June 6th, 2011

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Will you share your favorite tips for losing weight? Ways to control appetite? Ways to keep motivated to work out? Most effective ways to burn calories? Any tid bits you think are useful? Are there any useful communities dedicated to weight loss?

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using BUTTPLUGS: does this make you a TOTAL freak(in the sheets)????

wearing a buttplug during everyday activities (work, jogging, school, shopping, mini golf, etc etc) does this make you a total FREAK????

have you partaken in either?????

ever masturbated in a change room(like in a clothing shop)???? does this make you a total and COMPLETE freak?

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I'm trying to access youku.com, but videos only play if you live in mainland china. I've tried using a proxy, changing my ip address to a chinese one through 'network connections' through this method, but I can't seem to get anything to work.

does anyone have any ways that work to bypass the chinese firewall, or advice about the ways I've already tried?



There is a music video where a dude is stalking a woman in the apartment next to his. Low lighting, there isshots through peepholes and at the end of the video there is a shot of the singer's face wearing the same makeup as the woman. Her face is projected over his.

I thought it was from the band Machne Gun fellatio but I cant find it! I am pretty sure it is in the same style as MGF, in the sense that the song is funky/sexy/awesome.

Help me plz

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I'm doing an overnight shift right now in a hotel, and I have about five wakeup calls coming soon. How annoying should I be when I call them? I have a really good voice for sounding polite but being insufferable and I am debating using it on my 3am wake up call.

Anyone need a wakeup call?

DC/DK Why do people piss all over hotel sheets? jfc
Unnatural love

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You meet someone cute and on the first date, they tell you they're a freak beneath the sheets. What do you hope they mean by this?

Really lively and adventurous in bed
Unusually brutal member of the KKK
They have horrible scarred/damaged genitalia. A secret they will only share with you in the privacy of your own bed
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HALP TQC! I want to work on my ~fitness~, which exercise equipment should I buy?

a treadmill (feel free to explain why in the comments section)
an elliptical (feel cree to explain why in the comments section)
tick tock tick tock

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Inspired by the fact that I almost posted an entry meant for my personal journal in here. LOL

You know you've been spending too much time in TQC when _____. (fill in the blank?)

What'd you do this weekend? Where'd you go? What'd you eat? Who'd you see?

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I've recently put highlights in my hair, and I'm not too sure what kind of color treated shampoo to use. My hair is black, and I've got red & blonde highlights. When My hair was red, I used one for just red hair, but now I don't know what to do. What kind of color treated shampoo/conditioner should I use?

Thanks in advance! :)
bb girl

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Did you not go to university? Do you regret it?

I'm having to pick my courses for September right now and I just really don't have any interest in going, but I don't know how bad of an idea that would be.

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Say that it was your birthday three days ago. Your ex who you don't really talk to that much anymore but are friendly with fails to wish you a happy birthday even via facebook (which is probably the most casual way possible). Then three days later, he messages you to tell you that he's moving to Korea in a month to teach English. Still no mention of a quick "happy birthday."

Would you have not responded at all?
Would you have killed him with kindness?
Would you have said something like, "btw thanks for the bday wishes!"

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How do you feel about male gynos?

I laugh when women claim it's like a mechanic not owning a car. Do you know how much schooling gynos go through? He probably knows more about vaginas than you do, unless you're also a medical professional.

Body hate

Will you post a picture of a part of your body that you have trouble accepting?

Why don't you like said body part?

Does not have to be a specific photo, just a full body and then point it out would work.

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Can Odin see down Carly's pants? Tom and Jerry can!

I need to borrow TQC's creativity.

I need to remember a whole bunch of geological periods. Rather than memorizing 16 fancy names with fancy dates in their fancy order, I'm trying to come up with phrases or sentences that share the same first letter. For example, the periods Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous are "Tom and Jerry can." Can you help me come up with something goofy for P E O M P P H?

The first nine I have are "Can Odin see down Carly's pants? Tom and Jerry can!" But now I'm stomped.

DK/DC: If you could have a pet dinosaur, what would it be and why? What would you name it?

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is there a program for Windows 7 like that post it notes one for Macs?

i always thought it was stupid but all of a sudden this morning i had an epiphany and i want a program like it.

ETA: i don't think i have sticky notes anymore, guys :(
long hair


Will you tell me about your hair?
Poll #1749540 A poll about hair

Where is your hair usually parted?

Left side
Right side
I don't part my hair
I don't have a usual part

My hair is usually parted on the left and I am...

My hair is not usually parted on the left

My hair is usually parted on the right and I am...

