June 23rd, 2011

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Do you live in/near Harrisburg, PA? I just got my apartment settled there, and now I want to look into internet services so I can have someone there to install it the day I move in or the day after. I was wondering what the best internet options were. I know I can google and get the internet providers available there, but I know some are slower/less reliable than others, and it depends on where you live. ***ETA: Do you have wireless internet (as in not DSL/no phone line)? I'm trying to avoid getting a house phone since I don't need one, but I was wondering how to go about just having wireless. Again, I'm using google to help, but I'm just curious if anyone's found it better/worse/the same as just having a phone line.

Do you have any moving advice? I'm moving there from 3 hours away, which isn't too awful, but no one in my family has a car so we're renting a van and trying to move all my belongings and some furniture in one day. I'm going to forget a bunch of important things, y/y?

DK/DC: What TV show are you currently obsessed with?

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my bf and i are going to be moving in together in a new apartment, neither of us has lived with a partner before.

can you give me cohabitation stories/advice/tips on things to watch out for/etc?

in your own experience, what unforeseen issues have ended up being stumbling blocks (relationship-wise)

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Do you complain? Who to and what about? Do you do it to vent, to get advice or for some other reason? Do you feel better after you complain, about the same or even more agitated?

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Where is the worst place you've ever lived?

For about 6 months I lived in counsel apartments, meaning the government charges you depending on your income. It was pretty terrible. Our neighbor told us never to let our pets out without watching them because we might find them gutted on our front door. We lived on the 1st floor and you had to watch out walking around because people on the 2nd and 3rd floors would try to pee on you. Someone kept starting fires late at night by setting bushes alight. One night my dad left his car unlocked, and found the next morning that someone had taken a shit on the passenger seat.

I was never so happy to leave a place.
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I was watching the last season of Weeds and the family goes to an airport. They have with them a baby but the mother isn't present and the guy working the line (terminal? I've never been to an airport.) asks the two guys where the mother is.

How common is this? Why not just assume they were a single parent and the mother wasn't present?
Again, I no nothing about airports which is why I ask.

I'm itchy!!!

This past Saturday, for the first time in close to 10 years, I got really sunburnt. Now, as a really fair person, this burn was not even close to the worst I've experienced, but it sucked.  However, I figured that, since I hadn't blistered and started peeling by Monday or Tuesday, it wasn't going to happen, but yesterday it did. When you've been burnt badly enough to peel, how long did it take? I don't remember it taking this long.

DK/DC/ I remember my damn sunscreen - What one thing has been on your bucket list the longest? How long?

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Paging Dr. TQC

For the last couple of weeks, my jaw has occasionally, randomly started popping when I chew. It hasn't been painful, just weird-feeling. Yesterday I woke up and the left side of my jaw hurt moderately badly when I opened my mouth wide, like when I yawned. I took some Advil and was fine. This morning, I can hardly open my mouth at all! The pain hasn't spread, and it doesn't hurt if I don't move it at all, but talking and especially eating are awful.
Idk if it's related, but I had a random fever the night before I woke up with jaw pain for the first time. It hasn't reoccurred and I thought it was just stress from starting a new job. I have to go to work in twenty minutes so I can't do anything about it until this evening. I just took some Advil and hope it works its magic before I get to work....
What is wrong with me??
I still have my wisdom teeth so I thought maybe they're shifting around or something, but I don't have any tooth pain at all. It feels like the joint of my jaw got beaten with a hammer or something.
(And I definitely plan to go get it checked out ASAP bc this sucks.)

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i identify as a queer woman and i'm out in every aspect of my life except for at work. i look feminine and don't talk about my girlfriend or the sex we have, so people are usually pretty surprised when i come out of the closet.

i've moved to a small town where my girlfriend has lived all her life. she is very butch, has come to pick me up from work multiple times and everyone knows that she's my roommate and best friend. because of this, she is convinced that people probably already know and are just being polite to me by not bringing it up before i have a chance to.

everyone in my life has been really accepting of me when i do come out to them, but i'm worried about doing it now that my coworkers have added me on facebook. should i just add them and let them see for themselves? should i send them a message saying something like "as you can see, J is not only my roommate and my best friend, but my girlfriend. i hope this won't affect our friendship and i would appreciate if you kept this to yourself"? should i talk to them individually? i'm so conflicted! everyone at work is super fucking catty and passive-aggressive and judgmental, so i'm worried. what do i do, TQC?

