June 14th, 2011


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What movie is this?

In the start it's a guy who is crying or something and it's dark and he's going into the subway. He sees a girl on the tracks who is dressed in all white and has white hair. She's playing with a white ball. The train is coming and the guy starts yelling and climbs down and gets hit. The next scene is a girl waking up and she comes to the scene of the guy getting hit by the train. It's flashes to a police station with two guys talking and then some cops bring in this guy who is bleeding from his eyes and screaming in a foreign language and he has like blond spiky hair.

The actress looks like a young Meryl Streep and the guy kinda like Ewan McGregor but it's not him.
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TQC, what's your favorite non-pill related insomnia treatment? Doesn't have to work, but...

When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter on purpose? Why?

Has June been good to you so far?
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This poll is closed.

Which would bother you more?

Having a bug problem in your home
Having a small rodent problem in your home

Growing up, how did Santa enter your home?

Traditional means (chimney, door)
Non-traditional means (fire escape)
Pure magic
Other (will explain in comments)

Which do you use to cool down your home in hot weather?

Central air
AC unit
Open windows
Nothing, I just suffer through it
Nothing, I enjoy/don't mind the heat


Ice cream
Ice pops

And again:

Family Guy
American Dad
King of the Hill
South Park
These all suck

Which dream cliches do you tend to experience the most?

Being unprepared for a test/project
Being naked in public
Having sex with someone you don't have romantic feelings for
Losing teeth
Being chased

Your favorite author and your favorite musician are both hanging off the edge of a cliff. You only have the strength and time to pull one to saftey, who do you choose?


peace corps

Have you, or anyone you know, ever been in the peace corp(s?)?
How did it go? Where were you/they stationed?
What was it like, and what were you there for? Give as much detail as possible please! :)

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if you were out shopping with a friend and in the car she pulls out 2 pairs of sunglasses from her purse that she had stolen, what do you do or say ?

yesterday, a friend of mine did this and I was shocked and told her that if she was going to continue to do things like this that I couldn't be friends with her anymore. I never knew she was a shoplifter :(

Cultural question.

I've been reading about my Aboriginal roots, getting more involved in my culture and I realize that no matter how silly or "new age" or redundant people think using my Anishinabe name is, it's important to acknowlege it. It's not some hippy thing, it's my culture.

I've been challenged to go by my Spirit name by my friends and Elders until it feels normal. This is because soon my son will have his own Spirit name and I'm going to use it at home, and I plan on enrolling him in an Aboriginal school where the kids usually go by their Spirit names as it is our culture. Honestly, it feels weird and the people I already know can't seem to switch over from my European name. Some even get second hand embarrassment when I use my Spirit name.

Should I use the Ojibwe language or the English translation when I introduce myself and my son when he gets his name? 
Zwashko Ahnungo or Blue Star.

Is this weird? Sometimes it feels like more trouble than it's worth...but I still feel that I shouldn't be embarrassed about using it if I want to.
What things in your culture do you partake in, if anything? 

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I have some pasta that I got 5 days ago. I just remembered that I still have leftovers and was thinking of eating it for lunch today. Is 5 days too old? Should I just throw it out and get new lunch?

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I'm meant to be heading to a festival tomorrow to work. My boss said someone could give me a lift and to send him my address which I did. I haven't heard any more since, and they're not answering the phones.
What should I do?
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1. how do i keep spiders from crawling all over my face at night?

2. what should i read next?

3. whats your favorite scent?

4. what city do you live in?

5. how often do you excercise?
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What can i put in the drier with my imitation down pillow so that it will dry evenly? It has a bad habit of holding moisture in the middle, so I'll think it's dry when i pull it out, but when i lay on it, it's damp!

I've heard of using a tennis ball, but I don't have one, and I can't really go buy one.


DK/DC - what is your favorite chore, and what is your most hated chore? meaning things you have to do around the house, housekeeping.

my favorite is laundry i guess, up until the part when i actually have to put the clothes away ;)
and i really hate almost everything else!!!

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You just came back from your lunch break.
You realize that you have something stuck between your teeth, and it's very visible. There aren't any toothpicks or any other instruments that can help remove it.
Your tongue powers are futile.
You have a presentation in 10 seconds.
Wat do?
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What would you do if you had the ability to time travel? Other than making money....

I'd take a portable DVD player and some DVDs to the past and tell them it's real life and freak everyone out.
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I have a hard time driving in flip-flops (I'm so out of practice with it...), and driving barefoot is even weirder. Do you ever drive completely barefoot, with flip-flops on, or just socks?

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My last apartment I paid a $400 security deposit. I also paid the water/sewer/refuse bill because the landlord sent me the bill. So I went to the office and paid it but it turns out the landlord also paid it because she assumed we would send her the money. We got the list of charges out of the security deposit which included $20 for moving a few things of wood so they could mow, and $102 for the bill WE ALREADY PAID! How would you go about getting the money back? I'm going to punt a bitch!

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What should I buy at the mall today? Will you post pictures?

All I know is that I need a pair of white pumps in my life.

I need links to fashion blogs or something.

What is something you want to buy soon?
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I've decided, now that summer's here, to start using my ice cream maker more.
What flavours should I make? Bonus points if you have recipes or links to recipes.

DK/DC/Don't like ice cream: what is your favourite dessert?

ETA: I've already made strawberry.

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I'm wanting to make bamboo earrings for my stretched ears. I've got a mass supply down in the garden, and found some which is about the right size. What do I need to do to it now before sticking it in my ears, and what to people do to make bamboo jewelery more pretty?
A point in the right direction would be great too!

