May 23rd, 2011

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TQC tell me what good things happened to you today.

I...made delicious red beans and rice.

IDK fucking distract me cause I am, as usual, ready to clock a bittch. Seriously, I should stop going to karaoke y/y?
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When was the last time the customer service you received was so awful you were actually angry/upset by it?

Do you like granola?
What kind of milk do you drink?
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What's that anonymous chatroom where you can either give or receive help/advice or just have someone to listen to your problems, judgment-free? I think I ran across it on StumbleUpon ages ago.
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What's the worst thing you've had to do at work recently? What's the worst thing you've ever had to do?

Today, I got to clean quite a bit of blood out of a bathroom stall--toilet, floor, etc. That topped yesterday of cleaning up after an overflowing toilet.

I've had to clean up a baby after a nap where she had filled her diaper, removed it, and rubbed its contents everywhere. (She was fine, but I wanted to vomit.)


tornado prep

My town was included in the tornado watch area yesterday afternoon and most of the evening. I had to go out before dinner and I took a raincoat, a bottle of water and trail mix with me, and I changed into long pants and an old t-shirt in case I ended up abandoning my car to crawl into a ditch. When I went to bed I left my clothes right next to the bed, to be grabbed on the way to the basement if we were going there, and had my phone and my laptop nearby. Nothing happened here other than impressive wind and a bit of rain, this time, but I know some people weren't as lucky.

So, if you live in tornado country, and your area is under a tornado watch, do you do anything special to prepare for it?

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Is there a cause or people you defend with particular passion? (ex. fighting for the rights of homosexuals)

Are you actually a member of that group? (ex. being or not being a homosexual yourself)

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1. What movies/TV shows should I add to my instant queue on Netflix? I'll watch pretty much anything, with the exception of romantic comedies or movies involving the mob/mafia/whatever. Also, the show or movie can't be too new or else I'll have to either watch it online or wait for the DVD to be sent.

2. A job I applied for emailed me an application and wants me to fax it to them before Wednesday. I just printed the application, but only the headers to each section show up (such as "Education," "Work History," etc.) but none of the questions will print. I have ink, and in the print preview all the text appears, so I have no idea what to do. Suggestions?

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Your hypothetical 16 year old daughter wants to start dating. You're ok with that. You just want to meet the person she's about to date. If her date is someone you don't approve of, it's conceivable you may say something. Which of these dates would make you get involved and tell your daughter that you really don't like that person? Anybody you don't check, you're either ok with or don't consider them a big enough problem to get interfere with your daughter's choice

Jade. A goth boy. Trenchcoat, Crow makeup.
Roman. Football player. Seems alright enough, but you caught him staring at your boobs (or your wife's boobs) one time
Cleetus. 350lb boy. His clothes are ill-fitting and barely cover his stomach. Fond of sweatpants
A girl named Trixie. She's on the lacrosse team
Daft Dre, a hip-hop player. Low-slung jeans reveal his boxers, and his t-shirt says 'lock up your daughters. I'm about to party!'
Maynard. Proselytizing christian type. Upon meeting him, he hands you a Jack Chick tract
Mr. Jeffries. 33-year old widower father of one of her classmates
Bernard. Laid back young man. Rastafarian beanie with a marijuana leaf on his t-shirt
Gary. Horror movie devotee. Obsesses over scary movies, fake blood and scaring people. Filming his own horror movie
Ronald. Tea party enthusiast. He talks about trying to get people to sign his petition to remove all Democrats from Congress so all liberal programs can be eliminated, especially Planned Parenthood
Trent. Self proclaimed Satanist. Wears black nail polish and a large pentegram
Chip. He's kind of peculiar. He doesn't say much. Lots of awkward silences. His big hobby is taxidermy
Pablo. Foreign exchange student. Seems alright, but he puts a hand on your daughter's thigh while in your presence
Who said I'd let her date at 16? She's not dating until she's outta high school. At least
I wouldn't get involved in my daughter's love life. It's not my place to say anything

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When your tired and drained and just need your personal space how do you let others know politely and non-aggressively, non-verbally or verbally, to back off.

