May 31st, 2011

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What are some essentials to bring for a year for study abroad in Europe? Should I pack school supplies or buy them when I get there?

What are some things not to bring? I already know not to bring a hair dryer and a hair straightener...stuff like that. Clothes for winter will be shipped to me later (they take up too much space in my suitcase otherwise).
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If you were to be a creep, what kind of creep would you be? what creepy things would you do?
(please note, looking at people's facebook or whatever all the time is not creepy, just sad)

srs answers only please. non-srs is also fine

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i'm asking this here because i know it's been asked here before and there's usually a good amount of answers. i apologize if it's been asked recently.

also, i did google, but i remember there being better answers here the last time i saw these questions asked. if not, then i'm probably insane.

1. what are some ways i can delay my period?
2. what are some ways i can shorten my period?
3. what are some ways i can induce my period?

NOTE: I'm not on any type of hormonal birth control.

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Imagine you're applying for a job in your field. The job posting states: " An expert knowledge of pop culture, film and television is highly preferred. Knowledge of any academic subject, foreign language, esoteric hobby and specialized work is also highly preferred. Excellent communication and written skills are essential." What do you put in your cover letter to make yourself sound like a good candidate?

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How did your favorite author(s) make you love them?

Are there any specific lines or words used by your favorite author(s) that endeared you to them? Is it a particular way their stories develop or the characters they introduce you to? Or is it just an overall "click"?

I enjoy Terry Pratchett's work very much for various reasons, but what sealed the deal for me is the fact that he saved The Little Match Girl.

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CBSNews is reporting that by the year 2030, 8 billion people will die annually from smoking-related deaths.

Are you prepared to be one of the everyone who dies by 2032?

If you're a non-smoker, how does it feel knowing you're still going to be SOL?

Which is more WTF? The fact that they typoed to say everyone on earth is going to die or the fact that this news story is based on a two year old report?

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Hey guys, I need your help again [for those of you who don't know me, I work in a thrift store and sometimes I need help figuring out what the hell these donations are].

So help me... I have two pictures under the cut. The wire is really strong... I feel like I should know what this is...

What is it?

Collapse )

(also, please ignore my gross chipped nailpolish.)
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Can't... remember... word... argh

In statistics, what's the word for when something is first (or last, biggest, smallest, etc.) for no reason at all other than something has to be?

Edit: like if you have five people roll a die, and the fourth person gets the highest roll. There's no reason the fourth person got the highest roll. There's a term for this.

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What are pets you've had that you'll never have again?

1) Snake. The thing stunk, its food was gross, and and it dirtied its cage so much faster than I could keep it clean.

2) Birds. Their food gets everywhere, they're loud, and the friendliest bird will sometimes decide to bite the crap out of you for no reason. You also have to be careful with them and cutting their wings. They're liable to fly into walls and break their necks(never had this happen personally).

3) Guinea pig. They smell even after you clean their cage, and they're so nervous and twitchy they have a mini-heart attack if you open the door too loudly.

4) Rabbits. The smell, and like guinea pigs, they scare to death if you look at them sideways.

I hate smelly animals, but strangely enough, my rat is one of the best pets I've ever had. She doesn't smell, isn't too loud, and I've even trained her to go to the bathroom in the corner so I can shovel it out instead of changing the bedding every day.
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Would you tell someone that they had a booger in their nose? Because no one told me and I found it after 4 freaking hours at work! :(

Eta: would you want someone to tell you or would you rather be surprised when you look in a mirror?

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Whats a phrase or saying that annoys you? why?
Whenever I hear the word "Islamofacist" I want to punch the TV - mostly because its not an actual thing (I have never read a political science article containing the phrase "Islamofacist"  usually, they say "Islamist" or "Islamist regime" but I guess that doesn't have the same fear factor for the TV watchers.) 
I wish my roommate didn't watch FOX
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Is the death of an adult woman worse/more heinous/more wrong than the death of an adult man?
Is the death of a female soldier worse/more heinous/more wrong than the death of a male soldier?

Why/why not?
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Inspired by previous post about Lady Gaga and her finical woes.

If you had $128 million what would you do with it?

I'd pay off my student loans, all $200,000+
Buy a work station for work
Pay for Grad school
Pay off my parents loans and house

Save whatever left and live off the interest. And get a job so not to blow all of it in a couple years.

