Lortab is pretty nice.
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TQC, my friend just called me and i missed it! i was in the shower. i don't know when i'll hear back from this friend :(

when was the last time you missed a phone call and it made you disappoint?
who/what was the phone call about? (lets say you knew prior or received a voicemail)

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When you were younger, were any of your friends/relatives rich, and didn't understand being poor a bit?

I run into this with my cousins sometimes. Their parents together make over $15,000 a month, and it blows their minds when they see other people have small houses, only two TVs, don't have full refrigerators, or can't afford repairs in their houses. They aren't intentionally rude about it, it just surprises them.
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Inspired by what is hopefully a mosquito bite in the worst location ever (well, it's either that or I have the plague), will you tell me horror stories about things that have bitten you? Bites in weird places, bites that swell up to the size of your head, bites from unusual things, I want to hear them all.
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what are your favorite blogs? what are they about? i need some more reading material :)

do you generally prefer blogs where the posts often contain details about the blogger's personal life, or do you prefer blogs without descriptions of personal experiences?
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I am currently eating a cupful of chocolate chips that is topped off with Cool Whip. 

Excellent life decision?

I await your diabetes diagnosis
Pass me some

What's the last delicious food you nommed?

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Will you share some websites you like to look at when you are lacking in the area of cooking inspiration? Food blogs, recipe sites, etc.

Alternatively, just share your favorite recipe(s)?

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TQC, I've just sent my FWB an email telling him that I'm kind of in love with him. What should I do with myself to pass the time until he gets back to me about it? I'm not planning on discussing it tonight with him but I can't really concentrate on anything else.


Let's do it, people

1. Colonel Sanders (KFC), Wendy (Wendys), Jack (Jack in the Box)
2. Annakin Skywalker (old version, out of the Vader suit), Voldemort, White Witch (Tilda Swinton, Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe)
3. Christian Bale as Batman, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
4. Gaston, Captain Hook, Malificent
5. Portia de Rossi, Ellen Degeneres, Christina Hendricks
6. Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson
7. Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ron and Clint Howard

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Poll #1756118 Feed us!
This poll is closed.

Det_munch is visiting me today. What should we do for dinner?

Go out and get fast food (we can't afford a nice sit down restaurant)
Go to the supermarket and get ingredients to cook dinner

If we go out, where should we go? The options are McDonalds, Panera, Subway, D'Angelos, Taco Bell or Burger King

If we cook dinner, what should we make?

Edit: I've decided to be nice and splurge on a decent meal out for both of us. We are now trying to decide between Ruby Tuesday and Rainforest Cafe (which are about the same price range). What say you, TQC?
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Tqc I want to whiten my teeth. Do any of those white strip type things work? Which have you tried/which have you had good results from? Or is it not worth my money at all?
My teeth aren't that discolored but I drink a lot of coffee so they aren't as white as I would like.
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So I fell down the stairs today and ended up needing several stitches and 38 staples in my head. It hurts like a bitch and I'm bored.

What should I do that involves very minimal movement? Also, my eyesight is kind of foggy (probably from a slight concussion) so it can't involve much visual acrobatics.

DK/DC: When's the last time you got seriously injured?
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 Will you paste some of your writing (Any text in English will do: your latest blog post, journal entry, comment, chapter of your unfinished book, etc.) into this website and tell me what famous writer it says you write like? 

I have no idea if it's accurate (it got J.K. Rowling's own writing right though), but I pasted in some erotica I've written and it says I write like Chuck Palahniuk. 


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Do any of the later Pokemon games let you select your first pokemon at the beginning of a fight, instead of automatically sending out your primary one?

Edit: the nos have it; do any of the later games let you skip the dialog completely, instead of just speed it up?

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Which of these lines, if heard on a first date, would be enough to cease any further dates? They'd be deal breakers. Anything you don't click wouldn't jeopardize future dates

"I can quote every Steven Segal movie ever made...both in English and Spanish. Huh? No, I don't watch a lot of movies in general"
"It took several years, lots of surgery and hormone therapy, but I eventually became the gender I wanted to be" (this person looks like an attractive member of the sex you're attracted to)
"Um...this may sound strange, but I'm currently enrolled in clown college"
"What am I looking for? Ultimately, marriage and kids. A bunch of them. Not that I'm looking for that from you. No pressure or anything. Seriously"
"....and the wheat thresher just kept on going, and that's how I lost my leg. Up to my hip bone"
"This is so weird. My ex has a shirt like that. JUST like that. God...such good times. I miss him/her *sniff*"
"Liberals are such hypocrites. Fuck em. Not that I watch Fox News or anything, but I feel more people need to embrace conservative morals"
"You ever gone hunting? It's kind of exciting. You're laying there, your rifle trained on the animal's face and you pull the trigger. The kill's better than sex"
"I'm a virgin. Saving myself for marriage"
"Lost my virginity at age 9. I've probably shagged more than 100 people in my life"
"I was with Chris for 9 years. Chris was the only person I ever dated. So, I totally don't know how to date, or what to talk about. Bear with me"
"I know this is our first date and all, but I feel really close to you. Really close, like I could tell you anything. We may be soulmates, destined to be together forever"
"My ex said I was too controlling. Hah! How ridiculous, right? People make too big a deal about having to check in with their S.O. for everything. That's trust, right? If you trust me, you shouldn't keep any secrets"
"I collect My Little Ponies. I have like hundreds. It doesn't mean I'm gay or anything. They're just pretty"
"Was it just me or was the waiter flirting with you? What a creep. Just say the word and I'll kick his ass for you. I'll make a scene. That's how much I respect you"