Have you ever blown up realizing afterward that's all you needed?

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how many people do you think actually get to keep all the really expensive stuff or the showcase they win on The Price is Right?

you have to pay tax on that stuff, right? people get so excited but i can't imagine a lot of those people can afford the tax on a new car or a $17,000 showcase. and then that bums me out.

does thinking all that make me cynical?

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Writing the first thoughts that come to your mind, we as people, do we have a purpose here on earth, if yes what is it? If no, why don't you think so?

EDIT: Ok, thanks TQC police, guess none of you ever had a slip up, ever.
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It's a really somber day here at work. Lots of people I work with have friends and family that have been affected by the tornadoes that hit Missouri last night. Do you have any friends or family that was hit last night? Are they ok?

Do you need cheering up?

What is the last good news you got? Or the last thing to make you smile?
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When's the last time you just barely stopped yourself from doing something horrifically embarrassing?

I just had to restrain myself from singing along to the Glee version of Friday on my ipod in the middle of my school's library. When the song switched I could hear the woman on the other side of the stacks singing along to her music so maybe I should have gone ahead with it. Probably not though.
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 My bff just got a call for an interview for this afternoon! She felt like she messed up her last one because she blanked out and tripped over her words. She also thinks that her answer for "what goals do you have for the future" wasn't solid. I told her to look up interview questions, type them up, then review them. So far she's telling me it doesn't work.

How do I help ease her nerves?
I was pretty nervous during my interview but I didn't blank out, mainly because my brain works oddly well under stress, so all the tips I suggested doesn't seem to work.

Take 2

At what age would you let your daughter start dating?

Over 21
Once she moves out she can do whatever she wants

At what age would you let your son start dating?

Over 21
Once he moves out he can do whatever he wants

Do you feel you'd be more protective over a daughter than a son?

I'd be equally protective of both of them
Honestly, I'd probably be more partial to my son

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How do you find someone online if you aren't sure how to spell their name? What is the best way to go about searching for people online?

Edit: This is more of a search for a lost relative, not really any mutual friend options.

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 I just discovered that land in the middle of no where aka mid west UA of A is mega cheap. Now, most of it is in the desert with no access to running water or other such excess luxuries and is SO cheap because it is foreclosured land. but now I'm day dreaming about a desert bungalow where I brew my own moon shine, paint cactus' and collect tumble weeds.

Which of the following sentences best convey your feelings on this matter;

a; omg such a brilliant idea! do it and don't ever look back. living off the grind, fuck yeah!
b; think it over. talk to your mother. get legal advice. 
c; you're going to die in the desert.
Also feel free to make up your own sentence. 

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So has anything pissed you off so far today on this miserable monday?

What pissed me off: After several days of trying to get the return slip for my free Neebo textbook rental, with the website telling me my order never happened and sending out several e-mails to them asking with the problem was with no reply, I've just been hit with the $25 late fee. Awesome.

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One day, after having eaten some bad food, you become really gassy and discover that you can fart 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in perfect pitch. You do it several times and are amused as hell. Then, while looking through Craig's List, you see an ad from a group of 3 who can fart Queen songs and are looking for a fourth for Bohemian Rhapsody. They plan on touring. Apparently, people will pay to watch that kind of thing. Would you respond to the ad?

Yes. Might as well make some money and fame with my asstacular skills, whatever money and fame that may be
No way in hell am I passing gas on stage in front of a room of people
I'd do it only if it was a considerable amount of money
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I have a drug test for a new job in about an hour and fifteen minutes. I always have trouble peeing on demand, so today I made sure to pee really early and have now been holding it for two hours and have another hour to go. Am I going to pee myself before I even get there?

