June 19th, 2011

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so i'm sitting here, reading a post, and all of a sudden a spider web with spider attached drops in front of me. i swatted it away, but it scared the shit out of me. how would you react to this?

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Was anyone else's dream job as a child to be "nothing"? One day, our elementary school teacher told us to call out what we wanted to be when we grew up when she took attendance. When she called my name, I said, "Nothing." I knew I'd have to do something, but what I WANTED was to be nothing. I tried explaing it to her to no avail. She asked, "How would you get money?" I said, "I'd just have it, since it's a dream job, not a real one."

So I'm doing nursing because it pays well and I can do night shifts. They don't last as long and they pay extra.

Inspired by this Fmylife posting:

Today, my son's homework was to write a story about what he wants to be when he grows up. He wrote that he plans on being unemployed and living at home until we throw him out, then he'll live under a bridge. He's only 12, but already planning for a future as an unemployed bum. FML
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I saw 3 episodes of Doctor Who and I thought that its ok so far but nothing special. How long will it take for me to get into this series?

Does it take long for you to get into a tv series, book, movie, whatever?

ETA: sorry I wasn't being clear. It's the newer Doctor Who with David Tennant and Billy Piper.

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What is something that your family does (or doesn't do) that is unusual to others?

Inspired by my dad not even realizing it was Father's Day today. My family and I never celebrate anything, and I thought this was completely normal as a kid but now that I'm older, I find it really odd. On Thanksgiving and Christmas we always order Chinese food and maybe go see a movie, but that's about it.

Is there anything you lacked in your childhood that you plan on overcompensating for with your own future family?

I'm making a big to-do about every holiday ever!

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For $50,000, would you be willing to be hypotized so that whenever you heard the name 'Eli Whitney', you'd drop your pants/lift your skirt and yell 'WOOOHOOO!', regardless of where you are. You cannot be un-hypnotized. Good thing you hardly ever hear the name Eli Whitney


...until now. For those of you who pick yes for the above question, they're making an Eli Whitney movie in this hypothetical universe, starring Keanu Reeves, and they're starting to promote it like crazy, and people are talking about it. How will you endure these awkward weeks?

Seldom leave the house
Wear only attractive underwear
Wear earplugs at all times, including work, so I won't be able to hear that accursed name
Lose weight so it's somewhat less embarrassing to be seen pantsless
Honestly, I kind of drop my pants frequently as it is. No one would probably notice something was amiss
Wear shorts under all my outfits
Whenever people you know look at you questionably, say "You didn't see that Girls Gone Wild film crew over there?"

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You're invited to a celebrity auction, where stars are going to the highest bidder for one date. The bidder gets to dictate where the date is. It's a one-on-one with this one person, so it'd be a good time to pick their brain or try and hit on them. Whatever. You're given $5,000. Who would bid?

Kevin Smith
Betty White
John Stamos
Joss Whedon
Lady Gaga
Christina Hendricks
Ryan Reynolds
Martha Stewart
Cesar Milan
Ellen Degeneres
Justin Timberlake
Scarlett Johansson
Mick Jagger
Barrack Obama
Michelle Obama

Where will your 'date' be and what will you do?

Edit: who WOULD you bid?
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dear tea queue sea

I rarely paint my fingernails but when I do they always end up getting tiny bubbles in the finish. Why is this and/or how can I prevent it? My routine is two coats of clear base, two coats color, and one or two more coats of clear to finish it.

Also, I started using tea tree oil for my acne a while back. I've gone through one bottle so far and while it seemed to work really well initially, it doesn't seem to be doing much any longer. Any ideas as to how to boost the effectiveness of tea tree oil? (I use an undiluted solution of pure pharmaceutical grade TTO twice a day after washing my face, usually in conjunction with an astringent and sometimes with a moisturizer.)

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which of these is best?


super mario kart
zelda: link to the past
kirby 64: crystal shards
mario party 2
paper mario 64
super smash bros 64
show your work

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I'm an old lady who is out of touch with current music. What should I be downloading/listening to to rectify this problem?

*brought to you by the fact that I was just listening to my favorite song in high school on the damned "classic rock/alternative" station.

ETA I'm down with all types of music. And the song was welcome to paradise, green day

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Would you rather be A) the only immature person in a group of mature people or B) the only mature person in a group of immature people? In both cases your maturity level would be very obvious to everyone else.
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When's the last time you surprised yourself in a good way?
I just took a random stab at making a copy-cat version of Colton's sauteed mushrooms and they turned out faaabulous!

What is your favorite sandwich?

For those of you who bring your lunch to work/school with you, what do you usually pack?

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Which of these lines, if heard on a first date, would be enough to cease any further dates?

