June 10th, 2011

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My SO's entire family (pretty much) is in town for the weekend for his sister's wedding - everyone arrived today. On a whim, with no notice or preparation on our parts at all, he invited his 3 cousins to our (TEENY TINY ONE-BEDROOM) apartment to play video games spend the night. So now I'm essentially babysitting 3 boys between the ages of 17-24 for the night (though they might as well turn into adolescent 12 year olds when they get together). What gross boy things do you think they'll do in my living room tonight? They're going to have a farting contest, aren't they? D:

Alternatively, will you tell me about your crazy eccentric family members?

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Dental work = hydrocodone, and I'm feelin fine. I had a good night's sleep this afternoon, and now I'm awake-ish, looking for something to watch in my bed-sofa-nest. Candidates so far are Marie Antoinette - emotional masturbation, can watch over and over - and Shaun of the Dead, which I've been putting off because I think it'll sick me out but now I might be just chill enough. Any other suggestions?

Do you want to talk about the last time you tasted blood in your mouth?

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If you have seasonal allergies, what are you allergic to, and how do those allergies manifest?
What do you do to take care of the symptoms?
Have you ever had an allergy medication flat-out not work for you?

(Brought to you by my itchy eyes/sinuses and the fact that this Zyrtec I've been taking for almost two months now is doing nothing to save me.)

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Ladies, how do you feel about porn?
How do you feel about your significant others watching porn?

Would it be a stupid investment to buy a vintage car?

I made the mistake of watching Insidious before bed, now I cant sleep. What should I do?
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So, I just made a really great discovery today: Multigrain "everything" crackers + goat cheese + fresh leaves of basil.

What is your most recent great discovery? (Does not have to be food-related.)
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During what, if any, social situations are you completely pants? Incapable of presenting a clear, coherent front?

I cannot handle when people hit on me, because it happens so rarely, and I assume that the person has eye problems because I am not attractive. It has happened three times in two days, which is CRAZY, and each time has been a study in social ineptness.

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Anyone here have synesthesia? If so, what type? I've just realized that I might have "odor --> color" in addition to "grapheme --> color" and "sound --> color", and I'm pretty excited.

Or if you don't have synesthesia, what are some unusual things about you?

non-srs answers preferred

what do you do when you'd prefer to just be dead rather than alive, but you know you can't kill yourself because that would probably be pretty ridiculous?

there's no alcohol here so that's not an option.

BONUS QUESTION: puppies or kittens?

puppies ^______^

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what is the ugliest color?
what is the prettiest color?

i think chartreuse is pretty bad
edit- try to pick only one for each and show your work if you could plz
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Have you ever been good gamed?
If yes, how did it make you feel?

Good Game
V. The act of slapping one on the ass and proclaiming "Good game."
I can't believe Mateo just good gamed that cop.

Brought to you by the fact that I received my first good game today, immediately after being kissed.
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I think I am in love with Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons. Assuming he loves me back (and i am pretty sure he does), where should we go for our honeymoon?

What do you think about weddings with a theme? what would your theme be if you got married (again)?

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I was talking to the boyfriend about how much school is stressing me out - the pressure to do well, combined with the fact that I don't actually have a break this year (doing summer courses) - He suggested I take fall semester off, and spend it, or half of it, with him. Is this a really bad idea?
(considering I probably wouldn't have  much money)

DK/DC - have you ever taken a break from school?  what did you do ? how hard was it to go back?
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I'm putting together a slideshow for my kid's 2nd birthday and I need a song. Preferably something acoustic/indie, something not expected. A non-sexual/somewhat upbeat love song would be great, something like "Hysteric" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Muchas gracias!
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Inspired by my recent bout of phone-phobia...

On a scale of 1-10, how anxious does making phone calls make you?

1 - Does not bother me at all
5 - I get anxious when making calls to strangers, but not to friends and family
10 - Making a call, even to my best friend, is terrifying
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tqc, help!

I'm applying to a job at my alma mater (just graduated last week) and I'm putting this sentence in the body of the email:

I am interested in applying my studies to provide support for scientists and researchers in order to continue my education through work.

Does it make sense? There are of course, other sentences in the email but I'm really fumbling over this sentence. Any way you can make it better?
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Where do you get your news? Do you try to vary your sources?

