June 2nd, 2011

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Hey TQC. I just found out that I graduated in the top 25% of my class from law school. The few people I told in real life were kinda "meh" about it...SO CAN WE HAVE A SUPER EXCITED AWESOME POST???

Share some amazing accomplishments of yours and we can all pat each other on the back :)
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How to fail a job interview?

Hey folks,

So I have an interview for a supervisor position at my job on Friday morning.

Afer some deliberation, I have realized that unless they are wiling to bend over backwards, i am not going to want that job. (Basically, worse hours and worse money with more responsibility)

I can't back out of the interview at this point. So help me, TQC - what are osme subtle ways o fail a job interview? I don't want them to think I am a compolete muppet (cause I do eventually want to get out of my current position to a differentdepartment but just that slightest bit unsuitable? :D

DK/DC: What are your favorite webcomics?
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1. What percentage of your day is lost to TQC?

2. If you lose your personal genetic lottery, how many types of screwed will you be by the age of seventy?

3. Should I have another drink?

4. Eggs or brains?

5. My cat naming theme thus far has had Byron, Shelley, Stoker, and Keats. If I get another cat, what should it be called?
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What normal, everyday, natural occurrence puzzles you the most? You know, like lightening. What the shit is up with that?

First person to say magnets gets a punch in the throat.

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Have you ever been to Montana?   

Do you have good handwriting?

When is the last time you got a real piece of mail (not a bill or magazine, but a letter or card or something)?  When is the last time you sent real mail?

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I have chipped an incisor in my sleep and the other one feels. Rough like I have ground. It down from grinding my teeth. Should I see a dentist? They're not horrendous but all I can see them doing is telling me its fine/ suggesting I get $100's of crowns/caps/what have you and I'm not flush for money.

Maths and Physics

I want to teach myself Maths and Physics. I was good at Physics in high school, but I've forgotten most of it. I wasn't good at Maths but I persevered and got decent marks. Part of it is for teaching purposes so I don't look like a moron when I can't do fractions with the kids, and part is just to prove to myself that I can do it.

How should I learn it? I haven't been able to find any maths courses for people who aren't in school. Websites would be fantastic, names of good textbooks that explain things well would also be good. Or any tips.

Ever tried to learn something just to prove you can? How long do you think it will take me, since I have more of an attention span than I did as a teen?

edit: I'm Australian.
I'd like to revise everything to do with Maths, and do physics at the same time haha.

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Will you tell us about the lessons you've learned recently? Big life lessons, small day-to-day lessons, school lessons, etc.

(Brought to you by my learning this morning that if I put change and/or my office keycard in the back pocket of the pants I'm wearing today, it WILL fall into the toilet when I pull my pants down to pee.)

Alternatively, when putting on a pair of jeans/trousers/other pants with a fly, do you do the button or the zipper first?

Which leg do you put your pants in first? Does it feel ~weird if you put the opposite leg in first? (Is "in" even the right preposition for that?? idek)
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1. What is your writing utensil of choice?

2a. Do you think that minors should have to have parental approval (at least 1 parent) to get an abortion?
b. Should adult married women have to have spousal approval to get an abortion?

3. How concerned are you about climate change ([ETA] especially in the wake of the Joplin, Mo. tornado disaster)?
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Do you know people who rely only on things they've heard and refuse to listen to anything else?

My mom is freaking out at me about taking birth control pills, saying they'll make me infertile and cause breast cancer and other cancers because all the ladies she spoke to told her the pill was the reason for their problems. I tried to explain that the BC now is a lot different than the BC taken 50 years ago but nope, not having it.

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Who do you look to for strength or inspiration?
Could be someone you know or a celebrity, etc.

Have you ever had a co-worker try to bring you down or say untrue things to your superior(s)? How did you handle it?
My mom's dealing with it right now and I feel awful :(
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How many fire alarm tests is just right in a condo building (not a school dorm)? My building has tests about twice a month and it just seems so excessive! Yeah yeah, safety and all that, but we don't have a 24 hour notice and they off at the worst times like when I'm asleep. I've also noticed that when there is a real alarm, no one bothers evacuating anymore, because it's not always possible to tell the difference between a false and real alarm. I think there's a difference in the frequency of beeps, but I'm not sure.

