June 20th, 2011

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I recently moved to a new apartment, my best friend left today for Tokyo for who knows how long, and I got a new job that is mostly night shifts and I am getting no sleep. Is that why my period is a week late? Stress and fucked up life schedule? I'm tired of peeing on sticks. Tell me Dr TQC -- do I have a fetus that is cackling madly in my uterus, intentionally stopping the flow of hCG so I can't tell if I am preggo?

My friend's mom was mocking me at the airport for crying as my friend left. Do I have a right to hate her deeply?

What is the nicest thing someone has said to you? The meanest?

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How on earth do you decide what doctor to go to?

I just graduated, so I can't go to the student health center anymore and I need a doc to write a birth control prescription. But there are so. many. doctors. And I don't have any female relatives in this city to guide me. :(
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 So I have weird  vision issues. After my concussion nearly 2 months ago, I noticed it was worse once I got my migraines under control. I have 20/20 vision, but I've worn glasses for about 2 years. They are +0.50, hardly anything at all, to help my eyes focus, because the muscles in my eyes have difficulties. However, I can see fine, I just always squint. Every eye doctor I go to says I have perfect eyes. No cornea issues, no astigmatism, no nothing. And I just went back and I have no post-concussion issues (I was hit between the eyes). 

I am wondering if anyone has done vision therapy (similar to those exercises/physical therapy for lazy eyes) for eye strain/this kind of muscle issue before, and if they have any tips? It's driving me crazy and triggering migraines since I'm in a very delicate state right now.
Edit: to clarify - everything is blurry unless I squint, which is annoying and hurts my eyes.
TL;DR: Eye strain tips/experience? I have weird eyes.
DK/DC/Why are your eyes so weird, you spechul snoflake?: What internet speed do you have? I have to actually buy my own internet in August from Comcast in my new grown up apartment, and I don't know what speed to get. I think I have "up to 12 mbps" now, I need to call my apt complex and ask. 
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I'm reading The Vampire Lestat at the moment and I really hate it. It's boring as hell. I only have 100 pages left but still.

TQC, should I read the last 100 pages of The Vampire Lestat?. Is it worth reading The Queen of the Damned and The Vampire Armand? Are they better than TVL or should I take them both back for refunds?
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Book recommendations

Can you recommend a book for a friend of mine meeting the following stipulation?

She's looking for medieval fiction at an adult reading level, but without adult content - no sex, no super graphic violence, etc. It's for her 12 year old son. Thanks!

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Do you have a job?

If so, what do you do?

Do you enjoy it? Why/Why not?

If you won the lottery tomorrow, would you continue to work? 
*edit* let's say you wont the jackpot, like, $3 million or so. 

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Do you know of a place that would want a donation of a crappy old cell phone? This thing is about 10 years old and it still works fine but it's not really a cell phone anymore since it can't hold a charge and needs to be plugged in while in use.Comes with original charger.

Would anyone want this phone or should it be tossed?
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My cat has had diarrhea recently (inexplicably; her diet hasn't changed) and, if for some reason, she can't get to her litterbox, she goes on any sheet that she finds. It has to be a sheet. Never carpet, furniture, or the tile. Just a sheet. Do your animals have bizarre preferences like this? Alternatively, why?!

How did your morning start today?
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Is there any certain item that you would grab if you found it in bad condition on the side of the road to be thrown out? (Besides money because we probably would all do it)

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ETA: What kind of things do you think I could put in my new porch trunk? It smells like old books in it(lovely smell!) so it's not gross on the inside.

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Who here has ever stolen something and what was it? who got caught?

Hand in the air...mostly candy and gum but one time, I got caught and the owner knew my folks...I was ashamed whenever I went back.

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Have you ever had a dream where you were being attacked by a random object?  

I had  dream a while ago that I had moved into a haunted house and that this witch lived in the basement and had cursed some Christmas tree garland and that the garland was chasing after me.   I got rather panicked and woke up all stiff and too scared to move.

Did you feel stupid when you woke up?    I did. 
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i know there's some moms of autistic kids here. my nephew, who i have taken care of like a surrogate mother since he was born, just received his official autism diagnosis. it's pretty severe, he is on the 1st percentile of almost everything. he is currently receiving early intervention services, but is there anything we should try or keep in mind that might be beneficial?

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How often do you ~dress up~ for sexytime for your significant other, namely in garments of your SO's choosing? eta: I'm particularly curious about actual how oftens, ie per year/month/week

What kind of garments does your SO like you to dress up in? (can be anything ranging from just cute daily undies/bras/pjs, or nothing, or lingerie, or all out bondage gear, etc... but under the category of doing it more for the SO than for yourself). Do you include accessories like shoes for show, and whatnot?

How often would you LIKE to dress up for sexytime? How often do you think your SO would like you to dress up for sexytime?

Or question reversed if more applicable.

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my boo sardonic just reminded me, based on a class discussion today

is it totally shitty for parents to choose not to have kids if they find out they are carriers for diseases like tay-sachs, etc bc so many people possibly could have never been born?

omg i just woke up this question makes no sense :(((
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Supplies for stretch rings

Does anybody know if these kinds of beads have a special name? I have been looking all over for them because I want to expand the bands on a couple of my stretch rings, but so far I have only been able to find them in one place and that seller is only selling them in large lots. I need like...30 or so, not a gross or three. But my efforts at finding more places that sell the beads aren't turning up any other results. Anyone ideas?

