May 24th, 2011

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Have you ever failed a grade?

I failed kindergarten because I couldn't read. I even went to summer school and couldn't read a word. Turns out it was probably because my parents never read to me, or read with me as I got older.

3rd world problems

HALP TQC. i want to get my nose pierced. either a ring through the side that is the opposite of my wonky-nose-side or a septum piercing but i have THE FEAR. should i do it? (ja i know my nose is a bit big but whatevs)

bonus question: i am going to shave the back & sides of my hair again. then dye it red. Y/N?

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also will you use this post to ask for any hair/fashion/general FACE advice?

BONUS bonus question: how has your day been? NAME 1 GOOD THING AND 1 BAD THING PLZ.
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You have a friend, Jane. Jane is married and says she's unable to have kids for medical reasons. Some time later, Jane tells you in private that as far as she knows, she can have kids. She just got tired of everyone asking her when she was going to have some because she doesn't want kids so she says she can't.

How do you feel about this?
Is it wrong of Jane to lie?

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at what point can you consider yourself a fan of something?

like for example (totally hypothetical/this did not happen to me), say that you met someone and you asked them what their favorite band is and they told you that they really liked a certain band, and it happened to be one of your favorites too so you asked them if they knew this one song by this band and they didn't know it... so you asked about another song... and they didn't know that one either... it turns out that they hardly know any of this band's music but they've recently heard some of it and liked it a lot. would you be confused that they said it was one of their favorites?

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Cybering with strangers when you're (technically) dating someone else:

Cheating or not-cheating?

Does it matter if the primary partner knows about it but hasn't said he explicitly disapproves?
[If this counts as disapproval "I stomp the ground and snort angrily to assert that you are intruding upon my territory" IDK]

If your primary partner also engages in cybersex but only with you (and you know you're the only one he does it with)?

If you're cybering not to get off but just for the lulz?

As an FYI, all cybering is text-based.

[Bonus things: In the session, the stranger said a variant of "I love you" three times in our not-even-an-hour session. Is this as annoying to you as it is to me?]

DK/DC/WTF: Why does cold chicken/*insert vegan chicken substitute* taste better at midnight?
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My boyfriend works all the time now. We're very poor. I don't yet have a job. Im lonely and bored constantly. I also don't really have any friends around here.

What constructive things can I do to take up my time?

I've spent too much time cleaning. Oh! And how do I keep from being needy/whiny now that I don't get enough socialization?

Advices would be good.

Hopefully I get that Books-a-Plenty job, though. They're doing a background check on me.
That means I got the job, right? Assuming I have no terrible secrets.

DK/DC: What color is your underwear?

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Lady Gaga hides in your closet
I will say she has some of the weirdest cloths ever. Then, on top of the fact she has as no talent and gives kids nightmares. Move over Freddy, there is a new monster on the block. For me I will stick to Sum 41, Bullet for my Valentine, Rise Against, Green Day, and Yellowcard. At least these groups have talent. Oh yeah just remember, her poker face will deceive you of her evil plans of world domination.

agreed, yes???
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So there is this package I ordered that was accidentally dispatched to my former address I have no mail forarding form, as i lived there about a year ago.

I need the contents of that package ASAP. the time post takes to return it is abour 2 weeks.

So, should I call my old complete asshole of a landlord and ask him to please get me the package notification? Or should I show up with my ID at the doorstep and hope I do not freak out the new tenants too much? Or cry at the people in the åpost office a lot with my tracking number and ID? Something else?

DKDC: What's for dinner?

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Which restaurant would you rather go to..

or The Old Warsaw

You are not paying for this dinner, the person paying has given you these choices, and let's assume you have appropriate attire already.

Why do you choose that particular restaurant?

DK/DC, but related - how picky would you say you are?

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I got a new job and I have my own office! (with a window!)

How shall I decorate it?

How do you guys decorate your offices or cubicles?

Bonus: If you want, feel free to share any pictures on how you decorated your work area.
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Have you ever had any close encounters with a politician or celebrity? Do you have photos as proof?

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Besides that, my best friend's second cousin is was married to James Brown, although I have never met him. I think I'm operating on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon thing. Speaking of, can you figure out six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Here's mine: My friend S has family that lives in Oregon where parts of The River Wild was filmed. Somehow they met/worked with the crew and actors of the movie in some advisory capacity. So that's 3 degrees, I think! Family, my friend, me.

Dk/dc, how much water do you drink in a day? I strive for 80 ounces or more but sometimes get so caught up in work that I forget to drink. Then I wonder why I have headaches and feel nauseous. :(
If you're like me, how do you remember to drink water?

