June 8th, 2011

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i really want to get out of my town, away from the same people all the time and start doing a new activity that i can have lots of fun, be productive, and meet lots of interesting like minded people. i was thinking of joining a drag show or something but there isnt any good ones in boston, then i was going to get my scuba divers license and join the boston aquarium divers team but that is ALOT of money and i cant afford it right now.

any ideas?

what kinds of things do you do to achieve these things?

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A giant spider with gangly shiny legs just crawled across the wall right next to my bed (where I am right now) and I killed it with a book once it got out of the range where it might fall into my sheets. However, now I am terrified that there is a nest of them hidden in the pile of sheets beneath the bed and the wall (it came from that direction).

Can you reassure me that that was probably the only giant spider in my room? Do spiders usually run around in packs or are they more solitary creatures? Is one going to crawl on my face if I sleep in my bed? :( :( :( :( I am scared to look and see if there are more.

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Let's say that your commute is about ~30 mins each way, five days a week. Would you rather your car have no AC in the summer (average high temp between June and early September is in the mid 90s, humidity between 60%-80% daily), or no heat in the winter (average high temp between December and February is between 20-30F)? NEITHER IS NOT AN OPTION.

Are you anxious about anything? Tell Dr TQC, maybe we can help talk your nerves down (or at least commiserate).
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I love watching baseball, but I want one team to focus on. Which MLB team should I root for? I live in Iowa, so I don't have a local team. I would like my team to win frequently, so who is doing best so far this season and is likely to continue doing well?

Also, I like a really cute, wholesome looking, boy-next-door pitcher. Or the Andy Pettitte type.

EDIT: Awesome suggestions everyone. Thank you. :)
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Jamaica Vacation Questions!

Hey guys,

I have a whole bunch of Jamaica-specific vacation questions, so skip if you've never been to Jamaica or have no interest in reading travel advice requests. :)

My boyfriend and I taking our first vacation together to Jamaica for 7 days next week (June 12th-June 18th) and staying at an all-inclusive (the Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica) in Runaway Bay.

Any tips on what to/not to pack, and activities we should/shouldn't do?

We have a master wish list of adventures including seadooing, parasailing, surfing, ATVing, renting a motor boat, horseback riding, the Bob Marley museum, the Appleton Estates rum tour, going to Black River and Y's Falls, going to Negril (for Rick's Cafe and cliff diving), and going on the Ocho Rios shopping tour. We obviously won't have time for all of that though, haha. Any advice on what to keep and what to cut from the list?

Also, right now the weather reports are showing chances of thundershowers for the first three days of our trip at least, so we may need to come up with some backup activities for the rainy days. Any ideas?

We're also from Vancouver, so we'd like to find a pub/restaurant/etc. to watch the playoff games with other hockey fans on Monday and Wednesday night (if the Canucks haven't already beaten Boston by then) - any tips on where to go? I checked http://nuck-yeah.com/, but they don't have any entries for Jamaica.

Last thing: We were really keen on renting a car for the week so we could cruise around and explore the island (he did this when he vacationed in Hawaii and had a blast), but our travel agent recommended against driving ourselves in Jamaica and told us to take cabs when we needed to instead. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Would renting bicycles to take rides around the city be any better?

Thanks so much!!
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I'm bored at work. What are some sites you can to browse when you're bored?

Must be work safe.
No videos. (computer can be slow)
No games.
Nothing to download.
No huge pictures.

I like sites that have weird top ten lists or weird articles, for example:
bored panda
mental floss
oddity central
daily top 10
list universe
totally top 10

And some humor sites (but I'm pretty picky) like
damn you autocorrect
engrish type sites

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i joined the American Outlaws Saturday and i get a t-shirt and bandana as a gift! i got confirmation about everything on Monday.

do you think my package will come today?

i feel like Ralphie in A Christmas Story when i go down to check the mail, hahaha.

DK/DC: are you waiting on anything right now?

i'm waiting to be picked up and i'm hung over and boooooored.
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what's something that you enjoy talking about?

oh and tumblr users: why do people repost (or maybe just the ones i've found myself following?) pictures of bruises? i have never understood.
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When did you graduate high school (or the equivalent)?
How big was your graduating class?
How many of your classmates have passed away since then that you know of?