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follow-up to a question asked last night...

if i drink parsley tea to induce my period, and i keep drinking it throughout my period, will it make it get done faster?

also, i heard once that drinking a lot of lemonade during your period makes it shorter... anyone know if that's true?

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I live in a townhouse with two roommates and our mailboxes are in a bank or whatever at the end of the parking lot.  Everyone has their own mailbox key and mailbox etc., etc.  We lost our key.  How can we get it replaced?  I called the realtor but he hasn't called me back yet.

ETA: The realtor is my landlord.

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I feel like such a loser asking this but whatever.
What does it mean when someone says "let's play soon!" or "i want to play with you!!" ... I'm assuming it's a drug reference or something because I've seen it used between like a couple of my partying friends and around tumblr. And urban dictionary has not provided help.

Can anyone solve this mystery for me?

What's some new lingo you just learned?
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A woman called me up at work today to tell me that she's treating her conjunctivitis with honey and warm water (honey can be used as an antibiotic) and I found that to be interesting.

Do you have any natural remedies that you use? As in something that you made yourself not store bought.
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Which former child stars do you think have grown up to be handsome/beautiful/attractive adults? Bonus points if you hadn't expected them to based on what they looked like as a kid.

Nicholas Hoult, Matthew Lewis, Thomas Sangster

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1. Have you ever used the Rosetta Stone? If so, how was your experience with it? What language(s) did you pick it up in?

2. What are 5 things you want to do before you die that you have not done yet?

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I got a question ... that i want to ask for a long time but i tried first to manage it myself ..

Okay here it goes. :::

How can i write an entry on my own jurnal, not on a comunnity,  and to look like this:

I really need and apreciate if anyone can help me.

I used the html already but didn't work! so is there a mistery key ?~! what am i doing wrong!? i searched in FAQ but didn't find...

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I'm listed as my grandparents "in-case of emergency" person and they had a minor incident so I had to drop everything and make sure they were alright. Turns out I also missed a phone interview for a job I really want. I called back as soon as I could and told them about the situation but they really don't allow make-ups. What are the odds I will get the interview and the job? I really would love to have this job and I would be able to keep it until I graduate college in 2 years. It's perfect for me and the idea of not getting it is devastating for me.

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How important do you think school reports are (I mean UK state primary school end of year reports)?

M sister is a teacher in a nursery and having to do 5 page reports for kids that are 3-4 years old. Over the top or normal?

EDIT: She has to do this for 50 kids btw, one set in the morning, one in the afternoon.

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I saw this tv show the other day and I really liked it. I was wondering if anyone else here has seen it? If so, would you tell me more about it? The only links I could find were in Chinese (I think) so they weren't very helpful.

The show is called Sheng Si Qiao and it's a Chinese drama set in what I think is 1930's Hong Kong.

The link below goes to a place where you can buy a dvd of the show. There's a picture of some of the main characters on the box.

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Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip with some 6,7 and 8 year olds. It's going to be hot. I usually wear capri pants and therefore only shave up to my knees. I could wear shorts tomorrow, but then I'd have to shave. Or do I say screw it, and wear the shorts anyway, sans shaving? I'm a blonde so the hair wouldn't be that noticeable. I'm also lazy, and don't feel like shaving. I just did it last night.
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Beverages. :D

I'm hankering for some overpriced, over-roasted, over-hyped, starbucks coffee. I don't like bitter coffee, I'm generally like my coffee more on the sweet side. But I'm not partial to temperature, so hot or cold I'll drink it.

What do you recommend?

DK;DC: Don't drink coffee: Tea recommendations? I've just started drinking tea and it's really good, although as with the above, I like it kinda sweet. :
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Knee issue

I've had this weird thing with my knee on and off for a few years and it's gotten worse as I've started biking more. It's not pain per se - it's just an uncomfortableness. It almost feels like my knee cap is sliding around (but it's not) and is just an odd sensation. Even sitting after biking my knee feels uncomfortable.

Do you have any idea how to describe this so that I can properly google it to get an idea of what is wrong with my knee?
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iphone-related websites?

i recently lost all of my bookmarks due to switching computers and i miss some of the great iphone-related sites i used to have saved. places that review apps, offer wallpapers, or talk about emerging trends in the apple/iphone/app world. does anyone have some favourite iphone-related sites you could share with me?

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I can't believe I am asking this, but TQC, I need advice on fashions.