ETA: *Was married to James Brown. I also forgot to add that I've met Richard Tyson. He was briefly in Black Hawk Down and maybe most well-known for Three O'Clock High (I've never seen it though). I am assistant editor at a publication company (newspapers mostly) and occasionally report if I'm needed. I interviewed him several times a couple years ago when he was in the area to film a movie that hasn't made it to film yet. Not sure if they're in town still, even. He was a nice guy though. Funny.
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do you ever feel invincible/untouchable?
what makes you feel that way?

will you show me a picture of you at the beach or just pictures of the beach?

and finally
what has been your favorite song so far this week? - it does not have to be a new song, just whatever you've been into.

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EW! I was eating cereal and there was kind of a bitter taste. I thought it was the cereal, but I think actually the milk went bad! I'm too afraid to check and see if I'm right. I ate about half the bowl already...should I expect to get sick? Isn't milk supposed to taste sour when it goes bad?
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1. In a relationship, what are deal breakers for you?

2. What is the ideal age difference between you and a partner (if any)?

3. Would it bother you if, at a party, your [potentially hypothetical] SO didn't introduce you to his/her friends and rather expected you to jump in and mingle?

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have ya tried HORNITOS?? did they work bro??

Spice up your limp biscuit and make it a wild love machine! Hornitos is the hottest cure for limpdick. With Hornitos, you'll be dipping your giant enchilada into anything soft and hot. Contains 10 candies - sold as novelty. Thrill to the awesome power of red-hot love!
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If a post in TQC is not locked, do you avoid posting if it's asking something personal or if you want to say something personal in it?

I avoid posting because I don't want certain things to be googleable.

Have you ever taken a handwriting analysis class? How was it?
If you haven't, do you believe in it?

I really want to take one, but they're not avail in my area. :(

ETA: Would you show us what your handwriting looks like?

If you don't know what to write, just do the "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" bit.
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Apparently some companies are only hiring people who are currently employed
elsewhere-- that is, they aren't hiring the unemployed at all. How do you feel
about that? Should it be legal to discriminate on this basis?

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My school told me today that they wanted me to home-teach a kid who just got arrested for having a loaded gun and copious amounts of weed on him.

Is it going to look bad that I turned it down?
Have you had any "what the fuck" moments today?
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got milk?

Do you live in a place that still delivers milk to your door? How is that?

What type of container does your milk come in? Glass, plastic . . . bagged?

What kind of milk do you prefer to drink, if at all? How about in cooking? (eg, 2%, nonfat, raw, etc)

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Is it acceptable for a 27 year old man to hang a Green Lantern poster on his wall?

The reason I ask, is that I had a buddy come over and see the poster and said "Dude, are you trying not get laid?"
So yeah, just needed to confirm that this isn't a nosexever poster


How much did you weigh when you were born?
If you have kids, how much did they weigh?
If you know/have them, how much did you siblings/SO weigh?

Brought to you by the fact that my bf still holds the record for biggest baby born at that hospital at 16lbs and some oz.
I was 7lbs, my brother was 7lbs 8oz.

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My Google-fu is failing me.

I just missed ELEVEN calls in ten minutes from 724-991-6923. I have no idea what that number is. I had four voice mails, but they were all hang ups.

Do any of you have any idea what this number is?

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Do you know anyone who got removed from their home prior to being a legal adult?  ETA:  Sorry, I mean specifically with kids who are being removed due to their behavior problems, but all stories are welcome.  :)
Did they turn out pretty well?

Inspired because of someone I know getting put into state custody because of behavioral problems (skipping school, smoking weed) and they're only 15.  I've never known anyone to actually turn out well from something like that, so I'm looking for some feel-good stories.

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What's the strangest animal you've seen for sale at a pet store?

I went to look at the fish section of our pet store and saw a shark egg and a sting ray for sale.

The shark egg was super cool to see though, cuz they're like.. pouches.
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What would you think if you were a hot young waitress and I walked up to the part of the counter where a sign above reads ORDER HERE and asked "is it all self-service up in here?"

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I have to call a friend and ask for a favour and I'm really feeling anxious about it. I hate asking for help/favours.

Are you good at asking for them?

What was the last favour you asked for?

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How open about sex is your family?

My family is more open that I'd like it to be. Nothing wrong with being honest and a little open about sex, but no child should have to hear their parents agree to have sex later, like I've had to.

Also, my mom has asked me if my boyfriend and I have had sex yet, and what it's like.

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Are there any good (or at least somewhat entertaining) teen movies on Netflix streaming? I'm thinking along the lines of Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, etc.

What's the funniest episode of The Office? Or another tv show, if you hate The Office. I think I vote for the one where they do CPR training.
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I bought some packaged sliced turkey on Sunday. It is the kind that is in a pouch inside of one of those reusable containers. My dad went to make a sandwich with it this morning and discovered that someone had opened the inner pouch and taken some of the meat out. I will be at the store where I bought it tomorrow. I still have the receipt.

Should I return it? Will I get the side eye if I try to return/exchange it? Would you return it?

