June 16th, 2011

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 What would happen if a practicing Jew accidentally ate non-Kosher? Would they have to do some sort of penance like Catholics do when they do something wrong? Do they do something to 'cleanse' themselves?

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You guys, my journal layout is all screwed up and I have no idea what I did wrong. I was trying to do something with the CSS, and then it suddenly went all wonky, and now even though I've taken away all the custom CSS and set absolutely everything back to default, the page is totally screwed up. Is anyone skilled enough in the ways of journal customizing to tell me how I can fix this? 
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Will you share a picture of your pet?
If you don't feel like doing that, if you could drink anything right now, what would you choose? How about food?

Does anyone here lap swim? Know of ways to mix up a routine?
I haven't swam since I was in a league/did so competitively so it's been a bit difficult to really change things up.
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Ah, the tequila makes me feel poetic! So hey, can you answer from your poet's soul?

(Ridiculous/mocking welcome)

How do you feel about the strange ones?
What is your passion?

Where are your feet?
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 What do you call the kind of humour where the funny comes from saying the opposite of what is expected in the second part of the sentence? Like Oscar Wilde used to do:
Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

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if you have anxiety to the point of becoming sick, dizzy and faint, is 'health reasons' a good reason for quitting a job without giving a full two weeks notice?

it's not like a contract job or anything, but i'm worried about leaving them short staffed. however, i've already had to leave early twice because of fainting/nearly fainting and it's two and a half hours before i leave and i already have that 'on a boat' feeling. i don't know if i could pull off two more weeks without having more issues and causing problems for everyone. D:

what was the last job you quit? why did you quit? was it worth it?

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if i see a car online from a dealer that id like to know more about will they give me more info over the phone or do i have to actually go see it? the one im looking at is in nh and im in ma and i cant exactly get up there myself, id need my brother to drive down from his apartment (in nh) or something for me to get there. i tried their request info via email thing last week and never got anything. i was planning on asking them if its been in any accidents and if they know whether the previous owner(s) were smokers. is there anything else i should ask? i already know how many miles are on it and theres a picture of it online. i also know how many records are on its carfax but im not shelling out the $35 to get details. im no good at cars so idk how to go about something like this. :(

edit- also the price for it im seeing says 'online price' are they gonna shaft me for paying upfront in person? my brothers lending me the few thousand for it.
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Whenever I wax my legs I always have a ton of hair remaining and still need to shave every day. Even when I go to the salon/spa place, I often get comments saying I'm the only person they've seen with this problem. Why is my leg fuzz so weird?

Do you shave/wax/laser/some-hair-removal? What parts? Why? Do you feel you have to?

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Let's say you are getting a joint gift for your dad for fathers day. It's you and your brother and your brothers wife (as in the card will be signed by these three people).

Should the cost of this gift be 50/50 between you and the couple? Or should it be each person pays a third?
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Are you "regular" with your poops? Do you see this as being a good thing?

It seems that I now have to go every morning at almost the exact same time. And I do not like this at all.

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I have been on a prescription for 30 mg Vyvanse for a while - when I was on the trial, the doctor made me try the 40, but it made my anxiety worse, which made it impossible to get things done, no matter how much i was able to focus.
So i insisted on going back down to the 30, which had actually made a difference, and not made me anxious.
for a few reasons (money, mostly, and then I managed to misplace the prescription) I didn't fill it right away - after I got a replacement one writtn, it still took me a week, (money issues)
ANYWAY. I took one this morning, ate breakfast, had my coffee, and then noticed I had a headache - took a tylenol, drank some water, and now i'm feeling like I do when I drink too much caffeine - kind of lightheaded, a bit jittery, (for people who say its because I combined caffeine + pill - I usually 2x the coffee I drank this morning)
could the fact that I didn't take it for like, 3 weeks and my body is like AH WTF? be causing this?
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Does it bother you when you watch an interview and they cut out the interviewer's questions, but you can totally tell the interviewee is answering specific questions?

Does that even make sense?
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How do you feel about guns?
How do you feel about (yourself or someone else) keeping a gun in your home?

Inspired by the fact that I just walked into my kitchen and found a gun, which I can only assume belongs to one of my new roommates, sitting on the stove.

EDIT: lolwhoops, roommate says it's a stage prop gun. It is very realistic!! But clearly I know nothing about guns. Derp.

Name Changes?

Who around here has changed their username in the past year?    I noticed over time that some people disappeared and I wonder if any of them are still here just under a different username.   

Who are you and what is your old name?    Come out come out wherever you are!
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I have chronic upper back pain. Every 6 months or so it gets so bad that I can't sleep or do normal activities, and then I go to the chiropractor 2 or 3 times, and then I'm "better" for a few months (not in debilitating pain).

