June 22nd, 2011


wheee early planning

so my folks [plus my brother plus one of our two dogs] are -hopefully hopefully hopefully- going on a week-long vacation sometime in July.
it'll just be me in the house [bliss~].

got a couple questions:

a)[imagine for this one~] if your S/O sent you a list of bus routes to/within walking distance to their house and said that it'll just be them alone in the house for a week, on a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to take the hint that they want you to come over?

2) would you send your S/O a list of bus routes to/within walking distance to your house? [because i am seriously considering it]

iii) say you got the hint your S/O gave above. would you stay the whole week or just for a few days? [assume that your S/O has said either's fine with them.]

IV) say you did stay the whole week. what, besides hot sex everywhere that you can have it, would you do? [for the purpose of this exercise, neither of you has a car and neither of you has enough change for frequent bus trips.]

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over a year ago i was stupid and bought a stolen GPS off a kid, this other kid who i consider my friend comes over my house and see the gps laying on the floor and asks me about it, i told him how i got it. he tells some random friend of his who got his gps stolen too that it had to be his. the kid selling them had a lot of them but this kid insists that i now have his exact one and he wants it back, i dont even know what he looks like.. i agreed to give it back to him if he could tell me the home addresses on it but he wouldnt tell me and there was nothing on the gps. i then asked him to provide a serial number so we could match it but he wont answer to that text. anyways i really dont want to give this gps to a random kid when it wasnt even his to begin with. and i know hes going to try to fight me about it. i dont want to get in trouble im on probation so should i just throw it away or give it too him? or tell him no he cant have it if he cant give me info?
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I have some left over lasanga from last night, it's been in the fridge for the last 24hrs, would it be ok to eat cold?

ETA: I don't want to heat it up because it's 1am here and I don't want to be cluttering around in the kitchen heating it up, might wake my housemates.

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What's the most painful medical procedure you've ever had?

When I was a little kid, I got some sort of staph infection that made little blisters grow all over my body. They had to be individually popped with a needle by the doctor. All I remember is being naked and screaming.
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a week ago, i got my tdap shot and i still have a ridiculous lump underneath the injection site. why? they clearly injected me with a microchip to better aid the government in keeping tabs on me, right?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I found a tattoo artist whose work I really enjoy, but she's super difficult to get ahold of and work around/make plans with. She only communicates via email and sends a response anywhere from a week to two weeks later. It was hard to secure an appointment and now that I have, she still hasn't gotten back to me about the text file I sent as well as my questions about the installment payment to secure the appointment that she mentioned. Would you consider these red flags?
I've never done this before but the fact that it took two months to secure an appointment, plus the lack of fast and clear commucation, combined with the inability to really get answers makes me really uneasy. I'd be driving to Austin because I haven't found any artists here in Houston that I like, so I can't just stop by the shop. Input?

Dk/dc: what's something you're really looking forward to?

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I just bought clothes online for the first time!

I bought these two dresses:

On a scale of 1-10 how disappointed will I be when they turn up and I don't look like the model on the website when I try them on?

How have your internet clothes-buying experiences been?

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If you have had to put a pet down, how did you cope? Did you go in with them or was it too hard? If you've gone in, what is it like?

My dog, who's 12 years old, is very sick and today my family and I had to make the decision to put her down. She has been a huge part of my life, and now I have to decide if I want to be with her when she passes or wait outside. I do want to be in there with her but I'm totally terrified at the same time. The last time I had to deal with this, I was 11 and was too scared to go to the vet with them, but I'm 20 and this is more my dog than the family dog this time around and her issues came up unexpectedly. Advice/funny pictures would be appreciated.
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i hate going to the doctor. especially for a sore throat. unless there's those white spots in there, because i've had strep more times than i can count.

but now. there's no white spots, but the right side of my throat (perhaps my tonsils? i don't know the names of things in there) is so swollen that food isn't all going down and i have to drink water to get it "un-stuck" and get it out of my throat. imagine you have insurance, total cost will probably be $15-$20 for the visit and if you need medicine... would you go? wait it out? i felt more sick yesterday, and today i feel alright so far. except for this swollen throat thing. i would kinda feel stupid for going.

alternatively... hm. doing anything fun for the 4th of july? i'm going to the ocean.

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You are a petty thief. You are walking through a parking lot and see an older vehicle (no alarm) and open windows with an expensive looking electronic in sight and reach. As a thief, you would normally steal this item, however, there is a dog in the car.  Do you still try to steal it? Does it matter what kind of dog?  What kind of dog would it have to be for you to still try and take it?