My hair is not usually parted on the right

My hair is usually parted in the middle and I am...

My hair is not usually parted in the middle

I have no usual part and I am...

My hair has a usual part

What color is your hair right now?

An unnatural color/other

What is your natural hair color?


Will you post a picture of your hair?

Maybe...if the price is right

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My mom and best friend are taking me out to the bar at midnight for my first legal drink! What should I order? It's just a regular old bar, nothing super fancy.

dk/dc/don't drink: What was the best birthday you've ever had? What did you do, or who were you with, that made it so awesome?
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So lately every time I sleep I wake up every few hours and as a result feel super tired during the day. Does anyone else have this problem? I'll probably talk to the doctor about it but wtf. This is the third night in a row that this has happened. I'm a bit worried it has something to do with my breathing.

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So I set my alarm clock for 7 AM last night (like I do evey night). When I turned the alarm on last night, the clock was set to the correct time... My alarm/radio went off at 2:55 AM but the clock said it was 7 AM. What the hell happened??

Somebody came into your bedroom and changed the time.
SomeTHING came into your bedroom and changed the time.
You literallly dreamt this whole thing up.
Something's wrong with your alarm clock.
Something else actually woke you up and because you were half asleep, you thought it was your alarm clock.
You is crazy.
Some other suggestion that will be left in comments

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i'm supposed to be doing things but my mood went from OK to shit very quickly.

what should i do now?

go to Target to exchange this bra and get things
go to the coffee shop like i planned to finish my application for going back to school
watch The Last Station

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Where were you born, and what year?

Were you born vaginally or C-section?

Were you breastfed?

Did your parents keep a baby book?

What was your first home?

Were you a planned pregnancy?

Columbus, Ohio, 1989
For a short time.
They began it but never finished it.
A tiny apartment.
No. My parents weren't even married.

Getting back together with exes...?

Have you ever seen anyone who got back together with his/her ex and it ended up working out really well? I've always thought that that generally doesn't work unless you guys broke up due to distance because the past problems would likely repeat themselves unless both people really want to change for themselves.

If so, what were the problems from before? And what made it work out for them? 
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I'm eating some chicken with broccoli and something tasted off when I put a bite in my mouth. I had to spit it out. Do you think I chewed up a bug? I remember seeing a fly earlier, but it's gone. I wonder if that was the thing that made it more flavorful than usual.

Have you ever eaten a bug or did a bug ever go into your mouth? What did you do?

Baby gifts!

My friend from high school just had a baby girl and after spending an hour squeeing over all the wittle bitty baby cwothes at Marshalls, I have NO IDEA what to get them.

So, parents of TCQ, I ask you, what were some of the best and worst baby gifts you received?

And how can I get my uterus to shut the fuck up?

ETA: Does it make a difference that my friend is the father and not the mother? I've not met the mother.

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If you had to choose a way to die that wasn't at home warm in your bed from old age, what would you choose?

What animals do you not care for?

I'd choose a sniper to blow my head off in a crowd. It'd be fast, and everyone would be talking about me for months. And washing my brains out of their hair.

I hate most primates. They're gross. And that includes humans.

Etiquette in declining wedding invitations

Is there a time frame where its too fast in declining a wedding invitation?

I received a wedding invitation for my cousin's wedding next month. She's getting married halfway across the country, and to fly my us both out there for 3 days just can't happen. How long should I wait before I return the RSVP card? Do I need to wait at all? I received the notice 2 days ago.

ETA: Sorry for the confusion.. the RSVP is due in a month, the wedding is another 4-6 weeks after that.

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Have you ever done a Working Holiday anywhere? Where? Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to do one?

If you live in England, especially the south, what's the cost of living like where you are?

alternatively: Are you saving for anything? What?

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1. Which songs are good, but have a terrible singer? Whose music would you actually like if they only had a different voice?

2. Who is a good singer, good voice, but has terrible songs?

3. If you want, tell me how you'd mix the good from 1) and the good from 2) and create something great?

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Ravelry.com got hacked or whatever and they want us to change our passwords. They also suggest changing our passwords on other sites even if we use a different username with them. Is that really something to be concerned about?

I'll probably change the ones with same username, but I can't remember every site that I use a login with that password.

Does having longer hair equal more shedding or is it just more noticeable because it's longer? I think I'm reaching that point in the cycle of wanting to grow my hair and then wanting to cut it.

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If you're on the pill, do you skip your periods?