I've heard a lot of negative things about chiropractors, though, and I hate spending that much money for something that is not a permanent fix. However, I'm not sure where else to go or what else to do. I practice yoga and concentrate on the back/spine, but it doesn't seem to do that much.

Suggestions? Ways to deal with chronic back pain? Alternatives to chiropractors?
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How is the temperature, typically, in your office (or classroom or wherever you spend a good chunk of your day but cannot control the thermostat)?

Are you usually hotter or colder than those around you?

My office building shuts off the HVAC on weekends, so Monday is hot, Tuesday is comfortable, and Wednesday through Friday is freezing. And on Wed-Fri, I am comfortable until around lunch, then I put a jacket on, and by 2-3pm, I have to turn my space heater on as well. :(

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So a lady from a nearby Holiday Inn just stopped by my office and in an attempt to bribe me into sending clients to stay there, she left me two giant goodie bags of candy, including (but not limited to) peppermints, strawberry/pineapple candies (the ones with wrappers that look like strawberries/pineapples, hard on the outside and chewy/soft o nthe inside), Brach's butterscotch candies, cinnamon hard candies and assorted Jolly Ranchers. I should keep it all for myself, y/y?

What's your favorite flavor of hard candy? I like fake apple/cherry everything.

What's the last thing you got for free?

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Which would you rather do?

Get a 12"x12" tattoo (anywhere on your body)
Get 200 piercings (anywhere on your body)

Which would you rather do?

Graverob 20 graves (dig em up, rifle through the coffin,remove all valuables)
Rob one homeless man of everything he has, including the clothes he has on

Which would you rather do?

On a 9 hour flight, take the middle seat between Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore. Gonna be a long, yakky flight
Take a 4 hour flight on a nudist airline. No clothes allowed, and the temperature's raised so there's no need for blankets

Which would you rather do?

Get hypnotized so that every time someone says 'McDonalds', you raise your index fingers by your crown (horns) and cry MOO at the top of your lungs
Get hypnotized so that whenever someone says "Thriller", you have do the ENTIRE zombie dance from the Thriller video. This word may come up less in conversation

Which would you rather do?

Attend your next hight school reunion wearing the classic Wonder Woman outfit
Attend your next high school reunion wearing a tiarra and queenly attire (including scepter)

Which would you rather do?

Sell a kidney on the black market for $5,000
Sell all the toes on your left foot on the black market for $5,000

Which would you rather do?

Drink a 800ml bottle of vodka, whiskey or rum (your choice) all by yourself in one night
Eat 2 quarts of Dreyer's ice cream all by yourself in one night
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Why are men so suspicious of their girlfriends hanging out with male friends?

I went out to grab a bite with a male coworker/friend last night after a busy day at work. My looooooong term boyfriend (of like 10 something years) knew I would be because it was a preplanned thing. Yet he is still pissed off at me because:

1) I didn't call him - sorry it was busy as heck, I was frazzled... and since when do I have to
check in
when he already knew what I was doing?? Controlling much?
2) He doesn't know the guy - he has been invited to come out with my coworkers/friends
every time
we go out but never wants to go yet he gets mad when I go alone? Hypocrite.
3) Its too close to a "date" for him - a date? I got some food at Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend who just happens to be male. It was just grabbing a bite to eat with a friend. Period! And yes, I know the male perspective is "different" but, to me, it's just them over thinking
to much!

Honestly, I don't get it at all. It just seems like he doesn't trust me or something. What about you guys and gals? Why do you think men act this way or how would you deal with this situation?

EDIT: And yes I KNOW it can go both ways but I am just looking at/dealing with the MALE side of it thank you!
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my lunch!

Im excited about my lunch today, ive always wished my chirashi bowl could be all salmon and today i discovered sakedon.

What have you discovered lately that is awesome?

Can I see a picture of ur lunch??

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Who was that guy who was obsessed with a woman, and ended up making weird stalker-y videos of himself riding dirtbikes and throwing logs and stuff? I'm pretty sure he was the star of a Something Awful thread, or a similar forum, and the name he was given was something like Philosopher Dirtbike, or Something Dirtbike, or Dirtbike Something.

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Have you ever seen Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim? I had never even heard of it until I was up until 3AM the other night. But I only caught the end. Is it worth watching?

dk/dc: What's your favorite TV show currently on the air?
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TQC, do you have any tips or tricks for improving verbal communication?

