June 13th, 2011

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I haven't cried in a while.
I need some sadness/bittersweet sadness right now.
Does TQC have youtube links, stories or other forms of entertainment that can evoke these emotions?
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What are some characteristics in which you possess that you like about yourself?

What are you up to right now?
Writing an impact analysis of Illinois v. Lidster. AhHhh <_<

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What sort of things do you do when you are bored at work? I have an hour to kill with no actual work to be done and I have no idea what I should do. I organized my emails, and now I'm bored. Where do you read your news articles?

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One of my best guy friends decided on Thursday to stop drinking cold turkey. He had been drinking every single day for two and a half years.

I told him to call me if he needed anything, etc, because I saw my Dad and another friend go through withdrawals and know how terrible they can be.

Well he called today and said he is having almost NO symptoms. He is a little achy and a little tired/foggy brained, but that's it.

EDITED TO ADD: We are surprised because he was drinking quite a bit towards the end, sometimes like, a pint of vodka plus more beer everyday :/

TQC, is it normal to have almost no withdrawal symptoms? Does it vary? Have you ever gone through withdrawals for alcohol/anything else?
i say, old bean

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TQCers with siblings: how often do you guys fight? what's the longest you've gone without talking?
without knowing the backstory, should i try to patch things up with my sister?

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If you have a deviantart or other artist networking account somewhere, could you friend/be a fan of an artist who had awesome art but a shitty attitude? Shitty in your own opinion, not necessarily a specific attitude.

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What would you do in this situation?

My best friend recently divulged to me that she feels in her gut that her current boyfriend (of a little over a year) isn't "the one." She brought him home recently to attend a friend's wedding, and she said that something just didn't click. She can't see herself marrying him and him meshing well with her family, which is really important to her. However, she says she's happy enough with him right now and is having fun with him so why break up with him? She's also said that she's afraid of being single.

My concern is that he's head over heels for her, so is she leading him on by staying with him?
If you were her, would you just end the relationship?

EDIT: Forgot to include that her bf is NOT a US Citizen, so if he doesn't find a job that will grant him a work visa by February 2011, he has to go back to Europe. She's telling herself that if he ends up having to go back, THEN this will be a sign that she has to finally break up with him. This I think is just mean.
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While halitosis has many varying shades of malodorous scents, there is one that seems common and persistent among individuals who really, likely share no background or history at all. This bad breath smells like rotting food and death and warm badness; it is a very certain smell that can be recognized instantly. Do you know what I'm talking about? Does it have a name other than halitosis?

What are you most self-conscious about?

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I just recently saw the LOTR trilogy for the first time. I know, I'm super late. I thought I wouldn't like it but I really enjoyed it, so I'm looking to watch more fantasy movies. I haven't had much exposure to that genre, so I come to you, TQC. What fantasy movies should I watch?

dk/dc: What's the last thing you thought you'd dislike, but actually ended up enjoying?

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I just spent the last two hours clicking through the links of the Harry Potter Wiki page. I got seriously lost. What was the last Wiki page that got you lost?*

I made a delicious salsa chicken thing in my crock pot and I've had burritos for the last week. It was amazing, but now it's gone. What should I cook next in my crock pot?

*I realize that's an awkwardly worded question, but my brain is so fried right now I can't figure out a way to fix it.
Armrat judges you

For 50k, would you....?

Poll #1751984 For $50,000, would you....?

...work at McDonalds as the french fry operator until you retire? Saying yes to this question means you'd sign a contract that would pay you 50k a year every year until you retire. Every day of your worklife would then involve wearing a McDonals uniform


...wear the same clothes you're wearing now at all times for an entire year? You can only wear this outfit (the one you have on now), whether it's going to work/school, to weddings, to parties, sitting around the house, etc. You can't tell anyone about the money otherwise the deal's off. Just 365 days, and you are allowed to wash the outfit as much as you want


...go to prison for 4 months? It's normal, gritty prison, not one of those white-collar prisons. You'll be locked in with some of the worst felons, like murderers and those guilty of assault and battery


...get back together with your ex? You must be with him/her for at least 2 months and you can't mention the money. If they break up with you before then, you don't get paid, so it'd be in your best interests to be very supportive of whatever they want to do in those 60 days


..be willing to become addicted to heroin? You can always rehab it out later, but that junkie temptation for another fix will always stay with you


...be a surrogate mother of triplets? This question is obviously for the ladies. They've developed a technique that would allow them to guarrantee how many babies end up in the womb, and the parents who are footing the bill want triplets. Carrying them to term will be guarranteed, due to the hypothetical advancements of science in this poll. It's just the 9 months of discomfort, weight gain and any other awkwardness that comes with carrying 3 fetuses inside you for 3 seasons


Edit: in question 1, there is no room for promotion, so you'll always remain the french fry person

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I am filling out an online registration to become an organ donor.
What does this mean??

