June 18th, 2011

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What movies do you enjoy despite them belonging to genres you don't care for, and why do you like them? And why don't you generally enjoy the genre?

A Clockwork Orange - It has its own language, almost. Even though the main character is a total asshole(a stronger word might even still be appropriate), you end up feeling sorry for him by the end. Only Malcolm McDowell could have portrayed that character that well. It brings up the ethical question: Should the government condition violent criminals to protect society at the cost of basically making people into pleasant robots who can't choose their actions?

Jurassic Park - Who doesn't like dinosaurs? It's suspenseful, has good music, and raises more ethical questions about how far science should go.

I don't like scifi because it's usually about aliens or spaceships. Apart from Independence Day, which was sort of okay, aliens bore me.

The Notebook - It begins really slowly. I found myself slowly enjoying it and being pulled in, then the ending just knocks you right out of your chair.

I don't like romance because how often must I see a smooth talking guy sexually harass a bitchy girl?

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A company has job postings up for a number of different positions. You want to apply for three of them. The application process is through email and all postings have the same email address...

Do you send three different emails (one for each position) with three somewhat different cover letters and resumes to that one email address? Is it awkward that you'd only be changing a few things between the different versions of your cover letter and resume?

What is the best way to approach the whole applying to different positions at one company thing?
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I was born in the wrong era; I would love to have been a teenager when Blink 182, New Found Glory and Green Day were on the radio, not fucking Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. When not everybody had cell phones or computers, you had to go outside and call round for your friends. When denim jackets with badges and studds covering them and tartan skirts was the fashion, not skimpy shorts and belly tops, like it is now. When kids cared more about music than popularity and sex. When you could stay out until it was dark and your parents weren’t worried about you because we actually used our brains. 90’s sitcoms, black nail varnish and mowhawks, when punks were the cool kids, not the outcasts. People didn’t cake themselves in foundation,. just some eyeliner was enough; on girls and boys. When people were happy with themselves.

Can you spot all the inaccuracies in this post?
Do you feel old now?

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To those well versed in comic books:

What's a good place to start with X-men? I like the films and a couple of the animated series, which graphic novels would you recommend to a newbie?
i say, old bean

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is there any part of lj that isn't working for you right now?

i know lj has been messing up on and off for awhile. currently i can't access my friends list.

what was the last thing you watched on TV?
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I need to build arm muscle, and I'm a small, fragile person.

Any advice on simple arm workouts that I can do while standing in line at a grocery store or sitting in lecture? Or anything recommended just so I can buff up a decent amount that doesn't scare people?

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What's the last thing you made? Food, crafts, music, etc! Share it all!

I'm in the process of making my bf birthday cupcakes :) chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting, topped with toasted pecan pieces and toasted coconut flakes. I want them to be a surprise when he gets home from work this afternoon but I am so bad at keeping secrets when I'm excited about something.

Help me be a badass.

I just got an e-mail from a guy I went to college with...he's turning twenty-five and he's having a Badass Party.

We have to dress up like badasses.

I have no idea which badass I can feasibly/affordably dress up as.


I'm female, short and dressing as a guy badass won't really work 'cause I'm booby.

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Hey guys. Can we do that thing again where you give me writing prompts and I'll reply in the comments with a little story? I'm trying to shape a new character and I'd like to stretch her out a little, and you seemed to really like it the last time we did this. Song lyrics, pictures, sentence fragments. Let's see what you come up with?

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When you are having sex, what's the point?  

For you to get off?  To get your partner off?  To make a baby?  To show love?  To fulfill some carnal desire?  Etc.

For me, I don't feel like it was successful unless my partner gets off. 

professional dog treat taster?

I was at the grocery store this morning and encountered a large display of "honey and peanut butter flavored" dog treats.

Do dog treat manufacturers just dump in honey and peanut butter flavor and figure that's good enough for Rover, or are there actually professional human dog-treat tasters? If humans are doing this work, how do we know the treats taste the same to dogs as they do to people?

X-posted to my LJ because I really want to know about this.

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TQC, please save my marriage and decide dinner for me and my husband.

We are looking for something healthy-ish. I have an oven, stove, microwave, microwave oven and a crock pot (but it's about late for that).

Neither of us care for fish. What should we eat?

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i'm taking a graphic design class and i have to throw together a portfolio this weekend, but i have absolutely no prior work. have you every taken a graphic design class? what were some of your favorite or most interesting assignments? please share so i have something to work on. i'm stumped. i have a packet of ideas but they're boring.

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I've been dating this guy for like 4 months, and im meeting his parents for the first time tomorrow, and for some reason, I'm super nervous. Was anybody else really nervous the first time they met their partner's parents? how long had you been dating for?
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TQC, which restaurant should I go to for dinner (by myself) tonight?

Upscale Italian place. Pros: I want Italian. Cons: Yelp says it's overpriced for the quality of the food you get (and it's kind of out of my price range at ~$30 an entree).

Upscale Mexican place. Pros: I've been there before and it's kickass, and I'd feel pretty comfy there on my own. Cons: I've been there before and drinks are really expensive.

Tapas bar. Pros: I've been there before and the food was good (but better the first time I went as opposed to the second time). Also it doesn't feel weird to be there by yourself. Cons: Worried about not being wowed.

Of course, I could just go and sit at the bars of each of these places and have an appetizer at each. What do you think?

I hate drunk drivers

Have you ever had a family member or close friend who was killed by a drunk driver?

My father was killed by one when I was 12. I think it's part of the reason why I have no sympathy for anyone who gets behind the wheel when he/she has had too much to drink. It's also why I never, ever have more than one or two drinks when I'm out if I'm going to have to drive.


