June 4th, 2011

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how did i gain FIVE POUNDS OVERNIGHT... i mean i know your weight is supposed to fluctuate and stuff but god damn

eta also this girl on my fb friends is a tattoo artist and she recently did this tattoo and i'm not sure whether to laugh or facepalm, what do y'all think? the chemical is MDMA in case you didn't know

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if you text someone "is anything going on tonight?" would that be considered inviting yourself, and seen as rude? or just easier, by letting your friends know you're free and want to hang out, etc?

also, i got a new laptop as a graduation present. it has a webcam. what are some fun (and safe/pervert free!) webcam sites i can go to?
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How do you achieve touchably soft hands? I work with mine all day and tend to use harsh sanitizers throughout shifts at my job. I have begun religiously applying hand cream whenever I can, but it hasn't shown much improvement. Give it time?

What did you do today? Are you out of school yet?

Any big plans coming up?

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What is the first thing people should know about you?

I was listening to a song at work and it reminded me of another song, and I told myself that I wanted to go home and listen to that song, but I can't remember what it was. What was it?
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do you like oatmeal?

have you ever used argan oil on your face?

edit: do you ever eat oatmeal like this (apparently that oatmeal is chocolate) with a ton of extra milk? is it common to eat oatmeal with that much liquid? it looks so gross to me.

Dear TQC, let's make this an ongoing theme...

I was in a relationship for 5 years. We broke up 7 months ago. It was my first and only relationship.

Since we separated, 5 guys have expressed an interest in me. 3 out of these 5 guys are exes of one of my really good friends. The fourth is a guy she slept with once. The other has nothing to do with her.

I am torn on how to feel about the fact that I am attracting her exes?

Have you ever been in a relationship with a friend's "sloppy seconds"* ex?

EDIT: *offensive term is offensive D:
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Is 'titties' even a serious word? If you were reading an erotic story and came across the word, 'titties', would you laugh? I do. I just think the word is so childish to use for breasts.
What's your favorite synonym for breasts?
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do you think that some art mediums are more, er, low-brow than others?

such as is music a lower form of art? is photography beneath drawing or painting? etc

what is art? what is beauty?

dk/dc how u doin?
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1. what's you favourite party jam right now? (i don't need the youtube link, cause my computer will crash)

2. do you like to boogie?

3. are you drunk right now? if not, why not?


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TQC, I'm hearing things. Like, noises in my house. Every single night. Thumps, and people talking. And when I leave my room, they stop. I just went and woke up my mother up because I was so sure I heard someone pounding on the back door. There was no one there. I am so completely freaked out right now, I can't even function.

To make me feel better, do any of you have stories about times you were really scared by something, but it turned out to be nothing, or something totally ridiculous? Like how last night I spent ten minutes staring in horror at a "huge spider" on my floor, and when I turned the light on it was a clump of doggy fur.
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How often do you put something on your Netflix queue and then by the time you get to it in the list, lost interest in watching it?

Do you ever send things back unwatched?

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Do you ever listen to songs in languages you can't understand?

I do, but usually only showtunes. I have Wicked in Japanese and German, and Les Miserables in French, Spanish, and Swedish. Even if I can't understand the words, I know what the song is about, at least.

I'm also trying to get Phantom of the Opera in various languages.

why do you want this job?

 In an interview yesterday my interviewer used the word "retarded"  in the slang way a lot of people use it.  I make it a point to not only not use that word, but also to correct other people who use it.  I have a sister with Down's Syndrome so it something that means a lot to me.

Should I have reminded my interviewer that this word is inappropriate?  Should I have kept my mouth shut and just tried to get this job I've been trying to get forever?  What would you have done?

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Something I've wondered about for a while...

I once read a story where a non-American character had to explain to an American character the concept of Boxing Day. So my question is (and I know it's a weird time of year to be asking it)...

Is there such a thing as Boxing Day in America (or other countries)? ...Or is it just a Canadian thing?
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I read somewhere that when you do strength training exercises, you aren't supposed to work the same muscles two days in a row so they get a rest.

Can you do yoga multiple days in a row or does it require a rest as well?

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If you're walking along and someone tags you and says 'You're it!' and you don't bother to tag anyone else (indifference), how long exactly will you be 'it'?

You're only 'it' if you're playing tag. The power to be 'it' has no leverage on the non-player
One full hour
24 hours
A week
A month
A calendar year
You're 'it' for the rest of your normal life. The curse will follow you through decades, continents and different careers
It extends beyond your own lifetime. Your children will bear the burden of being 'it'

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Let's say you have a wife and an eight-week-old daughter. They're both asleep when you wake up (YAY!!) and look like they're going to stay that way for a while. You also have a dog who you know needs to go outside soon or he'll make a mess in the house (which your wife will have to clean up for various reasons). Do you a.) take the dog out so your wife doesn't have a nasty surprise, or b.) jump on your game and talk over Vent really loudly, waking both wifey and daughter, and completely ignore the dog?

