June 15th, 2011


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Is it wrong to remain close friends with someone who has strong romantic feelings for you (which you don't share)?

So, everyone seems to agree that it's on the party with too many feelings to sort it out.

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do guys like or dislike to be told they are cute?

what is the application process like on monster.com? can you use a different resume for each job you apply for? (i realize this may be a dumb question.)
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Since I can't seem to stay on topic tonight, can we have an official off-topic post (also known as 'ot, but')?

Or in case you want a topic to be on (or get off), can you give me some trivia about Julius Caesar? the sillier the better. I need it to defeat my brother in a 'did you know JC ...'-contest


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what are some smoothies or shakes you like? post recipes if youve got them

is there a way to substitute almond butter with sliced almonds without ruining everything? every smoothie recipe im finding wants almond butter and i have a bag of almonds i want to make use of.

nvm i just put in the same amount of sliced almonds and it worked fine

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Say you were a famous musician/in a famous band, and you were asked for your permission to use one of your songs on Glee? Would you say yes? What if you were asked to come on Sesame Street and sing with a Muppet? Why or why not?
Animals - Don't Cry

Issues with flash games on facebook

I tend to leave my computer on all day, with Firefox open. However, when I go away for a couple of hours and then come back, certain flash games on Facebook (including Lucky Train and Farmville) won't load unless I close Firefox entirely and the reopen it. No matter how many times I refresh the page, there's just a small blank area where the flash games should be. As soon as I close and reopen Firefox, everything is fine.

Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have any tips on fixing it? Is it a memory issue? Does my computer just suck?

DK/DC: Do you play games on Facebook? If so, which are your favourites? If not, do you look down on those who do?

How dumb is it......

for a mother to bring her 4 year old son to the mall with her the day after she had him circumcised? She had promised to buy him a pair of cowboy boots before he had the procedure. It was obvious the little guy was in a lot of pain.

I personally think it was stupid. I don't care if you approve of circumcision or not. If you are going to have it done, do it when he is born so he won't remember the pain. Don't wait until he is 3 or 4 knowing it's going to hurt.
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I found out some really sad news last night about one of my favorite family members.

Can you please post your favorite movie/song/book that you always turn to in times of distress? Thanks. I need some comfort.
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Denmark and Love

Hey there TQC-ers.

So I'm sitting here alone in my boyfriend's appartment, I know, no one in this country and I'm considering moving here. Even though I know it's completely insane, and my family will accuse me of running away from my current life in Paris (and my ex). I'd love to meet some people and make some friends before taking the leap but I'm quite shy and my Danish is very limited. I've signed up with meetup.com which seems great but none of their meet ups seem to happen when I'm in town.

Are any of you guys from Denmark? What's the best place to meet people/make new friends in Copenhagen? Should I do the crazy thing and move here from Paris? Does anyone near Copenhagen want to meet for a coffee today?

And for the non-Danish contingent:  What's the craziest thing you've done for love and did it work out? If you live on your own, how do you fill your free time?
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Should I buy this mp3 player or this one?

The video screen is cool, but I already have a Clip and I know it's reliable (except for when you leave it in your car when it's over 100 degrees outside and you somehow melt a connection inside so it doesn't always turn on!)

Do I spring for something new or stick with what I know?

I need to spend 20$ more to get no interest for 18 months on the computer I'm buying, lol.

UGH NEVERMIND HOW DUMB. It was $429 BEFORE tax to get the 18 months no interest and with the mp3 player added, it was $430 AFTER tax. So f that. I'll make do with my half melted sort of broken Clip that I already own. And if you're curious, I bought this computer.

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I want to make a 'dude ranch' where the whole point of it is that visitors will get 'attacked' by invaders of their choice (aliens, zombies, playboy bunnies, whatever) and have to either defend the ranch or flee to the woods and survive there while being chased. Survivors get a prize.

Does such a thing already exist? I tried looking and got a bunch of 'survival' camps that were just low-tech camping. No fake enemies in sight.

Okay, I lied about the bunnies.
more loneliness I guess

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Have you ever lied about having a pet to avoid paying a hefty deposit for a new apartment/house/etc? Did they ever find out?

I've always paid the pet deposit in the past but now that I am moving again everyone is telling me to lie about my cat's existence. I don't want to get evicted or fined tho :(

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My sister has been out of control for a long time now. Drinking, partying, and basically ruining her life but not really facing any consequences. She got an MIP (minor in possession) the other day and now her and my parents have decided that she needs to join the military. I think she knows this might help her clean up her act but I'm worried because I don't want her to join and have bad stuff happen to her. I love my sister. Is she going to be ok in the military? Have you ever been in the armed forces and how was it for you as a woman?
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If you (male) had a best friend (female) who you had lived with for the last 5 years and shared everything with be upset about her wanting to persue a relationship with your younger brother?

She never really had much to do with this younger brother, but they recently slept together after a night on the booze and now they suddenly decide they like each other.
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i have a toy story 2 jessie doll that was given to me when the movie first came out. it has never been out of the box. is it worth anything, and if so, how do i figure that out?
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How do you make yourself like someone?

How do you make yourself like someone?

This is a person I cannot avoid. I dont dislike them, I feel mostly indifferent toward this person but I get this strong vibe of wanting to be liked from them which I find annoying. I figured if I could like them this would stop, then the problem would be solved.. I hope. (I do not want to be friends w this person, just want to not be annoyed by their weird vibes)


what do u think about nail biting?

Go Canucks!

Are you going to watch the last game in the Stanley Cup final? Who do you think will win? who do you want to win?
Sidenote - one of my best friends is going downtown to be part of the crowd - I think she's crazy....
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How often do you go to the doctor? per month or year?