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  1. How many times do you make an effort to be friends with someone before you quit trying?
  2. What do you look for in a friendship in terms of time and effort?
  3. What would make you break up a friendship?
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you have to make some kind of decision. what youre deciding isnt really important here. the consequences on both ends are pretty major. could be one of the best decisions you ever make but it could also be like the worst thing ever. how likely are you to take a chance on it?
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Whenever I wash my work shirt (it's a collared polo shirt), the collar keeps rolling up (to the point of popping up) when it comes out of the dryer. How can I prevent this, short of pinning them down? Would unrolling the collar pre-washing/drying help?

Do you have clothes that you don't put in the dryer? (I don't put some of my shirts in the dryer, 'cause they warp and stuff)
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Where can I buy a pair of straight leg or curvy khakis that sit at the waist? Everywhere I go, I seem to only find skinny lowrise khakis and my fat ass can't do that.

What holy grail of clothing can't you seem to find?
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Why don't people write in their subject when they post in TQC?

1. Do you ever look at personal ads on websites? (Even if you are not looking for friends or a date or someone to have sex with)
2. What's the funniest/silliest/most desperate personal ad you've seen?
3. Have you ever posted a personal ad on a website?
4. Post an ad selling yourself to people on TQC. You post for seek friends, sex partners or whatever.

(My answers in comments)

DK/DC about personal ads: Why does my husband's family's cat always show me her butt when I first see her? We greet by touching noses. I rub her back and she shows me her butt! (srs/non srs welcome)
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Full body rejuvenation!

 Has anyone done Omnilux treatments?  What did you think?  There's a Groupon special right now 6 treatments for $40.

Also, I JUST GOT ENGAGED WOOOOOOOO!  The wedding I'm sure will be next late summer.  Is it crazy of me to be prepping my skin and body now so I look like a rock star on my wedding day?  I suppose it's never too soon for self improvement.  It's just giving me the motivation.

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 When was the last thing that you were really proud of yourself for? Use this opportunity to brag

I've saved almost 700 dollars this summer so far and am more than half way to my goal. For someone who goes through money like crazy, this is awesome. 

I'm also normally socially awkward but took up a sales position this summer and faced my fears. I'm not just good at the job, but a guy saw me doing it and offered me a position doing the same exact thing but for 5 dollars more an hour than what the other guy pays me. kind of awesome. 
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I locked my keys in the car for the second time this year (a few years ago I did it.4 times). How can I prevent myself from doing this again? I have an old car that doesn't have one of those things to automatically open the door BTW. It's all manual.

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Do you guys have houseplants? What kind? Pictures? My household has never been too big on plants, but I've decided that it's time to get some foliage up in this crib. My SO's mother is starting a philodendron for me right now, and I am very excited about it.

What other plants would be good to have for a beginner? Could I grow, like, herbs in little pots around the house? It would be awesome to get some fresh stuff for cooking out of this.

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 Dear TQC, 
My Mp3 player is dead. I've tried resetting it, hooking it up to my laptop, pretty much everything I can think of. I didn't drop it or get it wet so I'm not sure what's wrong with it but it's just stopped working. It won't even light up when I try to reset it. Does anyone have any suggestions? The warranty has expired so I can't send it back :(
If you don't have any suggestions, could you recommend a new one? I don't want anything Apple, because I really don't want the hassle of switching to iTunes. 

Dk/dc: What went wrong with your day? 

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When has a celebrity ever really disappointed you? Like you actively liked someone until they did something that made you dissapointed in them, not just some celebrity you never cared about anyway doing something stupid.

Which celebrity's future drug abuse/sex scandal/derogatory tirade would truly disappoint you?

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so i acquired a kitten. he's getting bigger. i need a bigger litter box and want to get a self-cleaning one.

what kind do you have?
are the self-cleaning ones worth it?
how long do the cartridges last?
do you have one that uses recycled plastic bags?

Golden Girls- Blanche Marines

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If you could download any three songs, what would they be?

ETA: I know we can all get whatever we want. but I found my library has a service where you can download three songs a week, and they have songs that I've had trouble finding, like some soundtracks. so I'm having trouble deciding.

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In August my bf and I are going to be adopting his parents' cat and moving it into our apartment. I am very excited. The thing is, his parents live a little over an hour away.

Is the cat going to freak out if it has to stay cooped up in a cat carrier for that long? How can I make the cat comfortable and calm when we move it? How do I minimize its anxiety on the way to/ when it gets into our apartment?

Thank you!

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 For the Harry Potter release, I'm going dressed a Bellatrix Lestrange. The problem that I've some to is the hair. her hair is amazing but I have no idea how to make my hair like this. My hair is shoulder length so I would probably need extensions. Do you know how I can get my hair like this, know any hair tutorials etc?

