June 17th, 2011

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anybody here collect coins? or even just have an interest in foreign/historic currency?
i have a very informal foreign coin collection. i don't actively seek out rare or valuable coins, i just set aside the ones i come across that get mixed in with change or left over when friends go traveling. i got a really cool coin from swaziland this weekend and another from ecuador today!

also, any suggestions of nice ways to display my coins in such a way that they are easy to take out and touch?
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Hey, I'm sure there are some LotR buffs out there. Would anyone be able to translate this to English? I assumed it was Quenya, but I actually have NO IDEA because I don't know that much about LotR languages and such. Thanks a bunch!

"Tiro! El eria emor! I lir en el luitha uren. Aniron...Ai! Aniron Undomiel..."

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Will you post videos of people you think are funny? Not people who fall over whilest dancing on tables or people who dance in the streets and get hit by an ice cream truck, but people who are actually funny.

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If you see a guy with a pierced belly button, do you assume he's gay?

I have a friend who is straight and has a pierced belly button. He isn't gay, I know he isn't shamefully hiding because he's 100% for gay rights, but he gets sort of annoyed when strangers ask him if he's gay because of his piercing.
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If you budget your money, how do you do it? Is it a simple $x/week, something overly complicated, or something else?

I figure out how much I make a month after taxes and subtract all my static monthly bills like rent and savings. Divide that by four and that's my budget for the week to cover nonstatic bills like groceries and gas. Whatever money is leftover carries over to the next week as "surplus", and with the surplus I can pay for random things like movie tickets. I have a minimum for surplus in case there's a huge sudden expense like a doctor's visit. My husband thinks this is too complicated but I think just setting $x/week is oversimplifying the cost of life.
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Virtual Counseling

In my Professional Orientation and Ethics class for my master's, I'm doing a presentation on Virtual/Online Counseling. My professor told me that she had heard of some type of program/website/forum thing where you could create an avatar of yourself for participating as the counselor or the client. Also, she said something about being able to create a virtual office where your client could come for sessions. I guess I'm thinking it's something like Second Life for counseling.

Does anyone know of a site like this? Or something even remotely similar? My Google-fu is failing me and she has no idea what the name of it was or where she found it.

Dk/dc - Have you ever participated in online counseling?
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Another post like last night. Anyone able to translate a few Quenya phrases to English? I don't know why, but google is not helping me find any answers.

1. "Tancave! Ava ruce!"

2. "Hannon le. Pedil edhellon?"

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I've been watching A LOT of documentaries lately. Like, at least 2 a day. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Lately I've been into documentaries about people doing extraordinarily things, like Running the Sahara and Waste Land; docs about interesting people, like Marwencol; and religious docs, like Jesus Camp.

What documentaries do you like?

EDIT: Thank you all for the fantastic suggestions! Definitely favoriting this and going down the list. :)
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I feel like this should be really easy for me to figure out, but my mind is fried from a week of classes so help me out.
I want to make my meatball recipe and it call for 1.5 lb of meat, but I'm going to be using 1 lb instead. What do I need to divide the rest of the measurements by to adjust?

Thank you all!

What's your favorite recipe(s) to make?
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So, multiple questions! Yay!

-I want to highlight my hair, but I don't know what color I want to. I'm naturally dark brown (blue eyes, btw), and I've done blonde before (looked awesome spiked!). But I want to do something I haven't before. I'm honestly thinking like a dark green or a dark blue, but I don't know. Suggestions? Ideas? Experiences? Recommended brands, etc?

-A guy I've been talking to on OKCupid gave me his phone number, unprompted. Combined, we've sent about 20 messages to each other, most of them fairly long. Is this too soon? I don't feel prepared to give him mine, because I'm not at the point where I'm ready to meet IRL. Until I'm ready to meet you, you don't get my number.

-What should my text ringer be? My last one was the sound from "Zelda: Twilight Princess" when Link gets an item, but it's gotten old. What's your text ringer?

Serious answers preferred.
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What is your favorite restaurant in your town?
What's your favorite thing to get there?

What are you doing this weekend?

My favorite restaurant is Sushi Three, and I always get the Rock N Roll (salmon and eelskin with this delicious brown sauce), the negihamachi roll (yellowfin or something and green onions, delicious), two tako nigiri and two ikura nigiri. Yes, I eat all of that myself, I could eat my weight in sushi.

ETA: Oh, and for the weekend I am having a Game of Thrones marathon with my friend Doug, drinking and hanging with my boyfriend and putting a henna gloss in my hair and trimming my hair.
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If I were to make banana bread with walnuts, would it be a good idea to add some mashed-up apricots to it? And if so, what is a good spice or ingredient to add that will ~complement~ the apricots?

