June 7th, 2011


Hula Hoops at outdoor concerts

A couple of times now, I've been to outdoor concerts where women showed up with hula hoops and danced in/with them while the band played. At one event, the hoop was taller than the woman who brought it.

Is there much of a tradition of this? Does it happen a lot or rarely? And is it all about being an attention-whore, or is there something more to it than that?


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What's your LJ routine?
eg, mine is login, friends page, TQC =]

I'm kind of drunk, which makes my 3rd 'it's my birthday!' post acceptable.
My best friend (who has been my best friend for a long time) forgot/didn't acknowledge it.
Aside from 'they're not a best friend', what should my reaction be?

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 Inspired by the cookery show I am watching - would you eat a leech? Cooked, bred in a leech farm so it wouldn't have picked up diseases from the water etc, but definitely full of blood. 

Dk/dc: what are some weird things you've eaten? 
god bless the world

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If you had to assign a specific time value (as opposed to a vague answer like "it depends on the person"), how long do you think an ex-smoker should go without a single cigarette before he/she can reasonably declare to the world "I am a non-smoker"?
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dear tqc,

i have a friend who relies on me for advice, as insane as that sounds. unfortunately they have a problem with self-esteem, and i really don't know how to help them out there. actually, anything i say seems to make her feel worse. can you give me any advice on how to give good advice on this topic?
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What is your biggest complaint right now?

I bought two really cute headbands yesterday and when I got home and tried them on (they were packaged weird so I wasn't able to try them on at the store) I noticed that they don't quite fit my head, lol. They fit okay but not like my other headbands do. :(
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while my cat decides he is the ultimate jungle cat and wreaks terror on the house, i ask you the following questions:

1. do you/have you ever had eczema? is there a home remedy for it?
2. do you/have you ever done yoga? what kind?
3. what's your favorite kind of juice?

The aliens man!!!

 What is your opinion on this video?

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Do you think all the recent sighting are real? Maybe only some of them?

Do you think the government is aware and actively hiding the truth (lol)?

What do you think the outcome will be when and if the general population becomes aware that we are without a doubt not a lone in the universe?

Do you think the Extraterrestrials will be peaceful?
I think in most circumstances I fear more for the aliens then for us, they might come in peace but we sure as hell don't.

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My geographical knowledge of America is limited. Would it be possible to live exceptionally rurally like in 'Into the Wild' without being interrupted by people or habitation?

ETA: Would you do it?
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Have you ever had a Brazilian blow-out or keratin treatment? How did you like it? I have regular curly white girl hair whose frizz I'm told will be fixed with one of these procedures. I can't really find many opinions on how it works with my kind of hair online. Anyone have experience?

Why are Le Creuset casseroles so expensive? Geez!

One of my kitties needs to go for her boosters, but she does not like the car at all. She was all open mouthed panting and losing her shit last time. I was afraid she would hurt herself :( Any tips? Or do I just have to suck it up? I looked for house call vets, and while I'm not opposed to it, I do like the vet we have.

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tqc, I seem to always go to you with hair questions because clearly you're all a bunch of hair experts.

But I have been dying my hair with those $10 hair kits - L'oreal to be specific. I started in November, dying my hair progressively blonder 3 times (I think). Then I decided I wanted to be brown - a medium to dark brown. I dyed it brown twice - but the brown never stayed as well as the blond, and it got pretty much all washed out after a few weeks, no matter how gentle I was with shampooing (but my hair gets really oily so this can be hard to do). Now my hair looks strawberry blonde - a weird shade that's not light or dark.

Well I am DETERMINED for it to be brown. So I was wondering - does brown dye not stay as well? Or do I have to start with a lighter shade of brown first (like 'light brown'? (I was using 'medium brown') . Or should I try a different brand that works better?

And what about henna? Specifically Lush's henna? I've heard really good things about it but I've also heard if your hair is chemically treated it can turn green. And does it stay longer than the chemical dyes or no? Would it be able to turn strawberry blonde hair a rich brown?

Ideally I don't want to go to a salon because it's so pricey, but if that will make the color last I'd do it - but as far as I can tell salon dye doesn't last longer, right? Ugh why is this so confusing.
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Will you post some of your job duties and/or the job field that you're currently in so that other TQCers can ask you what they've always wondered about your profession?


So I leave on vacation to-fucking-morrow!!!

What are some good snacks to pack for a 15 hour roadtrip with little to no stopping other than gas.

I have got some ginger ale for my car sickness and some cheese sticks...but thats where my cravings stop so Im lost.

DK/Jealous of my vacation:

Have you ever been river tubing?

We are apparently going to be doing that and it looks boring as shit, tubing to me means being dragged behind a boat at high speeds while trying to knock the person in the other tube out.