Which is worst?

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing you wear when you are feeling unwell?

If you work,how uptight is your job about taking sick days?
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When was the last time you laughed your ass off?
My friend Patrick was cooking steak and peppers and I was hanging out on the kitchen with him drinking a nice pinot grigio. We were feeling very adult and mature and all, until he tried to run outside to dump the grease in the trash can outside and ran smack-dab into the screen door and broke it. My landlord just fixed that door yesterday, too. I lost it!

Do you watch Archer?
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For those of you who ever tried to lose some weight, how do you keep yourself from eating?? I don't mean overall, just, eating more than you need. MmmmmMMMmmmm ice cream you're so yummy, no self control

Edit: OH, and what good work outs can I do in my house? It's so humid out. And it's been raining all week.

Edit again: I've had to walk 3 miles every day due to a new part time job, and I do it briskly...which I wasn't doing before...shouldn't that be helping me lose weight (slowly but surely)? It seems like I am, instead, slowly gaining. Maybe it's because I don't have THAT much to lose to begin with (maybe ten lbs?) What are your experiences with walking?

HUGE problem

I have a really big problem. I am drunk and I literally broke my toilet. Like physically the tank structure. I was using the bathroom and tried to put weight on my scale and then my entire toilet just physically broke. On a scale of 1-10 how completely fucked am I? I'm guessing somewhere around a 12........ :(
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Do you think it's possible to be in love with two people at once?

If your significant other developed feelings for someone else, while still remaining in love with you, would you be angry, sad, or neither?

Would you break up with this person? Or try to be there for them as they attempted to work through their confusion?

Any other reactions?

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Should you wash sunscreen off your face before bed, or does it sink in like regular moisturiser so it's okay?

I mean, I wore sunscreen about 9 hours ago.. I wonder if theres still a film on my face that would cause skin problems like zits if I slept in it?
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I drank maaaaybe a third of a bottle of white wine over the course of the last half hour. My roomie just made me a Starburst.... I feel light-headed. Will the vodka + wine make me sick? I'm not feeling bad rn, and I've had a full glass of water and ate some crackers not too long ago. I just don't wanna puke.

Do you hookah? What's your favorite flavor?
I like blackberry!

What are your plans for the night?
I'm having a drink or two and smoking with the roomies and the SO! :D

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1  . Great weather we're having, isn't it?

1 . What color is today?

1. How many cookies are earthquake?

.1 Can you gauge the side?

. 1 Did you even?

.  1 Why?

.   1 Do you really feel this is the best way to do it?

.    1 What's your recommendation, then?

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Is brown sugar still okay to use in recipes (I'm making brownies) if its hard? I have some.. its not so hard that I cant mush it with a lot of force from my knuckles, haha, so I am thinking its still good?? But I'm no cooking guru, I dont want it to ruin the brownies...

Edit: Also, whats the deal with 'unsweetened' things? For instance this recipe calls for unsweetened cocoa powder.. What does unsweeten..ing (lol?) do to it? What would happend if it was sweetened cocoa powder! Is there even such a thing..?

What was the last thing that made you want to scream, punch some one or just kill your boss?

 After some looking around we found really cheap flights and decent self-catering in Malta for a lovely week in the sun. As I am only a part-timer (aka this is my Summer job) I didn't imagine there would be too much bother getting time off but HELL was I wrong! I asked for the time off last Saturday (giving my employer almost 12 weeks advance notice. We are only asked to give 3 maximum) and was informed I would find out by the end of the day or the next morning. So end of the day came and passed and so did the next day. So, I went in on my day off where I got a pile of SHITE and had to arrange a formal meeting with the HR Manager. That went well enough and after about an hour of 'hmm, oh I don't know maybe blah blah' she said I could have the hours off but it had to start on a Monday for no reason whatsoever apparently. Now I go back to the drawing board and whadda ya know? No fricking flights anywhere NEAR the days she gave and any that did fly were a good 5 hundred euro more. So now I am gonna have to wait till Monday morning (because the lovely people in HR get regular hours and weekends off) before I can even contact her. Did I mention the flights are going up about €10 a minute. Oh and did I also mention that this is the same employer that gave 5 girls written cautions for mistakes they made on their FIRST DAY!?!

So would I be justified in just shooting everyone in HR right about now? Or should I just burn the place down? Have you ever heard of it being so difficult for anyone to get time off work? It is only 15 hours for frick sake. I have slept longer than that! Is it even legal to be that stingy with their time off? 

Please tell me some of your tales of time off hell or just work drama in general. Who was the most unreasonable person/company you ever worked for?

~ End Rant ~

EDIT: Do you have any stories of people being treated like dirt because of the recession? A friend of mine got a job recently but they have her on split shifts and a lot of the time they are only 1 hour shifts. As in she could be working Monday 11-12 and then off till 5.30-8.00. She was promised a contract at the beginning which has never materialised and yesterday someone stole a toy from the shop and she is being made to pay for it. They do mobile top up's in the shop as well and if the customer changes their mind or asked for the wrong network the staff have to pay for it. Toilet breaks are 'unapaid' as well. I am fairly sure that is illegal....?

DK/DC what was the cheapest holiday you ever went on?

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ok so i bleached my hair from black and its orange... i knew this would happen, but now im embarrassed cuz i cant go re bleaching it again. now i have to walk around with a hair FAIL. when is the soonest i can re bleach it?
im doing deep treatments too it everyday plus purple shampoo and virgin white.