June 12th, 2011

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How do you decide on things?

Problem: I want to start riding horses again soon so that i may show again this summer.  The women's horse I showed last summer, well she's not the best person to say the least. I'm not sure what would happen if I showed back up there, literally. Omg the stories I have.  OR should i go to a new stable, that i know nothing about, and not even sure if they'll let me show their horses?

Maybe I could check out both?

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i need some advice from actual people, not just medical wobsites.

for the past couple of months i've been excessively hungry, and i also feel like i'm incapable of losing weight. i eat a healthy vegan diet with loads of fruits and veggies, beans, nuts, etc. so i should be getting enough fiber to keep me full, but i'm still hungry all the time.

i've also been doing cycles of p90x since november of last year, but i haven't lost a single. pound. i realize that i've gained a lot of muscle, but (probably) not enough for my weight to be completely unchanged. i've also started running (2.5mi, 3 days/week) to help burn more fat, and i ride my bike over 20mi/week. i recently thought that maybe my body was in starvation mode because i was trying to eat less than 1000 calories/day, so i upped my intake to about 1300 calories, but i'm still not losing any weight. if anything, i think i'm gaining weight. (i weigh myself once every week or so.)
i know that weight loss doesn't occur overnight, but i've been actively trying to lose weight for over 6 months and haven't seen any drop in the number.

any advice, or words of wisdom? thanks.
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What's the West Coast like? I've lived in Miami all my life so far but I'm going to school in California in September! People act like I'm moving to a foreign country or something. Is there really that much of a difference?

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Hola TQC~ 

it is jira_rd if you remember me under a new name!

Will you tell me a joke? 

What is a show that you love to watch over and over again? I'm currently rewatching LOST (I only finished S2), but tomorrow I'm starting Stargate SG-1 over because holy crap ilu so hard crazy sci fi show.

How are you feeling right now?  I'm drunk and lonely.

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Have you ever had your toilet overflow? How scary, gross, embarrassing, funny is that?

Also, can we all wake up and start posting now? I have missed tqc and I don't want it to be almost 3am quiet tqc time :(
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My dog is having his two front teeth removed on Tuesday. I am nervous, mostly about the anesthesia. My vet said he has only had one dog die under anesthesia, and that it was a 15 year old dog nearly 15 years ago. This did not make me less nervous.

If your dog has had teeth removed or had anesthesia will you tell me about it?
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When people post about getting bangs, do you picture someone randomly shooting ljers in the head because bangs means something totally different in your dialect?

If previously yes, how many TQC posts about fringes did it take before you stopped mentally inserting someone with a gun into all these questions about bangs?

DK/DC/WTF are you on about, you crazy non-American-speaking-person: what linguistical oddities always make you stop and think before you realise what the poster's talking about?
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If you witnessed a heavily pregnant woman drinking alcohol, would you say or do anything about it?

What if she was smoking?

Inspired by a conversation I had with a friend earlier today.

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Hey guys :)

I'm thinking about getting a Wii. They're about 177 bucks right now and that comes with the remote and nunchuck, steering wheel and Mario Kart racing game.

Good? Yes? No? Advise meeeeee 

ETA:  That's a no to the DVDs then, I don't have Netflix either.

What are you thinking about buying?/What have you just bought?
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For those who work in some sort of customer service job (retail, food service, etc.) do you have any customer(s) that come in often and always ask for/order/do the same thing? Are they any particularly odd ones?

There's this woman that comes in at least every week or so to where I work and uber excitedly asks for our hot coffee. Keep in mind that I work in a gift shop in a botanical garden and our hot coffee is basically a powered mix and hot water that customers make themselves. She always just asks for coffee and never buys anything from the shop or asks for admission into the garden. She's always ecstatic and giddy when we have it and looks like someone ripped her heart out when we don't. It's really quite odd and a bit hilarious. We recently had a little café open up in the park that sells actual coffee and when I told her about it it looked like she was going to have a heart attack from joy.

