May 25th, 2011

Kill Bill - Elle
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College kids: where do you first look for a summer job/second job for summer?

If you have a pet, what is your favorite habit/mannerism of theirs?

What's in your fridge? Take a picture?
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So I was supposed to get a bank letter from my bank letting my study abroad program know how much i have in my account. it said it had to be signed by a bank official, but the lady at the bank said she couldn't sign it. at the end though, it says "sincerely, bank of america." do you think that will be ok? it's for a student visa application. she refused to sign it even after i told her it had to be signed by an official.

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What defines the line between a casual relationship and a serious one?
And a casual relationship and friends with benefits?

I am in a casual relationship for the first time. We both don't want something serious for different reasons. For me it's because I recently got out of something really serious that really fucked with my emotions so I can't do serious right now. Also I think we both just want to mess around and have some fun. But how do I keep it this way - keep it from getting too serious? Do I just not open up to her as much? We're not telling each other overly sappy or romantic things either. We mostly just talk about our days etc. Sometimes it feels like we're just friends who do things sometimes though because we don't flirt that much either. Anyway. What are your thoughts on casual things?
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At my place of employment, we are collecting supplies to send to families in Joplin, MO. (They were hit with a tornado Sunday night, for those that don't know. They also happen to be less than an hour away from us, and we have worked closely with some of the suppliers whose employees have lost their homes.) What non-perishable foods and supplies should I bring? Some of this is going to the Salvation Army, and we are also sending some directly to our suppliers for their employees and families, if that makes a difference.

If you had lost everything, what little comforts do you think would help you through?

On a totally unrelated note, how do you usually differentiate between someone just being friendly and someone flirting?
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I need some clever ideas for bridal shower gifts (people I work with). $20-25 max. So tell me, what are some good gift ideas you've come across or witnessed? (ex-nay on the token picture frame, nightgown, candle set)

I'd really really appreciate any help or feedback you may have. thank you!!

dkdc: what fall shows are you looking forward to?


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I flew from Philadelphia to Austin not too long ago, and when I went to check-in one of my bags, I started to hand my driver's license to the ticket agent. He told me he didn't need to see my ID because only those over the age of 16 need IDs.

I'm 26.

My sister and I went to hang out in the bar area of a restaurant while we waited for our flight, and again I pulled out my license for the alcohol. The bartender told me I didn't need it because I was clearly in my 30s.

What was the last weird/ridiculous thing to happen to you?

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Self defined straight males. Have you ever met and engaged a male stranger you were interested in and exchanged numbers?

I ask because I'm a male that doesn't identify as straight and a cutie caught my eye a few days ago. He was a cashier and I tried to get eye contact with him, I did did and he did the nod head thing and I returned it. Later he happened to get off of work at came to the same bustop as me and asked if I was waiting for the bus (obviously) and we began conversation. On the bus I asked for his number and he had no qualms about giving it to me and told me to for sure hit him up.

Now I know this is the new age and this doesn't imply that he is gay but I want to know how often this happens, also I checked his facebook page, says interested in girls.

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US TQC'ers,

Are any of you watching the Casey Anthony Trial?
What are your thoughts about what's been going on?

Everyone else:
Are there tv channels where you live that show trials? Do people watch those channels? Any interesting trials lately?

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Which would you rather do?

Eat 25 live beetles
Eat 1 puppy. You pick one out of a kennel and they cook it up for you

Which would you rather do?

Tandem parachute jump with a blind and deaf man. He's the only one with control of the ripcords and you can't communicate with him
Parachute naked into the middle of town, carrying only bus fare to get yourself home

Which would you rather do?

High dive into a pool filled with quicksand
Unlock 5 padlocks at the bottom of a shallow pond filled with just-fed pirranha. You assume they all ate. You have to get both hands in there to open the locks

Which would you rather do?

Take sleeping pills and a horse laxative and climb into your SO's bed for the night
Sponge bathe 3 filthy homeless men, using only wet naps

Which would you rather do?

