June 11th, 2011


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Did The Sixth Sense scare you at all? I just watched it for the first time - I hate horror movies so I've never wanted to - and didn't even jump.

What's the scariest movie that you've ever seen?
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Questions for fancy people only

Do you match your finger and toenail polish?

How many shades of eye shadow do you wear at once?

Lipstick or lip gloss? If you prefer lipstick, do you like a particular finish above all others (i.e. matte, satin, oh god even frosted, etc.)?

DK/DC/I'm not fancy: GTFO

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So what would you do if...Everytime you go to a party you make your pick for the night, but don't voice it, and two seconds later your best friend informs you that she'll "have him by the end of the night". It's so annoying, it happens every time, i see a guy i like but she's in there like swimwear flirting like her life depended on it before i can even say a word to him, and of course she gets him. And i'm like...what the hell, i was gonna go for him.
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I'm sitting here bawling thinking about moving and the people I'll be saying goodbye to, and how far away I'll be from everything I know. Help?!

What sort of heavy shit is on your horizon?
How do you deal with this type of shit?

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 Is there an extension for Google Chrome which would make it possible to bookmark and open local computer files? I've experimented and when I bookmark them now, they download themselves then open (not the original file, but the one in my downloads obvs, or a temporary file).

Maybe there's an extension for when you open the 'New Tab' that has a place to put local links in? I seem to remember something in Firefox (Tab King maybe?) that had links to local OneNote, Powerpoint and such.
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I have an iPhone, but not a computer.
Is there any way to get my pictures from my iPhone to Wal-Mart so I can print them?

I know I can do it at places like CVS & Walgreens, plus online places, but Wal-Mart is the closest to me & I was trying to avoid having to go out of my way if at all possible.
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i am going in for a cut and color today. should i:
a) comb my hair out with detangler?
or b) actually make the effort to get in the shower and wash my hair?

decide my fate, tqc.

what did you have for breakfast this morning?

Blues fans ...

Any blues fans? The great Buddy Guy has issued albums from 1965 to 2010 (per Wikipedia). I especially like the sound of Stone Crazy. What would you recommend as a Buddy Guy fan starter kit?
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What are your feelings on the word "ditto"?

Does it depend on what it's being used for? Like if you were to say, "I miss you!" and the person replies "Ditto!" would that bother you?

Is it different depending on if it's in person or a text? Do people even say ditto outside of texts anymore?

DK/DC: what color are your sheets?
Fonz: barry

River playlist

I have been getting in to making themed playlists, (like lists of covers and such) lately, and my current one is River, or boat, or even riverboat themed songs. stuff like old man river, or proud mary or take me to the water, or even stuff that's a pretty big stretch like bridge over troubled water.

  1. do you have any song ideas / recommendations?
  2. have you made any themed playlists that you are proud of or need help with?

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When you have a coupon, do you feel like you HAVE to use it before it expires, even if you don't need the product?

I have a coupon for 2 enchilada dinners for the price of 1 from this mexican place and even though I don't want to spend the money, that's a good deal and will probably go before next week when it expires.

Will you share your latest deals and bargains?
What Would Wonder Woman Do

Kind of serious business...?

I'm seriously considering going back to college to get my English bachelor's degree. What would make a good minor to study?

Things to consider: I'll be taking the bulk of my classes either online or at a "satellite" campus, I really like writing, and I'll be working and taking care of a family while studying.

DK/DC/Chrissakes plan your own life: What are you looking forward to? (I'm going to Texas next weekend!)

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Should I dye my hair darker? It's been my natural color for a long time and I'm longing for a change!

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I like my natural color, but I'm bored of it. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

What's your preferred hair color on yourself?

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How do you stay motivated?
I'm taking 24 credit hours online, so it's all up to me to finish everything on my own.

Does weird flavored soda hurt your stomach?
Orange used to kill my stomach, now I think peach is too.

What is a MUST see/do in Gatlinburg, TN?
We have a hotel right on the strip and are leaving one week from now!


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Do you have any fun plans for the summer and if so, what?

ETA: my current SO says I talk about politics too much. Should I dump him or take a hint?
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Do you ever feel withdrawal when you finish watching a good tv series or movie? What tv show/movie was it and why?

I just finished watching Battlestar Galactica a few hours ago and I'm reluctant to watch anything else right now because I felt so attached the characters and the plot really drew me in. I also wish they could've continued the series so I could get more of my fix.

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Questions oh mighty tqc people! 

If you live in a country where English is the primary language, did you take a foreign language in highschool/secondary/upper elementary? What one did you take?

What was your primary reason for taking a language? What sorts of things influenced it? [requirement? interest in the culture? ancestral heritage?]  Do you feel it was worth your time to take?
By chance, did you continue your studies in University in said language?
What do you think 'qualifies' a person to claim they have more than just a interest in a language not their own? Do they have to be of similar race to the language they're learning? What do you think is the difference between a 'scholar' of a language and a wannabe? What are some ways to tell?

I'm bilingual working on a third (and eventually fourth, the two sorta hafta go together because of the country I'm immigrating to in a few years.) language in university and i've been wondering for awhile what the standards on things like these are.  The stuff i found on LJ was mixed/nonexistent so i thought i would ask you guys since, from my lurking, you know lots more than me. xD;;  

Please, if my phrasing is unclear ask me for clarification, I'm on some meds for some surgery i had last week ( so grammatical errors probably abound ;.; )
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Barely There underpants

One Hanes Place is having a sale on Barely There underpants. I never buy these but I am in need of some wardrobe basics. Anyone here have a recommendation?

Some parameters: DNW thong, look lumpy in bikinis unless they sit perfectly smooth and flat, prefer black or red if possible.
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Should I get bangs?

I'm planning to cut about 4 inches of length off in the next week or so, and I want a little bit more of a change I think. I had originally planned to cut the front of my hair to about chin level. If I get bangs, I'm thinking of about eye level. My hair is kind of fine, but there is a lot of it, and it's naturally wavy.
If there's something different I should do, let me know.
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What was the last thing you ate? Anything you want to eat but can't or haven't been able to yet?

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What traits or habits have you noticed you share with non-immediate members of your family?

One of my cousins loves her cat a lot. And another cousin and I always eat like 3 bowls of rices at restaurants. I've noticed that my mom must have gotten her paranoia from her grandma.

If you're adopted, what habits do you think you picked up from family members? And what habits do you have that none of your family members have?

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have you ever fallen victim to trolling?
tell me about it cause i totally did this morning. took someones post on tumblr seriously and then just dug myself a hole from there. oops.
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Do you think there is an unfair stigma against people living in mobile homes? Do you think it's fair or legitimate? Would you ever live in one?

My boyfriend and I just moved into a trailer in part of a very nice trailer park/complex. The whole thing is $450 a month, so we pay $225 each a month, and we each get our own bedroom and bathroom. It's a trailer, granted, but it's a very nice one with mostly up-to-date appliances, etc, and the maintenance guy and landlord are very friendly. Yet whenever I mention where I live, people always say "... oh," like it's the worst thing in the world.