There also used to be a cute little old man who barely spoke any English who would come into the shop, buy a box of our souvenir chocolate and go into the garden to watch DVDs on a portable DVD player. I never understood why he would pay admission for the garden if he was just going to watch DVDs. He could do that anywhere! He didn't have to pay for it.

DK/DC/Don't work in customer service: Are you a "regular" anywhere? Do the people who work there recognize you and know what you're going to ask for? Do you have any very specific or odd requests at any of the places you frequent?
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What is your makeup routine? Does it change during the day and at night?

ETA: I really love the details that everyone posted. It gives me ideas on what makeup to use and the order to put them on. Thsnks! :D

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i will be going to whole foods today to sample the soups. i'm not actually gonna buy anything. just interested in a free lunch. how many samples can i take before the employees start bothering me? i'm not fat or anything gross like that so i can probably pass as upper middle class

how many months of doing this regularly would be okay? like 6?

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What is something about your SO that annoys you? My SO is very anti ~pop culture~, which is fine, but he can easily go on endless rants about celebrities and their worthlessness and the glorification of pop stars who aren't real musicians etc etc. It's quite tiresome after a while. I personally don't care much about celebrities, but I don't have such strong opinions about things like that since it doesn't effect my life.

How do you feel about pop culture? What about sports players? Whenever the Yankees lose a game my dad always makes snide comments about those "poor millionaires." I get that their salaries are ridiculous, but stfu Dad I'm trying to grieve.

My dad and SO should totally hang out all the time, y/y?

DK/DC/single: Out of the cities you've visited, which is your favorite and why?
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I just created the document "TRAN3060 Essay 2 REALLY FINAL THIS TIME.doc", following several drafts, "TRAN3060 Essay 2 final.doc" and "TRAN3060 essay 2 final final.doc".

Each time the content has been similar, but I've felt the need to write it out from scratch based on the thoughts I had over the previous draft, but expressed more concisely.

How many times do you tend to have to draft out assignments before they're done?

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What kind of drunk are you?

According to others, there's really no discernable difference between sober me and drunk me. I maybe giggle more, but I'm still the girl who's trying to be super responsible and trying to prevent other drunk people from doing stupid shit even as I'm tripping over imaginary things.

Hot Dog Toppings/ Mac and Cheese Toppings

I'm having a summer themed housewarming party and I want to do a hot dog bar, where everyone can add their own toppings. I wanted to do the same with macaroni and cheese, inspired by this http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/06/a-triumph/

What toppings would you suggest for a.hot dogs and b.mac and cheese?

My thoughts

a. ketchup, mustard, mayo(ew), relish, chili, cheese, raw onions, jalapenos,

b. goat cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, scallions, sour cream, hot sauce,
Muh Life.
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DIYers I need your help! My SO bought a 1994 popup camper and we (he) needs to strip the rooftop and reseal it. As is it has some minor water damage but nothing too bad, so hopefully resealing it should do (theoretically there is no mold). He's pulling the silicone & putty off with a plastic scraper but some of it won't come up.

If we use Goo Gone or WD40 to help lift the leftover, will it keep a Rhino Liner or Cool Seal from adhering when we recoat the roof?

Anyone, anyone?

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does anyone here have the Super Mario World add on for Firefox?

i just put it on and i can't get passed this hill in the very beginning and i'm sad D:

ETA: LULZ i figured it out.

ANYWAY, how to get it: http://apps.conduit.com/search?appId=6e06e55e-8f78-4edd-b05d-be719adb0773&SearchSourceOrigin=4

i hope that works, anyway.

since that's all done and dusted: how's your weather?

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Have you switched to BLU-Ray yet?
Are you an early adopter of new technology, someone who switches when convenient, or someone who holds onto their archaic technology as long as humanly possible?

