June 3rd, 2011

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Congratulations -- you've been named the Supreme Totalitarian Ruler of Your Respective Country! You are now the sole legislative, executive & judiciary system for your people.

What changes to you make to your nation's legal system? Which laws do you abolish, which ones do you amend and what new ones do you institute? (Assume that abortion is legal & marriage is a right granted to all consenting citizens of legal age, regardless of orientation)

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do you use any awesome-smelling fancy soaps? what do they smell like? (my definition of a "fancy soap" is anything you couldn't find at cvs or target, especially if it comes from a soap-specific store like lush or sabon)
i'm obsessed with the little free soap samples that sabon hands out on the street and if they weren't so expensive, i'd get a big block of the green one. i also recently got a gift card for bath and body works and i'm really excited to go shower and use my new orange ginger scrubby stuff. woo!
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Do you add water to liquid soap or ketchup or whatever to get every last bit out?

What do you think of musician or athlete-turned-actors? Do you wish they'd go back to their original profession?

Grownup homework question

In conventional IT organizations, the company owned all the data center infrastructure and all the end-user devices.  In the Brave New World, the data center is increasingly being replaced by a bunch of third-party compute resources in the cloud -- and the end-users' devices are increasingly their own personal smartphones or laptops or iPads or whatever.

I need  good metaphor for the CIO's new role in this BNW, where the company is focused on managing the effective use of stuff that doesn't actually belong to it anymore.  I'm thinking of things like a conductor (who doesn't play any of the instruments, but makes the music happen) or a ship's rudder (because it's this little piece that guides the whole big ship).   These examples, unfortunately, are pretty corny and not very evocative.

So I'm crowdsourcing in TQC.  Can you give me any good idears?

And, no, "penis" is not acceptable.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  And it's too much like "rudder" anyway.

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Okay so, on Monday my housemates and I are having a housewarming party and I'm in charge of food. It's an all day sort of thing, 2-10 pm; people will just be dropping by and leaving as they wish. This leaves me with certain challenges when it comes to food, and I'm out of ideas. So far I have salsa and chips, hummus and pita, veggie sticks, cookies and I'm ding pulled pork in the slow cooker for something a little more solid. Any suggestions for me?
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omg srs q

Somebody's doing something controversial... like, say, bombing suspected terrorists or leaking government documents. As an unintended consequence of this activity, some innocent people are killed.

Regarding the controversial activity, the families of the innocent victims...

...have the best understanding and most valid opinion.
...have the same credibility as everyone else.
...are the last people in the world qualified to have an opinion.

Throwing a surprise party

i want to throw a surprise party. I've never done it before, however...

Have you ever thrown a surprise party?
Do you have any tips or tricks for throwing a successful surprise party?

-It's for an adult's birthday
-Many of the people who would be invited don't live in the area
-Birthday boy isn't much for birthdays
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TQC, please debate.

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tl;dr dk/dc: It bugs me when my friend asks if she can join in on plans I've already made without her. If I wanted her there, I would have already invited her. Do you have friends that do this? How do you handle it?

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TQC, I am going to the library! When I come back, I am going to contact the HR department of a school district to which I applied. They contacted my references, but I have heard nothing since.

Should I call or email?

Either way, what should I say/write? I've never contacted a perspective employer in regards to a career. I really want to get the ball rolling because 1. I'd love to start teaching ASAP and 2. I need to let my current job know ASAP when I plan on leaving.

[EDIT] They are overstaffed and not accepting phone calls from prospective teachers.

Help me decide which book to read first?
1. Black Pearls: a faerie strand by Louise Hawkes
2. Busy Woman Seeks Wife by Annie Sanders
3. 99 Coffins by David Wellington
4. Gulliver's Travels
5. Collages by Anais Nin
6. Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiment

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1. I have a long sleeved, loose, cotton shirt (one of those things you see south-asian women wear often) that I bought at a craft thing, and the other day, I noticed my highlighter leaked on it - how do you get highlighter out of cotton? tide stain pen didnt work. I've been told to try Hairspray, or a Vinegar soak. do you think either of these would work?

2. I'm going to a potluck tonight, and I don't know what to take. its outside (so nothing that has to be heated) and it has to be gluten free (so I can eat it) and not a snack. at the moment, I'm thinking Quinoa Tabbouleh, but anybody got any other suggestions?

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Did you know mormon missionaries have a whole store to buy their supplies from?
I think its really interesting.

when they wear nametags they say elder "something", do you know if "something" is their first or last name? I can never tell.

What have you stumbled on recently that you find interesting?
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Dear TQC,

Last September I asked for song suggestions to make a video for my foster dog and was suggested The Dog Song by Nellie McKay. I loved it and did so.

I am thinking about making videos of adopted animals through our rescue and asking our fans to submit photos of their pets having fun. We're rebuilding our facebook fan page after it was deleted(long story that I don't have much info about) and I know the owner of the rescue would love an excuse to build up fan photos. I want to use The Dog Song for the adoptive dogs, but have no idea about the cats! Anyone have any suggestions for happy cat songs?