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When my sister and I were little, we never really wanted to finish our dinners but always had room for dessert. When our parents would ask "How can there be room in your stomach for dessert if you can't even finish your dinner?" I cleverly came up with "Well, you see there's an ice cream cone shaped hole left in my stomach and the only thing that can fill it, is an ice cream cone!"

What's the most clever thing you've come up with?


What's a surefire way to calm nausea?
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Anyone here in science?

I'm an undergraduate who just became interested in neuroscience this month, so please excuse any errors in my "explanation" and I welcome any corrections from any of you that are further along in your education. I'm reading a book about brain plasticity - previously thought to be impossible, but fairly recently proven as, to some extent, a reality of the nature of the brain. In short and over-simplistic summary, phantom libs have been explained as such: because the brain map interprets sensory information of your arms, or example, in close proximity to where it interprets sensory information from the face, your brain can actually experience physical feelings of the amputated limb when the skin of the face is stimulated. Pain of the phantom limb can also be neurologically explained with similar methods, though is more complicated (even in the simplest of terms) and I will not go into it here ("frozen" neural circuits and the like).

I personally find this to be really fascinating - it's like neuroscience that meets quantum mechanics and philosophy as they pertain to what we consider to be "real."

Does anyone here know of or have any articles/books on similar findings that they could share the names of? Thanks a lot.
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What was the best concert experience you've ever had?

My oldest friend and I drove to Columbus, Ohio (14 hour drive) last summer on a nostalgia-driven whim to see Hanson. It was a blast. Secondarily I would have to say the first time I saw Flogging Molly with my best friend. I lost him somewhere in the crowd right after we got there, but right when they started into 'Laura' (a mutual favourite he came flying out of nowhere and we danced like we'd never dance again.

What was the worst?

Yesterday, definitely. Went and saw the Tragically Hip. The weather sucked (it was an outdoor show and it was all misty and cold all day) and then we had to wait for three hours to get our shuttle back to town. It was a goddamned mudpit, which normally I wouldn't care about, but at 2am when I've been standing in the rain trying to shove my way onto a bus for two and a half hours, I was unimpressed. Otherwise, the music and people were great. Just the organization was a complete clusterfuck.

DK/DC: Ever have one of those days where there is just absolutely no way you're gonna be productive at all? What do you do when you *have* to be productive?

I have two assignments to finish tonight, and I can barely keep my eyes open. Help!
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TQC, help a non design capable girl out?

I'm trying to pick out blinds for my new place and am really struggling with colors. Could anyone give me a recommendation on what would look good with creme walls, black to black/brown furniture and white kitchen cupboards?
Fonz: eeeyyyhhhh

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what do you know about vows of silence? specifically by monks.
like when one undergoes it, and how long, and which denominations of what religions do it?

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So I'm looking at buying a car within the next few weeks.

I have about five thousand dollars to use as a down payment, and then I'll finance the rest.

I want to get a loan through a bank or a credit union, not the dealership.

Soooo...how exactly do I do this? Should I give five thousand dollars to the dealership then take a loan out for the difference? Should I take out a loan for the full amount of the car and then give the bank/credit union the five thousand dollars? Or something else I'm not thinking of? Does it make a difference?

"returned mail" spam

So when one nutty spammer spams your email address and then tons of other IP addresses send you similar spams (but not exactly the same), how does it happen? Does their software return some kind of positive feedback and then they resell it to every spammer on earth or something?

I've received 94 "returned mail from sender" spam messages in the past 36 hours, and only 3 pharmacy spams in the same time period.

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I have some leftover breaded chicken strips from Friday night. Tonight, I'd like to use them in a recipe so they don't go to waste. I was thinking an improvised chicken Parmesan; use the strips and make spaghetti, mix together and top with cheese and bake in the oven. Think it'd be good? If I did that, how long do you think I should bake it for? Since the chicken will already be done, it's really just to melt the cheese and heat everything through.

If I shouldn't make that, what else could I make with leftover chicken strips?

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Do you have a Nintendo DS?
What are your favorite games for it?

For my birthday today, my boyfriend fixed up an old DS for me and offered to buy a couple games for us to share. I just can't decide what I want! The Professor Layton series looks good, but I'm awful at making decisions.

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What are items you hate buying?

-Trash bags. You're almost literally paying for trash.
-Movies/music. You don't even really need to illegally download them. There are tons of places to stream that content.
-Make up. They test on animals, and block my pores. But sometimes it's necessary to wear it.
-Shampoo. It's basically water and scent, but if I don't use it, my hair gets greasier than French fries.