(I am hoarding VCRs in fear of mine breaking)

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So I got a wireless mouse for Christmas 2010 and suddenly today (not quite six months later) it's not working very well. It'll randomly stop responding until I turn it off and back on again. But even then, it'll only respond for a minute, max, then it'll die again. I've replaced the batteries and rebooted the computer, but neither has seemed to help. Do you have any other ideas?

Edit: Thanks, everyone! It works now. :)

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Should I get a brazillian wax?

Can you tell me about your brazillian experiences?

I've never had one but once when I was about 13 I went to get my eyebrows waxed and the woman thought I was getting a brazillian so she kept telling me to take off my pants, I was confused.

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if i marinate some beef for stir-frying in brown sugar and soy sauce, it's going to be delicious when i cook it in a few hours, right? especially if i put in some pineapple, maybe orange, and green and orange peppers? and serve it over rice?

what is your favorite thing to cook? bonus points for recipes.
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TQC! :)

Icecream or no icecream? 
I'm totally craving it right now, but I'd have to go to the shops

What are you craving at the moment?

What's your favourite icecream flavour?
Mint choc chip


legs motherfucker

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A while ago I went to a theater to see a movie, while waiting for it to start there was a preview for a movie about two astronauts stuck on the moon or something and there were aliens after them and some sort of government cover-up? I don't remember completely, but I can't remember the name of that movie or when it was supposed to come out. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? And the name of the movie? I tried my google-fu already.

What's your favorite "suspense" movie?

Any good movies on netflix instant lately?

DK/DC/I HATE MOVIES: what's your favorite color? You must only pick one.
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Will you please share two pictures of yourself, taken within the last 18 months, where you look like two completely different people? This can't be a phenomenon which only affects me.

Mine in comments. :)
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TQC, after seeing all your my little pony icons and noticing the little ponies are taking over the universe, I decided to watch the first two episodes. I don't get it. What's the craze about? What am I missing?! WHY ARE MY LITTLE PONIES SO POPULAR?!
Pokemon → IDK MAN


The situation: we have a Korean market downtown that I adore, but I rarely go in because I end up spending too much time staring stupidly at all the packages of food, trying to figure out what I'm looking at and what to buy, and end up usually just leaving the store with some Pocky, feeling like an idiot.

The question: can anyone suggest some yummy Korean snacks -- and better yet, can photos (or links to photos) be provided so I can identify them at my local shop?

Sidenote: I'm vegetarian, so...!


 What are the best exercises for women to tone up their upper arms? (the under side of the upper arm mainly)

I feel reasonably happy with the rest of my body but I feel like my arms are flab-tastic since I gave up swimming 5 days a week. I just want to tone up. I really don't want scary Madonna arms. 

Bonus points for inexpensive or free ways of doing it. I really, really can't afford gym membership right now (hence no swimming). 
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Help, TQC! I don't know proper wedding gift giving etiquette.

My cousin is having a commitment ceremony with her fiancee over the fourth of July. They are registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I am a member at Ruelala.com and there is a Scanpan 6 piece knife set (including a utility knife) for $79.90 + shipping; retail value is $199.00. However, it is final sale, so I couldn't return it. They have a single utility knife on their registry that has not been purchased, it is by Wusthof.

I really want to get them the Scanpan set because I think it is nice and everything, and I'm all about getting a good value on gifts - I like to maximize the money I spend. I'm planning on spending $100.00 on them either way, but if I can get them something worth a lot more I'd prefer to do it that way. The reviews seem to be pretty good for the product, at least from what I've found.

So, TQC, what would you do? I am probably being totally awful for wanting to go off registry, huh? This is seriously the first wedding I've been invited to since I was in high school and went to my uncle's wedding, so I need educated in the ways of gifting.
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Gah, another question!

To people with tattoos: how much pain did you feel? Where on your body have you had your tattoo(s) done? Did it just feel like a needle piercing skin, or worse?

I'm planning on getting one sometime in the near future, on the innermost part of my wrist so I want to know what I'm getting myself into.