How awesome is Adele's new album?

I quit my job tomorrow. Should I celebrate with champagne or copious amounts of vodka?

Gladiator sandals: yay or nay?
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Would you rather pop a pimple on a SOs back or clip a SOs toenails (both are post-shower/thorough cleaning)? Why?

Brought to you by an argument a friend and I had a while ago, and the fact that I clipped my bfs giant falcon talon toenails after being snagged and cut one too many times while sleeping.

I'd rather toenails, but if he asked I'd probably pop a pimple or two.

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I'd like to treat myself to one or two things from Sephora or the MAC store with my graduation money. What would you get from either of those places for $50-55 tops? I don't want foundation or powder. I have dryish skin if it matters.

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How brutal was your middle school (11 to 14 for non USians)? I don't remember it being so bad but my kid's tales are pretty harsh. Would you have wanted your mom to stick up for you at that age or just navigate it yourself?

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My "close" friend knows a lot about how my ex boyfriend really hurt me and broke my heart. They have recently become friends. And I feel... betrayed. :\ And I'm scared to talk to her about it because she can be a bitch.
Am I wrong for feeling like she's being disloyal because she is now good friends with my ex even though she knows how awful he was to me? Am I being irrational?

Has this ever happened to you?
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I recently received a large external hard drive and would like to use it to back up my laptop (it's a PC) and my files. However, I have no clue how to do this. Can you recommend a free, user-friendly program that will help me do this?
Any advice or tips?

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"I hate how they just assume that I'm gay or bi just because I'm unsure of my sexuality."

Your teenage daughter posts that on facebook. What the hell do you say?

(help, not snark, please.)

ETA: I don't really care what she identifies as, she's my kid whatever, but she's 12 and I want her to be happy and she seems to be struggling.


Are expensive sheets and bedding worth the splurge? Will you tell me about your bedding?

What do they call the skinny blanket type thing that can be placed at the foot of the bed that is usually a contrasting color from the comforter? They typically have them at hotels.  EDIT: It's called a bed runner!
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A friend recently came to me with advice.

Her steady boyfriend, who is suicidal, refuses to get help and frequently, longingly, talks about how he would do it. She requested help by calling hotlines but have been told that nothing can be done until he attempts something seriously. She is going ballistic with the stress because she has been mothering him for the past few months, doing everything for him including all the household chores, and now this.

He is very moody and very much a drama queen and takes it out on her. She told me that she feels as though she can't even marry him because all he talks about is how he wished he wasn't here. She says that it's because she feels as though if he really wanted a future with her, he wouldn't be thinking about leaving.

She asked me for help today but I have no clue what to tell her. I see that the relationship makes her unhappy, but at the same time she really loves him and wants him to get counseling and be happy too so they can have a future together. How should I approach this? What should I tell her?

Thanks! When I talk to her tonight I'll let her know that she should really push for couples counseling (she might be able to try to convince him) or start making plans to leave him.
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TQC parenting question - how hard should I work to keep my one-year-old off the stairs?

They're in an awkward place and I can't really baby gate them off. There are nine steps, a landing, then three more. They are carpeted.

The baby is getting darn fast and sneaky about going up them, but she's only sorta barely okay at going down. She gets the idea about sitting on her butt to scoot down but sometimes things don't work out perfectly, and I'm right there to catch her. So far. But I'm worried sometime she'll get there when I have my back turned, today she ran over and was clear to the landing once before I noticed.

Anyway, I'm debating whether to go crazy and investigate some kind of baby net or something, or just really work on punishing her for being on the stairs, or just deal with the fact that sometimes kids fall down stairs and she'll likely be okay.