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A little black dress that you really really like, but even 3 days later, you still feel guilty about having spent $150 on a dress that you probably won't wear more than twice a month.

Would you return it?

What are some items of clothing that you don't mind spending a bit more on?

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My sort-of-maybe-soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend will be moving out tomorrow because of our relationship imploding. I will be living alone and single for the first time since 2004. What sort of awesome things can I do now that I'm going to be single and alone?
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I have an adorable 7-month old Siamese kitten who keeps peeing on the floor. He isn't neutered yet (have an appointment for the beginning of next month) but it isn't the usual 'spraying' that male cats do to mark their territory. He just squats and pees, as if he's too lazy to go to the litter box. The litter box is clean and he uses it most of the time, he just chooses not to sometimes.

Have any of you had this problem with cats before? If you did, what did you do to correct it? Do you think putting a second litter box in a different location would help at all? I was thinking that maybe he just doesn't want to go pee and poo in the same spot.

Also, does anyone else here have Siamese cats? He's my first so I'm not sure if this could be 'typical' behavior for them.

Thanks for any advice! :)
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Does it annoy you when people walk around barefoot so much their feet are dirty, and don't seem to mind doing things like picking at their toes in front of people and putting their feet up on furniture?

My gross sister, ugh.

Laws in US and/or Canada

Let's say a cop comes up to me as I'm buying some beer and asks me where I plan on drinking it, and I answer outside at a softball game (or another public outdoor event, or anywhere where you're not allowed to drink alcohol).

What can he do about it? Like technically could I get a ticket or in trouble in some way for the intent to do something illegal?

What if it was something bigger like robbing a bank or murder? (Clarification: I will not be doing either of those last two things.)
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When you hear the words 'bulls and bears', you first think of....?

The stock market
Chicago sports teams
The zoo
Cross section of the gay pride fair

When you hear someone say "I'm all pooped out", you first think ____?

They're really exhausted
Those laxatives really work
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Poll #1755144 Going to a 4th of July cookout, am already bringing beer.

What else should I bring?

Meat (for grilling) and a side
A side and dessert
Meat and dessert
Veg (for grilling) and a side
Veg and dessert
Meat and veg to grill
Meat and extra beer
Veg and extra beer
A side and extra beer
Dessert and extra beer
Extra extra beer; who needs to eat?
The lulz
Tha noize
Instant spicy noodles
something else

2. Is there anything instant spicy noodles won't cure?
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What's a website where you can make a database of the books you own/read? Someone talked about one here once but I don't remember the name.

Question 2: Do you ever get on kicks where you'll read an entire series of books by one author? Even if you've read them before?

I'm in the middle of doing a Michael Connelly binge and I think I'll do Stephen King next, starting with Carrie, which is his earliest book.

Car or bus

I'm going to a bar tonight with a friend (and 2 of her friends, that I've never met)
I live outside the city, but: Should i take my car into the city or the bus?

Car means: No drinking, but we are not going to get drunk
But i can just leave if i get bored, and it's a lot quicker to take the car.

Bus means: I have to keep track of time, since my bus only runs every hour + only until midnight.
But i can get a few drinks, and since there's a chance we might get some for free, that might be a great idea.

