June 9th, 2011

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My mom just offered me $200 to clean my room. I should pull an all-nighter and clean it all before she forgets that she said it, y/y? There is a pretty good chance that she won't remember as it was the last words she spoke before falling asleep. Also my room is super messy and I am lazy. Does the potential pro of $200 outweigh these cons?

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fine gentleman of ye olde tqc, have you ever in all your years experienced this or anything like it???

~~~Last night I gave this light weight more than a white face, the jizz made her eyes ache, so we just called it a blind date~~~
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At what point do you be bluntly honest with a friend? I firmly believe, having seen it over and over again, that no one can truly love and value you until you love and value yourself. My best friend does not love or value herself, and every time we talk now it is about how much she hates that she doesn't have a boyfriend. I am tiiiiired of listening to her stories of one night stands and "friend cards" being pulled after. At what point, if ever, can I tell her to stop defining her self worth by boyfriends and fuck buddies and get back to therapy? She needs it and I can't give her any more advice. I've run out.

Also, I can't tell if this makes me a bad friend, so please let me know if I am.
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1. What do you think of Tumblr's new layout?

2. What do you think of this proposal+wedding? I personally dislike it very much but most people seem to be gushing on about how romantic it is. Barf. Chris Brown music is another ick factor there.

3. How would you want your proposal to be or if you prefer to be the one proposing, how would you propose? A public or private affair?

4. Would you want your wedding to be held minutes after your proposal? Even if your SO says that "this is all for youuuuuuuuu"?
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If you aren't particularly religious, or belong to any sort of faith, would you:

baptise or christen your child?
circumcise your child?
send them to any sort of daycare provided by a religious organization?
send them to any sort of religious associated school?
allow your rather religious parents/inlaws to influence said decisions or the child itself?

Srs question, non srs answer is ok. Just planning out some life.

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You have to choose between working in the retail (clothes/grocery store/boutiques, etc.) or food (sit down restaurant, fast food, etc.) industry for the rest of your life.

THERE IS NO GETTING AROUND IT. You'll have the opportunity to be promoted throughout your career.

Which do you choose?

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Do you remember things for a long time, especially those you regret? I mentioned to a friend that I still felt like I should apologize for things I said and did when I was in third grade (*cough*15yearsago*cough*), but she laughed herself silly and said no one would remember. I disagree, but I kinda doubt I can find said people to apologize to anyway. So how about you?

Random question: do you have a landline or just a cell phone? Why?

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For my husband's first father's day (our son is 5 months), I am making him a framed print of my son's hand over a "globe" (the hand will be green) and it will say "World's Best Dad".  The idea was that he could put it on his desk at work.

But I was just thinking that maybe that sort of craft thing is too girly or something?  Maybe its because *I* am making it and not our son that it seems a little stranger.  I feel like if he made it that it would be more of cute thing to put on his desk. 

Will he like this father's day present or should I give him something else?
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Say you see a job listing on Craigslist and you want to send in your resume. Do you also do a cover letter (in the body of the email, for instance)? If not, what do you put in the body of the email?

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Are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? Do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

If so, please post a picture and ask away.

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I was just reading a news article about the wildfires out in Arizona and New Mexico. They were talking about evacuating people and what those people were bringing with them.

One family, and I quote, "Had to make tough decisions [because they couldn't bring everything]. The Xbox made the cut, but family photos stayed behind."

That kind of made me WTF, but whatever.

If you were being evacuated, what would you bring with you, and what would you leave behind?

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Have you changed any at all this year?
Are you still the same?

Can you embrace change?

LOL...a Czech hooker invited herself into my room last night. She wanted 2,000 UAE Dirhams (approx $500+ USD) for the night. I laughed...if I had $500 to waste would I be in this crappy hotel??

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I remember when I first started using the internet that whenever I would type I'd use q as a g or I'd capitalize random letters in a word, for example:

And tHeN she was like qood luck with that, i h0pe it's all that you've alwayz waNteD.

I was also a member and co-founder of some Yahoo! groups. LOL

What embarrassing thing(s) can you remember doing when you first started using the internet?