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Random computer question but it's bugging me;

I can never seem to get .rar files to work! I downloaded nine files, all "blahblah.part01.rar' all the way up to '.part09.rar' and have tried both UnRarX and StuffItExpander (I have a mac), put in the password, but it doesn't seem to work. The message I get from UnRarX is "Encrypted file: CRC failed in The Brandon Teena Story.avi (password incorrect ?)
Total errors: 1" and StuffItExpander says "An error occurred attempting to expand The Brandon Teena Story/TBTS98.part01.rar/The archive may contain damaged content (Error #17538)." This has happened before though, any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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1) Can someone please explain to me these two guys I see everywhere online?
I think they're from a tv show. One is super cute with long-ish hair and one is pretty average looking with short hair and they seem to be partners in some endeavor or another. They also seem to be have many enthusiasts in the gay guy community. What show are they from and why do they have such a passionate following?

2) What is the last beverage you drank?

ETA: It's Supernatural.

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i sleep around a lot. i also recently posted a picture of myself in my underwear on facebook but aside from the fact i was in my underwear it wasn't really sexually suggestive. my friend got mad at me and said he thinks less of me for posting this picture but high fives me when i sleep with 4 dudes in one week.

his reasoning for approving of my sluttiness irl but disapproving of my sluttiness on fb is "not everyone can go out and be a slut, that actually requires effort/knowing people/etc, but anyone can post slutty pictures on facebook to attract attention"

do you agree or disagree?

(ps i know he's probably just being jealous/protective or whatever)

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For the past 6 months or so content on my Facebook wall disappears sporadically, as does stuff I post on other people's walls. It occasionally reappears, and I can generally see it by replacing www. with beta, but thats failing too now. I've sent loads of complaints but it doesn't help.
Should I just give up and make a new account?
If so, is there a way to get all the info/pictures from my old broken one to my new one? I know it's silly but there's a big part of my journey stored on it. If nothing else i'd like all the pictures.

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So, Lil Wayne says "I only go down if you keep ya grass cut" in one song and contradictorily "Long hair, don't even care" in another. So which is it? Where is wut? This is important. What is Weezy's stance on performing oral sex? Will he go down on me if I'm sporting some serious bush?

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Do you guys have any tips on trying to let your friend know that her ex/fwb is being emotionally abusive? Aside from, you know, all their mutual friends refusing to talk to him after they found out he had been lying to them about their relationship and making her out to be a crazy stalker behind her back.

idek i am sooo mad rn
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What do you do when your friends on facebook post awful, hateful stuff? Try to argue with them? Snark? Quietly defriend?
inspired by someone posting this under the caption "Here's an interesting article about those peaceful Muslims and what they do with their women." The comments on the blog are so hateful and the article is so poorly written that I can't believe anyone can read that crap and take it seriously.

HOW CAN I STOP BURNING MYSELF? I went canoeing today and I kept reapplying SPF 50 sunblock but I still got roasted, and then when making soup I managed to pour boiling water on my thumb. :'( I feel like I will be 50% blisters tomorrow.

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I got a job at Goodwill today! It's only part time for now, but hey, it's better than nothing!

Have you ever worked at a Goodwill or any other thrift stores? I'm hoping they're okay with tattoos, otherwise it's going to be a summer of long sleeves for me!

What good news did you get today?

13th Birthday Ideas?

If you were a boy and had an awesome (much older) sister, and lame ass parents, what would you want to do for your 13th birthday?

*Trying to keep it legal. I do not need my mother busting my ass about buying the kid Playboy or something.

(Background My mother is not doing anything for my poor brother's birthday except going to the Fair the weekend before. This is NOT acceptable. His bday is 3 July (a Sunday of a holiday weekend for cripes sake), and we're in San Diego, CA.)
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When did you first have sex? How old were you? Did you enjoy it?

For those who haven't (or, for that matter, those who have), how do you feel about touch screens?

Halloween of last year; 19 (but barely); it wasn't bad, but it was weird.

In general, they're cool but mostly impractical.

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Let's say you are in your mid-twenties. You've dated someone for over six months and the topic of sex has never come up. Would you think this is weird? Would you bring it up or continue to wait?

My answer: In this day and time it's unusual for sex not to be at least discussed whether you have sex with each other or not.
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blah, wtf?

My landlord's daughter (let's call her "Melissa") sent me this email today:

Subject: Hello

Hi galactic

Hope you are doing well and enjoying this Canucks season! Wondering if you were going to be home this evening? Just wanted to pop by for a quick chat if possible.


I called Melissa's brother, as I didn't have her number and didn't know if she would see my response, and asked him if he could let her know that I would be available. I then asked, "Is everything here okay?" He responded with, "Yeah, I think so."