I have like 3 apricots that are too ripe to eat but I don't want to throw them away.

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Ok TQC, I am bored.   Can you please help me to not be bored?     You can ask me or other people questions, you can post pictures (I am eating lunch so it's not ok to post gross stuff) or if you want you can just talk/rant about stuff.    Please?

Merci beaucoup! 

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Do you have natural hair? 

Did you transition or do the big chop? If you transitioned, or are transitioning, how did/do you style your hair?

I'm 10 months post relaxer, transitioning, and have about 3 inches left until all natural hair and I can't wait to see it!

If you have pics of your hair, could you post them? :)

EDIT: I understand the confusion. This question was originally directed towards Black women, but if your hair is in its natural state, go ahead and reply anyway. Sorry about that.
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I just realized my roomie stuffed all the garbage in her bag or wallet or whatever (receipts and napkins) into the little pocket on my car door. WTF? Who does that? 

What was the last little annoyance that happened to you that wasn't really a particular issue but just made you go "...wth"?


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I found a job online, and applied for it by emailing them my resume. They sent me a email asking for more brief info, but all of which could have been found in my resume. Including my name and address. I emailed them and later found out after a more extensive search that it was a scam. What the hell do I do? Do I move, or buy a gun? AM I GOING TO BE BURGLED?

And yes, I am aware that I am the queen of stupid for sending the the info. I'm just so desperate for a job.

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Poll #1753135 For $75,000, would you....?

...use a litterbox whenever you have to use the bathroom for the next 365 days? If there's no litterbox, you have to find some dirt/sand and cover up your mess like a cat. If you can't find a litterbox or sand/dirt, you'll just have to do your business right there on the floor. Toilets and/or any kind of container will be off limits for you. You can't tell anybody about the money


...lose your sight for the next 5 months? You're given an agent that will completely inhibit your sight for the next 100 days without any complications. So, for the next 3 months, you'll have to do everything sightless. This may have complications in the real world, like your job, or commuting, or TQC(!!!)


...rock a tonsure for 6 months? You can't use any headgear to cover up your monkly stylings


...be willing to lose the ability to recognize shades of color? All shades of red, for instance (maroon, burgandy, fire engine) will all look the same to you. The world will be boiled down to just the basic primary colors, with no capacity to distinguish guacamole green from forest green. Effects are irreversible


...be willing to become ridiculously noisy when you orgasm? Simple walls will do little to contain the sound of your pleasure and you will be unable to orgasm without hitting high decibels. Your 'O' sounds will be just short of shouting on the audible scale. Quiet sex will be a thing of the past, whether it's with a partner or by yourself. Effects are irreversible


...wear meat underwear (think Lady Gaga's outfit except just undies) for the next month. You HAVE to wear it under your clothes, even if you don't normally wear underwear. Your naughty bits will be compressed by dead animal flesh. It's just 30 days, but think of the hygeine factor and the uncomfortable factor


...eat 10lbs of marshmellows within 7 days? These aren't even the small kind you drop in hot chocolate. These are the big ones you gotta chew up. That's a lot of effin marshmellows


Edit: the blind question, it's 5 months. When I initially made the question, the amount was only 50k, but I upped it. I also upped the duration, but I didn't make it consistant. I may have upped it more than once :P
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Anyone ever use MJM Photo Recovery?

I'm using it now because my Compact Flash card corrupted with all the pictures I took the past few days and they're pretty important to me. It's finding pictures, but when I went to the photos album they are all 160x120 and over 3MB. I've been running it since around 12:30 am(It's 3ish pm here now) and am wondering if it's worth the wait since it's only 45% done.

If you don't know and have had something similar happen to you what program did you use?

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Oh wise ones of TQC,

My husband just sent me a text that he has a little surprise for me. It is not pop or turtle food which he is supposed to be bringing home. What is my little surprise? Non-srs. answers are always appreciated.
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I want to buy an episode of the X-Files off iTunes, but don't remember much of the series. I just want to get one of the monster of the week eps, nothing to do with the myth arc. I'm in the mood for some odd, not too gross sci-fi.

What episode should I get?

