June 1st, 2011


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my roommate is being a bitch again and she tossed the few little things i keep on the bathroom counter(while she keeps bottles and bottles of product and her entire make up bag there) into my drawer, including an expensive eye shadow that is now just a powder adding some glam to my tampons and drawer bottom.

am i right to ask her to replace it? it's Urban Decay(about $20 with tax) and one of the two colors i wear regularly. i'm really pissed.

she also decided to keep the paper towel in her room because i forgot to clean the toilet and the mirror(because we don't have anything for windows/mirrors and they aren't dirty) last weekend when i "did a lousy job on the bathroom." which i didn't! i bleached the sink, scrubbed down the tub and got rid of all her hair, which is everywhere.

should i keep the toilet paper i bought in my room?

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Ok, so a friend wants me to attend a medieval festival thing with her in July (I think..or August...). I need advice on what to wear. I have a couple of ideas. Bare in mind I can sew, so anything that's too difficult to purchase, I can just make.

The first option is to simply not dress up at all. But that's a bit boring.

I could dress up all medieval-like. I'm not a huge fan of the way the women dressed back then so I'd probably dress as a man.

Or I could somehow incorporate medieval features into a more modern outfit. So I'd look more "dressed-up" and less "costumey." This option seems like it would require a lot more thought/effort and would probably be more difficult to execute well.

Another idea I had is that it would be mildly amusing to go dressed as someone from a different era, say Victorian or Edwardian. The plus side to this is that I already have corsets and other clothing from around that time.

How do you think I should dress?
Do you have any other ideas?
Care to share your experiences in medieval-related events?
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What is guaranteed to piss you off?

I was downstairs talking about a movie in a slightly excited way, and I mentioned that I thought a character didn't fit in her corset correctly because she doesn't have enough boobs. Then, my friend says "Why are you so mad about this, Emma?"


I hate when people tell me I'm mad about shit I'm not mad about. It makes me mad. Counterproductive, no?

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I visit my girlfriend about every two or so weeks. At least that has been the pattern lately. Should I get a library card from the library in her town? It's a big town so the library has a huge selection, way better than my local one. The checkout period in the GF's town is 21 days and you can renew it two times so I can have a little extra time if I can't get out there within two weeks.
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What are your favorite porn sites? Free = better.

(I'm looking for myself, naturally. I'm a gay dude, but I'm not into the 'traditional' scene. Young, skinny, teenage boys going at it doesn't really do it for me. Nothing personal to those who like it, but 'twinks' aren't my scene. Longer videos are better, of course, and the ability to add in some, er, 'fun' is also nice. :D)

Have you ever watched porn with someone (like your significant other)?

I did with my ex once. It didn't go well. He was just like "omg! bears!" all the time, and we couldn't agree on anything. I rolled my eyes at his choice and his requests, and he actually asked me "wait... Does this actually do anything for you?" Never did that again. >_>

So, yeah. Porn site suggestions? I don't wanna pay, and I don't want viruses....
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If it feels like heartburn, and is apparently (due to it not having killed me in a week+) non-fatal like heartburn, but is accompanied by pressure, shortness of breath and probably-unrelated jaw pain, is it still heartburn? (It's probably not anxiety; my anxiety meds don't touch it and I'm not actually abnormally anxious.)

How do you tell the difference between a medical problem and paranoia, anyway?

Does anyone else feel vaguely panicky when webMD tells you to go to a doctor OMG RIGHT NOW because of some random, mildly annoying symptom?

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How have these kids not been taken from their parents?

"Water torture of babies is one way some members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day instil fear of authority, a former member testified Wednesday.

"It's quite common," Carolyn Blackmore Jessop told the constitutional reference case to determine whether Canada's polygamy law is valid.

"They spank the baby and when it cries, they hold the baby face up under the tap with running water. When they stop crying, they spank it again and the cycle is repeated until they are exhausted."

Or is it only torture when done to someone who isn't Arab?
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When you were a little kid playing outside, did anyone else have to go home when the street lights came on?
I remember feeling more and more anxious if I stayed out after they had turned on. Like, "C'mon guys, give me my ball. I have to go."

If TQC were an elementary school play, what role would you play?
I think I'd be the left lung. I help bring oxygen into the body! Then the right lung would get stage fright and just stand there, and I'd look pretty silly doing the breathing dance alone.

