June 25th, 2011


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In my house we have two types of meals. One is when we cook a meat and sides and stuff and it involves time. The other is when you make a sandwich or heat up a burger or something. What are some new things we can have for our second type of meal?

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What's the first movie you remember seeing in theaters?

What's the last movie you saw in theaters?

The Lion King. Which before I know it will be 20 years old. I'm not ready for the first movie I remember seeing to be 20 years old.

The Adjustment Bureau. Which I only saw because I had free tickets.

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Do you have anything that happens to your body that is a little bit weird?

As in, you stub your toe, and your eye starts to hurt.. Something that is completely unrelated to whatever you have done affecting a different part of your body.

For me, when I need to go pee, if I try and hold it, my fingers start to go numb, if I still try to hold it, my whole arms, and then across my shoulders start to tingle/go numb also. I can not think of any reasonable explanation for it. For a while I thought that maybe I was tensing my muscles to hold my bladder, and that was affecting the rest of my muscles and having a weird effect on my hands/arms. I have slight nerve damage in my arms and hands, and scarring so that might be a legitimate reason, but it just seems so.. odd.

Have you ever experienced anything like that? Do you get pee shivers?
If none of these questions apply to you, what is “weird” about your body?

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Do you read fmylife.com?

What's your favorite FML?

My favorite is the one where this person was babysitting, and put the kids to bed. One kid asked, "Before we sleep, can you tell us a story where you die at the end?"
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Would anyone like to have a standing ovation for NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, (especially) the homosexuals, the bisexuals, the heterosexuals, and whoever the fuck you are? Standing ovation for social justice, one step at a time, yeah?

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Are there any non-US Kindle owners here? Have you done anything to access restricted books/apps from Amazon? I was thinking of just changing my location to the US, is that likely to cause me any issues?

Summer = BBQ Time!

What's your favorite dish to bring to a BBQ? Do you bring a side or dessert? Or are you like me and bring booze?

I have a nice big jug of Margaritas to bring to a BBQ this afternoon and I'm so excited!

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i need to do a bunch of cleaning today and id like to put on a show/movie while i do it. what is something i can watch that i dont necessarily have to pay full attention to? catch- it has to be on netflix instant watch.
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Me and a friend are going up to NYC for Pride tomorrow, and then spending a few days out at friend's house. On the way back home, we'll likely have a few hours to burn in NYC. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do/places to eat in Manhattan, preferably around Penn Station (we have a penchant for getting lost)? How about Fire Island? Super expensive eateries and activities are not an option.
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Is it unreasonable to transfer a small amount of money from my checking account to my savings account to temporarily make my checking balance a pretty number?

How often do you have urges to do "odd" things?

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What should I make for dinner tonight? I've been good and eating healthy for several weeks now but tonight I want to splurge because I deserve it damn it! Cheese ravioli in a cheese sauce with cheese bread and cheesecake sound good, just so you know where I'm coming from. I need it to be pure EVIL!!!
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What is that psychological term describing people who lose a sense but are in denial about it? For example, they go blind but they keep on insisting they can see, and make up stories about why they keep on bumping into things, etc? I read about it in the New Yorker but I forgot...

Lost phone

At what point do you consider a lost phone long-gone?

I had my iphone zipped up in my purse while shopping. I got a call from a friend saying that she'd meet me and text me when she got in the neighbor. Because I knew I could expect her text or call very soon, I tucked my iphone in my purse's front pocket instead of zipping it up again.

I meet up with her and just tuck my phone in the pocket again. Five minutes later, I realize that I don't have my phone any longer. I search my pockets and purse. Nothing.

I called my phone using my friend's cell at least 20 times and no one picked up. I then sent several texts. Now when I try calling, it goes straight to voicemail which suggests that someone has the phone and turned it off.

What to do?! When do I consider it officially gone? Do I call AT&T and cancel my service? I've never lost a phone before so I'm not sure what to do!
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Why is is that half the time the people who use those paper toilet seat covers don't make sure the cover gets flushed when they're done?

I get irrationally annoyed by that.

More generally, what are you irrationally annoyed by?

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Have you ever tried to win someone back? how did that go? any advice? Or has someone tried to win you back? how did they woo you and did it work?

Last night I drunk texted my ex telling her I still had feelings for her...we talked about what happened between us. She had been waiting for me to make a move, give her another chance, but I didn't know that. This was two weeks ago, and she's been talking to and flirting with this other girl, but now that I know she still has feelings for me I'm not about to just walk away without a fight...I mean without trying to get her back. Not honestly sure this is wise but you only live once.
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What are your favorite breakfasts that do not include eggs?

