June 5th, 2011

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Why hello, bad mood!

Where did you come from?


I went to my sister's high school graduation, and I'm debating not walking in my own undergrad graduation in a year or so. What do you think the pros and cons of walking in graduation are?

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1. Have you played the 3DS (Nintendo's new handheld videogame system) yet? What do you think of it? I just got one today and I love it.

2. What's your favorite flavor slurpee? Mine's blue raspberry.

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The S/O came home from his sister's today!
I should wait a day before asking when i can come over with his (very belated) birthday gift, yes/no?

[also, as an update to my last post: I bought a ball gag. :)]

Thought of another question:

when you were a kid, did you ever have skipping rhymes-like while jumping rope? Could you give me examples?

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Would this poster be a cool bday present for a World of Warcraft fan? If so, do I need a PayPal account to buy it off eBay if I'm not bidding for it but just doing the "buy it now" option?

If that poster would suck, what would be a better WoW related gift idea?


Yesterday I saw a guy who was the spitting image of Rod Stewart but it turned out not to be him.

Question: who's the most famous person you have never met?

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How do you feel about your SO masturbating?

ETA: Because I see a lot in advice columns and such that women get severely pissed about their men taking it into their own hands and I just don't get why this is a problem.
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You're in a bar, sitting in your usual place, with the usual people. You've left a good two feet between yourself and the bar itself, so people can get past easily. Some idiot comes and sits down on a bar stool between you and the bar, entirely blocking the way. After you shift out of the way for someone to pass the seventh time, you're feeling quite violent towards the idiot on the bar stool.

You cast your eye over the potential weapons. These include: an empty beer bottle; a half-full glass; seventeen different boxes of snuff; a potted plant; a walking stick; beer mats; a pipe; and two old men. Using the weapons to hand, how do you exact vengeance on the idiot on the bar stool?

EDIT for room plan: you're not sitting on a bar stool yourself. You're at a table on the other side of the admittedly rather thin room.
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How do you feel about people who do not read newspapers and are not up-to-date with current events?

Do you think grocery stores and the like fear when people come to their store to do extreme couponing?

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I work in a restaurant as a server and despite the fact that there is a sign at the front that says "Please wait to be seated.", there are occasionally people who wander in and plop themselves down at a table. Of course the table they usually pick is absolutely sticky and full of crumbs and they never get themselves menus. They just sit in the filth and get pissed off when their server doesn't realize they're there.

How would you address these people if the table they selected was in your section and you had to be their server?
I would love to say, "Hey moron, can't you read? We are supposed to seat you because obviously you can't do it without doing a shitty job." But I like making money more.
I generally go up to the table and cheerfully say, "Hello, would you like some menus?" And hope they make a connection but I think that may be too subtle.

DK/DC/I seat myself all the time: Have you ever had a Magnum ice cream bar? Did you love it?

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A few Harry Potter questions:

At the end of the 7th book, Aunt Petunia stops to say something to Harry, but then just continues on. JK Rowling said she was going to say something like, "I know that you're about to have a struggle, and I wish you luck." Did anyone think BS? She abused Harry for close to 2 decades, then suddenly cares that he might die?

Did anyone else guess early on that Petunia was jealous that Lily had powers and she didn't? It seemed pretty obvious the hate was jealousy related, not just hate for anything different.

How much do you think JK Rowling made up as she went along? I'm pretty sure the whole thing with Neville Longbottom being the possible Chosen One was made up later, as well as Harry's Invisibility Cloak being one of the original Peverel(sp) brothers' possessions.
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Has anyone else noticed that black colored shorts, pants, skirts, etc. are tighter than other colors, regardless of material? What makes black clothes tighter? Or maybe this is just me?
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Last night, a song came on at work, and it really pulled at a few emotional heart strings that I wished it hadn't. (In this case, tbqh, it was "Already Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. WTF!?)

Are there songs that do that to you? (Re: pluck a heart string attached to a sensitive area?)