I graduated in 2003 with a class of about 350-400 and already 5 have passed away that I am aware of. That seems like a lot to me.

Calling all artistes

I am ghostwriting a blog for a software company.  We have created a fictitious character to be the author of this blog.  So we need a caricature/cartoon of a hip, young telecom consultant to visually identify this make-believe blogger.

Are there any artists on TQC who would like to take a shot at doing this?
Do you know any LJ communities or other sites where I might be able to "crowdsource" such a request?


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Let's go back in time.

I just finished watching Lost. And I am relatively unsatisfied with the ending.

Did you watch Lost?
Did you love/hate the finale?
How about the series in general? Were you an obsessive fan?
Who was your favorite character?

Will you give me some Lost answers?

When was the last time you were lost anyways?

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What's the easiest way to get an entire livejournal saved onto my harddrive, preferably in one file - just with the contents (all of the entries)? (actually, it's on dreamwidth, but I assume it'd work the same way). There's 247 journal entries and I want to be able to look at them when I don't have wireless available. It's for a writing project. Should I start copy+pasting like mad? There's got to be a faster way, right?!
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I was just wondering if anyone else watched the new episode of Covert Affairs last night? I KNOW I've heard the song before, the one sung by a male voice, during the opening scene when Annie is walking on the beach, with flashbacks? I can't place it, though... could anyone help me out?

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I'm trying to add more veggies to my diet but I don't know much about nutrition and vegetarian stuff.

Would you post your favourite vegetarian recipe? Any suggestions for adding veggies to non-vegetarian meals?

Difficulty: No mushrooms or courgettes (zucchinis).

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Which of these would you rather wear every time you left the house for the next month? Neither one will be easy to hide

Knee-high zip-up boots with ridiculous stripper heels. The boots are red
A 6" golden tiara with fake diamonds

Which tattoo/s would you rather get?

Your own driver's license photo, enlarged so it's actual size, tattooed to your back
Your entire LJ friend's list (or FB, if it's larger), individually tattooed over your arms and legs. Each person's icon or default picture will be 2"x2"

Which would you rather have happen?

You making out with a homeless person for 2 minutes. They're not allowed to brush their teeth first
A homeless person giving you oral sex. They're not allowed to brush their teeth first

Which would you rather have happen?

You gain 100lbs
You become colorblind

Which would you rather have people think of you?

You're a bit slow/on the stupid side
You used to be of the opposite gender until that sex change

You're driving a long distance by yourself. Which of these hitchhikers would you sooner pick up?

Young man with a 'READ THE BIBLE' t-shirt, standing next to a broken-down 'Biblemobile6' minivan. He's carrying a bible with dozens of post-its
60something man in a 'Show me your tits' t-shirt, standing next to a broken-down 'PUSSY WAGON' muscle car
Burly goth chick wearing work gloves, toting a duffel bag that's big enough to stuff a body into. It looks full
Woman with 2 kids. The kids seem to be screaming and crying and she's doing little to control them
500lb man. He's short, and his weight makes him very broad. He will not fit in the passenger seat and wil require a lot of seat adjustment to fit him in the back
Blind man with a seeing-eye dog. The dog is really shaggy and you can tell at a quick glance it's shedding badly
Someone in a convincing Darth Vader costume. His sign says 'Going to Star Wars convention"
Hot girl wearing a thong bikini. It's a hot day outside and there's a good chance you'll have sweaty ass/crotch all over your passenger seat. You don't have a towel or blanket
Hot European guy in a thong. Again, hot day and sweaty man ass
Middle aged man. Seems pleasant. Dressed in a suit and tie. Hitching with his right hand. His left hand is a hook
A furry. Dressed like a big dog
Two guys carrying camera equipment. Their shirts say GIRLS GONE WILD
Woman, 40ish. Pleasant looking. Has about 5 suitcases and 2 big trunks
Young lady dressed in renfaire garb, with a falcon on her wrist. Sign says FALCONEER NEEDS RIDE TO FAIRE'. You'd be bringing a hunting bird into your car
Migrant worker with red stains all over his shirt. He has a sign that says "house painter needs to go to Home Depot for more paint'