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What would you do on a Sunday afternoon with your family? (no kids, just parents and adult siblings/SOs).
It is really rare that all 6 of us are around and I want to do something fun, plus I am leaving the country for three months the next day.
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It's my birthday next week. My boyfriend and friends keep asking me for gift ideas but I don't have any. I love books and reading, but I have plenty of novels. I don't really watch dvds . I recently bought an X-Box 360, but I got quite a few games with it.

TQC, what should I ask for as a birthday present(s)?

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Is there something that you thought you were interested in, but then realized that it is not for you? If so -- what (eta: and why)?

Me: law.
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Renter's Insurance

Does anyone have any experience with renters insurance? Did you have to file a claim? Will you tell me about your experience?

Would you consider it worth the $200 or so a year or a waste?

dk/dc Renters- How do you split the rent/bills with your roommates?

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You are given 20,000 dollars specifically for travel - you can only go one place in the world and you have to spend all the money in that one place - you are given a month to stay in whichever place you choose.

Where would you go?

What would you do?
Who/what would you see?

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TQC, two days ago I lost (one) of my jobs.
This freed up a lot of time for me.
Two hours ago I decided I would travel from Winnipeg, to.... at least montreal.
I'm going to go to New York. Its not going to cost me anything (free train ride/couchsurfing)

What should I do?!
I actually don't know that much about new york/manhattan. I want to walk, sit, drink coffee, eat icecream, shop, pass by unnoticed!

I'm sure some tqc-ers live in that area, anyone feel like a meet up? 12th-17th!
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what would a narwhal wear?
would a narwhal have friends?
would a narwhal wear any accessories?
why would a narwhal be sad?


eta: should a narwhal ever have "elvis hair"?

eta2: this is for a picture i'm drawing, i feel like i should have said that.


Do you know anyone who has traveled to a different State or a different country specifically to get surgery?

How far did they travel? How'd it turn out? 
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Will you share your experiences with late bill payments and/or collection agencies?

I got a final notice for a medical bill and it says that I must pay it within 7 days of the date on the letter or it will be forwarded to collections. The date on it is 5/31, however, so it's been more than 7 days. I just got the bill today though because I moved and the post office is not able to forward my mail. Do you think they'll give me a grace period because of that? :\

And if I have proof that I've already paid part of what they're charging me, they *should* comply and take that off the bill, right?
I don't know why but I'm having some major anxiety about this.

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What's the last bad idea you had?

I'm pretty sick and I just tried to make brownies and omg it's bubbling in the oven idk if maybe I hallucinated adding an ingredient when I didn't or something.
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I hope this hasn't been asked yet, but will you go to Google and record a little ditty on today's header to share with the class? Even if it's terrible (which mine surely will be!), let's see what you come up with.

Alternatively, I have a bottle of Jägermeister that needs drinking and I'm not too fond of Jäger bombs. Do you have any good drinks to suggest instead? And what should I watch on Netflix while I drink?

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 What was your last disappointing shoe experience?

Last week, I bought a pair of shoes from Target without trying them on. This morning, I carried them out to the car with me so I could wear them to work but when I arrived and needed to get the shoes on, the right shoe was nearly 1cm shorter than the left shoe, despite them both being labelled as a size 9.
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 What kind of equipment should a stereotypical pirate have? (I'm talking more Captain Jack Sparrow than modern day.)

(There's a long boring storybehind this and serious answers are preferred, but jokes are welcome too.)

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They're making an action figure of YOU!!!

-What is it going to be called?
-What 4 accessories does it come with?
-What 3 catchphrases will it say?
-Does it have any special features (kung-fu grip, vodka-chug action)?
-Will there be playsets available? What are they?
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My kickball team is in need of a new name. Any suggestions? We're officially a kickball team but actually a drinking team that plays a game of kickball first.
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I just ate a bowl of mac and cheese (half a box) and I'm still hungry. Normally I just make half a box because it is enough. What should I do?


1) make the other half of the box and eat that

2) cook some ~Oriental Style Dumplings~

Can't resist

What food or drink is it impossible for you to turn down if offered to you?
