May 26th, 2011

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Can you post a photo of what you miss?

What are your favorite BPAL perfumes, if you're into that? Can you describe them?
I don't like perfumes that smell creamy, or heavy on top, just something light, sweet, airy, aquatic almost, with floral hints.
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Have you ever encountered anyone in real life with a coupon binder?

Would you go shopping with someone who had one and planned on bringing it along? Would it embarrass you?

I saw 2 people in 2 separate stores with huge binders full of coupons today. I had never encountered anyone with one before.
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what are you doing this very hour?

me: eating crispy oatmeal raisin cookies for breakfast, watching the live stream of the casey anthony trial on zero sleep.

eta - is it just me or are cookies that come in tiny bite sizes and big jars seriously addictive?
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I overdrafted my account :(

I had $150 and then I withdrew $60 last night after the banks had closed. It says that a check for $125 was cashed yesterday so the bank processed it after I withdrew the $60. I transferred $100 in from my saving account before the bank opened this morning.

Do you think the check bounced? Will they charge me $1083038 in fees? Or will they just ask for my first born?

srs & nonsrs welcome
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Nursery Rhymes

I know this has been asked before BUT I gonna ask again anyway.

What are your fndest nursery rhymes / children's songs?

Remind me of some?

My almost 5 month old son loves to be sung to / talked to and I'm getting tired of repeating the ones I remember over and over again.
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Does anyone own "farm animals" (chickens, goats, pigs, etc) as pets in an urban or suburban environment?

If so, what do you like and not like about owning them, and anything else you have to add about that?

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would it be worth it to buy a used PS3 just to play FIFA?

i'm trying to justify it by saying it plays blu-ray but honestly, i hate blu-ray and intend to resist it until they stop putting out DVDs. but i've also heard you can hack it or w/e to play out of region DVDs(at the expense of being able to get online but i won't ever use it for the internet, so).

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What are some jobs that pay better than minimum wage but do not require a degree in a specific field or previous experience in similar jobs? The job may or may not require a degree at all. Is your job like this?

How happy are you with your current job? What do you do?

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What are some decent free games online? I'm into horror survival, although I am awful at shooting and aiming, so something more puzzle-related (think Amnesia: The Dark Descent), I really wish I could afford WoW, I like Minecraft, and I adore Sims, along with text based RPGs and make your own decision and it influences the rest of your game kind of games.

DK/DC: Most impressive thing you've done recently? I just drank half a soda in one go to try and jolt me out of my sleepy stupor, then let out a burp so loud that my cat actually flinched. I laughed, ngl.
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Tomorrow is my last day at my internship and my supervisor is throwing me a going away party. She wants to know what I want to eat. I'm really not picky (which doesn't help, I know) but because I have severe food allergies, what I eat isn't really a matter of what I like/dislike but rather what won't kill me. Still, she wants a list of requests for foods and desserts.

What should I ask for?

I'm allergic to tree nuts, some fruits (apples, pears, peaches, plums, other fruits in this family), peanuts and sesame seeds.

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I really like photography. Especially weddings, people, and travel pictures.
Can anyone suggest a journal or community that I can follow that posts lots of pictures?

DK/DC: what's the last gift you received? (My boyfriend bought me a Canucks jersey yesterday!!)

Canine to five

1. How much is that dogggggggie in the window?

2. Wait, where did it go? It was just here a second ago. WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

3. Well, it's gone. Should I try to find another pooch OR...should I admit my Dog Days are over?

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Your life is now a TV show. Who sponsors you??

My roommates cat is suddenly all cuddly and friendly with me after months of having her, but I'm moving out this weekend. Does the cat know I'm leaving?
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youtube under cut
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So you're being stalked by this bear. What do you do?

Keep 'Whoa'ing like Keanu Reeves and shouting at it
Climb a tree
Play dead
Raise my arms up and look bigger than the bear
Get on my knees and start praying
Feed it
Do my best salmon impression. Bears hate salmon, right?
Attack it in the hopes that it's merely a furry in an uber realistic suit being all creepy
Stop and take pictures of it. This is a rare opportunity
Nothing. It's my business what the bear goes. What am I, it's keeper? I'm not looking at it at all
Quickly try and wash off the bear phermone perfume I unwittedly dabbed on my neck before the hike
It's probably more afraid of me than I am of it. I walk over and try to ride it
Assume I'm tripping. I stop, sit down, and try to shake off these mescaline visions
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I've just realized that the reason my bed never looks right is not because I'm a useless slob who can't properly make a bed but rather that I've been using twin XL sheets on a twin bed. Herp derp. Will you tell me how awesome your bedsheets are and where you got them?

What's your bed like? Size? How many pillows, how many blankets/duvets/quilts? Is there a headboard? Do you have bed runners, bed skirts, pillow shams and/or other stuff just to make it look nice?

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My exams are all finished!
I have two weeks of living in the South West of England, with relatively little to do day to day.
What should I do? I'm thinking crafts, projects, things to see or go and do.
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I need help picking out a slip cover for the couch in my room. My walls are blue and white, my bed is blue, my furniture is dark brown and my carpet is light brown (tan?). 

What color should my slip cover be? Would black be okay? There's one on amazon for cheap and it's black. 

What was the last change you made to your living space?

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My friend is feeling really down today. Where could she and I go/what could we do that would cheer her up? She doesn't have much money, and she's complaining about her weight so nothing unhealthy.
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When was the last time you were almost comically disappointed?

I was very excited about not having to work today. SO HAPPY. And as it's payday, I was planning to pick up my check and spend the day BUYING THINGS. I called work to ask if the check were in and was told they were, but they weren't signed yet, so I should come in later. When I did, not only had the checks still not been signed, but apparently the schedule had been changed without my knowledge and I have to work in an hour. Wah-waaaaaah.