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2 weeks ago monday, I had my second job interview with a company. They said they'd get back to me that week, possibly to schedule a phone interview. The next week (which is last week), on a Wednesday, I called them just to follow up and she called back saying "You're still very much in the running and we will give you a call this week". Well "this week" has come and gone and that brings us to now. Is it too soon to call again today? I'm getting the impression that they'd be calling me either way to let me know about the position. I am not exactly stressed about this but the anticipation is driving me nuts.

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So I'm looking for a place where I can take an Italian language course over the summer at an affordable price (in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas). My school (CSUN) doesn't offer it - I've checked Pierce College, Moorpark, Valley College and Santa Monica College.

I was planning on taking the course at Santa Monica College, but they gave me a super late sign up date. When I was finally able to register for class it was full. I emailed the professor and asked if there is any way for me to still take it. He pretty much said no (and there is no waiting list wtf).

Is there anywhere else I can take an Italian language course? While I've been practicing at home I still really wanna take a class. It doesn't have to be for credit. The only other thing I found was Language Door but it's expensive and only once a week.
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I don't have a picture, I am sorry... BUT

What would you name a female orange-ish-colored pomeranian?
My sisters neighbor is giving his away because he "doesn't have the time for her" and if she gets along with my dogs I'm probably taking her.

Case that holds two phones?

Is there such a thing as a case, or wallet-type-thingy, that would hold my iPod touch and my Blackberry? (And don't tell me to get an iPhone. The Blackberry is for work, and I had no choice in the matter.)

It's super-annoying to carry around both of these things individually. I want it all to fit into one... thingy.

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My birthday is on Friday, so I've arranged a birthday dinner for myself and several friends.

Yesterday, I got an email from my boyfriend's friend and his girlfriend saying that we should meet up to catch up this weekend (it's been awhile since I've seen them).

Given the timing of their message, would it be courteous to extend an invitation to my birthday dinner? Or, should I not mention my birthday and just say that Saturday works best for meeting up?

My bf and I are long distance, so I don't see these 2 friends often (we meet up like once every 2-3 months). I like them a lot, but the people I've invited to my dinner are those I see pretty regularly.

If you were me, would you extend an invite but say that meeting on Saturday might be better and quieter in terms of catching up?

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i have to go to this "re-employment" thing to keep my unemployment. it's 1-4.

do you think they'll give us a break since it's 3 hours long?

should i bring a peanut butter sandwich in case they do?

all i've eaten today was a small blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee. i know i'm not going to be hungry enough to eat before i leave, and then i won't be able to eat for 4 or 5 hours since this thing is 3 hours and i have to get there, do this thing and then run errands after that.

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Hiiiii TQC! I need your fashion halps!

Collapse )

What style of shoe would look good with this dress? The tag on the dress says it is navy, but it is sooooooo dark that it really really really looks black to me. Should I get white shoes?

I think I might also want to get a clutch, and maybe some jewelry to ~complete the ensemble~, so suggestions for those as well is very very welcome. The shoes are the most important thing right now though.

Also, (depending on the shoe, probably) would this dress work with backseam stockings? (sorta NSFW, fyi)

Toronto goers, help!

Here's the deal:
My friend and I are spending a week (16th-22nd) in Toronto.
So far the things on our itinerary include: The NIX tattoo convention, Canada's Wonderland & someone mentioned that the luminato festival is worth checking out.
We'll be staying by the intersection of Queen St & Worthington.

We're looking to see if any of you know of some low key, hole in the wall, awesome things to do or stores to check out! We're pretty open minded, anything goes & would really appreciate your help with this!! :D
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Are you currently taking birth control pills? I was taking Yaz for a while to regulate my periods, but I didn't like the side effects. I'm not sure what to try next. I was thinking maybe Ortho Novum? I honestly don't know.
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Which is more annoying to you? Shows taking place in fictional locations and you recognize the scenery as a real place, or shows that take place in real places that look nothing like how the show portrays them?

People who cry at tv shows, do you ever cry at series finales just because of the doneness even if its not really sad?

Dk/dc/don't watch tv because you're too ~*~sophisticated~*~: what is the nearest item to your left hand?
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dog breed

I realize that I kinda almost hijacked a thread over in C_S, so...

Care to take any guess as to what my dog is?
Photo album, feel free to ignore or comment on the other critters.