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my vagina is bleeding and my period just ended a week ago. i had sex without a condom a couple days before my period started but he didn't cum inside me. am i pragnet?

eta: re: eagon's comment, what should i name my babby?
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Do you like my new default icon? (used in this post)

Do you like your own default icon?

ETA (due to an accidental double-post):

Would you ever consider meeting someone from a dating site in real life? If yes, how long would you wait to do it? Would you talk to them on an IM service first, or just e-mails?

I have; a couple weeks; we talked on AIM for a while, but it wasn't a necessity for me.

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tqc, my fucking stove just blew up in my face. i am fine except for some singed hair. my apartment is also fine, except now the heating element has a huge hole in it and so does my favorite frying pan. also, there are half-cooked eggs in my sink.

what are the chances that this is NOT a wiring issue? the stove is really fucking old and i'm pretty sure when the heating element goes, it just stops working...it doesn't blow up. right? i mean, these things have to be replaced all the time, they can't possibly blow up every time their little lives end.

what do you usually cook in the microwave? what are some interesting raw food ideas? this is justification for just getting pizza tonight, right?

landscape/garden plant similar to stinging nettles?

I was just outside pulling some weeds and spreading mulch in the backyard, in a heaped-up area around small trees. We moved into this house last fall and I really have no clue what plants are in the garden beyond obvious shrubs - some flowering things that seem to be there on purpose, some weeds. I'm no horticulturist, for sure. While I was working around the base of a clump of plants, my skin started stinging. These plants don't look exactly like stinging nettles (which I had the misfortune of falling into as a kid, ouch) but they do have little hairs on the leaves. I finished up, came into the house to wash up, and noticed I actually have a few little welts. Washed with baking soda and it still hurts a little but it's not unbearable.

Is there a typical garden or yard plant that has similar properties to stinging nettle? If this thing is a weed, I'm going to Roundup its ass and yank it out (with gloves) when it's dead. If it's a "good" plant I'll just be super careful in the future.
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i had the guy i like show me how to use my dad's expensive camera today and i keep looking at the pictures i took of him with it. IS THIS NORMAL? why do i feel like such a creeper doing this?

TQC, how do you know when you're normal amounts infatuated and when you're a creep? i feel like i need to listen to "Do the Creep" 100x because it was so obviously written with me in mind.
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If I wanted to court a gorgeous gelfling with my literary merit, would I be justified at being righteously enraged at someone for taking something I had public and made private then sharing it against my will?

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Do you ever worry about being a "christian soldier" in an area of your life, that is, being a representative for your whole group, and thus having to be 100% perfect 100% of the time, lest people judge you group by you and regard it as invalid? If so, what group/s, and how do you act differently?

I try to avoid it, but sometimes feel that way around people unfamiliar with veganism. And I worry that people will think polyamory is just a big slutfest just because I am unrelatedly a big slut.

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Would you consider Argentina a generally safe place to live? Of course like any other place, some areas in the country will be more safe than others.

I want to move.

ETA: Which Spanish-speaking countries would you consider the best to live in?

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Why would a rental application form say this?:

Do you currently have an application with another agent? Yes/No

It's pretty common here in Australia, and I can't work out why they'd want to know, or what they'd do with the information.

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my birthday is friday, and i know that none of my "friends" are going to want to do anything. i've been depressed as fuck lately, and i know that it will just escalate further as the week goes on. tqc, what should i do to cheer myself up? turning 25 is just .. blah .. and i want to simply sleep through the rest of the week. help!
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So a girl I haven't talked to since high school 8 years ago, liked 9 of my Facebook profile pictures all at the same time.

What does this mean? What are her intentions? Does she want to fuck, cause I'm down to fuck.
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So I have to write this paper for school. It has to be on one of the body's systems (integumenary, musculoskeletal, endocrine, etc.) I was thinking of doing musculoskeletal.

My question is...what are some good diseases/disorders I could use? Thinking more along the skeletal path rather than muscles.

DK/DC: What's the coolest thing you've ever found on the ground?
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Idk if I've asked this here before but I'm desperate right now so I'm going to

I get horrible "growing pains" in my legs... at least I assume that's what they are. They're to the point where it makes me puke because of the pain and the fact that I cannot fall asleep with them. Its usually every other night but sometimes more and sometimes less) right now its my left leg and its still making me sick.

Do you ever get "growing pains" still?
I was told they would only happen when I was growing... not when I was 23.
DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE PAIN NOT LAST HOURS? Or at least dull the pain down?

DK/DC: Did you ever watch the show Growing Pains? Did you enjoy it?

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Do you know a website where I could find instrumental tracks or acapella tracks of songs? Like pop songs or anything else? Please and thank you.

DK/DC: What is your current guilty pleasure song, if any?
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Nerds only

What's your favorite Nintendo game?
What's your favorite Super Nintendo game?
What's your favorite Nintendo 64 game?
What's your favorite Gamecube game?
What's your favorite Nintendo Wii game?

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I have a job orientation on Thursday and they said to bring two forms of ID. My license is an obvious one, but I do not currently have access to my SS card.

Would an old passport work? It's expired, but it's not like any info has changed other than my age.

DK/DC: When did you last clean your room? I seem to always put it off for forever, but I LOVE the feeling of a clean room.

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we found a dog a couple days ago and have put up lost dog signs, posted on craigslist, etc. and checked to see if he has a microchip which he doesn't. he's an awesome dog and i want to keep him. how long should we wait for an owner to contact us before we assume they aren't gonna find him/don't want him?