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TQC, what should I do today? I can't really leave the house for long periods of time (so going to see a movie is out, which sucks, because there are 3 I want to see). I can go out for walks and such, so I'm thinking of loading up my film camera and seeing what I can shoot outside since it's lovely and sunny out. I'm also going to clean up my kitchen and do some editing work, and maybe make gulab jamun later on. What are you up to today?

Bored of my ipod touch games

I have finished Angry Birds and am almost done with Angry Birds Seasons. I had Angry birds for months, but I got the Seasons one about 2 weeks ago (or less) and have almost completed the whole thing. I also finished every level (through the Magic Box) of Cut the Rope.

I usually use my games when I show up somewhere early and am waiting for people, or in other similar situations-so for a few minutes at a time. I have some other games (bejeweled, skee-ball, oregon trail, scrabble) but I don't play them much. I also really like fruit ninja, but have finished all the possible achievements in that, and have high scores so ridiculous I can't even beat them anymore.

I don't like games that I need the internet for, because I rely on wi-fi for the games, and it drains the battery too much. So what can I get that will be fun and will keep me busy?

What is your favorite ipod/iphone/other mobile phone game?
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I live in an apartment complex and in order to do laundry we have to have cards that we load money onto. I put $10 on my card earlier this week and the machine told me I had $10.65 on the card and so I left. I guess I didn't eject the card right or something because I went to use it today and it only had 65 cents.

Does it seem likely that I can get my money back from the complex? I feel like I'm probably just going to have to eat the ten dollars which sucks. I'm going to go ask them if there's anything I can do but the office isn't open right now.
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How do you concentrate on studying topics that require memorization? I excel in topics that require understanding, but learning all this fancy anthropology terminology or fancy biological terms is driving me crazy.

How long can you study for one course before needing a break?

DK/DC: How are you wasting time today?
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When the dressing room lady asked what my name was, she thought I said "Glory." I should have said yes so I could have an old school My Little Pony name, y/y?

Why do salespeople always seem to disappear when I'm looking for help?

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do you garden? are you good at growing stuff? how'd you get into it/learn about it?

i'm growing basil in a flowerpot outside, it's doing pretty well despite me really not knowing my shit, i'm kinda excited about getting into more herb growing but i'm not sure how to get started, or if it's even something I need to research more.
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I'm taking my first swim class on Monday! I'm 21 and I don't know how to swim :(

Is there anything I need to know? What advice can you offer?

Will I drown as soon as I step into the pool? Will there be a hot lifeguard to rescue me?

ETA: Can I wear my tankini or should I get a swimmer's bathing suit thingy?

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What are common things that people get congratulated for that don't seem like much of an accomplishment to you? For me it's graduating high school, graduating college, and getting pregnant. Obviously there are certain cases where it would be an accomplishment for some people, but generally speaking these things don't appear to be that difficult, imo.

Are you at work? Is it busy? No one's been in the office for more than 10 minutes since 9am. It's almost 2pm now. Wah.

DK/DC/Don't have work today: How old were you when you moved out of your parents place permanently? 21!

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i have my first overnight shift at work tonight, tqc. it's 7pm to 7am. i am used to STARTING work at 7am.

on a scale of one to ten, how fucked am i?
and what is the best way to stay not only awake but also functional? it is really, really important that i be functional.
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What are the strangest and/or most innappropriate songs you've heard people sing at karaoke?

Last night a bunch of girls sang (and danced to) a song called "Date Rape" and immediately after someone else sang a song called "Kiss Me, I'm Shit Faced".
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What words really grate on your nerves? (maybe because people overuse them, you don't like the way they sound, etc)

I hate the word 'tacky'. Every time someone uses it I just want to hit them in the face with big jewelry and lawn flamingos. What god determined what was tacky and what wasn't, anyway?

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Have you ever felt the urge to be intoxicated when doing something really not appropriate for intoxication? Like I have some editing work to do for a client today, so I just sat down to get in the "work zone" and thought, "Hey, I'd like a beer." No, that is not appropriate. You cannot has. I do think that the DMV would be more tolerable if they offered free wine at the little coffee stand. What are some places you wish offered free booze? The more irritating, the better.
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Will you tell me your epic stories of finishing a paper/a project/studying for an exam the night before it's due/the night before the exam?