Walk across a shallow snake-filled lake that's 25' across, walking on stilts
Spend 10 minutes in shark infested waters in a shake cage that has only 5 sides. One wall is completely missing

Which would you rather do?

Crowdsurf at an ICP concert wearing a short skirt
Mosh at an ICP concert. You're in the middle
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How do you think I should dress for my upcoming summer internship? It's a strategy/research position for a non-profit in an office. Big girl clothes? I'm thinking cardigans & dresses/skirts/nice-ish slacks or cropped slacks....?

What was the best part of summer when you were a kid? How about now?
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odd question, soz

Do you know anyone who does computer-aided design? Do they have a degree? Do you think someone could teach themselves, or would a drafting degree (or whatever it's called) be necessary?

unrelated question: what's your ultimate dream job? I don't mean sitting around doing nothing & getting paid, I mean what would you love to do?

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 What are your thoughts on white tights?

I jokingly suggested my sister wear white tights tomorrow with her dress (we're both pasty pasty women—the joke was that no one would tell they were tights) and she responded that she wouldn't because she wasn't a little girl, or something like that.

Are white tights just for kids or something? O.o Why would she say she wouldn't wear white tights since she's not a little girl? I had no idea that was a thing. 
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Seeking therapy

I have pretty bad social anxiety disorder and really low self esteem, which has made it very difficult for me to make new friends most of my life. Recently, my boyfriend has started pushing me into seeing a therapist for my problems. I'm very hesitant about it because of cost; I'm under my parent's insurance but I don't want them finding out. I know there is free counseling out there, like in school campuses, but I don't know how effective they can be.

My question is for anyone who've seen a therapist or gone to free counseling:
Was seeing a free counselor helpful?
Was seeing a therapist helpful?
And was it really worth the time and money? Has it made a really strong impact on your life?

Please feel free to elaborate on your experiences :)
Thank you.

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I turn 21 in a couple of weeks, and my family wants to take me to a restaurant in the Atlanta area with a fun atmosphere so we can eat and I can get my first (not really, but whatevs) drink. Any suggestions? I live north of Atlanta in a really small town, so I have no idea what to tell my family.

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So I just used the fibonacci numbers to make some decisions for me (went in order of the numbers, for every odd, I picked true, even, I picked false), and I noticed a trend of 2 odds to 1 even for the first 25 numbers or so. Does this continue on to infinity or is this just a random trend?

DK/DC/Get a life: Do you have any interesting methods/quirks that you use to do things?
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I've been chillin' in the computer lab like 10+ hours/day and I'm running out of background stuff to listen to/watch. So far I've listened to a lot of disco and Dolly Parton and watched all of Parks & Rec twice, Party Down and a few period drama mini-series. What else???? I like podcasts but a lot of them are too involved (i.e. This American Life). I like the idea of listening to audiobooks but I already listened to Harry Potter like a year ago and I can't think of anything else that is easy to follow/uncomplicated and still entertaining.

Good standup? Music? Audiobooks? Shows (that are uncomplicated)? HELP ME PLZ TQC
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Is there a link to something where people who really, honestly believed that the world was going to end on Saturday have to sheepishly admit they were wrong? Or explain why it didn't end? These people were so convinced, I'm really curious about how they explain why it didn't happen.
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Hello, friends. Will you please share you thoughts on
1)animals that are totally cute as babies and SUPER fug when they are mature adults?
2)animals that are still just as adorable as adults as when they were babies?

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Does anyone know where I can watch Pokemon online for free? (as in, the entire series from s1 on)

yes, yes, I'm a dork, but downloading takes forever for 10+ seasons of the show and I don't want to get my boyfriend in trouble using his internet. I used to use a forum but it only let you download like two episodes a day.

DK/DC? What was the worst reaction to any medicine you ever had? I'm on metformin now and let's just say toilet time is annoyingly painful.
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If you were in an environment where a person admitted they liked making people blush, and no one said anything about it, is it because they don't consider it abusive?

