May 30th, 2011

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TQC, how do you make a room cool down when it basically has no air circulation whatsoever? I've been sleeping without the AC on (we don't have central air) but tonight was just way too hot even with all the windows open and the fan on. So I went and turned on the ACs. And they're cooling down the rooms they're in, but I don't have AC in my room and it is still so hot in here. And I just want to sleeeep. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Does it being too hot or too cold keep you awake?

Edit: never mind. Washcloths, come to me. Sleep, you come too.
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 hi TQC :)

it's 2.30 am here and i've just finished a rough draft of an essay due today at 5pm. but i've still got a test to study for, which would probably take about 2+ if i'm working efficiently. my mind can work fine but my eyes are getting a bit drowsy.

i don't have coffee or red bull... should i take a caffeine pill? 
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I work nights (11pm-7am).  I'm looking for a part-time job to supplement my income.  It doesn't really matter what I'm doing as much as it matters what time.  Ideally, something between the hours of about 8am to noon (because I have to sleep sometime!).  Can anyone think of an entry-level part-time job that might fit the hours?

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if you were sick to your stomach/puking, would you call out of your food service job (that has no bathroom) or would you suck it up? assume you've only been working there for a month and the earliest anyone will be there is ten and you're supposed to go in at eleven thirty. D:
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What is something you thought you would enjoy, but you actually ended up disliking it?
Is there anything you used to hate that you like now?

ex: movie, food, tv show, musical artist, etc...
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Look at me, look at meee!

Today is my birthday, and tomorrow I'm going to be in Joplin to help with the disaster relief efforts. So tonight is not only my birthday dinner, but it's also the last meal that I'm really going to be guaranteed for a couple of weeks. What should I eat, TQC?

The younger sibling and I are trying to amass a good collection of music for the 6+ hour drive we have ahead of us. Any suggestions for albums we absolutely must have? Upbeat would be preferable since, you know, we're driving for at least six hours. But feel free to suggest anything awesome.

Do you want to help me pack? What am I probably forgetting?

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i just woke up and dropped my brand new phone in the toilet, which i had like a flip phone before and this is my first nice one. im trying not to cry lol. any advice besides dont bring phones into the bathroom? can you chear me up or destract me?

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I just found myself calling food "blando" which is a huge mom-ism; it made me think of how many things I say that I got from my parents (its a ridiculous amount).

Do you do this? What kinds of things do you say like your parents (or brothers/sisters/spouses whatever)?
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I hope this isn't a silly question with an obvious answer. I'm trying to figure out max parking rates so I can take public transit in the city provided it's cheaper than driving.

This parking lot charges $3/hour. It has a max of $9 until 6 PM, and after that it's a max of $4. So how much will I be charged if I use it from 4 PM to 9 PM? $9, $4, or $6 (assuming I pay $6 for the first two hours, and the rest free since I paid more than $4 already)?

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I'm looking for this internet story a guy posted about his online relationship fail. The woman shows him a picture of another woman, claiming to be her, and he's attracted to her and so they start dating online. After a while, the guy finds out who she really looks like with google.

Other things I remember from the story is she had dogs that she entered in shows, and I -think- that's how he found her through google but I'm not sure.

Basically the guy posts the emails they sent to each other when he found out her real identity, and in the last email she send him she's really sad. He posts the pictures as well, the one she said was her and the one that really is her.

Has anyone seen this and knows where to find it?? I've been thinking about it lately and I'm wondering if it's been proven real or fake yet.

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You go to a frends house where they offer you a drink. You accept the drink and hang out as you usually would. When it comes to the end of your visit, do you put your empty cup in the sink?
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Poll #1746986 Blonde or Brunettes have it harder with assumptions?

Online friend says brunet/tes have it much worse than blond/es do because those of the black and brown locks are expected to be smart, and that she would prefer to be considered automatically idiotic if she were blonde. What do you think?

Wtf is this. This is stupid.
Ticky ticky!
You're both idiots for arguing over this in the first place, come back later.

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My husband was jealous that the Boy Scouts in the Memorial Day parade today were allowed to wear plain white ankle socks instead of the ridiculous knee socks he was forced to wear for years while participating.

Another friend will now never wear corduroys because that's what he had to wear as part of his Catholic school uniform, even in June.

Are there any clothes you hate not because you find them innately unappealing, but because of an association like that? They liked scouting/school, just not the strict requirements.

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I feel like I eat too many wheat products as the base for my meals - e.g. bread, pasta, crackers, etc. I've been eating more fish lately, particularly salmon, but would like to make some less expensive meals!

What are some good and healthy meals for me to try?