"I was fired from my job at the porn shop for borrowing the merchandise. I'm between jobs right now"
"I've thought about it, and Sarah Palin makes the most sense for 2012. I defy you to find a more professional, intelligent politician"
"Prison changes a man. It makes you hard....and somewhat more open to bisexuality"
"I was on Fear Factor, and I had to eat 10 live cockroaches. Wasn't as bad as you think. Crunchy. However, if you cook them with lemon and butter, they're pretty delish"
"Fucking bitch ruined my life. I hate my ex. Let me list all the things she did wrong"
"Reading? You like...reading? Not for school? That's pretty weird. All those words...for fun?"
"I don't have a place at the moment. I'm between apartments. I'm crashing on my friend Pat's couch right now"
"Incidentally, there isn't a roofie colada, as popularized on Family Guy. No, it's a roofie-tini. There's only a few drinks that mix well with roofies. I know a lot about roofies"
It's not so much what he says, but you notice that he eyes your boobs several times throughout dinner
"Animals sort of bother me. All they do is shit and eat. I don't understand pets or the people who have them"
"Oh dear. You DON'T speak latin? Oh, that's fine and all, but we'll just have to tell our kids you're the dumb one. Haha"
"Tipping is for suckers. In this employment market, these waiters should be happy they even have a job. We all got money problems"
"I've had sex on every first date I've ever been on. Here's a toast...to tradition"
"This is some of the only real times I can date. I have to wait til basketball and football season is over. I'm glued to the couch during those months"
"There's not one drug I haven't tried. Several times at least. Hey, you only live once"

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So the power in my building has been out all day and is likely to be out until someone magically shows up with generators to power the entire place. I'm running out of things to do and I don't want to start looting until after dark. Besides reading, what should I do? The beer in my fridge is warm and my car is stuck in underground parking.

Also, what are the chances of me being reimbursed for all the food in my fridge/freezer that is going bad because of this?

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Does anyone have any clever ideas of how I could make some fake afros?

It's "Disco Day" at the summer camp I work at tomorrow and I planned to make medallions and afro wigs as one of our activities, but as I'm want to do I didn't really plan out how we'd actually do it. We have lots of art supplies at our disposal.

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I bought a large papaya yesterday because it was affordable. I've never had papaya before, though.

Do you like papaya? What is your favorite way to eat it?
How should I eat it?

I found a recipe for papaya bread (pretty much like banana bread, just with papaya instead), should I do that?

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What's the worst you've ever seen someone overreact? Underreact?

Over: My grandma went to the ER because of a little red spot on her arm. It was so tiny and light it looked like it was just a spot that she touched a second ago. She said it didn't hurt or itch or anything. The ER nurses and doctor were like, "...seriously?"

Under: My mom's friend's youngest son fell on their staircase and knocked out a few teeth. She shook her head like he spilled juice and she was annoyed to have to clean it up, and drove him to the hospital. She chatted with my mom about the latest Law & Order episode while he screamed in the backseat. I sat beside him and he screamed blood all over me.

Anybody know anything about lice?

My sister-in-law brought her daughter over for a family party and then told us she had lice. She said she's on her second treatment (or that she just had it?), does that mean she's not contagious? My siblings and I never had lice so I don't know anything about it.

Anything my husband and I should do to avoid getting lice just in case?? Can you only get them by sharing headgear/pillows/etc?
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People of the Questions,

I am having my first real Facebook fight. validate me please: Captain Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager has an attitude, y/y? (I love her for it though)


which Cher-era is the best?

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Poll #1753505 Will you rate your dad??

Who's yer daddy?

my dad is a saint
my dad is the devil
who is my dad?
haji will you be my daddy?
my father is neither saint nor devil but a frail human with a penis that worked at least once

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Have you ever organized a fundraiser before? What did you do, what was it for, and how did it go?

I'd really like to do some fundraising for Doctors Without Borders, but I'm a bit shy with strangers and I never even sold girl scout cookies as a kid, so I'm a bit unsure where to start.
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If you're going to use coconut oil on your hair, are you supposed to put it in when your hair is dry or wet?


DK/DC: How was your weekend?  What do you have to do tomorrow?  Are you dreading it or looking forward to it?


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Vertical line. What is to be done about these stubborn stains?

Hook and a horizontal line. Did you bring your A-game today? If not, what grade is your game?

Two curves. I'm not going to bother asking what's for dinner, but did you enjoy it? Or... do you anticipate enjoying it?

Down, across, lift pen, down. Do any numbers look ugly to you? Four is kind of ugly to me, but I really like most primes except three and five. Three can go stop a chainsaw with its genitals, and five can trip and scrape its face while running for help.

Down and around with a hat. How long have you been awake?

Tall spiral. Do you still regularly play any video or computer games that are more than, say, ten years old? Which ones?

Across then DOWNWARDSLANT. Tell me something that a lesser man than I might consider too much information, wouldst thou?

