May 29th, 2011

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I really want to study abroad spring semester of next year and I am trying to decide between South/Central America (most likely Havana, Cuba or Guayaquil, Ecuador) or Spain. I'm in the process of making a pros and cons list. Which would you choose and why?
Have you ever studied/lived away from your home country and do you have any advice?
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My boyfriend has been out of town since Thursday. He texted me a few times since. My friends think it's weird we haven't talked much since he left. I think since he is out with his boys who he hardly sees, he should enjoy it and I'll see him on Monday-- no biggie. Who would you agree more with?

Edited to add:

Do you have a nookie meal? What do you cook that will guarantee some vajayjay and/or peenor?

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do you like pizza?

what are your favorite toppings?

do you judge people based on pizza toppings? will you reply to someone else's comment here to tell them what their toppings say about them? (I gotta warn you, I think cheese-only people are boring.)
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Have you ever gone to a food-related place so much that the people already know what you want to order? Is it weird or is it a good thing?

ETA: apparently the ppl at the place where I always go to don't know me at all. I ALWAYS order "all rice" but they gave me a scoop of macaroni salad as well. Yuck.:/


So Facebook is free for the public, does it make all its money off advertising? How is it able to support a full time staff/make Zuck so wealthy? Especially with investors who presumably want returns on the gigantic investment they made. Where is the actual money coming from? 

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I live in Oregon and was wanting to travel somewhere with my Husband in mid-July for our anniversary. I have no idea where we should go. I want to stay in Southern Oregon/California Area and would love for it to be very warm/not too expensive. Any recommendations? Any websites/tips on how to start researching/looking?

Sorry this isn't phrased well, Im very tired.

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TQC, tell me about the most recent delicious dessert (or most delicious dessert in general) you've made? Are you planning on going to any get-togethers this weekend? Are you bringing anything food-wise?

Female TQCers: what products do you use on your face during the summer to cut down on the oil? I've got a few things from Lush but they're not really impressing me.

Last really good book you read? I just finished The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake and it was iiiinteresting.

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I got a DNA test recently and it says I am 70% African, 23% European and 6% Asian. What would my parents have to be for me to be 23% European? I'm guessing a larger amount then I assumed.

How many generations back can you trace your family history?
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Why is there not a device that chills foods/drinks as quickly as a microwave heats up food? Or if there is one, why don't I know about it?

What is a device that you wish was already invented?
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Why are there always dudes cleaning the bathroom at work when I have to pee?

On a related note: if you work an 8 hour shift, outside in the heat, and consequently always have a bottle of water on hand, how many times a day is too many times to take bathroom breaks? Because I usually take between 8 and 10 depending on how hot and it seems excessive but my bladder gives me no say.

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TQC, tell me about your greatest hair disaster? What did you do, and how did you fix it?

Inspired by my tipsy "hey, let's just cut the mat out of my hair as opposed to patiently detangling it!" idea last night. Note to self: no matter how amazing the idea sounds, you're drunk. And when you wake up, you'll have a very idiotic looking tuft at the top of your head.

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TQC, i need a roommate for August. i've never done a craigslist add before. the thing is, i'd seriously prefer to live with a dude. all the female roommates i've had have turned out to be super bitchy and sucky(my roommate right now told me i did a lousy job on the bathroom because i forgot to do the toilet or something, when in reality i did a really nice job. i bleached down the sink, washed the tub, got ALL OF HER HAIR swept up and vacuumed away).

ANYWAY, how should i word that? is it going to sound weird that i'm looking for a male roommate? i mean, i'm not dead set against living with a girl again but i've had good luck with male roommates and bad luck with female ones. what should i say?
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I'm looking for a well-designed wristlet - much like a wallet (a few credit card slots, a place for bills, a place for change) a place for my cell phone, and some space for small things like lip balm and pens.

Does anything like this even exist?
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Besides tons of userpics, what's so good about a paid LJ account?

Does it annoy you when people waste yummy food?
I made some fried chicken this past Wednesday and my roomie still has her share in the fridge. If I had known she wasn't going to eat it, I would have.:(

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what recipe do you use for pasta salad?

i've been through the entire internet for a typical mayonnaise macaroni salad recipe and can't seem to find one that sounds right. like you know the kind that you find next to the hot dogs and hamburgers at every bbq in the whole world? WTF IS THAT RECIPE.

pesto salad recipes are also appreciated.

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Will you share stories of first world problems you've heard people whining about recently?

mine, from a coworker:
- "This paycheck should have been $4,200 but only $3,700 got direct deposited last night and they said I have to wait til next check for the rest"
- "The internet on my iPad is too slow"
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Does anyone in the world have Revit 2011 64x installed on their computer??? I literally cannot render my thesis architecture project because I cannot export from Revit to Artlantis with 32x (a bunch of the model just won't show up, no idea why) and all I need is for someone to open the file in Revit 2011 64x, install a free 1mb Artlantis plugin, and send me the exported file.

Revit is free for anyone with a university email if any kind-hearted soul wants to save me from what is the biggest disappointment in my life right now. It's a year long thesis project due in 4 days and I literally cannot finish. I have asked everyone I know; the school's computers won't let me install the plugin, my friends have 2012 installed (no plugin available) or they are running 32x (like me).


Studying Abroad.

 Have any of you ever studied abroad? Where did you go? Why? Was it more expensive than you thought it would be? 

Did you study the same subjects or was there room to experience modules from other departments etc? 

Can anyone explain to me the Academic year in Australia and New Zealand? 