Is working to make someone blush abusive?

How many times would you watch someone turn the other cheek before you finally said something like "why do you keep making them self-conscious about it?"

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I have an interview in NYC tomorrow, and the person interviewing me asked for me to bring in two forms of government-issued ID along with my resume. The problem is that I lost my social security card a few weeks ago, and haven't replaced it yet. I do have several photocopies of my social security card. Do you think bringing in a copy instead of the actual card would be okay?

DK/DC: What is something you recently started to enjoy that you thought you'd always dislike? My answer: Glee!

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what's a good response when someone says, "I'm sorry I missed your party last weekend"?

I know you're supposed to say "Oh that's okay, hopefully you can come next time, we missed you!" but honestly, my parties are awesome and I purposefully do not miss anyone because if they were washing their hair or whatever that night well fuck them. I mean, right? How can I convey that in fewer words?
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So what good bad decisions have you made lately?
Example: Two weeks ago I was freaking out about my math grade because it's a D- and I'm too far behind to ever catch up. So, I bit the bullet and decided that if I passed the final I passed and if I didn't I'd take the second semester of Algebra 2 again next year. (Lord knows i have the space in my senior schedule for it, other than a different math course and an English course I'm taking all electives.) I've been feeling very fine lately and now I have more stress-free time to work on studying for my other finals.

How's the weather where you're at?
What do you plan to do this summer?
What are you eating right now?
What is your favorite pointless, addicting ipod game/app that's free, and why?
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Has anyone ever gone on a cruise before?

If yes, did they really search your luggage before they let you on?? I saw that they did on the website, but my friend said they didn't search hers, so I'm wondering who to believe.
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I plan on cooking two cornish hens tomorrow for dinner. They are currently frozen solid, even after being in the refrigerator for 6 hours. It doesn't look like they're going to thaw by tomorrow morning when I plan on throwing them in the crock pot. Can I thaw them on the counter overnight? Or in a sink of cold water? Or would that be bad?


I'm home from college for the summer and I have nothing to do. I was unable to apply to most summer internships due to uncertainty over where I'd be staying. I've been applying like mad to summer jobs, but I've had no luck so far. My access to transportation has been a little spotty so I'm confined to the house most days. Almost all of my friends in the area are spending their summers elsewhere.

I'm bored out of my mind most of the time with all of this time on my hands. TQC, what should I do over the next few weeks/months without employment?

Do you feel like you constantly need to be working on/towards something?

What would you personally do if you had three free months at home to do whatever you'd like?
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I was trying to clear away the ice in my mini fridge when I accidentally punctured something, causing a large amount of gas to spray out. I didn't pay much heed initially 'cause I thought it was one of my roommate's beers that he forgot to remove and had merged into the gigantic chunk of ice in there, but then some of the ice felt oily and there was a mild sting on my skin from it. After clearing away some of the ice, I see nothing out of the ordinary in the space previously occupied by the chunk of ice and later perforated with my knife.

What is that alien mutagen that has spawned in my fridge? Will it cause me to have a slow and agonizing death or will I just drop dead? Will my hypothetical children be born with dorsal fins? Is this the beginning of the Rapture?

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You are going to an evening barbecue. The main dish is going to be provided, for both meat eaters and vegetarians. You are supposed to bring a side dish of some sort. What do you bring?

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Is Twitter acting weird for anyone? No tweets are showing up on my news feed but everything else is working.

Who are your favorite celebrities (use that term as loosely as you'd like) to follow on Twitter?

When you take a nap, do you change out of the clothes you are wearing and change into more sleep appropriate clothes?
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Dear TQC,

what is your favourite love song and/or the most romantic song you know?

I am trying to put together a mix-tape for a co-worker I don't know that well but whom I really like and she's getting married in August, and I thought I'd put together some lovey dovey tunes for her.