Is it unreasonable of me to expect that my husband would have taken the dog out, knowing how delicate his stomach is and how often he needs a walk? Or am I just being a nag?

Unrelated: if you're a stay-at-home person, how often do you clean? I'm a SAHM but I loathe cleaning. My mother-in-law informed me that since I'm not working, taking care of the house and our daughter is my job. Therefore both should be completely spotless and I should wear pearls while vacuuming. WTH?

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My boyfriend helped dye my hair last night. I love it other than the fact that he/we missed a spot in the back. It's now dark reddish brown with a blonde streak. :\ You can't see it indoors really, but you can definitely tell in the sunlight. So, I want to fix it.

I can't afford going to a salon because they'll charge me like $65 for the length of my hair. Do I have to wait a few days/week/whatever before I can safely re-dye it, or will I be okay to do it this once, say again tonight or tomorrow? If it matters, my hair wasn't previously damaged (hasn't been dyed in ~2 years before last night and I don't blow dry it).

Should I just do it and use a good leave-in/deep conditioner?

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I asked a while ago about my friend's bachelorette party...we were supposed to wear something golf inspired. I'm really not going to do that. We're having dinner at a friend's house and then going bar hopping.

What do I wear? Jeans and a nice shirt or a dress?
Would you have found something golfish?

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Hey guys? So I fail at reading sometimes. I didn't realize that I needed three eggs for my cheesecake until just now, and guess what we're out of? Do you think I can do without them? I *really* do not want to go to the store.

*Edit* YAY! I found eggs! They are only marginally expired, what with the date on the container being May 7.
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I have been given the clearance to make music videos of adopted animals through our rescue. I'm doing this partly to get our facebook fan page more active since the old one was deleted. I plan on making a post asking the people who adopted from us to post pictures of their dogs/cats having fun! I need it to sound professional and so I'm coming to you guys. What would you say if you were making this post?
I'm thinking about trying to make it a competition of dogs vs cats to get people to post more, but I'm not sure if I can do that and make it sound professional.

Also, if you know any good songs about cats that are happy and upbeat I'll take it. So far I have Delilah by Queen or Whats New Pussycat by Tom Jones to choose from, but I am not completely sold on either of these. I want something more like The Dog Song by Nellie McKay.

Where to buy Powermat parts?

My mother's Day present was a bust. It was a Powermat for wireless recharging, but the magnetic sleeves needed to recharge her devices wirelessly couldn't be found anywhere. I need one for a Palm Pre and an old 1st gen iPod Touch. The official site doesn't have them. Ebay has no search results. Help TQC! Where can I buy the two receivers?

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Why does USPS.com tell me that my package has been delivered at my address when it is not a) in my mailbox with the rest of today's mail, b) in one of the bigger mailboxes (for which the mail deliverer would have left a key in my mailbox), or c) at my leasing office? I even just went back and made sure that I entered my mailing address correctly (I did). Where is my package?! Non-srs.

What's the last thing you ordered online? Links/pics encouraged!
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Are there any other blogging sites that have something similar to the LJ cut feature? Just wondering because when I check out some blogs, they have a massive post and you have to keep scrolling down to the next entry, which is a pain.

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TQC, I'm kind of silly and bought dinner for my boyfriend and I to have, except I just realized now (as I'm going to make it), that he doesn't like chicken legs or broccoli (which is what I bought). That's kind of all I've got in the house as far as dinner options go, though. I've got a couple of lean cuisines, but I'd feel really weird if I made myself a three-component dinner and just microwaved his. What do you think? Should I just have him eat at his house? Or should I make him the lean cuisine/some other thing (like eggs)? Does it bother you when you and your SO don't like to eat the same things?

Hair question!

So I recently got my hair cut/styled like the photo below at the salon, the woman said to just "flat iron" it to get the look but my hair sucks ass and I cant get it to flip out with just water and an iron.

What hair product that I can buy at Walmart or Sallys will help?

Any tips on how to use the flat iron with success? I have a 1" and a 2" iron.

DK/Laughing at my pathetic attempts at hairstyling:

If you could bring back any canceled TV show what would it be?

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Bra wearers, how long do you typically expect a bra to last?

Inspired by a customer at work today who wanted to return  SIX MONTH OLD bra just because recently (within the last week) the elastic in the strap twisted a little. I didn't think this effected the wearablitity of the bra at all, plus 6 months is pretty long for a discount store bra to be in proper condition.