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Every summer my dog gets terribly terribly itchy.  It's not fleas but she does use flea medication.  Vet said it's just allergies and she'll get over it, but I feel so bad watching her scratch all day.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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My apartment is limited on storage space and I have to keep my tires somewhere so they generally are inside but I would really like to keep boxes where the tires are and move them outside, under the stairs. You think if I put a garbage bag over each one (there are 4) and seal it tight they would be fine when I have to put them back on for winter or will the elements cause them to be shit?
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Anything you want to brag about? Anything that's going absolutely awesome in your life that you want to share with the rest of TQC?

I've been working on our website since this morning and there was some smudge in the code that was throwing off the entire top navigation bar, I couldn't for the life of me figure out wtf was wrong with it. I was told that if I couldn't figure it out that I'd have to submit it to the developers (they take forever on certain things so I'll do anything NOT to have to lol) well, I came back from lunch and apparently that helped me because I JUST FIGURED IT OUT, WOOT WOOT.

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would you travel a long distance just to have sex with someone (who you're not dating)?

does it depend on how far (considering gas prices)? how far would you go (or really, how much would you spend)?

does it depend on who the person is? or how well you know them? or whether or not you've had sex before? or how good it was if you've had sex with them before? or if the experience will be something unique or special? what would it take?

is paying a lot of money just to travel and have sex with someone a form of prostitution?

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I'm feeling obnoxious and I want to spam my fb friends' newsfeeds with status updates about the heat. So far I've posted "brb melting" and "brb MOVING TO ANTARTCICA ANTARCTICA." What else should I post, following the same ... format? The less srs the better!

DK/DC/I'm glad we're not FB friends (or if we are, we won't be after this): How productive has your day been?

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Those of you who wear skinny jeans: where do you buy yours at? What are your favorite kinds? I have a pair but they don't fit me like I want them to. They are too tight/stretchy (yes both) in the crotch/butt area and I have to keep pulling them up all day. But they aren't loose. I hope that makes sense.

Everyone: what are your favorite types of jeans? Brands?
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Would you walk away from an individual who thought they were funny by making a joke that someone should take a sock and put balls in it and smack their former manager in the face?

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i butt dialed my ex last night. should i address this and send him a text saying something that would get across the sentiment of, "haha sorry i butt dialed you last night i wasn't actually trying to get a hold of you" or ignore it?

if someone calls you and they don't answer or if it goes to voicemail and it's a 3 minute long message of nothing, they're going to assume it was a butt dial, right?
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I'm currently writing a paper in Word 2007. For the first half of the paper, tab worked properly. Now, when I hit tab to start a new paragraph, the cursor jumps to the exact middle of the page.

Why is this happening? What can I do to fix it?

Job Woes!

There is a job posting on the website for the company I work for in a position I have always wanted. The person in charge of hiring for the position knows of my continued interest in entering that department as we have talked before in the past several times. So I definitely want to throw my name in for consideration as well.

The problem is that with my current position in the department I work in now, we are undergoing some major changes that will affect half of the company in a couple of weeks with the new year starting for us. My supervisor has been crazy busy working with her boss to get things finalized and I have been crazy busy trying to do more with less time with my job. The timing SUCKS, and I really don't want to stiff her by potentially switching departments if I were to be hired for this position I want, but heck, I really want it.

I need to submit paperwork to her for consideration before passing it to the person in charge of hiring, but I am concerned she might say something negative. What would you do?
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What do guys wear to a Jewish funeral? My husband and I will be attending one next week and we really don't know what to expect. I'm googling, but I'd rather hear from you guys. Do we need to somehow get him a nice suit? I'd ask my grandfather, but he has his hands full arranging his wife's funeral.

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1. Congratulations, you just won a free video game console of your choice and a few games to go with it. What's it going to be?