What'd people do before baby gates? Did kids just get hurt?
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Has anyone put an old cat under anesthesia? My cat is 17 and having surgery tomorrow. The vet made me really nervous that because of her age the anesthesia is risky and she could die. Anyone have positive experiences of an old cat making it through surgery? The vet said she has a heart murmur and the surgery is to find out what is growing in her mouth (whether it's a tumor or juts a massive infection, vet thinks tumor), but she acts very healthy, runs around all day, you'd never guess she's half as old as she is. I know no one can really say she'll be fine, but I just am looking for some reassurance that I'll see my cat alive again after I drop her off tomorrow morning. :(
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Would you use it?

Poll #1744631 Hypothetical

You have just moved to LA. You have limited funds. You are lacking a mattress. You, for whatever reason, wind up hanging out with Ron Jeremy one night. He offers you his old mattress. His old, stained-with-god-knows-what, has-a-hole-in-it, broken-in-spots mattress.

Hell yeah! Free mattress!
I would probably take it.
I probably would not take it.
That's kinda gross.
That's REALLY gross.

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I'm driving to California from Texas over the next two days, about 12 hours per day. What are some good ideas for road trip entertainment? Any recommendations for audio books? I was thinking things like short stories that can start fun conversations or something like that. I have a CD of This American Life episodes that I plan to use but 1 CD isn't going to last the whole two days.

dk/dc: what's the longest road trip you've ever taken? where did you go? was it fun?

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Are there any foods you used to like when you were younger and now find kind of gross? Other than dietary changes like becoming vegan/vegetarian.

I used to love pig intestines/stomach. I'd probably still like the taste, but it looks gross.

Sunburn/spray tanning

I got a bit of a sunburn yesterday and the moles/freckles on my shoulders are puffy this normal?

Also, I am considering getting a spray tan before heading to Louisiana on the 8th so Im not a pasty fuck...should I do it and if so whats the best way to look natural instead of looking like a weirdo?

I can't use a tanning bed because Im pregnant and Im too fat to be comfortable with laying out in the sun in public.

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Hey, NYC food lovers. I'm going to Union Square tomorrow (to see Tony Bourdain, hell yes). Got any restaurant recommendations for me? Bonus points if it comes out of a truck and is good food. Or cheap and tasty. Cheap and tasty are great too.

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Do any of you use leather collars on your dogs? We adopted a 3 year old Shepard / Husky mix with a leather collar and his fur under it is all coarse and crispy feeling. Is that the collar or just how he is you think?
Geeky Girls

Dinnah Ideas!

What should I make for dinner this week? Relatively easy/fast recipes a plus!

Serious/non-serious answers please!

Don't know/don't care: Did you expect to be taken away in a flash of light on Saturday?
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Is it awkward turtle to take a dead baby out of it's casket and pose for a group/family picture? Can we judge the way others cope?

Twitter seems to be making it about race.


Edit: The pictures are on Twitter if you're really curious, I just looked. D:

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I'm gonna take half an ecstasy pill for the first time ever when we go clubbing on Wednesday. I've never done anything harder than pot so I'm a little wary.

I know I probably shouldn't drink any alcohol at the same time. What else should I keep in mind, y'all? Do you take anything when clubbing besides alcohol, and if so how do you usually like it?
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ack. I was aiming for one shortcut, but my clumsy fingers hit something else, and now my screen is moving around with the mouse. How do I get this to stop? I'm an idiot on a mac.
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If you are in a committed, long term relationship, how do you handle your finances? Do you have separate bank accounts and also a joint? Or only joint? How do you decide who will pay for what?

If not... what was your last GPA?
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Would this be an effective way of avoiding buying stamps? Sounds legit, but I honestly have no idea.
Write letter. For the sender's address, put the address you actually want to mail the letter to. Put your own address or whatever for the recipient's address. So that your address and their address are basically switched around. The postal service will notice that there's no stamp and return the letter to the "sender", thus making it so the person you actually intended to get the letter receives it and you save money on postage.
I had trouble explaining it. Hope it's not too bad.
Would this essentially work?

EDIT: I'm not attempting this at all. It's just something a friend put on my facebook wall.