"I consent to help save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor for:


Transplant only

Transplant/organ and tissue research"

The part I dont get is the second option. I would prefer to give my organs/tissue to a living person before I'd want to hand it over for research.... Does anybody know how its handled if I choose the second option? I would prefer research to be the last option if my organs/tissue arent viable for transplant.

I looked on the website for a place to contact, and its all 1 800 numbers... thought I'd ask here to see if anybody knew before resorting to that.

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I haven't worn earrings since 2007 but I just found a few pairs online that make me want to wear earrings again. Would my earring holes be closed up by now? When I feel my earlobes, they have this lump where the piercings are/were...Is it just as simple as forcing an earring through there or will I need to get them repierced?

DK/DC: Do you have any piercing horror stories?

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 should I fight a parking ticket in court or is it not worth it?

The guy gave it to me even though he saw me coming and said, "sorry, it's already printed and I can't take it back." It's 18$ =/  which isn't bad, but still!

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can we have an "anything" post? literally, talk about whatever the fuck you want.

this weather (chicago) is so unpredictable. goddamn 90 degrees one day, then 50s the next. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND
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Do you work a graveyard/night audit job? What are you tips for sleeping during the day?

I got drunk so that I could fall asleep but I realise now I need earplugs. What do I do? Difficulty: I can't drive.

I spent $60 on groceries today despite the fact I never eat. Would you like some Cheetos? (puffy not crunchy don't be stupid)

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hi tqc. tonight a certain damascus blogger makes me want to ask... have you ever lied about anything online? now's your chance to come forward and tell us the truth. c'mon.

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My father's been trying online dating and a few months ago he met a woman who lives a few states over. He invited her to visit him and following a successful visit they arranged for her to fly down a second time, a few weeks later. A few days before they were meant to meet again she told him that her father's birthday is coming up and she needs to send him a gift soon. She told him her internet wasn't working but if he could send her some money she'd pay him back when she met him. He sent her $2000 but when they met they kept arguing and eventually he booked her an earlier flight home.

When he called her back and asked her for the money she started threatening him. Someone she knows sent him an email soon after she left, showing snippets from her 'Facebook' which contradicted a lot of what she had told him. When he confronted her she told him that she would send a message to the medical board (he's a doctor) and tell them that he had accessed her information without her permission (which is ridiculous) but that he had also given her pills intended to drug her (he had given her ibuprofen for a headache).

What can he do? I'm not sure if the police would care or even listen to him- his English is not that good when he's flustered. What about the accusations? The money's insignificant compared to what accusations like that could do to his career.

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I had a shitty day at work and now I'm in the mood for a nice good cry. Problem is, I don't know which of my go-to crybaby movies to watch. Make my decisions for me? Options include Big Fish, Pan's Labyrinth or My Girl.

What are YOUR favorite "I've had a shitty day and want to wallow" movies? Whether they're crybaby movies or happy, feel-good movies.
Muh Life.
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I'm going to the beach for a week and need a super long book (via Kindle) to read on the trip. What Stephen King book should I get? I read The Stand last summer.

What's the last book you read? What was it about?

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If you like short stories how do you go about reading them? Do you amass your own "sets" to read or do you like to buy a single volume of several stories? A single author at a time or is a mix up nice?

Any suggestions? Online would be super. Any genre.

If you don't like short stories is there any particular reason?

What do you like to read online that is more "factual" whether fiction or non? I think that doesn't make a lot of sense but can't think of a diff way to say it...

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TQC, have you successfully cooked eggs in a slow cooker? My SO wants to do this and I think it is an insanely bad idea. Like scrambled eggs, not poached (which I could kind of see as working).

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So I need help with e-readers. I'm assuming there have been posts about them in the past, but this is specifically for a 59 year old woman (my aunt) who will not use it for anything except reading books. I want to buy her one for her birthday and I'm not sure which way to go. The 1st edition Nook is only $119. Is it really so different from the newer versions that my aunt would notice or care? What about the Kindle? It's apparently only $114 and I get 20% off a cover if I buy this week. Both have free shipping.

Please help me decide which one to get for my technologically challenged aunt? Thank you so much in advance :)

*Edit* I forgot to mention that my cousin (my aunt's son) is a B&N member so he gets special offers in the mail for discounts on ebooks and things. I'm not sure if that'll make a difference in which way to go.