I pretty much only read/listen to NPR because I like the format and it's not too overwhelming, but I worry about getting all my news from one source. How should I add variety?
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My friend broke up with her verbally abusive boyfriend back in October on bad terms and he moved out of their shared flat without giving her any notice. He left her with all the bills and rent to pay until last month when she found a cheaper place to live. She just received the deposit they both put down for the old place (totaling £825) and she's concerned he may ask for his half back. Should she give it to him despite what he owes her anyway? Is she legally required to give it to him?

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Have you ever had a job that you were completely incompetent or at least moderately bad at? Did you feel guilty about it or was your attitude more like 'LOL YOU HIRED ME SO I'M YOUR PROBLEM NOW'? Did you resign to save everyone the frustration of having to deal with you or did you stick around like the tenacious motherlover you are?

My current feelings on the matter fall somewhere in between. I'm not quitting my job but I'm afraid of getting fired.

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TQC, about 5 minutes ago I realized that I'd so far spent the day with some cum dried in my eyebrows. I'm classy like that. I'd showered afterward, but it was rushed and apparently I failed.

Anyway, have you ever left the house with something seriously askew? At least a shirt on inside out or something?

What other listy sites are there like http://www.cracked.com?

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Can we please have a post where we help each other make decisions on potential purchases?
Post either a link or a pic of something you're not 100% sure if you should buy and we can all help you decide.

Mine will be in the comments.
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Do you guys have any ideas of anything I can do or sell to make some extra money?
It's not am OMG immediate need but I am drowning financially and I need to be bringing in more money. I already have a second job.

I can't do very many things but I can cook very well and I am good at making/putting together things. I can't really sew though.

I don't have a DK/DC because I can barely think straight right now.

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Do any of your friends, family, or acquaintances dislike/have problems with your SO? What are their reasons and how do you deal with it?

Did you have any reservations about your SO when you first began dating?

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When you go on a trip or stay with friends a few days do prefer to ...

Stock some food for your return?

Raid your friend/family's cupboards for a doggy bag?

Shop on your way home?

Order in so you'll have something that day and maybe the next?

Cannibalize a neighbor?

Something else?

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What was the last thing you stressed out about?

I thought I graduated in May from college, but wasn't able to walk during the ceremony due to a mandatory class trip. Anyway, my name was apparently in the pamphlet as a graduate, I received graduation tickets, didn't receive notice of my graduation application being denied, etc. yet everyone received their diplomas in the mail 8-10 days ago, and I still haven't. I checked my evaluation transcript online and I have 131 credits (you only need 128 to graduate), but some sections under my minor and in my cognate classes still say "no" next to "fulfilled requirement." The campus is closed Friday, so I'll be stressing out about this till Monday. D: D: D:

Also, have you ever seen an animal in your town/city/area that you've never seen there before? I was waiting for the light rail to go to Hoboken, and I saw a deer on the other side of the tracks between some trees. I know there's deer all over NJ, but I've never seen one in my area considering we don't have any wooded areas, or even trees for that matter. Wtf?

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Lets say that you usually experience crippling menstrual cramps on the first day of your period. They are so severe that nothing helps them and you spend all day in bed on Vicodin, getting cold sweats and nausea from the cramps. Then, you get on a specific birth control pill that makes these cramps completely disappear. However, your sex drive also completely disappears. Your relationship with your partner has significantly declined and is on the verge of being ended.

What do you try and do first? Would you go off your birth control and suffer for one day if it means being interested in sex again? 
Grammar love!

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Dr. TQC.

Why was I so ridiculously fatigued yesterday and today?

Yesterday was so bad. I got to work and I seriously felt...idk, weighed down and slow. Drained. I just wanted to sleep. I felt like crap. I ate a small breakfast (grapes and a cup of tea) but I managed to snack every couple hours (a peach, an apple, leftover pizza slice for lunch). So it couldn't have been food-related, I don't think. And I don't think it's a lack of sleep cause I only had a 5-hour shift yesterday that started at noon. And my job is office-y so it's not like I was running around all day. After work I walked home feeling like a zombie, I swear I was close to fainting.

And today I feel the same, except I have a day off and managed to sleep till noon. Wtf?