It's been four years since for me. I've been experiencing frequent headaches/migraines without an aura, and depression/severe social anxiety. These aren't new problems but the normal methods of coping aren't working anymore. So, now I'm looking into getting insurance.

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 Can we complain about our first world problems?

my stupid sprint phone refuses to work, this is like the 20000000 time i've had to call sprint to fix it&it never works:P *endrant*  
*edit: please know im joking-i realize that this is a pretty nice problem to be having considering what else is going on in the world

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i'm going to Colorado for a week and a halfish. it's a 2 day drive there and back blah blah blah.

what am i going to forget?
what are things i can do in the car besides reading? i get car sick when i read :(
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Which of these best describes your farts?

Silent and generally lacking in aroma
Audible (not too loud, but definitely not silent) and generally lacking in aroma
Loud and generally lacking in aroma
Silent but smelly. It smells like your standard release of anal gas
Audible and smelly
Loud and smelly
Silent but ghastly. My farts are horribly offensive
Audible and ghastly ("Did you just fart? I thought I heard....OH HOLY FUCK, OPEN A WINDOW!")
Loud and ghastly, The kind of farts that announce their presence a room away and fill the area with evil
There needs to be another choice. Ghastly just doesn't completely cover it. My farts are an abomination and sent by God to punish the living
I don't fart
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My 6 year old wanted to ask you all some questions! Please be PG in your replies!

What kind of pet do you have?

Sand Flea

Do you have a DS or a DSi?

How much Xbox discs do you have?


Do you have soft floors or hard floors in your house?

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If you lent someone a book that meant a lot to you and pertained to the borrower's interests, and they did not read it at all, would you be insulted?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Stupid summer jobs...

So yesterday I got a call from a guy for a job I applied for and he asked me a bunch of questions and at the end he said, "I'll call you later this week to schedule an interview."

I didn't think much of it at first but if he wanted me for the job wouldn't he have scheduled an interview time when I was talking to him?  Is "I'll call you later to schedule an interview." just a nicer way of saying sorry we don't want you for the job?  Am I overeacting?!

DK/DC: What was the best job you ever had?

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Will you tell me how your silverware drawer/cupboard/whatever is organized?
Do you organize your dishwasher a certain way?

-My silverware drawer goes: small forks, big forks, small spoons, big spoons, knives, and other utensils.

-I organize the dishwasher in the same way every time because I feel it's the most space efficient. My roommate puts dishes willy nilly and it drives me crazy!

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what was the last time for the reason why you were upset?
when was the last time you and your mum did something together, and what was it?
what are you having for dinner?
what are your favourite things to cook? share pictures/recipes.
will you show us a picture of someone you love, and a reason why you love them?
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(Or, yanno, at least not the Sedins).

ETA: Seriously, though, has anyone seen any postgame interviews with any of the Canucks?  I'm watching the NHL Network (cause that's the only network I get broadcasting them right now) and I haven't seen any.  Is there a network showing them?  Which one?

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I have a jar of salsa in the fridge. The fridge accidentally got left open for a few hours the other day, but since then has been kept cold. Should I still eat it?
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Have you ever been to a gay pride parade/festival and if so, how was it?

Will you also post picture(s) of your pets ITT? What are their names and personalities like?
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 Poll #xxxx

Which of the following of my favourite movies do you like the most?

My Own Private Idaho
Black Swan
The Shawshank Redemption
Pieces of April
Mean Girls
Inglourious Basterds
Fiddler on the Roof
Stand By Me

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Hi everybody!

Could you please recommend me a good website with how-to-answer-tough-job-interview-questions guidance?

I`m sort of stuck on the "Describe a time when you had to work with a difficult person (another student, co-worker, customer, etc.). How did you handle the situation? Is there anything you would have done differently in hindsight?". I understand what to tell about the dealing with difficult person, but not sure about the "what would you have done do differently" part, isn`t there a covert trick? I do not understand if I should directly say about what I have done wrong or tell them smth very diplomatic which would sound more like "not that wrong"? Like when they ask you to tell about your weakness and you answer that you are a perfectionist.

Thanks in advance.

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what country do you live in?
do you hate anything about it? mind saying why?

i live in canada.
i hate stephen harper, & how much were spending on jail & how little they're playing for health care.

also question for any Americans :

would you like universal health care?

how much would it cost if you broke your arm? (or something that you need to go to hospital/ need surgery for)

"make you a mix tape / to give you a clue."

making the S/O a mix CD [because his b-day was in early may and i still haven't gotten him his present so i feel like i have to make up for his gift being so late by getting him two things
[his other gift is a handmade kilt that's already been made-i just have to get in contact with my friend and set a time to pick it up/deliver it]


aside from the shit ton of electronica i have on it-he likes that and it's a friend's band that i'm repping-what else should I put on it?

non-srs answers accepted as well

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Going on a bus trip to manhattan, NY on saturday!! I've never been to NY, so what are some of the best things to see and do there? I'll only have from 9am to 9pm..Also some amazing places to eat? Thanks so much!

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Does anyone work on their feet all day (8+ standing/moving)? If so, what shoes do you wear? Vans and work out sneakers haven't been cutting it.

If you had to, would you rather kiss a frog or a toad?

Do you drink out of plastic water bottles or use a reusable water bottle?

What is the worst smell you've ever experienced?

How many cavities do you have?

Peaches or apricots?
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do you know of any practices or tools someone can use the make their gag reflex weaker? my dad has a very strong one, and he usually throws up every morning after brushing his teeth. it really breaks my heart.
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You go to the store to return something that you paid $9.17 for. The cashier scans the item and your receipt and hands you $17 and some change. You tell him/her that you only paid $9 for the item, but they insist that the register says to give you $17.

Do you keep it? Is it ~wrong~ to keep it?