I'm an absolute wreck when it comes to speaking aloud. Not just in interviews or speeches or on the telephone, but even face-to-face with coworkers and good friends. I'd like to think I'm a decently eloquent writer, but I'm completely inarticulate. It's to the point where I've been accused of plagiarism because my writing is so different from my speech patterns. My boss actually asked me once if I had ever thought of pursuing a career where I could just write instead of having to communicate with others verbally.

When I'm speaking, I transpose words a lot of the time or substitute one "small" word for another (such as using "and" when I mean "but"). I'll try to say two things at once in the same sentence, and then have to start all over when the two ideas crash together. Not only that, but I trail off on pretty much every single sentence I say. It's virtually impossible for me to finish a thought aloud. When I'm trying to actively listen, I tend to use the same words or sounds over and over again (like saying "huh" or "yeah, yeah" five or six times in one conversation). I don't really think it's a matter of needing to slow down or organize my thoughts, because I rarely have that problem when writing.

What the hell, people? This has pretty much gone on my entire damn life. When I used to have to read aloud in school, I'd sound completely illiterate despite always having excelled in that area. So maybe it's not even a matter of me not having the words, since I still have difficulty in saying others' words off a page. Even children's books!

Bawww, this is ridiculously long but I'm slightly desperate. Help? Or will you just talk about your own verbal communication skills or mishaps?

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i have half a bottle of milk and half a loaf of bread left and i'm leaving for about a week and a half tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn.

would freezing them save them or is it not worth it/possible?

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TQC, how many of you know what the term "gluten free" means? I'm just curious because my FWB is gluten intolerant and so many restaurants' wait staff are like "Whassat?" and have to ask the chef or the owner (who sometimes does not even know). And it's kind of annoying/"really?" that it's a pretty widespread allergy which restaurants seem to know nothing about.

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I keep having to blow my nose like every 2 minutes how can I stop it dripping?
Would a vegetable or chickpea curry from a takeaway be highly calorific? Without rice or naan that is.
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I am currently using someone else's laptop, and the keys above the numerical pad are confusing me:


What else do I need to press to make the key do its 'other' job, i.e. the one that is written lower down on the key? I am trying in vain to do a print screen, but I can only get that key to perform the 'end' function.

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remember back in like the Wild West days of the internet, when you'd go away and you'd be all, "THIS IS MY LAST POST I'LL SEE YOU GUYS IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and now it's like, you don't even mention 'cause it'd be all, "I'LL SEE YOU AT THE MOTEL TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!"


New Zealand - tidy kiwi

Two questions for Americans

Hey guys, I have a couple more questions for the story I'm writing. I live in New Zealand, and some things are difficult to research online.

1) would you ever use the phrase like a bear with a sore head to mean someone who's in a seriously bad mood?

If not, can you think of some other colourful phrase with that meaning? The character who says it is a guy in his 30s from New Jersey, if that makes any difference.

2) what kind of anti-theft measures do Radio Shack stores have? I want another character to steal a GPS device off the shelf and get out undetected.

Are the boxes all tagged, so they'd beep at the door? If so, could my shoplifter pull the GPS out of the box and walk out with it hidden under his jacket or something?

Thanks in advance for your help :)

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(edit for html fail)
Tomorrow I am suppose to participate in my city's Relay for Life event, but I am feeling like crap (I have a super sore throat, I'm sore all over etc). I raised about $300 for my team and had intended on going for the full event (5pm-7am Saturday) but I feel like if I stay overnight (in an event tent) that I'll feel even worse come Saturday night, even if I don't sleep I'll be walking in the cold/probably rain.
There is no option for me to go to only part of the event. I feel like I'm letting the team down if I don't go, however I'll still be sending snacks to them and I'll feel like crap if I do go.

Do I suck it up and take a lot of drugs and go? Do I stay home and get better?

dk/dc Will you share something that you've learned today?
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Finally, after two years of research, hunting, and waiting lists, I am picking up a Newfoundland puppy this Saturday. Unfortunately, while I had a name for a male picked out, we're getting a female and I have no idea what to name her. What should I name my female Newfie puppy?

If it helps, we were going to name the male Major Jackson Briggs--Jax for short.
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Cheap meal ideas?

I'm on a strict budget and need ideas for cheap meals (preferably that is easy to make). I've been gathering information around - figured I could ask here, too.

I can't eat food that are too high in fat or cholesterol as I have a gallbladder problemo. I am not picky otherwise.

TQC, what are your suggestions? Gracias.
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Would you rather be Hungarian, Romanian or Polish?
What's the difference between Romania and Moldova?
what's your favorite -stan?

Why do a lot of my friends have a cross as their profile pictures on Facebook?