June 24th, 2011

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How do the people you live with currently drive you insane?

-They put plates in the sink with food still on them.
-Dad leaves the sponge in the sink and it gets mildewy and nasty.
-He also uses hand towels to clean up messes so they smell even after washing.
-General lack of hygiene. I'm the only one who flushes every time. My mom never washes her hands after going to the bathroom because "I'm not putting my hands in my mouth". They leave stained underwear on the laundry pile crotch side up for the whole world to see. My mom picks her nose and gets angry when you tell her to stop. My sister bathes once a week and smells. I'm also the ONLY ONE who washes out the tub after using it.

Yeah, they wonder why I always spray things with Lysol before touching them.

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I was giving my guinea pig attention and noticed a huge lump tumor/lump under her jaw that wasn't there two days ago. What would cause a tumor to develop in 2 days? I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow but I don't have a lot of money for surgery. Has anything like this happened with one of your pets?
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who's your favourite child actor/actress? (of past & present)

are there any that continued to have success on screen when they became adults? do you still like them as adults?

feel free to discuss anything related to the subject


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i'm planning my daughter's birthday party at a facility with lots of bouncy houses, and it's turning out to be more expensive than i anticipated. would it be rude to ask parents to pay their child's admission cost if we're providing pizza and cake?

ps my daughter is turning 19, still not rude?? right???

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Is there anything weird you do in your sleep?

My boyfriend was telling me that I've been laughing in my sleep recently, but I didn't believe him until I woke myself up with a belly laugh last night.

Foodie in Boston and Rhode Island


  Next month, the SO and I are visiting Providence, RI and Boston, MA. What are the must-try food places for either place? Looking for great hole in the wall delicious food, fancy dinner places, brunch, bars, and overall cool places. Price range can vary, it is vacation, after all!

In Providence we're staying at the Biltmore, and in Boston at the Langham in the Financial District, but we will have transportation. Thanks in advance!
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Theme Night

Sunday we are having a theme night at the cottage, where everyone picks their own theme, comes dressed for their theme and has a short activity relating to the theme they chose for everyone to do. I still haven't decided what theme to choose! Does anyone have any suggestions of something fun for about 6 people to do?

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Can you post a screenshot of your facebook profile pictures album so that we can predict your character/personality based on your profile pictures?

My friend and I were talking about how so much of a person's personality can be revealed through this album, and I found it to be VERY true.
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TQC, I just got into a big (and obvs super srs) discussion with my mother on Facebook about what the best words are. What are some of your personal favorites?

I think my all time favorite is still fisticuffs, but I also really enjoy hirsute.
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so i'm house sitting/dog sitting for a few more days and i'm bored out of my mind with this tiny dog. how should i keep myself entertained?

also: do you find it hard to sleep in a house that is not your own? i can... but not if i'm alone. I AM SO TIRED.

dk/dc: butter or margarine? why?

ETA: would you like me to draw you a picture? i will. what would you like?

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I'm going to a strip club, for the first time ever, with my SO tonight. It's something we both wanted to do so I'm excited.. BUT, I know nothing about strip club etiquette, other than tipping decently is important. What other tips can you give me?

dk/dc: What are your plans for the weekend?
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K. How offended/butt-hurt are you when someone calls you a pig?

I. What is your favorite flavored gum?

S. I am in a flirty bold mood. Who should I terrorize first?

S. What are you reading this summer?

M. Have you watched The Amazing Adventures of Gumball?

E. This message was brought to you by Celestial Seasonings Red Tea Madagascar Vanilla. What is your favorite tea right now (because last week your choice was different then this week)?
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So I went to a store yesterday and got 5 items of clothing.

I go to the store's website just now to find a picture of one of the items I bought to show my friend, and WTF - everything I bought is now on sale!

Can I go back to the store today and ask them to honor the sale prices? Can I have them "return" my items and then ring them up again in the sale price?

Hopefully some of you here either have worked or are working in retail right now...

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I'm never hungry when I wake up in the morning, and so, my first meal is usually lunch. Whenever I mention it to people, they tell me "You need breakfast, it's important" or "It kick starts your metabolism for the day," and stuff like that. I'm not eating huge amounts the night before, so it's nothing to do with that.