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hypothetical. you're an undergraduate studying media & popular culture, you just finished your second year and graduate next summer.

what full time or part time jobs could you get that would pay good, that relate to your degree at all? how do you find out about them?

I NEED MONEY :( i'd easily quit uni to work full time job if it could end up in a career linked to what i wanna do/my degree. sigh
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What's the best colour eye liner for somebody with hazel/brown eyes for a job interview; chocolate, charcoal or black?
I don't normally wear make up but I need this job, should I go without or make the extra effort? I'd be less self conscious without it.
Muh Life.
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So I bought this: Collapse )

Twelve gumballs to the person that comes up with the most original (and viable) idea of what to fill it with. I prefer not to restrict any poor goldfish into teeny tiny little spaces.

SOOOO... Whatcha got?

ETA: What color should I paint it??

High school graduation!

Is it rude/looked down upon to bring something like a bullhorn to sound off during the graduation ceremony when a family member's name is said? Would your answer change depending on the class size? He has 35 people in his class.

I posted before asking what to get my nephew as a graduation present, money, stocks, floor seats to see his favorite Britney Spears and Nicki Manoj. Overwhelming response was the concert tickets so that's what I got.

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What have you done today? Be as detailed as you wish.

Today I ate hot dogs for breakfast at noon, scheduled an interview for a job at a law office tomorrow morning, went to Target and got myself a button-up shirt on clearance to wear tomorrow along with a few other things I needed, and now I'm eating pizza and looking at cars on Craigslist.

edit- Are email notifications broken again? I'm not getting any emails for this post and I left the option on. Nevermind I'm getting them all right now :|
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a family has a baby. they call him/her STORM.
The parents will raise Storm gender neutral and refuse to disclose Storm's gender to anyone.
I know how TQC runs. you think this is possible? or crazy?

Poll #1745430 Is gender neutral possible??

is raising a gender neutral child possible?

gender is so 1963 haji, get over it
I am gender neutral
gender is a concept that has out lived its usefulness
i give up...where will he/she pee?
the parents are certifiable
that kid wouldn't last a week in my old school

nail polish

do you like your finger nail and toe nail polish to match?
I have blue fingernails and red toenails atm. I like having funky colors on my fingers because I have to redo them more often than my toes.
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I take pictures of old headstones, for artistic and genealogical reasons. I've been given the stink-eye by other cemetery visitors.

What do you think of people that take pictures in a cemetery?

Bonus Question, Somewhat Related: What are your plans for this weekend?
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1. Is it rude to bring a nice camera to a wedding that you are a guest at? I have a Cannon Rebel and my sister told me its poor form to bring it to my cousin's wedding because they have a photographer. I cant find my regular point and shoot....
2. How can I get rid of the ants that are all over my house!? Ive cleaned the whole kitchen and put a million ant cup trap thingys but they are seriously huge and wont go away. I cant take it anymore!!!!!
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Tomorrow morning you light the kettle to make some coffee but instead of steam, a genie pops out!

The genie can give you any thing (which is not the same as anything). So you couldn't wish for someone to fall in love with you or for super powers, but you could wish for a wining lottery ticket or your childhood pet. Any tangible thing.

"A free wish?!" you exclaim.
"Not quite," responds the genie. "If you accept this and make a wish, you agree to let nightninja76 punch you, just once, across the face, as hard as he can, with no warning other than this one."

What do you want most in the world?
Is it worth getting punched in the mouth when you least expect it?

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but i can only find them in half a size bigger than what i normally wear and half a size smaller, wat do?

i have one pair right now that are my normal size and they're a bit big, you think i could get away with the smaller pair?

alternatively, where can i get some cool silver shoes?

eta: or i can get them from ebay for $100 but i don't know if i want/need them THAT badly...

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Last week we packed everything we owned and put it into a storage unit for 2 weeks until our new lease started. When we moved things in we noticed that there was a huge puddle of stagnant water in front of our unit. Recently we have gotten so much rain the area we live in is under a flood watch. We would go check on the unit but since we have no where to live at the moment we are at the in-laws house about 2+ hours from the unit. What are the odds everything we own is ruined?

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How soon into a relationship do you usually say I love you?  When you were just new dating and had no experience did you look to others with experience to guide you and give you advice or did you fly blind the whole time?   
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Potentially stupid question:

For some reason when I add posts to my queue on Tumblr, it's adding them at the TOP of the queue, instead of at the bottom. Which means that they're going to end up being posted out of the order I want them to be in. Technically I could just re-order the queue by hand, but I have so many to add that doing that would take forever. Why is my queue acting like this and how can I make it stop and go back to being the queue that I love? It's never done this before today.

Alternatively, I've become somewhat obsessed with HBO Go. Which tv show should I watch on it next?  

Poll #1745634 I want to have HBO Go's baby

Which show should I watch next?

Big Love
Sex and the City
Six Feet Under
True Blood
The Wire
Some other HBO show (there are TONS available)

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Guys, who gave me a paid account? I just realized I had one tonight and I'm pretty pleased about it.

Also, my dad just told me that he's going in for a prostate biopsy at the end of June. Even if it does turn out to be cancer, which is pretty unlikely, it's pretty treatable. On the other hand he's said that if he ever does get cancer, he's going to refuse treatment, which is STUPID. How can I just get myself to sleep and stop worrying about this for the next six weeks?
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What are your favorite kinds of smells?

You set up a time to call somebody about a nanny job (so it's a mom, not a manager at some business). They pick up but state they will call you back; they never do. What is appropriate etiquette when following up? Wait two days and send a quick message saying "Hey! Never heard back from you and was wondering if you were still looking for a nanny?" or otherwise?