May 28th, 2011

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Can you make any sense out of this whatsoever?

"A girl had ovary cancer and she was terminally going to die. So she was going to have ovary implants surgery. When the day was that she was having her surgery she said goodbye to her family and told her boyfriend she loved him. She came out of the surgery and had no cancer because she was cured. She saw her family then and asked where her boyfriend was and her mom said wait didn't the doctor tell you who donated the ovaries? like if you love your boyfriend."

There was something wrong with literally almost every sentence.

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Okay, I give up trying to figure this out.

Do you know how to find a list of books published in a given year? Like, a list of fantasy YA novels, for instance? Because I have been looking for a book the title and author of which I have forgotten, and I am getting nowhere.

(or, alternately, did anyone read a book about a world built on a three level tower, with rich on top, workers in the middle, and monsters on the bottom? It had a male protagonist, a female sidekick, and heavy handed allegory. In 2006-07?)
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My friend's blackberry was stolen last night, and she doesn't have any password protection or apps that allow her to remotely wipe its memory. She's had her sim stopped and that's about all she can do.

What I'm wondering is, if she had apps for twitter, facebook etc, would those still allow the thief access to her personal info on those sites? Or are apps sort of sim-specific in that once the sim is stopped, the apps no longer associate with your personal ID and info? She's changed all her passwords but I dunno if that'd affect apps.



Question: You work in a school or childcare place or you're babysitting or whatever. A child comes up to you and says that another girl won't let her play with them. You investigate. The other girls won't let her play because the last times she's played with them, she's completely bossy and taking over their games and being mean to them.

What do you do? Is this a valid reason to not want to play? Negotiation doesn't work, these girls are very upset at her.

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This is one of those "my in-laws are mean to me waahhh!" posts.

I live with my SO, we are not married. We have been together for 3 years. We had to move out of our house we rented on the 15th of May and our new lease won't start in the new place until June 1st. So for the time being we have to stay at their house which is small and cramped. We both go to school and make very little money so his parents cover his car costs and even gave him the old car. Since we moved the inside of the car is dirty because it's been non-stop raining and every time you get in pine needles come with and there is still stuff in the car from moving that we can't bring inside because their house is so cluttered there is barely room for people. She took the car (without his knowledge) to get an oil change and then came in and freaked out about how he needs to clean it asap because they pay for it and everything. I mentioned it was perfectly clean before we moved and moving again is just going to dirty it. He said he would clean it as soon as we were done moving. She got stern with me about how he got a free car and he should do as she says and etc.

Why the hell did she have to yell at me? I just just stating a fact and for fucks sake it's not even my car. What can I do to make the time here less horrible? Should I just hide for the next couple days?

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Happy birthday, TQC! I'm making everyone birthday cupcakes. :) What kind would you like? Be as specific/fancy as you want!

Validate me plz? Last night my SO of almost 4 years asked me when my birthday is and I got really annoyed. (It's on Monday.) A) It's listed on my FB, and he was on FB at the time, and B) HE SHOULD KNOW WHEN MY BIRTHDAY IS AFTER 4 YEARS. Would this make you mad?

DK/DC/I was never born: what's for lunch? I have leftover hibatchi teriyaki salmon and fried rice, and also leftover Kahlua cheesecake. YUM
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Semi-serious question:
I work as a cashier/checker in a grocery store, so I'm literally on my feet for 8 hours. I just, uh, sliced off the top of one of my toes, gouged the top of another, and am p. sure I broke at least one knuckle in the second toe. The whole top of my foot hurts. Should I call my manager back and tell her I won't make it in?
(I already called half-hysterical telling her that I would let her know within an hour)

What is the most ridiculous injury you have ever received?
Grammar love!

~beauty products ooh la la~

Ladies with a combination skin type!

What facial products do you use? Specifically, cleansers and toners. Bonus points if they're not too harsh (or too expensive).

My forehead and chin are much oilier than my nose and cheeks, which are normal-to-dry. I don't get breakouts that much, thankfully, but when I do it's on the chin and forehead and hairline. Usually being outside in the sun helps but we haven't had a legitimate spring or summer here (rain, cloudy, and 40-60 degrees. In the middle of May. wtf?) Idk if it's relevant but I'm 20 so I don't need any anti-wrinkle/anti-aging products, lol. Just general daily cleansing.

Also: are there any good facial moisturizers that won't screw up my skin? My mom got me this super fancy moisturizer for my birthday. Came in a pretty bottle. Supposed to be for sensitive skin. I used a little bit of it and the oily-skin parts of my face broke out like crazy. :(

Thank you.

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If you've had to serve jury duty before, did your job pay you as they normally would or did it count as a sick day?

If you had to serve, how long were you there?

I just got a summons during my last week of work, four days before I'm leaving the state. :(

Because pop-ups irritate me and other things.

Do you hate the "Once this ad ends, you will be returned to your Livejournal experience" pop-ups?

Do you play Cityville - and if so, how do you feel about the constant streams of pop-ups there?

Am I being too pedantic for my dislike of people my age (22) and over who still write with high school level vocabulary/grammar and can't spell worth beans?


"I don't like that these people still write like they've never been to school" written as "Bitches Nevva Bin To Skool So Dey Dont No How Too Type, LOL" (Plus the alTerNatiNg capItals a la "Manos: The Hands Of Fate style.)