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I have zero experience working with car salesmen.  However, there is a car that is essentially my dream car.  However, the guy is charging way over the Kelly Blue Book value, and refuses to move his price (even though, in all honesty, with some small fixes I'd have to make it really is still not worth his asking price).  I am prepared to offer him cash, only $600 less than what he's asking, and the car has been sitting there for two months, I just don't know how to move him down $600.

Any advice?  I really want that damn car.

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If a person in the state of Florida recieves mail at a house where he/she spends at least five nights a week, does that person reside at that address? Why or why not?

Tried Googling laws regarding this, but failed miserably.

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I have an interview for a big girl job tomorrow morning!
Do I wear black slacks or light grey slacks?
Green shirt or purple/wine-colored shirt?
Black flats or bronzish goldish kitten(? I think they're 2") heels?
Should I take out my industrial bar just in case? :( Took out the industrial. RIP
Help me become an adult and make tons of money.

...Do you ever make dumb posts?

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Would you rather regret having sex with someone, or regret NOT having sex with someone? (Does that even make sense?)

Ever had a crush on a really good friend? Will you tell me about it?

You've been hanging out with someone of your preferred sex for several weeks now. The more you hang out with this person, the more you're attracted to them, both emotionally and physically. One night, the person admits to you (in two separate and unrelated conversations) that 1) they think you're a total hottie, and 2) they fear making the first move because they've been rejected many times. What would you do? Would you do anything at all?

EDIT: What if sleeping with this person might result in the loss of them as a friend?

How comfortable are you making the first physical move?

Paging Dr. TQC

I never eat a lot during the day until I get home from work. I've been eating the same thing pretty consistently for about three weeks. When I came home from work today and started to make my lunch I got so shaky that I could barely do anything, became overheated and felt like I was going to vom.

The only difference is that it was warmer today. I was looking into low blood sugar info but I'm not really sure. What are your thoughts? Should I just eat more during the day, drink more? Should I be concerned?


Do you like your doctor? Would you recommend them?
What do you like/dislike about them?
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A couple of months ago, I let my boyfriend's little half-sister (she's 12) use my paypal account to buy something on itunes. Today, I got an email saying my paypal had been charged from itunes. It's only like $1.50; I don't care about the money, but I'm a little bothered that she charged something without asking. I also don't know if she remembers that it's my account or not. Should I say something to my boyfriend, or to her, or not at all?

Are you watching anything on TV right now?

What are you dreading in the near future?

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Why is there a message in my LJ inbox that says "(You are not authorized to view this comment)"?   If I am not allowed to view it, why am I even getting notified about it?  Where could this comment possibly be???


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I recently bought a vintage table and it came with three chairs.  But the problem is the little rubber parts on the bottoms of the chair legs are worn out for the most part.  Where would be a good place online to find decent looking replacements that are mostly the same?  

Also the seats of the chairs are in poor shape.  I'm thinking of redoing them.  They are black now but I was thinking about doing some pink and black checker vinyl or some other pink and black vinyl so it will match the table (which is a light pink top)  What do you think?  
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lol so tqc, i work with kids - my main group consists of 4th - 6th grade. today they asked me why the world did not end this last saturday.

if 9-11 year olds had asked you that, how would you have responded?

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When was the last time you looked at yourself and had an, "I am the worst adult in the world" moment?

Because I just used a pantyliner to put on my toner because I forgot to buy cotton balls.
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I was having an internet debate with someone about political stuffs, and having a lot of fun 8D Except they kept making personal attacks, rather than attacking my opinions, while I was perfectly civil towards him on a personal basis. After a while I finally got sick of his lame attitude and terrible debating tactics and called him out on it, and he stopped talking to me. I don't know whether he gave up on the fight because he thought I was being stupid, or if I had struck a nerve and he bowed out to avoid having to apologize. What do you think? :/

Do you ever argue/debate for the fun of the intellectual challenge? Or just for the fun of fighting? :/

Do you ever realize you were wrong about something you said after the fight ends, but don't admit to it?

Do you give way in a fight if you realize that you're wrong halfway through?

Have you ever been right, and regretted it?
This question makes me sound arrogant even to myself but whatever.

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TQC, what can I do to repay the kindness of a complete stranger, besides paying it forward?

Long story short, my wife & I ended up stranded 8 hours from home after our car broke down, and a total stranger drove us into another state to a hotel where we stayed for the evening, and this was after voluntarily offering to drive us half of the way home. He refused gas money, toll money, stuck around to make sure our last-minute reservation went through and refused to give us anything besides his e-mail address so we could thank him later.

My wife found his mailing address last night. From the little time we spent with him, we know he's a) a big poker player, b) an intellectual, c) into computers, and d) employed as an actuary for an insurance company

What, besides a handwritten note, can we give him to say thank you for his kindness?

really? no one else has any ideas? I'm disappointed in you, TQC