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a. What did you accomplish this week?
I wrote two legal motions that I turned in today. I am working for the public defender's office and have now successfully written two motions.

b. What did you fail at this week?
I didn't clean my house and really should have.

c. What are you doing this weekend?
Garage sale hunting!

d. What's for dinner tonight?
Chicken and Broccoli Braid
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So, you've just inherited a hefty sum from an eccentric aunt, but as a stipulation of the will, you can only spent that money on one area of your life, for example: clothes and grooming, car and gas, mortgage or rent, food, travel (just airfare and hotel rooms), electronics, charity, etc. She's got a good lawyer to make sure you don't cheat. What area of life do you choose?
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I just realized that my current boyfriend must have gotten onto my e-mail and deleted EVERYTHING between me and my ex. I don't know when, but it must have been within the past two months or so. Is this creepy? What would you do/feel if you were me?
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While woefully wearied over whether or not to unite the expressivity of one language with another, how long should I procrastinate before bringing about the birth of sufficient terabytes to store Watson-level knowledge for Beowulf computing?
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For you coffee and tea drinkers...

I work at a Dunkin' Donuts (just to get by) and I hear some very unique drink orders on a daily basis. Some of them are astounding, both in good and weird ways.

What I want to know is, how do you guys take your coffee/tea/cappuccino/lattes? (You can also mention where you prefer to get your drinks, too.)

My favourite drink is a latte with a little caramel syrup and whipped cream on top. (Yeah, it kind of kills off the foam, but when it's all mixed in together, it tastes delicious!)

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What was the last thing your pet did that made you go "oh for fucks sake!?"

I took my dog to the lake today, but the sectioned off the whole shore for some stupid reason so we went to a step place and he walked onto the dock then walked right off the dock into the water. He got scared and forgot it was only about 1 foot deep so he was flailing and trying to climb back onto the dock instead of walk/swimming to the shore about 2 feet away. I had to rescue my very able bodied dog from a foot of water.
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Ever notice that for some songs, the longer they are on the radio, certain words are censored that weren't before?

What is your favorite fuckyeah meme/tumbler topic?
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Help! Cats!


Somebody left a kitten at my workplace yesterday. I took him home because I didn't just want him chucked in the local shelter, but I can't keep him. He loves people and is adorable, but I have no idea what to do with him.

Can you help me/give me advice, TQC?

ALso, pet pic post y/y?
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 I'm watching a movie where a guy wakes up and finds out he's been buried alive. O.O  Is this the worst way to die or is there something worse? If so, what is it?

DK/DC/Don't feel like being so morbid: Will you post a funny joke?

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I haven't been around in forever! What's new with you guys? What the biggest thing to happen to you this year so far? 

So, I'm going to start cleaning my kitchen now....what should I listen too? 
Nothing too loud, don't want to wake the baby! 

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We're looking into getting another dog, but all of the shelter listings we see say "crate-trained". I've had dogs all my life, and never used a crate and I'm not in favor of them. The dog I have has freedom of the house even when we're asleep or away and there is never any problem. Is it damaging for a crate-trained dog to move to a free-range environment?
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Have you ever cut your own hair? How did it go?
I'm thinking of giving myself a buzz cut b/c my dad doesn't want to, and I would prefer my hair be short for a week long trip I'm going on tomorrow so I don't have to worry about my hair.

DK;DC: What are you anticipating/excited about?
I can't wait for the new Nine Inch Nails music. :)
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What are some items that are easily looked over when moving into a new apartment?
Such as cleaning supplies or shower curtains etc etc (anything!)

I'm moving soon and I've got the furniture and move in fees and all the bigger things covered; I think. but I'm just trying not to forget anything of the smaller things that would be easy to slip my mind. 
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There has been a Camelbak water bottle in the "Lost and Found" at work (which would be my desk) for at least three months now, probably more. No one has come up to claim it. No one knows who it belongs to. It appears to be brand new. There's no evidence of water - or any drink - having been inside. It smells fine. And I love these water bottles.

Would it be horrible and wrong if I adopted it into my Camelbak family and took it home?

(Just like this one.)
And I do have a replacement straw and mouthpiece at home, so I'd swap those out, for sure.
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Should I take off my silver nail polish for my grandmother-in-law's funeral tomorrow? I'm going to be a pall-bearer. I'm a dude.

Should I wear black pants and a) black shirt b) blue shirt c) tan shirt? I only have a dark blue tie.

Edit: Took off the polish. The family that I know aren't conservative or anything and wouldn't care but I don't want to attract any attention even though it's a small thing. I just didn't feel at first like taking the time to take the crap off. I'll probably go w/ the black shirt

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i bought a pregnant molly fish today without knowing and its popping babies out everywhere now at midnight, i know they eat their young so im catching them in a plastic baggy and letting it float in the tank. what should i do? what should i feed them? will they live?