I want to make breakfast for my guy tomorrow but I am too lazy to hit the store for eggs. We have a pretty well stocked kitchen.

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I'm going to Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. I wear flip flops 99.9% of my life.
Should I bring sneakers? Can I just put my flip flops in my pocket during roller coasters?


Is there one thing in your kitchen that you find to be the most useful? (Utensils, pots, pans, ingredient?)

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So! What has you pissed right now?

My mom got bit by the cat. So she is convinced that her life is 'oh-so-horrible' and she deserves anything and everything she can have. Including my rainbow sherbet. and making me clean up all the blood on the floor while seven months pregnant. Have I complained out loud? No. Cause, I'll get yelled at. / rant
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TQC, today I am full of violent rage.

How possible do you think it is to decide to forgive a person? Do you feel that forgiveness (specifically, forgiving someone else) is something that sort of *comes to* you with time, or is it more something you need to actively, consciously work for?

What does "forgiveness" mean to you? Can you only say that you've truly forgiven someone when you no longer feel any anger or resentment toward them? Is it just about emotion?


TQC, I have not flown on an airplane since I was ~3 years old. I'm actually quite terrified of the whole process (various phobia/anxiety issues surrounding it).

I have a flight booked to London on August 9. What can you tell me about the general process one goes through at the airport/on the plane for an international flight? This is all totally unfamiliar to me.
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I am just after developing a serious dose of the hiccups.

Hiccup cures.. Anyone?

What do you usually do when you get the hiccups?

I usually hold my breath even though it never works.
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I have this friend. She's not a very good friend, but we still have lunch, text, etc. We are not good friends because she lies about things all the time. Nonetheless, she invited me to her baby shower and I planned on going.

Now I'm 90% sure she's avoiding me. She won't answer my text. She deleted her Facebook (probably has more to do with a lot of people finding out she lied about some serious stuff). Won't answer my calls. I know she is alive and doing things because I saw pictures of her daughter's birthday party on Facebook.

Sometimes she just avoids everyone, so I'm not sure whether or not to take this personally.

Do I still RSVP for her shower even though she may not want me there?
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Do you fall in love slowly or hard and fast?

If someone falls in love very slowly (as in, it takes a year or so...like, they can be really fond of the person and care about them, but it takes a long time for them to feel that "in love" feeling), what do you think that says about them, if anything?

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How do you feel about abortion? I don't mean the laws, or anything like that, I mean how do you feel about the act itself? (I'm assuming you'll include your views on the laws as well, since it's hard to talk about it without that, but I'm curious about the other)

Can we keep this post civil?

dk/dc/can't we all get along: I'm repainting the shared wall between my livingroom and kitchen, as well as the rest of the livingroom. What colors should I use (the counters in the kitchen are blue)
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You have just inherited $1,000,000! Congratulations! Only there's a stipulation; you must use it to purchase real estate.

Do you buy a $100,000 house on a $900,000 property

or, a $850,000 house on a $150,000 property?
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So, due to some family drama*, I have the Fourth of July free. Any suggestions on what to do before the fireworks that night?

DK/DC/Damnit, not everybody in TQC is American: what's your favorite hot weather activity? (Besides staying inside...)

*-I'm not involved yet, but with a few words somebody could drag me in kicking and screaming...
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Pokemon TQCers, I choose... YOU!

Im getting my son a DS for his birthday. He will be 5. He *loves* Pokemon.
What game should I get him? I am thinking the diamond and pearl, because we have Battle Revolution for our Wii, and you can connect diamond and pearl to that.

Also, did you choose Black or White (or both?) :) Can someone explain the difference in the series to me? Are there different Pokemons to capture in each one? I dont get ittttt.

Please help me decide where to live!! I need to decide by tonight...

I need out of my current apartment where there's shared bathrooms/kitchen that are really dirty. The bathroom is so dirty that when I dropped a bar of soap on the ground, it turned black from the dirt on the ground and when I showered, a moth came into the shower curtain. And this thing was on my floor when I opened my window: Collapse )
I have two choices:

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Does anyone feed their dogs food they make themselves instead of dog food? What do you feed them?

Do you enjoy receiving flowers?

What is your favorite type of shoe to wear?

I have decided to start playing the Xbox 360 that no one uses in my house whenever I'm really bored at home.
Can you recommend me some fun Xbox 360 games? Can be any kind and it doesn't matter how old they are.

I don't know if this is a stupid question or not but I asked a friend if he had any games that he thought I would like and he said he'd bring me Left 4 Dead 2 tomorrow. Isn't this a co-op game? Can you play single player?