Could it be the weather? We went from being 85-90 degrees and sunny to 50-60 and rainy. I hate grey weather like this but I never feel *this* drained from it.
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i'm looking to get a gift card for a new grad who's moving on to college in missoula, montana. but i live in los angeles and have no idea what stores are out there. does anyone know and can clue me in?
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If you are an outdoor clothesline user, do you ever put your clothes out in the evening when you know they won't dry until the next morning? Or do you just put them in the dryer instead?

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 Does anyone know where I can get some flat (or some small heel, I just don't want stilettos) calf-height/knee-height boots for wider calves? Preferably for cheap? I'm having absolutely no luck. I'm looking for brown boots that I can wear to get to and from class every day come this fall when I'll be in a colder climate, and they're kind of a necessity. :(

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Assuming you want kids one day, what are some things that would make you *not* want to have kids with someone?

Ex. I personally would not have/raise children with someone who would not allow his son or daughter to break gender roles if it made them happy. If my son, for example, wanted to wear a dress (or, more deeply, felt he was a girl and it was not a phase), his dad would need to accept that. Same if my daughter wanted to wear boy clothes, etc.

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Have you ever felt pain in a dream?

What nationality is your last name?

Are you wearing shoes, socks, or barefoot?

It seems to come from around the time of the Norman conquest, so it's a mixture of French and English.
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TQC, when was the last time you wanted very specific foods?
How often does that happen?
How random are the food choices, usually?

I'm getting over a cold and want so many different things. I usually only want certain food combinations after I've been sick.

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What's something bothering you right now TQC? No matter how small.

Mine? I showered this morning and got water in my ears. It still hasn't fully come out so I've been tilting my head all day and looking like an idiot at my best friend's wedding.

also my debit card no longer works and it's not even expired.

what makes someone "athletic"?

I went to a new (to me) physical therapist for yet another injury (I'm always doing this - hurting myself during a workout and then getting sent to physical therapy). I described the problems and got some exercises, and also she said not to worry about getting into better shape (always my goal) because "you're fit, you're athletic, you'll be back to it soon." I thought, I'M FIT AND ATHLETIC? WTF? But a guy I work out with at the gym said I lift with really good form and I look like I can eat anything I want (not true), so maybe the physical therapist is onto something...

I don't think of myself as an athlete, though. What makes someone an athlete? Do you have to be in fantastic shape and/or compete?

DK/DC: Who's the most annoying Sesame Street character?
Alice in Underland | White Rabbit

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So there's this guy that I used to be friends with back in high school. He's a couple years younger than me, and married. I am also married. He's a firefighter, and he tends to work a lot of nights.

He talks to me a lot when I'm on facebook, and most of the time it's just friendly stuff, and he's clearly bored at work. But one night it got a little weird, just in the things he was saying, and how they were coming off. Even my husband thought it was really weird, and wanted me to cut off the conversation. He said that a lot of late night shifter firemen get really bored, and kinda horny. He also will pull this annoying BS where if I don't respond, he sends me a hurt message like, "You don't have to ignore me if you don't want to talk to me." I cannot deal with crap like that.

Thing is, I'm kinda shocked, but now when I get on facebook, I usually go offline, because I just... don't want to talk to him. He was a really sweet kid back in high school, and I just don't get this behavior.

Should I keep going offline, block him, or defriend him? It's gotten a bit awkward, and I don't know exactly how to say, "Dude you're kinda weirding me out" because he's still kind of sensitive, but my hubby is uncomfortable with it, and so am I.

Problem solved! Made an "ignore" list for facebook. Should come in handy.

New question: What do you do when you have a headache?

Green Arrow

The ONLY comic books I've ever read in my life are the six Green Arrow ones by Diggle/Jock that came out between September and November of 2007. I enjoyed them quite a bit.

Tonight I bought Quiver. I'm wondering if this is going to throw me into the middle of a storyline or if it references things I should already know about. Is there somewhere earlier I should start to really appreciate and understand Green Arrow?

Please advise. Thank you for any opinions/advice. :)
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Do you know what kind of spider THIS is? My friend found it in his room shortly after discovering what he thinks is a spider bite.

Tea drinkers, what is your favorite kind of tea? Do you re-use tea bags/loose tea? If so, how many times?