May 27th, 2011

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My brother's moving back to my town. He's in the process of buying a house and getting a job transfer. The transfer's just come though, so he has to be here as of Monday, but the house will take at least a few weeks yet, so I get him living in my spare room for a while.

1) How long will it take before we want to kill each other? We haven't lived together since we were fifteen and sixteen, and we seem to have grown out of the huge screaming arguments and hitting each other thing in the intervening years. How likely is reversion? Have you had to live with a sibling again once you'd become a Proper Grown Up, and how did it work out?

2) Are we being realistic thinking our cats will cope? Mine have the run of the house, and his will have to stay in the spare room, either until the house is sorted or they can be trusted not to take chunks out of each other. I hear when introducing a new cat one's supposed to keep it in one separate room for a while, so we're sort of doing that, right? How long do you think we'll last before the urge to duct tape all the cats to the walls will become overpowering?

3) Would you be annoyed if your sibling was intending to move into your house in four days, but you heard this from your parent rather than from the sibling in question? How much beer would the sibling have to buy you before you stopped using this as a bargaining chip?
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Let's say you're going somewhere. No place fancy, but you'll be out for several hours. How long before leaving do you start to get ready?

How often do you make use of  "Forgot Your Password?" links?


Tell me about stuff you've won? Big stuff, little stuff, doesn't matter!

I just won tickets to tonight's Panic at the Disco show from the local alternative station! It's the 7th time I've won stuff from them since October, haaa. I won tickets to see Metric, a showcase concert, a basketball game, entry to/participation in the Atlanta Warrior Dash, passes to a camping/music festival, tickets to an advance movie screening, and now these. Aside from some vocal competitions back in the day, these are the only things I've ever won lol

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zomg I'm so excited, I'm off work today so I get to hang out with the day shift of tqc!

isn't tqc so much AWESOMER during the day?

when you grill salmon, do you eat the skin?

how much ice do you like in your drink?

will you tell me about your showerhead?

are you wearing socks right now?
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Will you recommend some books? I'd love to read more this summer and have some previous posts here bookmarked, even. I'm into Bukowski, S. Burroughs, love a good weird read, but am also into classics like For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Great Gatsby.
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Do you think that everyone in this comm should have a pony userpic? Yay or neigh?

What is your obsession right now? How long do your obsessions usually last?

If you ask for recs for a book/movie/tv show, do you actually use the suggestions that people give you?

ETA: If you use that pony generator in the first comment, would you post your pony pic so we can have a pony party here?

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You get to trade lives with another TQCer for a week.

Will you please provide us with a description of all of the awesomeness that your life contains so that we can decide if you're the person we want to trade lives with?
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What do you wear on a first date to a pool bar, given the following conditions?

a) you are a girl
b) you suck at pool
c) it's going to be raining hardcore

eta: no guys, pool as in cue and balls, not water and speedos

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I just bought this book from the thrift store called 'To the Bride' published in 1963. It's meant to help brides choose their china patterns and has has some basic recipes for 'the first meal at home' and for the first time his parents come over for dinner. It also has a list of all the things you need to set up house.
For those who don't believe in cohabitation and won't or did not move in with your SO until you were married how did you go about it? Did you move all your stuff into a house little by little and spent your first night together the day of the wedding? How did they do it 'in the old days'?
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When was the last time you got heartburnish acid reflux so bad from eating well-chewed food that you could merely flex your abdominal muscles and cause a pile of upchuck to occur?

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Have you gotten in over your head in anything recently?

I decided to dismantle a stroller that was given to me so I could take the seat apart to make a pattern and then sew a new and prettier replacement....Im feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, I suck at pattern but Im sucking it up and trying not to give up.
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Do you believe that Asperger's Syndrome really exists?

Disclaimer: This is not actually my opinion. I just wanted a vox populi. And I'm home in my house and it's cold outside so I'm asking the internet.
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What is something that people think you are too anal about, but you think people are too lax about?
When someone tells you "I'll be there soon," what is the general time frame you think soon means?
Are you a more punctual person or are you late everywhere?
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Is it rude to politely ask your SO to take a shower (assume that this person has not bathed in two days and they're desirous of being intimate with you)?

What is one of your favorite foods?
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If you've ordered something with next day shipping, when abouts did the item show up?

dk/dc: too bad. I have no more questions.

Apparently the damn thing isn't going to show up until Tuesday, even though I ordered it yesterday in the early afternoon. Rats.
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Watchu know 'bout me, watchu watchu know 'bout me?

Is your lipgloss cool/poppin?

How much makeup, if any, do you wear on a regular basis?

Do you have anything to celebrate?
I got a 94 on my English final paper! I never do that well on papers!! :D

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Will you share your favorite recipe with the class?

dk/dc: What have you eaten today?

I had..

A chocolate banana smoothie for breakfast
A caesar chicken wrap, popcorn, and 2 clementines for lunch
Meatloaf and potato salad for dinner
And there will be ice cream
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I signed up for a reddit gift exchange but I am at a complete loss as to what to get my giftee. :( I checked his account and all of his posts are about American politics. He's a libertarian. I was thinking about getting him some kind of book but I have no idea what. Any advice or recommendations? Damn :/
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Have you ever strongly disliked your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend? How did you deal with it? Did your thoughts about them eventually change or were you right not to like them?
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Can I eat this?

I have some steelhead trout fillets in the refrigerator with a sell by date of 5/23/11. They're one one of those styrofoam-like trays, covered in plastic wrap. They look fine, but I haven't tried opening them yet to smell them. Do you think they're still good to make tonight, or should I just throw them out?
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What's the shortest period of time I can stay out with my bf and his friends before taking off? I am hiding in the bathroom right now because they all showed up drunk and I can't drink; and I just don't want to be here.