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We were told she's at least part Aussie. She's got the face markings for it, and that blank Aussie stare. But she's only 27 pounds, and she's got spots under her coat, as well as having that white coat. She's not curly haired anywhere, but she might still have some spaniel somewhere back in her blood. Her tail is a brush, usually sticks straight out, not curled up or anything.

She's either the smartest dumb dog, or the dumbest smart dog, and she's a shelter rescue.

ETA: If this helps, she's also pretty quiet. And when she does bark, it's remarkably deep. She was pretty easily trainable, but most mutts are smart enough for it, and I think she also wanted to please us so freakin much, poor thing.

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I have a pipe (the kind you smoke out of) that broke. It was really expensive and it broke into two pieces, so I want to try to fix it. Will smoking out of a pipe that has been super-glued or gorilla glued back together hurt me?

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Is it a completely silly idea to spend only one night in London as part of a larger European trip? (Flight would arrive 7:30am-ish, would depart for Belgium and then Amsterdam around 8am the next morning)

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Would you be offended if your significant other bought you an article of clothing that was too big, thinking it was your size? How about if it was too small? [Pretend that they do not know what size you are]

dk/dc - would you control/apple-v [paste] to show us the last thing you copied?

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Hey everyone, my burlesque club does a halloween show every year. This years theme is Heros and Villains. If you were the crowd, what would you love to see? :) Any creative ideas would be great.
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I received an email earlier asking me to fill out a form and send it with my resume for an office job I'd applied for online. When I first applied I'd filled out the exact same form as a .pdf and the version I was sent is an .rtf, when I open it in NeoOffice, OpenOffice for Mac, most of the text had changed to some ornate gothic looking font and I couldn't check any of the boxes needed to fill it out properly.

Should I reply to the person saying that I can't fill it out correctly as an .rtf and offer to send in a copy of the .pdf from their site; send in the .pdf explaining that I couldn't fill out the form in the format I was sent or wait until tomorrow when I can use the computers at uni to open it in Word and hopefully won't have the same problem?

DK/DC: What's something you're dreading?
I have one of my final exams tomorrow and while I've been revising and doing ok in the quizzes we've been set I'm still nervous as all hell.
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Vitamin D ... KZ porn

1. Any nutrition-aware folks out there? How long does a dose of Vitamin D stay in the body? 1000 mg costs about the same as 2000 mg, and I was figuring I'd save some bucks if I take a 2000 mg capsule every-other day instead 1000 every day. Would this work, or would I excrete the excess too fast to make a difference?

2. I've been noticing LJ is being slammed with Kazakhstani porn. Am I just lucky, or is it happening to everyone?


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Have you ever met a celebrity of any notoriety?

The only famous person I've ever met was Carrot Top. He kissed my hand after giving me the biggest hug in the world. I was terrified and refused to go near him the rest of the time we were at the restaurant he was at.

eta: alright, I hate you all. Come hang out with me so some of your awesome lucky meeting celebrities rubs off on me.
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TQC, I need some pens that write in color. My favorites are Staedtlers, but unfortunately those are a bit out of my price range right now. My favorite regular ink pens are the Bic Ultra Round Stick Grip pens, if that helps at all. Any suggestions?

Family Portraits

My husband, my son, and I are having a family photo session this Saturday at our house (belated valentine's present from hubby).

What should we wear? 

I'm totally overthinking it right now.  I want it to look clean and somewhat unique, but I don't want to "date" the photos too much either, since ideally they'll be up on our walls for years to come.  My son is 5 months old, if it matters.
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Nuvarings and food and aloneness

1. I have a 5 pack of Nuvaring from the doctor, I decided not to take it because of the side effects I read about. I would throw it away since they were free but feel like that would be wasteful anyway. Id like to give it away to someone who already uses it and needs more or just needs birth control. How do I go about giving these away?

2. I want to start packing lunch, what should I bring?

3. What is your favorite thing to do when ur alone?
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Hello guys! ....And ladies too.

Why is it that when people say "guys", if they want to add women in there too they put so much emphasis on the fact that it's added? For example:
1. I got an email today saying, "Hey guys (and gals)".

2. In a recent work meeting, someone entered saying, "Hello guys! *pause* And girls too!"

3. Also in a work meeting, someone said, "Ok guys, let's get started!" He then turned to me, the only woman, and nodded and said "and ladies too."

It sounds so weird to me.

Do you do this? Does it bother you if hear people do this?

Do you dislike it if people say only "guys" when referring to everyone?