I am hoping to go for Erasmus this year and I really really want to go far far away as I am from Ireland and its really no big deal to go to mainland Europe. Its usually like only €40 to fly to like Sweden from Ireland. I have no family or friends in Australia or New Zealand and its not all that hard to get a visa to America for a J-1 so I'm really swayed towards Australia or New Zealand. I have been looking into the 5 Universities that are available to me in these 2 countries and one or 2 of them don't specifically do my course so I was curious did any of you get the opportunity to explore other related areas? I would love to pick up some extra psychology modules and most Universities have a psychology degree on offer so....? Also as far as I can tell I would be splitting my year as in, I would actually take semester 2 in July- Nov and Semester 1 form feb-june but I think I might be wrong...? its really confusing!
I know these is dependent on every specific country and I know these 2 are especially strict but did any of you have the opportunity to work when you were abroad? 
Anything that you would suggest to help me get Erasmus in the first place? I have a pretty good GPA so I'm not too worried about that and I am very involved on campus and I have a few relatively responsible positions but I feel like there is more I could be doing and I have a good 5 months before the interviews to get my act together. 
Thanks :)

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This is my first post, and it's somewhat medical in nature... Maybe some nurses out there.. I wasn't sure the best community to post this to, so hopefully someone here can help~!

I am constantly cleaning and nit-picking at my nails. (Filing, cutting, painting.) Often times, when I wake up, the skin around my nail will be yellow. (Mostly my ring finger. Just the skin around it, not the nail itself.) Just seems odd?

Any suggestions are appreciated. And as for liver problems, as far as I know, I have none, nor have I been diagnosed with jaundice.

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Where were the 'cool' places to hang out when you were in high school?
at our school, it's this random little sno cone place and this 24/7 grill in the middle of a kinda bad area.

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A guy just posted this in a shopping/fashion community. I'm torn as how to responed, How would you respond TQC?

'Is exposing half your ass in a thong deliberate or poor belt choice?
I'm sitting on the bus yesterday and this beautiful black girl gets on, looks my age and stunningly curvy. We exchanged a smile and I thought she carried herself with poise and class.....until she sat down and showed she was exposing half her ample bottom and ultimately pointless (due to size) thong. Is this something women do deliberately out of pride from their ass or is it a wardobe malfunction?'

Editing to add his response when asked why he mentioned the girls race:

'At the end of the day we live in a world or at least a country where mentioning someones race is seen as 'dodgy grounds.' Would anyone else agree its primarily if the individual isnt white? For example; saying 'oh that white guy' would not raise as much concern as saying. 'there was this black guy or asian guy'?

Oh and I totally agree, the girl was stunningly hot and as a guy I was conflicted between admiring beauty and the more 'raw' attraction to exposed flesh.'


I have decided that I want to knit myself a poncho. However I havent done any knitting in about ten years and I am not so confident. I have looked at some kitting comms on lj but I was wondering if there were any websites that you guys have personally used that were a great help.

Also something with basic patterns that are either really cheap or free.

Can anybody direct me to some knitting awesome?
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What do you think is the most effective way of getting a male criminal to talk?

I'd say any torture or pleasure to his penis would be very effective. Albeit, prob not legal or acceptable.

Texting politics....(in a relationship)

How long does it take for your significant other to reply to a text message like..Miss you....Love you? 
Would you reply more/less quickly if you were in a long distance relationship?

Please feed my paranoia.

dk/dc: Who's as stoked  as I am that Barcelona won the European Cup Final?

UPDATE: He just replied back.  Reply time 40min.
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Calling any D and D nerds...

If you're playing Dungeons and Dragons are there limits to what kinds of beasts/creatures you can encounter ingame? 
Like, is there a list somewhere of the ~acceptable ones (and if so where can I find it).

DK/DC/haha n00b:  Have you ever roleplayed?  What was your character?

Yes, but only on MMPORPG's;  I had an Elementalist Ranger with an awesome haircut, and a Necromancer, both on Guild Wars. I also play a survivor in a zombie apocalypse on Urban Dead.  As you do.

Happy face/Sad face

What made you happy today?

What pissed you off?

I was reading my local freecycle and came across a request for free kittens because "the last kittens we got all got hit by cars and the kids are sad"


I spent the rest of my afternoon grilling ribs and veggies and chilling out which was soooo nice.

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TQC, how do you deal with people fighting around you? My FWB's parents fight almost constantly and over really silly things (like the car radio). People fighting around me, even when I know I'm not the cause, makes me *really* uncomfortable, but I feel weird about speaking up. Generally I try and leave the room when they fight, but if we're in a car, I can't really do that. What would you do? Tell me about some really stupid things you've seen people fight over?

DK/DC: what's your favorite summer fruit? I'm digging on some pineapple right now.
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Do the Chinese food places in your area treat you like it is a privilege to go there?

Whenever they mess up at the places around here, they act irritated like it's my fault and they aren't friendly like if you went to a regular sit-down restaurant or something.
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What things influence your style and personal appearance?

(Ex. I love bananas so my hair is banana yellow; I wear flare jeans because I love the 1960s and 70s; I wear a studded belt 'cause it's so ~rock n roll~)

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How long do you think you would last if suddenly you had to live after an apocalypse, without zombies and whatever? You still have tools and homes, paper money, air & water, but most people are gone and there's no electricity or gas, and very limited food supply. What would you do?

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Women of TQC, especially those of non-supermodel proportions, where do you shop? I'm a size 12 and whenever I go into a store I see all these cute things that are not for me, as in I assume they will look hideous. Help?

ETA: OK, I'm going to edit this because apparently I am the issue, not the clothes. So how do you learn to accept a fatter you and face that dressing room mirror?