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how do you format a writing sample when you're applying for a job?

ETA: I'd really appreciate some serious responses to this. I know tqc just likes to fuck around, but if anyone can help, that would be nice.

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Attention, people from Britain/British Commonwealth countries!

The Queen appears on the currency of 33 nations.
If you're in one of those nations, are you excited for when the Queen dies and all the money changes to Prince Charles? Are you equally or more excited for when money has William on it?? Won't it be strange to have royal dudes in her place on money after all this time???

Updating Drivers in Windows 7

1. I've got myself a brand new laptop. It is dumb but handsome. It is from Dell. There was a slip of paper that came with it that said "First you gotta charge the battery at least 12 hours, then you gotta go to our support page and grab all the Driver updates.

The support page asked for my Service Key (like a serial number) and then picked out 24 updated drivers for me to download and install. It let me do a mass download. Is there any way to do a mass install of these things, or do I need to run each one individually?

2. DK/DC: Did Congressman Weiner ever send you one of his special photos?

3. Could God create a narcotic so powerful that not even HE could quit taking it?

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What movie should i watch TQC?

I like horror, comedy, thriller, documentaries, anything really.

I'm gonna smoke and I'd like a good movie that grabs my attention. I was looking at I Am Number Four but idk yet. Help!

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Is anyone else watching the Tony's? Are you just... not-wowed? I feel like a weirdo for being meh about it but all the performances have just been okay for me tonight. None of them have made me go "Man I want to go an hour into NYC and drop fifty bucks for a ticket to this musical!" Are you a fan of any of the musicals spotlighted tonight? Which ones? What're your favorite musicals in general?

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I bought myself an ice cream maker a few months back. After plenty of partially delicious experimentation, I've worked out the tastiest ice cream base.

What flavour shall I make?

Nutella and peanut butter will be made after my next batch of strawberry. But after that I have no idea!
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Would you ever get a tattoo from someone who did tattoos out of their home? What if their portfolio was good & the actual area where they did the tattoos was clean?

I'm not considering a home tattoo, I promise! I'm just curious what TQC thinks.

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oh, TQC, i am not the most socially apt person, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. the guy i like had an accident yesterday or today and hurt his legs(not broken, it's like a chemical burn or something). i wanna be like, "Are you OK?" or "Do you need anything?" or "Do you want cheering up?" but i don't want to come off as weird or clingy or like i'm stalking his facebook(he didn't tell me about, he posted about it in a status and went MIA).

would texting him asking how he's doing be odd/seem weird/clingy/etc?
what should i say?
is there anything i can offer to do? i wanna be like, let me know if you need anything! but i mean, what is he going to need? i don't think he'd need me to come over and fix his mac and cheese. it seems silly to ask something i feel like i already know the answer to but i also want him to know that i ~~care.

CAT :(

im friends with this girl who got a cat about a year ago when it was a kitten, i havnt been to her house since but i went back there a couple times this week. she doesnt live there anymore but her cat is still there with the other roomate. the other roomate wants to get rid of that cat, the cat is literally starving, and being abused. its not fixed and they havnt got it shots. i asked the girl who is the owner of the cat if she would be willing to sell him and she said no. i said i would be willing to pay $350 for him and im willing to go higher, but right now she will not give him too me. im thinking about calling animal control.
what should i do?

*edit* i want to just steal the cat but im on probation for larceny so i would go to jail.
kiv dancin.
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relationships. so real.

so, let's ask a question for those of you In Relationships.

let's set the scenario: you've been together for a while and regardless of how long it's been, you're comfortable with each other. you've gotten into a routine, not necessarily a rut. you're happy, they're happy, but you're past the honeymoon period.

so surely you two joke with each other from time to time.

what has been the best, worst, or most apropos joke your SO has made about you?

for example, last night my boyfriend said this, TOTALLY JOKING: "you better not mix me another one of these drinks. one more of these and i'm gonna find you attractive."