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Did you ever have a blog on pitas.com? You can't delete your account or archived posts. The thought of my teenaged thoughts out there running wild scares me. I wanna set them on fire.

What do you want to eat right now? I want a piroshki. I haven't had one in a long long time.

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If you buy something that costs $X.99, and you round up to the nearest dollar, do you expect the penny back?

If there is a charity box that says "no pennies" do you still put something into it?

My answers:

I don't really think about it, whether they give me a penny or not.

No. I usually just give them whatever change I have, but if they're that picky about it, they don't get anything from me. Times are hard. People need every spare coin they have. Accept what they can give you.

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Who's been the worst manager you've ever had at a job? Stories please.

Also, what are some dramatic ways I can quit my job

My long ass story:
I am pretty much fed up with my job to begin with because... a lot of reasons. But mainly because my manager threatened to fire me when I had an allergic reaction and had to call out of work (and it was my first time calling out too in months and have been working there for over a year), the manager still doesnt know my name (and I have been working there for a year) and I had one of my co-workers write me a nasty letter in my order pad (I'm a waitress).. and it goes on and on.

Well I am finally at my breaking point. They hired a new manager who is.. pretty much a middle aged bully. She calls people names behind their backs (she refers to a few of the waitresses as "fatass" and "bitch"), screams at coworkers and curses them out (to their faces), and is basically one of the meanest people I have ever met. She didn't have a problem with me previously so I kept my mouth shut and tried to get on her good side. Well during my shift today my mom showed up at work. She told me my cat had become paralyzed due a blood clot and will most likely have to be put to sleep. My mom wanted me to say goodbye to the cat so I told my manager I needed to go home due to a family emergency. She gave me attitude but I was visibly upset and almost started crying but did let me leave. Apparently right after I left she made fun of me for being upset to the other workers.

I am tired of her acting so unprofessionally. A boss is not supposed to make fun of the coworkers or comment on their weight. And a boss should not be a bully either. I plan to go over my main managers head (because he would just find some reason to fire me) and report her to Friendly's headquarters. but im steaming mad right now.

Any other ideas of what I could do and what to say? 


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How much electroconvulsive therapy do you think would be enough to resolve a lot of long term memory attached to anxiety overflowing into your digestive system?
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Hypotetical situation: Someone is getting kicked out of their house tomorrow. They have to quit school, they don't have a job or any family and friends to go to, and no money to their name.
How much exactly fucked are they?
Which words of advice or encouragement would you give them?

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Do you tend to have the same opinions on movies as movie critics do? Are there any movies that got terrible ratings, but which you loved? What about movies that critics raved about, but which you thought sucked?

What score did your absolute favorite movie get on Rotten Tomatoes. Or if you don't have an absolute favorite, your favorite one that you've watched recently.

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To get my degree, I have 24 credit hours this summer.
My finacial aid isn't in yet, so I don't have my books. I have been getting my binders and syllabus-es (sllyabi?) ready though so I can start my work ASAP.

When was the last time you got yourself possibly in over your head?

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what are your thoughts on the show Everybody Hates Chris?

how should i punish my sister for bailing on me tonight and making me miss the new episode of Doctor Who? btw: she's living with our dad and he has the cable TV and cuz she didn't keep our plans i couldn't get there in time. hopefully it taped.

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Am I wrong for being upset about this scenario?

I did a friend a huge favor a few months ago, and drove three hours with my son (who was under a year at the time) to pick him up and bring him to a hotel so he cold visit his SO for a week. I stayed one day to hang out, and then drove back the next day. Fast forward to now, I have a one way ticket booked for a vacation, and we both agreed on using his JetBlue points for my return home since a lot of stuff has come up and I did him that favor. Now he wants to use them to travel, and while I understand they are his, I'm so upset that right now I can't afford my way home yet. Am I being way too sensitive about this?

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Could I have lockjaw?

I scraped my toe on a piece of metal earlier today, but didn't think anything of it. I wasn't bleeding at the time so I figured everything was fine. When I got back home, though, I noticed that there was a tiny puncture and it had bled. I'm pretty sure it was from a pine needle, but I'm not positive. So now, eight-ish hours later, it's a little hard to swallow. I have been fighting off a cold and my throat is sore, but I usually don't get a stiff neck or find it hard to swallow when I'm sick. So is this lockjaw? I got a tetanus shot two months ago, so I should be good, right?

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TQC, what was your last awesome dream about?

If you can't remember, will you tell me about any awesome dream you've had?

I feel like I've been having an inordinate amount of awesome dreams lately to make up for my lack of fun times while I'm studying for exams. My last awesome dream involved a super exciting Doctor Who adventure.
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If you could make a small change to yourself permanently, what would it be?

ex: change eye color, make yourself an inch or two taller, raise your IQ by 5 points, you get the idea