*Edit again* My stepmother has a Nook and she told me she can share books with other Nooks. Can Kindles and Nooks share books? Like, if I got my aunt the Kindle, would she be able to share with my stepmother?

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My body has developed some weird Pavlovian response wherein every time I'm in a Marshall's or TJMaxx, I suddenly have to poop RIGHT AWAY.

How does something like that even develop?

What's your weird body thing?


I was just watching L.A. Ink and came up w/ a couple questions.

Does anyone have experience with permanent eyeliner?
Any experiences with tattoo removal? Laser or OTC (which otc) ?

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Will you use this post to share pictures of different rooms in your house?

I'm moving into this awesome house at the beginning of July, so I want to see how other people have their houses!
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going to orlando on wednesday for harry potter world and also universal studios and orlando in general. i will be there til tuesday, and we're staying at the wyndham resort.

any recommendations on cheap food/drinks or tips on how to NOT spend mucho bucks? also, where are the good gay bars at?

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I'm looking for advice/opinions!
I'm due an upgrade on my iphone. I can either upgrade now and get a new 24 month contract, going from the 3gs to 4, or wait it out on a cheaper rolling contract and wait for a new iphone to come out.
Which should I do? And do any apple buffs know anything about speculation about a new iphone?

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When I read someone's expression in a book, I make the same expression in real life. Does anyone else do this?

What should be my dinner project this week?
-penne with Italian sausage and red peppers
-Kung Pao chicken, or
-yogurt-orange chicken
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What's the last thing that you loved that was discontinued? 

They discontinued my hair dye and I'm freaking out!  I loved how fast it worked so I didn't have to have it on for long (I bleach my hair), and my hair feels awesome after I use it.  I went to stock up on more and found out it's not made anymore :(

Does anyone else bleach from a box?  What do you use?  Do you like it?

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What book would you recommend to me? 

I have recently (this year) read:  The Kite Runner, Eat Pray Love, Life of Pi, and 127 Days...

What was the last book you read?

DK/DC/don't read:  What did you think of the last movie you saw and what was it?
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I'm overweight and kind of self-conscious. I should just get over it and do some lap swimming at my gym tomorrow, right?

What comprised your largest meal today?
How do you feel about the last thing you touched, besides whatever you're typing on and the thing holding it up? How about the last person you talked to?

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Have you ever called the wrong name during sex? Or been with someone who called the wrong name? Tell me about how awkward it was!

...have you ever called any name during sex at all? lol

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In about a month my boyfriend's cat is moving in with me. This cat is currently living with his mom with a bunch of other cats, so we're not going to be able to take any of the cat stuff since it's being used for all the other 3 kitties too and are going to have to get all new stuff.

I've never owned a cat before, though I did have a roommate that had cats.

What advice do you have for a new cat owner? This is an older cat, but I am contemplating getting a kitten in the nearish future.

What equipment do I need to get before he comes home with us?
Quote - Can&#39;t Buy Me Love

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Ok, TQC, I need some dating advice.

Collapse )

So TQC, what should I do? The thing is, I AM interested in it. I have talked to dozens of guys, been on dates with a fair few, and none of them made me feel as happy as this one. I told him I'd like to think about it more, and he said that if I wanted to text him tomorrow and then we could talk on the phone some more, I could do that. I told him that I think hanging out as friends and going a ton slower than that first date would be a definite requirement though, because part of what had me so hung up was that I didn't think he was the type of person to use someone. I'm so conflicted right now, because I felt so comfortable with him and even if we just wound up as friends, at least I'd still be able to have the great conversations we started with. However, I'm also not sure if we can really go back to just being friends since I'm still nursing my monster crush on him, and he says he is still interested as well.

tl;dr - What is your favorite IKEA product name? Mine is totally the DOMBAS, because we called them "Dumbasses" when they went on sale and we had people coming out of the woodwork to purchase dozens of them at a time. I mean, $49.99 for a wardrobe is good, don't get me wrong, but still. Crazy.

Also - I am totally prepared for multiple people to call me stupid. I am probably very stupid for considering trying this again, right?

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Will you tell me about foods or snacks you like that other people think are weird?

Brought to you by the microwaved-to-the-point-of-burned cheddar cheese, sprinkled with a little salt, pepper and garlic powder, I just ate for a late-night snack. I also enjoy vanilla wafers with chocolate frosting for a super trashy snack on occasion.

Maybe I'm just gross, hahahah.

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My SO and I are running out of dirty things to say to each other during sex. We're both too lazy to take notes during porn (and last time I checked out Sasha Grey, only thing she ever said was "FUCK"). Most of what we say are banal things like "You dirty whore" "You want this *expletive* *expletive* don't you" etc.

TQC what are some new things we can say during sex?