What song do you always turn up loud  and have to dance to?
What movie do you have to watch if you catch it on t.v.?
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A few people in my department helped me out a lot this year. I was thinking of giving them some kind of thank you gift but I have questions-

Is $5 to Dunkin' Donuts too cheap if it goes along with a nice note?
Should I just write a note and forget my cheapo gift?
Instead of cheapo gift, should I bake something? -->if so, what?


Do I need to give EVERYONE in my department something or will it be acceptable to only give something to the people who actually made the effort to help me out?

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GUYZ. I'm just found out my favourite perfume has been discontinued. I'm totes disappointed. What do I do now? No one has it in stock any more. :(

If you wear a perfume/cologne/scent, what is it? Will you describe it to me?

If you don't... what was the last thing that touched your lips?
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For the next three days, Unbridled books is selling 25 of their books in e-book form through Google books for only 25 cents each. Have you heard of/read any of the titles? Which one(s) should I buy?

The list is here.

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My friend and I plan on having a day dedicated to staying in, watching girly movies, and drinking.
Can you recommend us any super sappy chick flicks? Or any chick flicks in general?

dk/dc....Have you ever worked as a sales rep.? How did that go?

I want to try new yummy exotic foods. Any suggestions?

What was the highlight of your day?

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My dog likes to do this thing where I feed him in the morning and he eats his whole bowl of food in one sitting. He's just under what I would consider a large dog, but perhaps I'm feeding him too little. Should I split his food in half and feed it to him half in the morning and half later or start feeding him more? I haven't had a bigger type dog since I was little so I need TQC pet owners advice.
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Chapters emailed me a 15% off coupons for this weekend, which is handy because I had a few books I wanted to buy anyways. However, my printers been on the fritz. The coupon has a bar code- do you think if I brought it in on my phone, they could accept it?

How has your day been today?

the best policy?

Has being truthful and honest ever backfired on you? 

I had an employer ask me to tell them if x happened and we'd figure it out.  X happened, I told and now I'm afraid I'm going to lose my job.  Gah!

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I want to make up a joke about a hooker who moved to a dairy farm in a Wisconsin to make courtesanal cheese.

I'm pretty sure there needs to be more to it than that in order for it to become funny. Can you help?


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Okay my phone has these terrible paint peeling scratches on the side! I'm upset because the phone is supposed to be black, but with these silver paint scratches, the phone loses its beauty! Wat do? I tried running sharpie over it but it wouldn't work...
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Are there any movies that you watched and then said or thought something like "wow, that was a really well made movie, and it should win awards, and I never ever ever want to watch it again"?

If so, which movie or movies?

Mine are Schindler's List and The Green Mile.
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What do you do when get into mischievous, fuck all of this, I just wanna rage kind of moods? How do you release pent up emotions?

What are you listening to?

WAIT! I change my last question. What are some good sandals that allow for water play and do not slide off or around when you're walking? I care for a boy with autism that I have to chase after sometimes, so I need something that won't make me eat shit like I have been.
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I currently have a dilemma. I am so bored of my hair. I really want a fauxhawk. However my sisters wedding is in 2 months time and I'm a bridesmaid. Now I've said I'll have normal colour hair by then (it'll be a wash in wash out temporary dye) and I kinda wanted longer normal looking hair too. I'm quite happy to be ordinary for a day so she can shine. However I am getting so irritated with my hair right now.

So do I cut my hair into a fauxhawk or just get a normal cut?

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When you're showing someone a picture of a person from online (like Facebook or something), do you like scramble to find one that you think is a good representation of them?

Because I feel like I'm always like HOLD ON I GOTTA FIND A GOOD ONE!
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how often do you have someone like you quite a lot but not want to ~be with you~?
how do you help yourself not take it so fucking personally?

'cause this is all that happens to me. i meet these guys and i can tell they're quite enamored with me but they never want to be in a relationship. i know logically it's just bad timing or whatever reason, but it's really starting to affect me and all that. i feel like there's something wrong with me, or that i'm just doomed :\