Two loops. Out of questions.
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what's worrying you?
this gigantic fire is crawling down the mountains where i live.

what was the last neat thing you found?
i found a doctor who theme for google chrome!

what was the last show you really got into?
doctor who and torchwood

what shows were cancelled before their time (besides the obvious firefly and pushing daisies)?
sports night
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Hotel rooms?

Is there a specific term for those hotel rooms that have sort of a living room attached? Like two rooms? I thought they were called suites, but every hotel just calls their normal rooms suites and I'm having a hell of a time searching for one.

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What would you do if you tried some free samples at the local grocery store, and later heard on the news some of the samples were human flesh from a murder victim? You have no way of knowing if the samples you had were human or not.
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Here's A Story.

Poll #1753474 The Brady Bunch

Who is your favourite Brady?

Mike Brady
Carol Brady
Greg Brady
Marcia Brady
Peter Brady
Jan Brady
Bobby Brady
Cindy Brady
Alice Whatsherface
I hate the Bradys wtf.

Have you ever seen the following?

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour
The Brady Girls Get Married
A Very Brady Christmas
The Brady Bunch Movie
A Very Brady Sequel

What aspects of the show really annoy you?

Mike and Carol's questionable parenting style
How 6 kids/teenagers can share a single bathroom
Greg's constant assertions that he's a man
Alice's sense of humour
Cousin Oliver
Sam and Alice's lukewarm romance
Jan's pranks/wah wah about Marcia/inability to do well at anything ever
The really bad decor
Thindy'th Lipth!

Do you ever wonder what the answers to these questions are?

Whatever happened to Tiger?
Why is Alice not good enough to eat with the family?
How does Greg manage to masturbate in that house, being the chronic masturbator he obviously is?
Did Marcia ever become a teen model?
Why did Mike design a house for 6 kids but only allocate them 2 bedrooms?
James Kirk is not pleased
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GUYS. I went floating down the river (five hours) on an inter-tube today with a bunch of friends (we each had our own tubes), and before we left, I put on copious (COPIOUS) amounts of sunscreen, cause I am pale as fuck and fuck is super duper pale. I didn't really get wet, (my tube had a bottom, it was more like a little mini-boat), and I reapplied the sunscreen liberally at least two more times as we were floating down stream, and it was SPF 30.

I am burnt as a motherfucker. Like whoa, hey there lobster BURNT. When I breathe, my skin tingles and screams out in pain. However, I really did have an awesome day and even knowing I would get terri-burnt, I would probably do it again. SO. Two questions.

Why is sunscreen a lie?
Are there any things that you like to do that cause you problems/pain/annoyances, that you do anyway because they are just THAT AWESOME?
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Do you believe that legendary creatures like the pegasus, basilisk, unicorn, griffin, etc once existed or were they figments of people's imaginations? Would you like them to exist?

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Why won't my new puppy come in my room? He whines when he gets in here and then retreats to the hall right outside my door and lays there. How do I feed him? Is it ok to leave out dry food all day and feed him wet food once a day like I do with our cats?
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This post was inspired by the sunscreen post and the fact that smelling like sunscreen embarrasses me. TQC, can you name a sunscreen that doesn't smell? Please help me not show up to work or class smelling so much.

While we're discussing odor free sunscreen, what curling hair product doesn't smell? I love Paul Mitchell foam but I don't need people to smell my coconut hair a mile away. I've tried a whole bunch of others and they all smell like fruit or a terrible blend of chemicals. I JUST WANT PRETTY HAIR.
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Have you ever gone to a Victory Parade for your local sports team? Was it awesome? How early did you get there? WAS IT AWESOME?! Do you remember seeing any awesome fan signs?

I went to Boston's parade yesterday and it was so cool. I got up at 530 am and got into Boston at 730. The parade was at 11, and I was front row in a crowd of over a million people. It was by far one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The best sign I saw was "Sedin sisters: 2 GIRLS NO CUP" hahahahahhaha

[edit] The sign was funny because because of the internet video reference. For real peoples.
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What should I get with my credit card points?

Coby 8GB mp3 player
Espresso/latte/coffee machine
12 month Xbox Live Gold membership
PIXMA photo printer
Skullcandy Hesh overear headphones
Hyde & Jacky
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Do you have any techniques to remembering things?

I try to write things down but I don't always have a chance to.

When I was in high school, I used to remember everything. I rarely wrote down my hw because I always memorized the pages, question numbers, etc. But now, I can't remember the simplest things such as plans I've made with friends or simple tasks. I'm only 21 :(
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I accidentally slept from 8-10 and am sortofkindof wide awake. Would it be awkward to go to the gym soon? It's almost midnight, and while my gym is open 24/7, I think that's kind of a sketchy time to go..

What's your favorite kind of yogurt?

What does your hair look like?