Should I make myself eat some sort of breakfast, or keep doing what I've been doing? I've been this way for a few years now. It usually takes me a good 3 hours to become hungry.

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Say you adopt a kid and then you find out that this kid has some psychological or learning disabilities that were unknown to you before the adoption was finalized. Say you weren't prepared to deal with that kind of thing so you dissolved the adoption. Should you have to pay child support?

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Will you suggest songs for me to put on a playlist I can listen to at work?
Anything and everything is welcome.

edit: I am looking for background noise mostly, because it's quiet here. I have headphones on. I work in a law office and I am reading case law and writing motions and memos all day long.


We bought a Wii! This is my first console since my Atari 2600 that I got for Christmas when I was 7.

I have no idea what games are good. TQC, can you recommend games to me?

I have played Mario Kart and loved it. We bought Mario Kart, Wii Fit and Wii Sports. All three of us (Me, Mom & Dad) like silly Pop Cap games like PvZ, Peggle, Zuma, Bejewelled, etc. I wouldn't be averse to some sort of shooter type game, but FPS makes me seasick.

Acting kinds of randomness

Aside from the obvious example of prostate massage, how might you be of assistance to another human being in the next 24 hours?

Please identify the human being by relationship, social class or other attribute(s) -- as well as the nature of the potential assistance -- if possible.


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What are some things that about yourself that you try to avoide telling people, not because you're embarrassed or ashamed, but because you get so sick of explaining yourself, or you're sick of people's stock answers?

EDIT - What do people's reactions tend to be?

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Hey guys. I've been working at the same seaside restaurant for three years and the playlist is getting a bit repetitive. My boss said I can add some songs to the mix. What should I add? Must be sort of family friendly. To give you an idea we play things like James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, Otis Redding, Bob Marley, Al Green, Jack Johnson during the day then we spice it up a bit at night with te likes of Kid Rock, Sublime, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, Eddy Grant, Gorillaz.

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I have a new iPhone 4. I can't figure out how to get rid of an app I've downloaded. Help me TQC, how do I remove an app I don't want from my iPhone?

DK/DC/Already answered. Back to the Wii. Are there any good car racing games you'd recommend? Something more serious than Mario Kart.

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My parents are really into privacy and aren't really that social. Ever since elementary school, they preferred I not bring friends over our apartment and instead encouraged me to go hang out/play outside or go into the city (we live 5 minutes from Manhattan) when I was older. I never cared because I always thought my apartment was boring anyway. All my friends think this is the weirdest thing in the world, and constantly bug me about it, but I really don't think it's that odd. TQC, do you think not having people over my parent's apartment is weird?

Were you allowed to have junk food in your house while you were growing up? My parents have always been very anti-junk food so we never have things like butter, pastries, cookies, chips, soda, etc. I'm pretty sure that's why I don't ever eat/drink those things now, and actually dislike eating them.

Anything you want to share about your parents?
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 No matter how many times I repeat it correctly to myself, I always read "SMH" as "so much hate" instead of "shaking my head."

What Internet initialisms are you stuck getting wrong all the time? 

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I love scrabble. I am getting a tattoo to commemorate my love of scrabble.

what do you love enough get tattoos of?

or: how many times a week would your friend have to call you drunk asking you to come pick up her car and drive her and it home before you would stop answering your phone?

Msn Messenger Plugin

Does anyone know if you login to your MSN/Hotmail email on a mobile web browser if it logs you into MSN Messenger like it does when you login on a normal web browser? I realize you can disable it but I was wondering whether or not you have it disabled, will it turn on when you log on your mobile device.
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I live in northern Phoenix, AZ and for the past couple weeks have been getting messages from people making sure I'm safe due to the wildfires. In the past I (and other people I know) have gotten comments like "what's it like living in the middle of nowhere?" and "do you have to ride horses to the trading post?" in complete sincerity. I live in the middle of a large city.

What're some common or just plain bizarre misconceptions about the state/area you live in by people who are not from there?