TQC, I'm freaking out and thinking the worst (that I'll be evicted). Why does Melissa want to talk to me in person?

Serious and non-serious answers appreciated. I'm very anxious and shaky right now.
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i just saw this post on yelp that said, "my girlfriend is a porn star on the internet. she'll kill me if she finds out." meaning, girl doesn't know she's a 'porn star'.

on a scale of batshit to committing a felony, how pissed would you be if your partner did this to you?
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A Relationship Question

For those of you in a relationship and not married, do you argue with your SO very often? How long have you been together? Those of you who are married, did you argue with your spouse often before you were married?
Urahara - plotting is what I'm best at

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Do people confuse you with your siblings on the phone?

My aunt could never tell between my sister and me and now my uncle confused us too. He said I sound just like her, even down to my laugh.

DK/DC/don't have siblings: How's the weather where you are? It's been pretty nice here. :)

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What food do you like from any of your ethnic backgrounds? Dislike?

I like that sticky rice thing that comes wrapped in a leaf. I like the one that just has peanuts. I don't know what it's called. I'm craving it right now.
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usb drives

So I just went to Fed Ex to print off a picture from my USB drive. When i put the flash drive in the machine, hundreds of pictures came up that have been on my drive...but aren't there anymore.

When I insert my flash drive into my computer, one file and one folder is visible. When I inserted it into Fed Ex's machine, files that have been erased from my flash drive months+ ago are still visible.

Is it possible these files are still somehow on my flash drive and I can't see them? How can I wipe a USB drive completely of all its content?????

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Do you know any grown adults who are just spoiled rotten brats and make you incredulous with their rude, ungrateful behavior?

Inspired by my brother who's an almost 19 year old man with the attitude of the bratty kid from Harry Potter.

Geeky question

I might be buying a super-low-price budget laptop which comes with a processor chip I've never heard of before. Are you familiar with this chip at all, and can you give me any insight into its performance, or obvious caveats?

AMD Sempron V-Series V-160.

It's fairly new on the market, and I haven't been able to find any reviews of machines that use this chip. It's single-core, but runs at 2.4 gHz clock speed, with a 512 kmb L2 cache. I know that's all pretty wimpy by today's standards, but I'm thinking it should perform around the same as an Intel Atom 2-core with a clock speed of 1.3 gHz, which should be at least adequate for web browsing and word processing and porn viewing.


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What was the last thing that made you want to have a tantrum?

A guy I was seeing for a while (who had no interest in sex and was scared of being in a relationship) has popped up as in a relationship on facebook. It's taking a lot of maturity to not have a childish tantrum and say, 'I hope you have fun not having sex together!'

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I live in a basement apartment where it is always freezing cold. I hate to tell the people above me to turn down the A/C because they already try to keep it at a warmer temperature, and I don't want them to have to swelter on my account.

Solution: I've taped cellophane around all the vents (I tried closing them beforehand, put pillows in front too, but it still didn't keep the cold out).

Will this in any way affect/possibly wreck the A/C unit/air system in the house? I'm just worried about increased resistance making the motor/fan/whatever it is work harder...

DK/DC/TL;DR: What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?
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What is the very first video you ever watched on YouTube?

Is applause universal? What do you think people would do if applause (and snapping like they do for poetry sometimes) didn't exist?
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OK, so here's the skinny:

I just got offered a summer job that pays 15 dollars an hour.

The catch? I'd have to work 8 hours a day and seven days a week taking care of an elderly sick woman I don't overly enjoy spending time with.

But that's a 120 dollars a day and I have been unable to find a summer job thus far.

This job would be mostly cleaning up the lady's house and driving her to physical therapy.

I think I should do it, but I fear my sanity.

What would you do in this kind of scenario?

In general I'm a really nice girl and I'm good at being kind. I just suspect she'll say something nasty to me while I'm working for her and I'll go into the bathroom and cry until I feel better.

But I can probably handle that for $120 a day, right?

Have you ever done something you don't want to for the reward at the end?

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I'm looking for a retro/pin-up style cocktail dress.  Ideally it should be black and I'm unwilling to do anything with less than a half sleeve unless I can find something suitable to wear over it in terms of a wrap or whatever.  My limit is around $100 but the lower the better.  I like this one www.pinupgirlclothing.com/pinup-birdie-blue.html a lot but it's only in blue.  I've tried a lot of googling around but it hasn't been really helpful.

Do you know of any websites I can try to find a great retro/pin-up style dress?  

DK/DC: Are you excited True Blood is back? 

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i'm going to a big rave in a couple weeks and i have everything figured out but my makeup. ideas?

if it helps, i'm wearing a disco ball bra, silver underwear, turquoise tutu, white fishnets, and sparkly silver shoes.

eta: and i have brown hair and green eyes and i guess i can post pics if y'all need them

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