Are you going to see the final Harry Potter film?
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1. How do I hang net curtains? I tried drawing pins, but combined with the cats that meant I was repinning the things multiple times daily. I am insufficiently manly to own power tools, so anything that involves drilling into the walls is out. "Don't bother with net curtains" is not really an option, because I want to dance around my living room like a total idiot (on the grounds that it probably counts as exercise) and my neighbour, Bonkers Lady, does not need to see this.

2. I accidentally typed youtuber.com into google earlier. If this website existed, what should it contain, aside from people being likened to potatoes?

3. What proportion of keys to keyrings do you regularly cart around with you? My keys consist of eight keys and ten keyrings; is this a normal amount? And three of the keys are for locks that don't even exist.


I've recently hooked up my xbox 360, after a year in storage. I'm playing Left 4 Dead, which I love, and other games. 
Do any of you have any recommendations? I want to try new games, especially 2 player co-op action, but also more relaxing games as well.

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How annoying is the situation below on a scale of 1 to 10?
(one being meh, I could handle this all day every day! ten being I would punch a hole in the universe if I had to deal with this even once)

You dated someone a couple years ago and now you're okay friends. Any and every time the two of you talk, they bring up the person they're dating now almost in a "look what they have you don't anymore!" kind of way.


Am I the only TQC'er that likes/loves the hospital and doctors?
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1. For the first time in a long time I have ready access to a pool, and naturally hairy thighs. All my gut and boobs get in the way of convenient shaving which holds me back from swimming as often as I could. What sort of at-home hair removal would you recommend for the bikini line? I'm not talking Brazilian, and I don't need to pay anybody to do this for me. I just haven't looked at non-razor depilatories since about 1994, and I'm given to understand there have been advances in this field.

2. My good friend started playing WoW fairly recently, and she's in my husband's guild. She's a veteran gamer and is showing improvement, but other guildies are less than cordial about numerical efficiency. How can I convince her it's not personal, they don't hate her, and she should just toughen the fuck up when they rag on her just they way they rag on everyone else who has an off night? Last night she cried during raid. I want to be able to give her some pro tips before she becomes a laughingstock.

3. Don't love America, but can't afford to leave it? If you could live in any country in the world, with language being no barrier, which would you pick?

Interactive Books-Jolly Pocket Postman

Does anyone remember the book, Jolly Pocket Postman? It's the cutest little interactive book with little envelopes on each page that kids can take letters out of and read. I want to buy this for my SO's nephews, but it's out of stock and I don't want to risk buying a used one on Amazon or the like and having missing parts.

Do you know of any similar interactive books (not pop up or flap lift ones) that have pieces like JPP?

What must-have book, interactive or not would you recommend for kids? All ages.

I can't make this decision on my own, and you guys always pick the good stuff

What ice cream flavor should I get?

bittersweet chocolate chip
green tea
bing cherry
lemon custard
black walnut

After you filled out the poll: What was for dinner tonight?

I had meatloaf and green beans with cashews.

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When one of your LJ friends is going through a hard time, do you ever look forward to his or her updates? E.g. a break-up or something. Do you enjoy watching the drama unfold?

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What are some certainties you have about when you become a parent?

I don't plan to have kids until at least 8 more years, but I already know...
-No circumcision
-Breastfeeding unless there is some medical reason to prevent it
-No Santa Claus/Easter Bunny. I won't look right into my kid's face and lie
-No co-sleeping. That would drive me insane
-Sleeping in their own rooms once they no longer need fed in the middle of the night

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I'm a dummy and I lost my driver's license. This weekend, I am supposed to carpool with some people and take turns driving for about four hours. There is no way I can get a new license before the weekend. Should I mention this to the people I am riding with, or not drive at all, or just drive without it and stop worrying?

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 Dear TQC, 
I am thinking about baking cupcakes. Do you have any recipes or recommendations? SAD FACT: I don't have any chocolate to bake with rn :( Also, I'm not going out to get any because it's raining right now because I live in England. 
Dk/dc: What was the last thing you cooked? 

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Inspired by the question below about how you want to raise your kids

Poll #1754905 Kid shit

Have you/ Will you/ Would you do the whole Santa thing with your kids?

I'd like to, but it's negotiable
I don't want to, but it's negotiable
Santa Claus was never part of my culture

Have you/ Will you/ Would you do the whole Easter Bunny thing with your kids?

I'd like to, but its' negotiable
I don't want to, but it's negotiable
The Easter Bunny was never part of my culture

Have you / Will you / Would you do the whole Tooth Fairy thing with your kids?

I'd like to, but it's negotiable
I don't want to, but it's negotiable
The Tooth Fairy was never part of my culture

What about the holiday Armadillo?


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i added someone on facebook and now i want to change my privacy settings for them. when i go to type their name in the "hide xyz from these people" bar, their name doesn't even show up. why is this happening? can you help me?