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For those of you who watch the news. where do you get your news from?
I've pretty much given up on American/Canadian news sources for international news, - for world news, I read/watch BBC (online) and Al-Jazeera English (online.) For local or national news, I watch CBC Vancouver, for US news, MSNBC and PBS.
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Are you the type of person who keeps mementos, be they from something good or bad?

I totally am. After my uncle died, I kept his cane. (Long story)

I kept/made/bought this after I broke up with my ex. (Another story. It'll make you go "awwwwe!" repeatedly.)

I still have my stuffed dolphin from Sea World... (I was eight at the time)

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My mom is forcing me to stay in the basement because a tornado warning has been issued in CT. A small "funnel cloud" touched down an hour away -_- Is everyone overreacting or am I underreacting?

Have you been affected by a tornado?

dk/dc/i am invincible to mother nature: What was the last thing to piss you off?

sob sob first world problems

people who have the latest version of Firefox, what do you think?

does anyone have Avast! as their anti-virus? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

i just got my laptop back from the computer people. i spent $158 and everything seems to be working GREAT! EXCEPT things that involve flash or loading a video. they get stuck. the sound will keep going but the video will stop. after playing around and wanting to throw things, i figured out if i was constantly moving my finger on the track pad, like around in a small circle so the arrow was always moving, that the video or the game loading would keep going, but if i stopped, it stopped.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? i'm frustrated enough to cry.
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Groundhog Day poll

Let's say you were trapped in the same predicament as Bill Murray in Groundhog Day; doomed to repeat the same day in a small town, some miles away from where you actually live. Only you have the knowledge of what's happening, and what happened the previous version of this day, and the day before, etc. EVERYTHING resets the next day. After the first 100 days of replaying the same day, what charges would you have had brought up against you by then?

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Donkey
Public Nudity
Public Intoxication
Sexual Harassment
Assault and Battery

Maybe after a while, you'll think of using this time loop to try and improve yourself, seeing as you're given the gift of time. What skills or knowledge will you have picked up or would start to pick up after the first 200 days?

Playing a musical instrument
Ice scuplture
Master dart player
Dancing (ballroom, swing, whatever)
A foreign language
How to make clothes
How to stalk the most attractive person in town because I absolutely know what they're going to do at every given moment
Knowledge of what I look like in every possible hairstyle (since it all grows back overnight, I can do some pretty drastic things)
Memorization of information or books. I'd cram my mind full of knowledge, since I don't have anything better to do than read all day
Horseback riding
Knowledge of how many hits I'd get on youtube if I put up a video of me doing something incredibly embarrassing (it's gone the next day)
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I want to punch this lady that I work with. So today she brings her baby into work for the fourth consecutive work day. We don't have a nursery and we work in an usually quiet office so people can concentrate.

When her kid cries or need to be fed/changed/whatever, don't you think it's respectable to take it outside?

Geesh, I'm thinking of reporting her to the district manager if she keeps it up.

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Will you tell me how you deal with people on the street that want to stop you and ask you to...

sign a petition
sign-up for something
buy a magazine subscription
register to vote
join a political organization



Do you totally ignore them?
Cross to the other side of the street? (What if their co-workers are there too?!)
Do you stop and find out what it is?

Are you awkward about it? Does it make you cringe with social anxiety?

Have YOU ever been the person with the clipboard?

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Have you ever closed a joint bank account with a deceased person? What did you need to do in order to do so? Specifically a student checking account with Bank of America (I will be calling the bank in the morning, just wanted to see if anyone had any experiences!)

DK/DC/everyone I've ever known is alive: what is the last questionable food choice you made?
Brought to you by the pork chops I just put in the oven that I shook in a plastic bag with salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and half a macerated peach, and topped with peach slices. (welcome to GA) I hope it's delicious...

Alternatively, how do you feel about Lady Gaga's latest single?

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Have you ever seen a calculated crumbling about to occur setting your employer's EPS on its way to "need me less"?

How do you suppose the Supreme Court could be convinced the corporations of the nation have an amoral stranglehold on our prosperity?

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TQC, I just realized that I have only a bit of gluten free pasta left, and my gluten-intolerant FWB is coming for dinner. I've got nothing else in the house that is gluten free apart from the pasta. Should I make a bit of pasta, have roast beef and cheese rollups on the side, and then go out for dessert with him? Does this seem like an adequate dinner? We also have bananas.

DK/DC: What's something your boss (or anyone, really) does that annoys you even though it probably shouldn't?