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Would you hookup with a ex-significant other of a friend? What about a ex-friends ex? Ex-Friend meaning no interaction for over a year or a mutually broken off friendship.

How do you clean?

I start in one corner going in a clockwise circle non-stop.
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I'm taking this week off from work! People keep asking me where I'm going but I'm honestly just staying home and doing the things I have to do, like:

- Clean my car
- Power-wash the parrot cage
- Disassemble and thoroughly clean my reptile/amphibian tanks

If you had this week off, what would you do?

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For my mom's birthday cake (or pie or treat of some sort) she has said she likes:

raspberries, and/or

cake or pie

Do you have any recipes you've made in the past that would fulfill these needs? Or do you have ideas of what I should do. The more creative the better!

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What's something that happened to you a while ago that still makes you wince every time you think about it?

I was just thinking about how I'd feel really uncomfortable going to a local chocolate store, because they hired me and said I was doing a great job in training, but fired me after six days of work because I wasn't "detail oriented enough". It sucks, because they have amazing chocolates and I'd really like some!
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Do you have any tips or advice for treating or dealing with inner mouth injuries?
I am constantly getting sores/cuts on the inside of my mouth and tongue and it's ridiculously painful and hard to eat.
Is there any part of your body that you tend to injure frequently?
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So I've just come up with a basic time plan for when I could possibly take my little brother to Disney World; he's never been before. I'm thinking that it would work best if we go in the fall of 2012, so that gives me plenty of time to try to save as much as I can to put towards the airfare & hotel room (we won't be paying for park tickets, but we will be staying on Disney property).

TQC: Do any of you have your own methods for saving cash for a long-term goal? Hidding $10 bills under the mattress or keeping a piggy bank with its contents unknown until you crack it open or anything else of the sort; I'm interested in hearing any suggestions.

Separate question: Are you good at saving your money or are you a compulsive spender?
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Did you ever have to do Scripture/religious studies in a secular/government school? (Not like, world studies of religion, but 'this is Christianity and here is how to follow it and this is how it is full stop')

Can we go out for a drink? I'm bored. I'll pay for the cab.
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What are the coolest-sounding words in any language? I'm talking about words that, regardless of what they actually mean, just sound wicked cool. I nominate sheetrock, embarcadero, calamari and calypso.
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1. As you get older, do you find yourself becoming more conservative or more liberal (or more or the less the same)?

2. Are you an outdoorsy person?

3. What are your favorite horror films?
Just saw Suspiria last night for the first time. Loved it.

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Do you find that you're particularly susceptible to picking up other people's manners of speech?

I hang around someone who has a particular idiosyncracy of phrase for like an hour and it's embedded in my vocabulary forever.

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How would you accessorize this dress (irl it's a little brighter, and the taffeta is a bit stretchy for a kind of va-va-voom effect on me) for a summer afternoon wedding? I was thinking pearl stud earrings and this clutch (whose base color is a champagne gold leather, the lighting in my living room sucks) but have no idea about shoes or other jewelry. Halp?

ETA: I've found some shoe options! Thoughts plz?
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DK/DC/gurl you have shitty taste: What's the last movie you watched (in a theater or otherwise)? Would you recommend it?

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Having your wedding on a holiday weekend is?

a cool idea, fewer work conflicts!
a bad idea, because now my holiday has to be your wedding
I don't care, it's your wedding do what you want

(full disclosure: I am not planning any wedding, just wondering what the average person really thinks on this, so be honest!)
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Sometimes I hate login into my Facebook to read my news feed. Everyone seems to be talking about going out and partying. Living life! Makes me feel as if I'm not living my life to its fullest and at 23 that scares me.
Have you ever felt as though you weren't living you're life to its fullest?
Are you satisfied with who you're becoming and how you got there?
Would you go backpacking through Europe, like I will just to change that?
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If you do karaoke, what are some of your favorite songs to sing?

I want to do Mobb Deep - Shook Ones part 2 when I go next, but I don't know if they'll have that song.
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Is it offensive to refer to someone else using a derogatory term when they use said derogatory term to refer to themselves and/or self-identify with the negative stereotype it suggests?

Why the actual fuck do people do this?

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without looking it up, how many movies did The Beatles make?

i'm trying to convince my friend to let me host trivia with him a couple times so i'm sitting here ruminating on movie related questions. i thought that was a good question but my friend(not the one who hosts trivia) said it was stupid. but it can't be too hard, people need to be able to answer it.

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Have you ever had one of those moments where you couldn't think of a question for tqc, so you totally bullshited something?

Like now?

Show me pictures of cookies. They will make me HAPPY.