Any ideas? I have 1 hour to decide to the bus leaves and i can wait 2 hours if I'm taking the car.
I still need to get dressed:)
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I have a question about empathy. Is it still empathy if you have never physically been there? I am under the impression that empathy is like putting yourself in other people's shoes. So lets say I watched a documentary about soldiers in Afghanistan...looking at their blank stares into the camera as they were unable to answer questions like "how are you going to return to the real world?" I felt an intense pain and suffering (probably 1/1000th of theirs, but you get it).....this is called empathy right? Or what would it be called?
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For the past few months, I've occasionally had a pain in my left temple. It happens completely randomly and I can never expect it. I can feel my vein throbbing, and it's sore to touch, but then it goes away after a minute or few.

Should I be worried, does anyone else have this? What is this?! Eye strain? Migraine/headache? Deadly disease??? :\

My mom said stress, but I've been stressed for years, and this is only starting.
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I'm petsitting my brothers' cat this weekend! Do you have any wisdom for dealing with a chubby cat who keeps begging for food?

He also has tapeworms, which could explain the constant nagging. Will I be fine as long as I don't let his butt touch me? ETA: The tapeworms has been destroyed.
dk/dc talk about your cat(s)/cats in general?

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What the hell does "BAMF" mean?

last I checked it was the noise nightcrawler from the X-men made whenever he teleported away.

I see it all over Tumblr in regards to someone the person finds attractive.

Traveling in Europe

Have you traveled abroad? Where?
Do you have any money saving tips/general tips for traveling abroad?
I'm going to Europe for 3 weeks with my boyfriend. We're going to Amsterdam, Frankfurt(with a night in Fussen to see the Neuschwanstein Castle), Interlaken, Rome(with a day trip to Pompeii), and Madrid. We're staying in hostels or with family friends.

Also, my boyfriend's step-mom bought me a rolling suitcase that converts into a backpack and while it's awesome and SO appreciated, it's huge! It's 4 inches too big to fit on as a carry-on and it weighs 10 pounds with nothing in it. Should I politely try to find a new one or suck it up and check the bag? I just feel bad questioning her gift because she's been very, very helpful with planning our trip. She has lived in Germany and Spain and we are staying with her friends in Frankfurt and Madrid. At the same time I've had so many people tell me to avoid checking my bag to prevent loss/damage.

Thanks for the tips :D
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My husband and I want to make a list of inappropriate baby firsts to keep track of for our soon-to-be baby and are looking for more ideas. What should we include?

The things already on the list are:

-First time baby pukes in public
-Baby's first trip to the ER
-First time baby eats/gets into the dog food

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What's annoying you right now?

- A drunk dumbass who just cannot keep his mouth shut with his stupid and racist comments.

What makes you smile every time you see it?

- My kitty! Particularly this picture of her.

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im going to a real club kids party monster party in nyc hosted by james st james..with superstar dj keoke :D anyways what should i wear???!? I CAN NOT UNDERDRESS. i have aqua hair right now id like to do something in corperating that color but i dont want to be to bright i need to keep my dark look too.
any advice?

if you havnt seen party monster or know what club kids are you wont be able to help me so, what are u doing tomorrow night?

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I just got four pounds of gourmet whole-bean coffee! (DealSwarm.com had a voucher for $15 for $30 worth of coffee from roaste.com a few weeks ago, and DS also offered $10 toward your first purchase... = mad cheap. YES.) I have crème brulée flavored coffee, maple harvest flavored coffee, Kona macadamia flavored coffee, and "Jamaican Me Crazy" flavored coffee (flavored with coffee liqueur or something). Which should I make first?

Are you excited about anything? Big or small, in the near or distant future!
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How do you write a thank you note to an interviewer if you don't know their email? I know the general address, should I just mail it there with her name on it (the place is shared by a few other ladies)?
Belly rubbin'

Say what?

What was the last odd and/or funny thing you overheard someone say?

I was sitting in class tonight working on my paper and all of a sudden I heard one of my classmates say "which one of you assholes ate the fish food?". It turns out she was telling a story about coming home to find reddish cat vomit all over her living room and the open container of fish food laying next to a pile of fish flakes near the aquarium. She was apparently calling her cats assholes. It was still pretty funny after hearing the story, but it was hilarious hearing it randomly said out of context.
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