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Would you ever date your ex-spouse's friend?

Edit: It should be noted that you and said spouse do not speak to each other and have not for 5+ years.  Said friend and said ex are high school buddies, but have not be close for many years.  They are "occasional" friends, per se.

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Can we have that post where you comment with a band or artist you like, and everyone can respond with their favorite song by them?*

*One band/artist per comment, pls
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So my dad is taking me and my younger sister to Chicago for a few days some time next week. For those of you familiar with the city, what do you recommend we do? I'm looking for budget-friendly stuff.

Any restaurants you can recommend? Hole-in-the-wall places and ethnic foods are all welcome, we are food-adventurous.

I am applying for summer work at a call center when I get back from Chicago. Can you tell me stories about working at call centers? Bad, good, I want to know what it's like!

Help me buy makeup

I want to start wearing makeup occasionally. But I have no idea what to buy! I'm on a limited budget and I don't know what I should get first. Eye shadow? Lip gloss? And what colors should I get? (Usually I can only tell if I like a color after I put it on...) Should I get one of those color palette things? Is there a starter kit for makeup? I am just so totally lost when I walk into a Sephora and I have no idea where to begin.
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Every time I eat like a bowl of ice cream, I start getting the coughs and my throat gets really itchy.

Am I lactose intolerant?
Are you?

What are your allergies?

edited, last sentence didn't make sense.

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A friend is playing God of War and this quote came up in the beginning: "The true measure of a man is what he does with power." I know it's Plato, but which work? Google-fu will tell me Plato is the one being quoted, but it won't tell me which one. Any ideas?
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What would you do if your SO told you he/she was in love with his/her best friend, but not attracted to them physically and would never want to be with them but that they were a very important part of their life? Would you feel threatened or would you be able to handle this situation?
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If you have cats, what kind of litter do you use? I need one that clumps but doesn't make that cement/clay stuff with the pee AND covers up the smell.

If you don't have cats, why not?

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Are you going to any festivals this year? Which ones and why?

I'm working at a festival this summer (Glastonbury!) litterpicking. I have to do 6 hour shifts every day starting from 6am.
I don't tend to stay up hugely late or get very drunk at festivals, but how can I make this early start as painless as possible, without missing loads of the festival?

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Do you guys have somehwere you can go if you and your SO/Partner/housemate are figting or in a bad place?
Even if its just for a night?

Or do you try and patch things up?

I did but he cannot pick me up from the closest bus stop and I dont have anywhere else to go

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TQC, my good friend wants me to help her make a bangin' dance mix for her party bus ride. We have similar taste in music, so she enlisted my help. Thing is, I suck at this. Could you guys make some recommendations for good party/drunken raving music?
She likes Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, etc. type artist. And like pop-techno dance stuff.

ETA: she said "up beat techno"

Can you guys help? Pweese? :3

carter arrested

tattoo ideas

i want to get a song lyric tattooed on me, preferably near the collarbone. is there an interesting way to do that that isn't gigantic, like the words forming a small heart or something?

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I overheard the following exchange today. A manager asked an employee to tuck in her shirt and said something to the extent of, "even fat girls can tuck in their shirts."

If it's relevant, both manager and employee are female, and the employee is relatively new/not on super-friendly terms with the manager (i.e., the manager wasn't just "busting her chops").

How out of line do you consider the manager's behavior?

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I receive a "dairy equipment and supply" catalog every few months for the guy who lived here before me (I have lived in this apartment for a year and a couple months). What do you think this guy needed a dairy eqiupment/supply catalog for in a downtown/city apartment?  Have you ever received any strange mail for previous tenants?

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So I wrote an angry Tumblr post about how I hate patriarchy and sexism etc whatever.
I got a guy in my ask box who wants to know why I say that he benefits from patriarchy and sexism.

Anyone have any good links I could use? Any arguments in particular? I know what I can say but I wanna make it good and I suck at this stuff.

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Do you get holes in the heels of your socks? This hasn't happened to me until recently. Maybe my shoes are too loose.

If you have a cat, does it fart? I don't think I've ever heard my cat fart. Sometimes I smell something and think maybe she farted. I don't think they fart as much as dogs.
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 If you have an amazon account and have recently purchased something, will you log in and see if your orders show up? It's showing that I have no orders or order history but I've definitely bought something recently. I'm hoping it's just a temporary website fluke. 

What was the last thing you bought? (doesn't have to be from amazon)