I think my favourite is A little lost by Arthur Russell.
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So I'm looking for a job on craigslist and I've never done it before. How can I tell what's sketch and what isn't? Most of the job postings don't say what company they're for, they just request resumes. Is this normal? I feel weird about emailing a bunch of personal information like that to an anonymous employer.
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If you work a full time job,

when you go on vacation and come back, how long does it take after coming back before you're as stressed out as you were when you left?

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Have you ever been to Ruth's Chris?

If so, how many people did you go with and do you know how much the bill was?

(I'm trying to convince my dad it's totally worth it. He loves steak, so it would be amazing!)


Did you ever read those "Choose-your-own-adventure" books as a kid?

(no subject)

 Have you ever used an "as advertised on television" product?  Thoughts?

I've used Proactive for a yearish to keep up my ~beauty~ but now it isn't working like it did when I first got it.  Harumph.

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I have a phone interview with Hallmark in a few days. What sort of dumb questions are they going to ask? Also what is the one thing I should never tell an interviewer?

I'm partial to "I've got the herp!"

is disney run by the devil?. . . or a god?

Disney bought the film rights to the name "Seal Team 6". . .? Disney withdrew an application to buy the film rights to the name "Seals Team 6"?  . . . thoughts?

(the idea that they even thought of such a thing i would have never imagined.  i find it ridiculous in a grotesque sort of way.) 
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Fix the problem, or deal with it?

My car's fog lights won't turn off unless the turn signal is on (even when the car is off), which I forgot to do at work today and it sapped my battery.

Is this worth fixing, seeing as there is a quick-and-dirty solution to the problem?

Other points to consider:
- My daughter's grandparents will help pay for the repair (long story), and it's just a matter of taking them up on their generosity.
- It's an 2002 PT Cruiser in (otherwise) wonderful shape.
- The batteries in PT Cruisers are easy to jump, but really hard to replace.

DK/DC/TL;DR/LOL Snoozer Cruiser: What's the last thing you had repaired on your vehicle? How much did it cost?

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My cousin/good friend just had her boyfriend of about a year break up with her. She thought the world of him and thinks it's very much her fault that he doesn't like her anymore.

I'm going to send her a ginormous loving care package (also as a late birthday present because I suck at long-distance friendships). What should I put in it? She's into traditionally girly things. So far I'm thinking a gift certificate to VS, and some kick-ass chocolates.
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are there any alternatives to ljbook that will archive journal entries but a) work on a mac and b) allow you to archive entries on journal sites that are not livejournal? ljbook would work perfectly if it would just archive this one journal.
i ain't into that!

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What are some songs about putting your hands in the air? I feel like there are tons. For example, Dynamite by Taio Cruz, All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled. I want to make a playlist as a joke CD for my friend if I can think of enough! 

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Is anybody else in a storm shelter/bathroom/basement/internal room right now, because of tornado warnings? Do you ever follow the warnings?

I'm hanging out in my bathroom sink area (which is huge - I brought my futon mattress in) right now with my dog, waiting to get tornadoed away. I wish I had brought a snack.

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1. What language is it edgiest to swear in, do you think?

5. How long ago did you last clip your fingernails?

25. Did you get your toenails at the same time?

125. What is the best way to slay a dragon? Creativity is a plus.
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(no subject)

To those of you who have seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, can you tell me how it compared and how close it was to the book On Stranger Tides?   I'm hoping to see the movie this weekend, and I'm debating on whether or not I should re-read the book before then.

(no subject)

Do you like Nutella?
Do you like Miracle Whip?
How old were you when you had your first orgasm?
Will you post your current favorite youtube video?
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Would you think it was odd if one of your neighbors said they didn't bother to lock their door when they left the house sometimes or you noticed it looked like they were leaving without locking the door?

If no, where do you live at?
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Do you use a crock pot? Can you share your favorite crock pot recipe?

What's your go-to comfort food?
I am currently eating stroganoff and omg it's been so long, I forgot how wonderful it is!

How many times can you call about a job application you've submitted before you start looking like an asshole? What if sometimes nobody answers and you just leave a message?