2. Did you eat a lot of meat today?

3. Have you built anything cool in your life?

4. What's your favorite way to keep children busy?

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I never watched a lot of The Cosby Show when it aired because we didn't get very good tv reception when I was a kid. I am watching them on Netflix now and just saw the dumbest punishment ever meted out by a parent for youthful transgressions. Theo went to a track meet and came home late. Then he lied about why he was late. Clair put him on trial until he confessed that he made fun of a girl because of her weight and made her cry while at a post-meet celebration at a burger joint. After confessing that he had done this and had been kicked off the team (which he'd only joined so Cliff would buy him a car), they all went out for ice cream. Is that the sort of punishment you were accustomed to?


Mum and I are going for our first holiday just the two of us. No being hindered by men! Also we're a lot less experienced because the guys always take over the planning. Anyway. What should we do? We're going to Melbourne, and we won't have a car. I'm thinking of even things like 'go to the movies' because Mum never goes to the movies (almost literally never) , or 'get a massage', as well as touristy things. Any ideas? We're freeee
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brownies and stuff

Poll #1750478 What should I bake tonight?

There can only be one. Which kind should I bake?

peanut butter brownies with chocolate frosting
chocolate brownies with peanut butter frosting

DK/DC/anti-brownie: Are you able to play anything on the digital guitar? I can't. The noise drove my kitties nuts. Ha. It's fun, though.
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I just learned how to ride a bike. I'd really like to buy my own...but I live in a small apartment. My friend recommended I get a collapsible bike. I don't know much about this stuff. Has anyone here ever bought a collapsible bike? I might just get an ordinary bike and somehow stuff it into my closet. Any really good (but affordable) bike recommendations?

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I was explaining a vocabulary word to the (18 year old) kiddos today by mentioning an old job that I had. One of the boys said that I should have stayed there.

What's your opinion on a student saying that to a teacher? Is it a joke? No big deal?

Of all the crap this kid has given me all year, I feel like this annoyed me more than anything and I'm not sure if I'm overreacting or not.


is there a food/condiment that you eat all the time or incorporate into most of your meals?

I rarely eat something homemade lately that doesn't include jalapenos. :D
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Seven years ago I spent the summer in Cambridge, England with a program for Americans who had just graduated high school. One of the people I made friends with was this girl, Christine, from New York.

Eight weeks ago I moved to New York and today I saw her get on a subway train I had just exited. It took a few moments before I realized who she was; by the time I turned around the doors shut and she went speeding away.

I'm like 90% sure I know her last name. Short of camping in that train station indefinitely, can you think of anyway for me to find her?
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I did a quick google or two but I can't see what I'm looking for. Does anybody know if there is a complete list online of the music they use on So You Think You Can Dance?

I love this show!

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What's the last thing that wasted your time?

A pair of shoes that took forever to get here and then they were the wrong size. And I had to go back to the store and explain. And I'm still shoeless.

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 Do you love matchmaking? Why? Are you pushy about it?

For the single TQC's -  do your coupled up friends constantly try and set you up with people? Why won't they just leave us the fuck alone? 

My  best friends constantly try and set me up with people when they are in a couple which would be fine but I don't fricking want to be set up with anyone. I have told this to them time and time again to the point where I really get pissed off. But they are so bloody persistent to be point where I have actually felt quite pressured in the past. I know they are trying to be nice but its purely for their benefit because they set me up with horrible people who are totally unsuited for me. They are both serial monogamists. I think they have only been single for about a month in the last 5 years between them. I actually think they don't believe that I am perfectly happy being single or that anyone can be happy and single for that matter. 

TQC share your horrible matchmaking stories with me so I can get them off my back :(

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What do people say about/to you that annoy you the most?

I dislike being called darkie, oreo, white girl, being yelled at, people saying I'm too kind/pushover, too sensitive, etc..

I had a really bad day. Do you have any funny pictures/gifs/stories?

I have 20

Ack! Netflix's website is all different and stuff! How long has it been like that?

Do you like the new layout?

DK/DC: How many freckles do you have on your left forearm?