Cat Litter and Other Things

My cat has – according to the vet – some litterbox-based anxiety and we have to get a new litter and box asap. Spam me with your favorite litters and boxes and a brief explanation why you love them so.

Alternatively (or if cat questions aren't your style) is it weird to enjoy eating salt plain or to get headaches in air conditioned cars?


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I am dying of bored at work in the clothes shop and am by myself for another 1.5 hours and everything is done, i have no customers tonight :(. What should i do to pass the time?

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TQC, my dad had a coworker who brought a pet into work today and he doesn't remember what it was but he wants one. It was from New Zealand or Australia, about six inches long, and he said it looked like a hamster or a chipmunk, and was very friendly. It also went wild when it got to play in shredded paper. I asked if it had wings, thinking it was a sugar glider, but he said that it didn't. He did say that it "jumped" from person to person. Any idea what the hell it could be?

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Your sister's SO posts on another girl's Facebook page complimenting her on how "fine" she is. You are friends with the girl in question, but your sister is not (so your sister is unable to see the post). What (if anything) do you do?

I feel like not getting involved is probably the best course of action here, but I'm not sure.

dear Dr. TQC

so my sides hurt, I can't bend over without pain and i've started not being able to catch my breath as well.

more pertinent info: i fell and landed pretty hard on my back from a sitting position on hard ground [hard-packed dirt mostly] earlier today

should i be concerned?
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Is Gyllenhaal pronounced with a hard G or a soft G? I always assumed the former but recently heard somebody say the latter. I don't come from a place where the name is mentioned (at least, not verbally).

Which Gyllenhaal do you prefer, Jake or Maggie?

What is your favourite movie starring a Gyllenhaal?

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What is something that your SO should know about you by now but they dont seem to get/remember?

Seriously...after 7 fucking years you should realize that I only use Toms of Maine toothpaste.

Every freaking time I put toothpaste on the shopping list and am unable to accompany him to the store he comes back with anything but my Toms :((


What is wrong with my camera????

Ever since I got this Samsung Instinct, my pictures have been crap. I've gone through two memory cards to see if it was the memory card.

When I take the picture, it says it's saved and all is well and good. Some pictures turn out okay. Others, not so much... The weird thing is, when I see the thumbnails on the computer, they look fine, but when I open the picture, it's completely distorted.

See below the cut for examples.

Collapse )
It's happening with most of my pictures, and so far, I'm not able to find a solution. Does anybody have any ideas? Should I just trash this phone and get a new one? I don't want to have to carry my camera around.

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If your country allows it, would you marry a good friend (a non-citizen) of yours for the sole reason that they could then become a citizen of your country?

Pros and cons? Good idea, or really, terrible idea? What are the barriers?

Marriage doesn't mean much to me. This is just a fleeting idea, so go easy on me.

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Do you know what Ribena is?

No, what the hell are you talking about
I think I've heard of it but I am possibly making this up

Do you know what blackcurrants taste like?

No, we don't have them here
Does jam count?


Miss Amy Pond by sedgwicked

morbid curiosity wins out again

so obvs all my young friends, liberal friends, gay friends, fag hags, etc. are all flipping shit over gay marriage passing. A+

what i'm curious about is: what are the other people saying?

does anyone know a good website to go to to read some comments? do any of you guys know anybody who's unhappy about it, say cousins, older relatives, crazy people?

ETA: should i pop some pop corn after my aunt and i finish watching Due Date and tune in for some Fox News?

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Do you have any ideas of what my best friend and I can do for our 21st birthdays in December?

We want to take a trip. She wants to go to Hawaii but that sounds too expensive for me. I'm thinking a three day Mexico cruise but I don't know if the weather will be unfavorable in winter. We're not really interested in going to Vegas. We live in Los Angeles for reference and I'm aiming for something around $500.
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Inspired by HIMYM

How much of a warning sign is it if a person starts playfully discussing your future children and marriage on a first meeting? Is it even a warning sign? 

DK/DC: What's something that if your mother/father/guardian told you that they did it/liked it, you'd be appalled? Note:  Exclude the obvious, like illegal things.