I just started taking the pill a few months ago and I've taken the sugar pills and had my period so far but I am really just wondering why I bother. It seems like so much hassle and that I should just skip it, but maybe I'm missing something? My nurse told me it wasn't unhealthy to skip it, so idk.

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 Can older birds be trained? I am looking into getting a sun conure that is 5 years old and I hear he is a bit nippy. I am afraid that birds have habits similar to dogs which makes it difficult to wean them of bad traits. But I don't really know.

Any help would be awesomely appreciated. Thank youu

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How would you go about getting a restraining order against someone if they don't live in your city?

Can you get one for mental/emotional/verbal abuse?


I couldn't think of a non-above question to ask so I asked my dad "what's a good random question to ask?" he looked at me for a minute then seriously said "Who cuts your hair?"

Am I the only one who laughed at that?

Will you tell us a funny joke?

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For some unknown (yet incredibly familiar cinematic plot) reason, you end up in the body of Sarah Palin for exactly one hour. What do you do for 60 minutes?

Go out and hunt something. I really wanna know what it's like
Have sex with my intern, regardless of gender
Call a press conference and announce that you're running for president, and selecting Donald Trump as your running mate. You'll be 'the Reality Show' ticket
Leak Twitter pics of yourself totally naked wearing only a Nazi hat
Enjoy the wealth. Lie in luxury in my hot tub, drinking mixed drinks
Shave my head and get a nose piercing
Donate her entire campaign fund to Planned Parenthood
Call a press conference and announce that you (Sarah Palin) don't actually exist. You've been Tina Fey all along
Have sex with a man/woman/whatever. I just wanna know what it feels like to have a vagina
Call out Jon Stewart and all the liberal talk show hosts. Tell them off. Sarah Palin just doesn't go far enough, IMHO, and someone has to take them down
Leak Twitter pics of yourself making out with a black lesbian who's wearing an Obama t-shirt
As Palin, send a lot of money to your real self's bank account
Nothing. I have nothing against Sarah Palin. I spend the hour watching tv
Make a youtube video of yourself delivering a stirring patriotic speech, while intentionally screwing up important facts, like how many states there are, what year the U.S. was formed and that Chuck Norris was a founding father

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 Okay so obviously I am late here BUT who else saw the mid-series finale of Doctor Who? Can we all geek out a little bit/discuss it in the comments please?

Obv probable spoilers in comments so if you haven't seen it then maybe don't look :P

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is anyone here NOT afraid of insects? at least not to the point that you can't function?

one of my friends won't sleep in her room until she's sure whatever was in there is dead and she can never do it herself. if something crawls on her sheets, she washes them, even when they're fresh sheets to begin with. then this weekend another of my friends found a big spider and wouldn't go back in her apartment until her dad got there to kill it. i mean, really?

am i being ~insensitive~ thinking people like that are really immature?

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TQC I left my phone on the bus and called it five minutes later only to find out someone had already turned it off :( I need to buy a new phone - any suggestions? Don't want to spend more than £200 (and I'm in the UK)

DK/DC Last thing you lost?

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Are there any bands/artists that you've never seen live but you reeeeeally really want to? Who are they?

I want to see Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, the Shins, Muse, Phoenix and Pete Yorn ETA and also the Strokes.

If you've seen any of the bands in the comments, will you tell us how they were?!
Jensen close up

Possibly annoying Teal Deer (sorry).

Yeah, so this is definitely kind of tl;dr, but I feel like I should give a little bit of back story before the actual question.

I was supposed to go to a birthday dinner for a friend of mine on Saturday night (I'll refer to her as friend A), but I have a huge project that is due next Tuesday in my summer class and I am having a really hard time with it, so I am going to spend all weekend working on it to make sure it not only gets done, but gets done well. I feel bad bailing on her birthday dinner, but grad school has to come first right now. I explained all this to her and she seemed fine with it. I was also supposed to drive another friend there (I'll call her friend B) and I let her know that I couldn't go and explained why (we had talked a few days ago about the possibility I might not be able to go for this reason, so this isn't out of nowhere). I told her that I was really sorry, but she would have to find another way to get there (she doesn't drive) and she understood and was really awesome about it as well. Well, a little while ago I got a FB message from friend A (which I will put under a lj cut after the question). I am really annoyed with her and don't know how to respond to it or if I even should. TQC, if you were in my position would you bother responding to this? If so, what would you say? Am I wrong to think that what she says about friend B is unreasonable?

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What are you looking forward to/ what are you excited about?

I am excited that my boyfriend and I got the sweet apartment we applied for!! Now I am nerdily looking forward to decorating it when we move in. Even though I always hated decorating my houses in the Sims.