I want to have songs on hand before I ask our leader if I can do this project!
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If you would have married the first person that you ever had sex with what would your last name be? (Guys, imagine that you'd be taking his/her name - same goes for the ladies that love the ladies, you'd be taking her name).
Truck Tipping
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Is a bread machine a worthwhile purchase? Most of my other kitchen gadgets get used so I'm not worried about buying it and having it end up neglected in a cabinet. I'm just wondering if it's going to be that much different from just buying bread from the grocery store. We usually go through one loaf a week.

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Google has been very unhelpful, so maybe I'll have some luck here in TQC.

Do any of you TQCers own Betta fish? Could you perhaps pass along any good websites you have on betta care, etc.?
I have two little guys and I'm having trouble finding a tank(s) that are the appropriate size for them.

Pics of your pretty fishies encouraged :)

dk/dc/no bettas: what type of pet do you wish you owned? why don't you own it?
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I finally decided to check out My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because of all these pony icons and crap.
And I'm addicted.

Who's your favorite pony?
Do you like the show?
Have you ever seen the show?

DK/DC: What did you last eat?
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What website do you book flights through?

Anything else on your mind?

I look damn good today, and I have NOWHERE to go. :( I'm gonna drink my tears tonight.
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I'm about to take the first quiz in one of my online classes. This is the extent of the information that the teacher told us about the content: "Take the Quiz on the Week 1 readings. See the quiz Announcement from yesterday for more info"
and then the announcement from yesterday says "The following Test has been made available in Quizzes & Midterm: Quiz Wk1"

Anyway, I'm nervous about taking it as she seems to be a fairly harsh grader so far. What can I do to calm myself down before taking this quiz?

DK/DC: I went to count how many posts were between my last post and this one and I kept thinking "four is at least five" and it still makes me laugh. There is no second question here, just that fyi. Unless you wanna tell me about your favorite hilarious TQC moment.
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Question about rent

So, today I was a complete idiot and forgot to get my and my roommate's rent money to the rental company. She didn't have her half until today and I was supposed to pick it up at home after I got off work and run it to them before they closed at 5. I remembered about this at around 5:10.  

SO. The 5th is the last day they accept rent before incurring a late fee, but the 5th is on a Sunday (they're only open M-F). My question is: Since the 5th is on a Sunday, is there any chance that they'll forgive the late fee this time if I pay on Monday? We've never paid late before. I'm tempted to drive over and see if they have a drop box of some sort I could toss an envelope with the money into, but it seems foolish to put in an envelope full of cash and I do not have checks. 

Have you ever been in this situation? What would you do in my place? I'd really appreciate some advice right now, since the place is closed and I can't ask them personally, and a late fee would really, really hurt right now. 
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on tricky's album pre-millennium tension there's a cover of...slick rick's? song "Bad Dream". The girl rapping the lyrics is Martina Topley-Bird yes? If not, who is it?
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What's the most bizarre dream you had recently?

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DK;DC: How often do you eat cereal?
All the time. I'm surprised my teeth haven't fallen out from the sugar or that I haven't had a heart attack from all the sugar I've ingested.
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It's my universities summer ball thing tomorrow, it's held outside from 7-10 when it goes indoors for a DJ.
Im not very good at wearing heels, though I have a pair which is fairly comfy. Do I wear them and bring flats, then have to carry pretty chunky shoes indoors, or just wear flats the whole day?
For those interested i'll be wearing this dress: http://www.thefashionpolice.net/2009/05/dress-of-the-day-criminal-damage-sailor-dress.html
with black shoes with 2 white stars on.
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If you comment in someone's journal and then they privatize the entry or delete the journal I know it says in your inbox "Not Authorized to read the comment" but....

But, if they undelete/made the entry public, would it be readable in your inbox again? I usually delete the notification when this happens so idk.

Do you drink any 'light' canned/bottled alcoholic beverages?
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I bought a video game at Walmart. It's unopened, still in the shrink wrap, I have the receipt. I need cash for an event I'm going to tomorrow. I paid for it with a debit card, but if I go return it, will I get cash back?

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sorry, i love talking about the casey anthony trial.

I was watching Dr. Drew and he had a theory that "Zanny the Nanny" was actually just Casey drugging Caylee with xanax.

Mind blown. I've popped "zannies" before, why didn't i think of that?!

Have you heard any interesting theories?
How angry will you be if Casey doesn't take the stand?

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If your child fell off the top of a slide or something, then said their arm hurt, how long would you wait to take them to the doctor? If it were visibly swollen? If they didn't use it at all? What about if they are 'dramatic' about injuries, even small scrapes?

edit: one of my preschoolers fell off the slide at his house on SUNDAY...he hasn't used his arm since, said it hurt, cried when someone touched it or he tried to wash his hands and it was swollen. Parents took him to the doctor today..and it was broken!!! poor kid!!! we'd been telling them for days that he really complained about it :( But, they also don't want to pick up their baby when he has 103 degree fever...they say it's teeth.
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Graeme Base contact information?

Graeme Base wrote books like Animalia. I really like his work, especially his music.
I went to the Graeme Base official website, but it contains no contact information whatsoever. It seems the guy is clueless about how the internet works or something, but I'm a huge fan.
Does anyone know how I can contact Graeme Base?

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 Is 22 a 'big deal' kind of birthday? Or has my ex step-father just forgotten how old I am?

He sent me a text asking what I want for my birthday because "it's a big one this year." I think he's just forgotten that I've already turned 21. 

Dk/dc: What did you do for your last birthday?