So you're in control here. How do you balance safety and angry residents?

If you live in a condo, how often do you fire alarm tests?

Do you know the difference between different alarm sounds?
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Planty question!

Last year I was given my first ever plant - a beautiful Busy Lizzie which flowered wonderfully right through until New Year, when it died.

This, it transpires, is because Busy Lizzies are annuals.

But I really fell quite in love with this plant, and my question is this: do you know of any plants which flower like Busy Lizzies, but are perennials?

I loved that it was big and leafy with lots of flowers - it made a wonderful pot plant on my windowsill. I'd really like something to keep as a pot plant which will last!
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Does your place of employment have a blue jean/casual day? If so, what day is it and what are the limits on the clothes you wear?

There are five of us in the office where I work who have one day a week where we have to do outside perimeter reports. Whatever day you have assigned is the day you can wear jeans and comfortable tops. What we essentially have to do is walk around the outside of the mall and make notes on anything we see that needs attention from maintenance or from the individual stores. We do it once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

My day is Thursday. Today, I'm wearing jeans, sneakers and a loose fitting, comfortable top.

Selling gold, buying mp3 player, maidenhair fern

1. Have you ever sold gold jewelry for the gold value? What are the ways to get the best offer? I have a couple of rings to sell, a 14k band and a 10k class ring. Will they tell me their per-gram payments? Should I pull the stone out of the class ring myself before I bring it in?

2. Is there a cheap mp3 player that you'd recommend? I'm probably going with Sansa Clip, but there are other brands out there. I'm looking at newegg and amazon. Where else should I shop?

3. I've been thinking about maidenhair fern, and whether or not it is named after pubic hair. Does your pubic hair now, or has it ever, looked like maidenhair fern? (You may disregard the actual color.)


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i just got legitimately asked out for the first time in my entire life. unfortunately, i'm not interested. he's not my type and i'm pretty interested in someone else.

what's the best way to say no?
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Do you see the resemblance between the biblical metaphor "walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless" and the IBM core value "trust and personal responsibility in all relationships"?

Do you know what it means to say "you strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel"?

Are trivial matters for the birds?

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One day, all guns, knives, swords, bombs, weapons etc. have disappeared from earth and everyone seems to have forgotten they existed.

When words don't work, how do we settle disputes?

I vote for pillow fights or paintball.

inspired by the paintball episode of Community
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TQC, what should I make for a friend whose grandmother just died? It can't have chocolate because chocolate contributes to her anxiety attacks. It would help if it were fairly simple. Recipes encouraged :]

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These TV shows were suggested to me by Netflix. If you were me, which would you watch first?

What TV show should I watch next?


dk/dc: What do you hear?
I hear my boyfriend watching 100 Ways to Die (or something like that)

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Say after a date or something the other person invites you into their house/apartment/whatever. Would you be kind of, idk, wierded out if they had like Playboy or other erotic pinup posters on their walls?

The idea just always made me think 'ew', probably because the only people I've known who did that were pretty skeezy. But I'm not sure if I'm being ridiculous or not.


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Have you been disappointed by anything today? What's the last thing the disappointed you, big or small?

I've been too sick for the past two weeks to take my daily walk/jog, but today I finally felt well enough to leave the house. So I charged up my iPod, put on my tennis shoes, stepped out the door... and there goes the mosquito truck, spraying poison all over the place. And by the time it dissipates, the sun will have gone down. I'm busy the next three nights, and it's way too hot during the day to exercise, so I'm not going to get my walk until Monday. And I was really, really excited about this walk :( 

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TQC, I have an opportunity to do some housekeeping once per week, and I was asked to name my price.