Am I in the wrong for wanting to drop out of my theatre group because it irritates me that nobody else takes acting/set work seriously? (Our last show was a near failure and almost ruined our group's reputation.)
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Will you tell me about someone you know that reminds you of a minor TV character?

The P.E. teacher at this elementary school I substitute teach at reminds me of Betty DeVille (Phil and Lil's mom) from the Rugrats
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have you ever sought help from TQC about a shitty SO? what was their advice? did you listen? how are you now?

i came to TQC for advice quite a few times about my shitty abusive ex. at first i was in denial about it, making up a bunch of excuses for him. it took me a couple of months to listen to people telling me to break up with him, but i am infinitely happier now. 

it'd be good to hear from people who were in a situation like mine and are at a much better place!

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How would you react to this?

FAMILIES watched in horror as two lions tore apart a baby animal that escaped from its enclosure.

The cute binturong - also called a bearcat - was one of a pair to climb a tree before dropping into the big cat den at Chessington World of Adventure.

I think I'd be horrified.
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Imagine your partner/romantic interest/whatever word you want to use, has changed their face. Maybe they were horrible disfigured in an accident & had to get reconstructive surgery, maybe they're in a really advanced form of witness protection, or maybe they're a Time Lord. Whatever.

Could you love someone if they had a completely different face? It's still a normal looking face, just not the one you're used to kissing.

Could you love them if they turned out ugly?
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If you have a job, do you ever feel a little guilty for complaining about it considering a lot of people would kill to take your spot?

If you don't have a job, and are looking, does it bother you at all when someone complains about theirs?

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Would you empty your savings to pay your car off 3 months early? The plan once you pay your car off is to put that money back into savings. Currently you put no where near that amount into savings each month.

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Would you let an SO stay with you if they had no where else to go and would pay you fairly?

What if you would get in trouble for doing so?

This is the dilemma I'm having right now, so thank you for your input.

*edit: I could lose funding I need from the government. Possibly be sued or jailed.

Thank you all for your responses.
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Someone on the intarwebz has been itching to meet you IRL.
They have been begging for a pic so they'll know you when they see you.
You're not sure if you really want to go through with it, so you e-mail a pic anyway.

What pic do you e-mail???

Help me fix my shoes

I was wearing my boots to work, fell on a sidewalk, and scraped them up. It looks like I scraped off the shiny part of the leather. (They're not patent leather, just kind of shiny black leather.) How do I fix them? Do I need to take them to a cobbler or is this something I can fix myself? (I doubt I can fix it myself, but I'd like to if I can.)

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 Sketchers shape ups.....?

A product that is worth the extra cash because they are super comfy and actually do assist in shaping up (to even a small degree) when doing your usual run, walk, jog etc   


A complete waste of money that does none of the things it claims and is advertised by someone who was born with a great ass.

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My baby daddy told me last night that because I changed our daughters name (I'm six months pregnant) from Lily Ann to Riley, he will not be involved in our lives.

Is it crazy that I'm not suprised and that this doesn't really bother me?

Am I the only one who thinks that he's being extremely childish and immature?

Is there a smell that you do NOT like but everyone else loves? What is it?

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 Would you be weirded out if you were tagged in this facebook note?

If anyone has any t-shirts they are looking to get rid of I'll take them.

Any that meet the following requirements will get you bonus points but I'm willing to work with anything
  • plain with no writing or graphics
  • no holes
  • not super threadbare
I'm working on a project in which you take t-shirts and cut them into strips to make "yarn" and then crochet a rug with it. Any help is appreciated and I can pick them up if you are local or in *TOWNWHEREGFLIVES*


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Do you like when your preferred gender are really forward (like damn you're hot can I get your number)?
It's a turn off for me.

If you have a tumblr, what's the weirdest tumblr to follow you? (I guess you can plug yours too)
I'd say the one filled with pictures of Jesus.

Bad boys,bad boys whatcha gunna doooooo

Have you ever had to call the cops on someone?


I am always having issues with the teenagers that live above me and across from me, they have broken into my Jeep several times (Granted I was dumb and revealed the fact that the back window is off the track) and are always throwing trash down into my garden but tonight I came home to 5 of them on my front porch up against my door, I walked up and they were like "What do you want?" and I was like...."I fucking live here..." so I came in and shut the door and all I hear is "YOU FUCKING BITCH IM GOING TO KILL YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH"

So I called the cops...and they actually showed up and talked to them..well tried to anyway because all the kids mom did was cuss the cop out.

What form of retaliation should I expect?



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On a scale of 1 to 10, one being "what's my age, again?" and ten being elephant status: How good is your memory?


Wanna talk about quirky/cool memory things?

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I met a man tonight who has a boot fetish....he is so into this fetish that he owns a pair of hooker boots and keeps them in the trunk of his car so he can wear them when noone is around.

Do you have a fetish?
if so, what is it?

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will claire's only pierce your earlobes? (and not your cartilage?)
[edit: not that I would, I told someone that they only pierce lobes, looks like i was wrong]

with black/brown hair, would dark green strip look weird?

what's your fav etsy?

Please inform me if I just spoke out of my rear.

I have always quoted the "statistic" that people who have guns in the home--for the purpose of protection from intruders, as opposed to hunting--are more likely to be injured/killed by their own gun than to injure/kill their assailant. Tonight I was asked to cite that...

How many ways did I butcher the English language above?

Am I full of shit?