I have a 20pg project due tomorrow at 9am and I don't know how it's going to happen.

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I just noticed my baby blue X-Men/Wolverine T-shirt is sparkly! Do you have sparkly clothing? If you have any what's you're favorite article of sparkly clothing?

What other sparkly stuff do you have?

The weather is getting a bit sparkly!
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What's the best way to reheat rice if you don't have a microwave?

What's your favourite way to cook rice?

What's your favourite kind of rice?

Are you a good cook?

Do you enjoy cooking?

What's your favourite thing to cook?
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Would you feel obligated to drive to an hour to babysit your niece/nephew at the last minute so their parent could got out to a concert?

What do you think of this statement "I can't ask the neighbors to babysit. That's how kids get molested." ? He's just guilting me so he can go out drinking, right?
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What shots do my kittens need, really?
I just want to know for when I go to the Vet and they try to tell me to get this shot and that shot, that I know which ones to say yes to. My mom said she only got our cat a rabies shot, even though the doctor told her to get the distemper. Our cat is now over 18 years old and has never gotten a distemper shot.

Is it okay to just get the rabies shot for my kittens?
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Should I buy the Final Fantasy III app for my iPod touch or my iPad? It's about $15.99 or $16.99. (I have a $10 iTunes card if this makes a diff)

Are you into video games? Which ones?

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When was the first birthday you spent alone?

Tomorrow will be my first birthday without my family. I'll be waking up in an empty flat by myself, and as much as i'm trying to tell myself it's just another day and i'll be seeing friends later in the day (they're all busy in the morning) i'm a bit upset about it.
Any tips/happy stuff to make me feel better about a birthday alone? (Cute stuff will make me cry)

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What do you do when you meet the man of your dreams and he's suddenly deployed for a year?

Mind you, he tells you not to wait for him.

Do you have a picture of graffiti you really love? Can we see it?

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what do you add to hamburger meat to jazz them up?

my go to ingredient is always worcestershire sauce but i'm looking for other ideas besides that and onions and garlic. perhaps a fancy marinade?
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So I love this shirt, and I want more like it! I especially like the neckline. It is apparently from a company called "Moth," which doesn't make it anymore and is very expensive anyway. So my questions are:

Have you seen shirts in a similar cut anywhere?

How would you describe this shirt, exactly? What keywords would you use-- e.g. "spaghetti straps," "scoop neck"?

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 I have run out of books to read :( 

So what book should I read next? 

I like almost everything bar sport books and I especially like autobiography's and historical fiction. 

EDIT: What is the most inspirational book you have ever read?
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Do you have a class ring from high school or college? How does it look and does it still fit? And if you're comfortable, what's it made of, and how much was it?

Do you pick out your clothes for the next day the night before or after you wake up?
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For the past few weeks my computer has been making a high-pitched, sort of... "sparkly" sound every ten minutes or so. It sounds like a magic wand going off, or of fairy dust being sprinkled or something. It's really pretty, but what the heck is it? Googling "pretty computer sound" didn't exactly help!

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Does anyone here watch Teen mom/2?

I watch it for the dramaz and I cannot stand Jenelle's mom, not that I think Jenelle is an angel but UGHHH her mom makes me rage.

What tv shows are you embarrassed to admit that you watch?

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I had a huge crush on this guy all last year. I'm hanging out with him for the first time one-on-one tomorrow, after not seeing him for a while since he was away for college. 

What should I wear?

why do siblings suck?
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POP QUIZ: i have a friend in pennsylvania (i'm from michigan) who is sick, has been sick for two weeks, and has no money.

what can he do? are there free clinics that would prescribe or give him antibiotics or something? if he goes to the emergency room, do they have to treat him for free?
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Do you ever watch walkthroughs for games instead of playing them yourself?

I'm watching one for Half-Life because I'm not good at shooters and am curious as to whether I'd be able to play it without too much frustration. Haven't seen any shooting yet though.