(A million dollars, I know, but srsly)

I was a full-time nanny/housekeeper for quite a while a few years back, and I got paid $100 per week because I am dumb and was all, "~Just pay me what you think is right~" and that totally sucked and was not worth the time and effort I put into it. :(

What would you pay for a once-per-week housekeeper?

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What typically British things bags do you think I should bring as a gift to the US when I meet my friend? I'm already planning Cadbury's and Tetley tea bags but I can't think of anything else.

Suggestions? These things will have to survive a 10 hour flight in my suitcase.

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why does everything have to be about money?
do you make enough money a month to feel 'safe' and 'secure', whatever that means to you? do you make enough to feel satisfied and happy, like you don't really need any more?

i'm tired of worrying about money...ugh. I feel like I'm always stressed about it, so clearly I'm not making enough for me to feel safe. (I make $1,100 a month after taxes and still have to pay rent, food, bills etc)
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Costumes from 'Pollyanna' movie (1960)

I'm writing a story in which my male character makes a joke about being incredibly optimistic. I want him to be able to say something like: "put me in a [type of dress] and call me Pollyanna".

Problem is, I've never seen the Hayley Mills version of 'Pollyanna' and I have no way of doing so anytime soon. I've googled the movie and searched for images of Pollyanna's outfits, but I can't tell if one costume or another is especially associated with her.

So: if you're familiar with the 1960 movie, can you please suggest the mental image that comes to mind when you think of her? A gingham dress, a raggedy old dress, a sailor suit, or something else? I saw one still from the movie where she was wearing a big straw hat - is that an important part of her costuming?

If this doesn't work, I'll go with something like "pin some blonde braids to my head and call me Pollyanna". But I'd prefer the costume option, if possible. Thanks in advance if you can help.
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Just now, Dad tried to tell my brother to put his empty cup from Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) in the bin but completely blanked on the word cup, instead opting for “fizz jar.”

What ridiculous things have you said/heard objects/people/etc called when the speaker has blanked on the correct term?

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My friend is turning 21 tomorrow. At midnight we're going out to the bars with some friends. I'm only staying for one drink because I have an internship tomorrow morning. Should I doll myself up for the occasion or half-ass it? I'll only be out for like 45 minutes.

What are your goals over summer?
Mine is to get back into running (since that goal died about halfway through the school term), and read lots of books.

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 Could anyone give me the link to that one drawing program online that people post on here sometimes? I'm sorry if this is vague, but it's that one where when you draw it's kind of like spiderwebs? I can't remember the name of it :P
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When was your last Epic!Fail type of day?

Mine was today, hands down.

A guy that I went out with on Monday, who I actually really was interested in, texted me today to basically blow me off - I guess he is dating someone else now. Possibly just an excuse, but still. Kind of a terrible way to start my day.

So to work off my sadness/frustration, I decided to go on a 1.9 mile hike at a local state park! It was listed as mostly easy, with one moderate hill in it. What could go wrong?!?!

So. Many. Things.

Collapse )

dk/dc: What are some good common cold remedies? I really have to be at work tomorrow since I started a new job this past Sunday.

how to not hate biking

I keep injuring myself when I run. Right now I have either a strained Achilles tendon or heel bursitis. This isn't my first injury. So I need to find other exercise, at least until this heals up. It's almost summer and I was so looking forward to running outside. I could probably get a decent workout biking, but I hate it. My helmet is pinchy. My lower back aches when I climb hills. My hands are numb after a while even if I change positions. It's boring but I can't listen to my iPod. I have to ride a fairly long way through scary traffic to get to a bike trail.

Help, TQC, how can I learn to not hate biking?

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So I was supposed to go away with three of my friends at the end of the month...one just backed out. Is it possible that the hotel will cost less if I call and say there is one less person? (No, right?)

Would you want your friend to still pay for their share of the room? (she offered)

We're going to Williamsburg,VA- Is there anything aside from the obvious stuff around there or within a two or three hour drive that would be fun to do?
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Do you tip your tailor?
I had this really nice lady who works from home do a little thing for my prom dress, only $25, but should I tip her?
I've never even been to a tailor before...
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