I've been invited to an exclusive pre-party of a party. it's the last time ever they have that party and it's a pretty famous party around here. So anyway, the theme of the party is its death. So for the pre-party they have dresscode.

the dresscode is 'black, white, black&white, avantgarde/haute couture'

I want to be true to the theme, but i don't want to spend lots of money, so if i buy clothes, i want to be able to wear them in real life too. and the party will be hot, so something like a suit is not really an option. And it would be nice if i didn't look like i'm taking myself too seriously. oh and i am a guy.

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Why do people feel that the contemplation of a thought is synonymous with ascription to said thought?

Is it absurd to give your cat filtered water?

What lotions do you use on your ~body~? How about face?
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TQC, in just over a week I will be called upon to perform some sort of "happy dance" at a decent-sized gathering of people in celebration of a contest I won.

I cannot dance for crap.

Will you help me come up with potential dance ideas? Things that can be done by someone with no actual talent, or at least things that will be amusing when performed by the aforementioned talentless person?


  1. What do you think a SO/spouse should be honest about and what can they keep to themselves?
  2. Is a friend's feelings on your SO/spouse important to you?
  3. Do you think parents should always be honest?


So my normal face routine includes tinted moisturizer, then a dusting of MAC Studio Fix powder foundation, then Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. Yesterday, I got a tube of Make Up For Ever HD Primer to add into the routine. Do I put it on before/under or after/over the tinted moisturizer?! I feel like this is something I should already know, considering my past cosmetic lunacy. D:

What are your FAVORITE cosmetic products? Be specific!

DK/DC: tell us about phases you've been through over the years? Interpret that as you wish.
I'm currently on the tail end of a baked chicken breast/mac n' cheese/green beans or broccoli for dinner phase, THANK GOODNESS. Srsly. At least 2 or 3x a week for the past 2ish months. I tend to get into meal slumps and then just make the same thing over and over.
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What did you accomplish today?

I cleaned the yard, trimmed up the butterfly bush in the backyard (it was half dead branches), cleaned up some of the crap the storm dropped/tore up, made hamburger soup (pantry soup with ground beef, onion soup mix for flavor. It stinks but it is so yummy.) and have a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cake in the oven.

Tomorrow I have to mow the yard.
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Have you experienced any creepy, cool, or quizzical coincidences lately?

As an inside joke in October, I made a ringtone for my phone of the mooninites on the moon. The clip is:

Ignignokt: The principal will resent his nards being presented in such a crude manner.
Err: You're not paintin' on no school. That's a damn rock, and I like to rock. I will rock your faaace.

So today while I'm loading stuff into my vehicle, my team lead's vehicle, and my peer's vehicle, I get a call and we're all confused about who's talking then I pull my phone out and wait for it to say "I will rock your faaace". I answered it and it was Mediacom calling to ask if I wanted home phone service, and I immediately replied that I didn't need phone service.
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I just wrote $85 in (good) checks to renew my SO's subscriptions to This Old House, Men's Health and Food Network Magazine for 2 years. Should I just make it $100 and renew Playboy too? It's his birthday.

What's the last thing you bought someone else?

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Do you like the way your voice sounds (speaking, not singing) when you hear a recording of it?

I've finally gotten to the point where I'm not cringing/laughing when I hear it.

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TQC, does it have to be a certain temperature for you to be comfortable to sleep in? I generally like it to be pretty chilly, but my dad doesn't mind it being hot/still at all. I don't really mind it hot, but at least give me a breeze. So I came home tonight, after having had an allergy attack literally all day, and am tipsy and just want to sleep. My room is always the hottest room in the house (it's always at least five degrees hotter in there than in the rest of the house, just because it's positioned awkwardly). It was a pretty warm day and there were no ACs on at all, and no breeze coming through teh open windows. So now I have to wait on going to sleep until my room (which doesn't have AC) cools down. And here my dad's walking around in sleep shorts (and nothing else) going, "It's not that hot!" Yeah, but some of us like to wear clothes to bed and have blankets. Sheesh. Would this annoy you, TQC?

International Accounting Degree

I was wondering if anyone knows of a degree that is internationally recognized in the field of Accounting, at the Masters level?

Something that includes both GAAP and IFRS (or if maybe there is a special/separate certificate in such a thing?) if at all possible.

I am thinking of getting my MBA, or MAc or CMA (wtf acronyms of confusion...HALP!), and transferring to a european country for my final semester. Thus enabling me 1 year to try and secure work in a related field there, and have an easier transition to residency.

Thanks in advance!
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