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How far away from a person's birthday is acceptable for a breakup? in terms of that the break-up story won't always include "and it was (length of time) before/after my birthday, what a %!*@#!!"

Have you ever been broken up with around your birthday, or broken up with someone around theirs?

Have you ever experienced a birthday (yours or SO's) where the surrounding events of the birthday itself were the reason or the final straw for the breakup?

Bonus question: what word do you read the above expletive as?


Has anyone here ever used Costco's travel services for booking a vacation?

-How was it in terms of value?
-How was it in terms of ease?
-Did you encounter any problems?

If no, what was the best vacation memory you have from childhood?

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So I finally have to sit for jury duty.

Do I sit there and hope that they just sign my shit to go or do I immediately go up to the desk and tell them that I will gladly give up my first born to move it to a different day?

What's making you anxious right now?
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Got any plans for the solstice?

What did you have for lunch today? I had a grilled cheese sandwich on garlic-clove bread with smoked cheddar and turkey bacon. NOM NOM NOM.
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Windows 7 sharing or Dropbox?

i just got Windows 7 installed on both my computer and my laptop and Windows is asking me if i want to share files between the two. i've been using Dropbox for this kind of thing up until now - is sharing via Windows any smoother? Does it copy your files to each computer or does it just stream them from the original source?

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Do you listen to podcasts? Can you recommend any?

How about audio books? I listened to The Road during a road trip last year and it was pretty strange and enjoyable.

Alexander Technique

TQC, has anyone here every done Alexander Technique? I have an appointment with an Alexander teacher later this week and I'm wondering if it's totally weird or if I'll like it.

I talked to two friends about it--one is a music teacher and she said she never got much out of it but she hated the guy at her school who taught it. The other is a conductor who said it's "cultish," but then added that he didn't like the guy on staff who taught it. He recommended Feldenkrais, but I did that last summer and got nothing out of it other than I was pleasantly sleepy after every class.

Anyone? Whether you've done Alexander in general or for music specifically.

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My parents are having their annual crawfish party next weekend. In the crawfish bowl there is some spice seasonings, potatoes, onions, and corn.

I want to make something on the side, either a dessert or something stuffed in an empanada.

If you were going to make a dessert for this event, what would you make?
What would you stuff the empanada with? (I'm thinking savory)

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I just had a cavity filled today. How risky would it be to eat sunflower seeds as long as I crunch them on the other side of my mouth (cavity is on far right side of mouth).

DK/DC - If you eat sunflower seeds, how do you eat them? One at a time, popping the shell with your teeth? Using a spoon/other utensil to open the shell? Eat them shell and all? Pack a bunch in the corner of your mouth and shift them one at a time to the front to pop open? Other?
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It's like 80some degrees outside but we have the AC set to 75. Nobody else in the house is cold, but I am sitting here in sweats, a hoodie and a blanket and still not quite comfortable. On top of this, as soon as I got back from work today I got hit by some sneaky, mild heartburn and gnarly sinus drainage that wasn't there before.
Could this be stress-related? I just started a new job today and I didn't sleep well last night because I was anxious about it. I really don't want to be getting sick rn. :(

What do you think of the movie Carrie?

How do you eat your Hawaiian sweet bread?
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When an interviewer asks when you're available to work, is it okay to say "in two weeks" - meaning once you get rid of your current job? I just don't know how to answer that. Technically I can start working ASAP, but the job would have to go around my other work's schedule until I am gone from there.

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I just got a Samsung Instinct (which I later found out had bad reviews, but when I bought it - the reviews were average).

I took pictures today and the thumbnails show up fine, but when I try to look at the full image on my computer, they're all distorted, discolored, or completely chopped up.

Has this happened to anyone here with their pictures (not necessarily from a Samsung Instinct, but from any pictures on a memory card)?

Is there a way to fix this that you would know and would like to share? I took some pictures of my nieces at the zoo and I really would like to keep them on my computer. It's weird that the thumbnails look fine, but they're screwed up when I try to open them. Any ideas?

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How long/what does it take for you to date someone?

Do you wait for them to make a move, or do you make one first?

My brother has a friend that is a girl that they go out to dinner together, go on vacation together, occasionally cuddle, and he kisses her on her forhead when they part. They do everything a couple does but have sex. Who should make a move!? Or should they stay friends?

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I just got an invite for Pinterest. May I see yours?

I'm dogsitting next week for a couple who has cable. I haven't had cable in two years. What should I watch?

Will you show me a picture of your favorite place? It can be large, like a city, or small, like your favorite chair. Whatevs.

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What book should I read?
I want something relatively short, something not too dense, but also not too lightweight either.

dk/dc/I'm an American, thank you: Any good plans for the summer?
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Do you ever have a nightmare, and in the nightmare you scream, and at that exact moment, you wake up, and then you're not sure if you really screamed out loud or not?

This happens to me a lot. is it just me?

Is there something that always happens the same way in your dreams?

Light switches never work in my dreams.

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 Hi guys, I need some advice. What’s proper roommate etiquette for having someone over? I live in a twin share room within a dorm. Sometimes our mutual friend comes over to chat to me but she never stays long (15 mins max). Our friend does not infringe on my roommate’s space at all, stays on my side of the room during her short visits. I just recently found out that my roommate does not like this because she wants the whole room to be a private area so she’s asked me to not let anyone, family or friends in. I respect her privacy but is this really probable in a dorm environment? I don’t really want to upset her so should I just move out?