May 22nd, 2011


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7. It's midnight and everyone is asleep except you. If this is not the case, pretend it is. You don't like this! You want to change it. You think the best way is to make a Really Loud Noise. What would you do? Points will be awarded for originality.

77. I tried finding the answer to this myself by seeing what was on hand, but while sneaking around the house my protective sunglasses spontaneously made a pop sound and fell off my face, so now I can't hide my identity. What would your secret mission costume be? How can you be sure it wouldn't fail?

777. Does looking at a smiley face instantly make you happier?

7777. How about chugging a tall glass of pulpy orange juice?

77777. Should we just give up and nuke it from orbit?

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Can you computer geeks answer a question for me?

I like to play Zoo Tycoon and The Sims. I've noticed that every time I have to uninstall and reinstall the game, all the user-made downloads I put into the game are still there. I even had to get a new disk for Zoo Tycoon because my old one got scratched up, and the downloads were still how.

Why and how does this happen?

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Has anything creepy ever happened to you in IRL?  Stuff like hauntings, or ghost sightings or whatever.

After my maternal grandmother died (about nine years ago) the basement of our house smelled like her for a long time.  It went away after a while.  A couple weeks ago my mom called me and when I answered said, "Are you okay?" I said yes and asked what had happened and she said, "I came home today and the house smelled really strongly like grandma, and I got this really bad feeling and knew I needed to make sure you and your sister were okay."  It creeped me out so badly.

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Poll #1743840 Good Reads

Leaving for 2 months this summer and I wanna bring 3 books. Which 3 should I choose??

One Hundred Years of Solitude
Water for Elephants
Slaughterhouse Five
A Clockwork Orange
Angela's Ashes
The Glass Castle
The Help


Hey TQC,

What is the most random comment/"joke" that a complete stranger has told you?

Brought on by the fact that an elderly man at work who I have never met came up to me three different times today saying "Jokes" like; 'Hear what happened to the girl at Sobeys? She got cut up by the meat cleaver cause she fell behind on her work" (I was busy working! I wasn't slacking!) or "Know what you call a woman driving a plane upside down? A crack job.".

Or who knows, maybe these really are jokes and I fell behind in what humerus nowadays...

Best of all he picked up on my name fairly quickly and started calling me from across the store.

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I'd like to read A Song of Ice and Fire, but I've been on the library waiting list for ages and I'm still like fifth in line to get the first book. Can anyone tell me if they're worth buying?

What's the last book you purchased? Would you recommend it?

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I swear, this is my last question on this topic.

Pick a bread.

Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Walnut Bread
Potato Bread
Beer Bread

Pick a spread.

Olive Tapenade
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Roasted Garlic Spread
Strawberry Jam
Honey Butter

dk/dc: What are your plans for the week?
I start my internship at a public defender's office tomorrow!
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I live in Birmingham, AL right now. My best friend from New York City is flying down to see me this Friday. Saturday morning, we're going to drive to Atlanta, spend the day there, then drive to Chattanooga, TN to spend the night there. Sunday morning, we're going to drive to Nashville, hang out, then drive back to Birmingham Sunday night.

What should my friend and I do while we're in Atlanta, GA? What about Nashville, TN?

Tell me about restaurants and bars, if you have any recommendations, especially if they serve traditional southern fare.

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Has anyone here ever been to Russia?

If yes, how did you go about planning your trip and what did you do/see while there?

If no, how would you go about planning a trip there? Would you assume it'd be worth it to go to a travel agent?

Will you share any knowledge you have about traveling to Russia?

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My friend at work wears this really pretty, shimmery eye shadow. It's not overdone or anything, but it has a nice effect to it. She refuses to tell me what brand it is and where I can get it because, "it's cheap and embarrassing."

Do you have any recommendations for eye shadow like this? I don't care about brands. I just want to look like a peacock.

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Do you have nicknames for your pets? What are they?

I have two cats, one is Boone but his nicknames are Boonster and Stinky. The other one is Simon, and his nickname is Toes, because he is polydactyl and has 25 toes. :P

dk/dc: What do you HAVE to do today? How long will you procrastinate?

I need to do laundry, but I'll probably wait until 8pm when it's a necessity.
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Today is probably going to suck. My team just got swept with an embarrassing third game, I'm picking up an illegal alien later for yardwork and I have to drive 40 minutes for a redundant meeting tonight.

Can you tell me a joke to make today somewhat less worthless?

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For those of you who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 (or if you didn't)... Would you vote for him again, assuming there was another presidential election RIGHT NOW?

ETA: Include in your comment whether or not you voted for him/would vote for him if you could've (like if you were under 18 at the time of the election or something).

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Hello TQC

I'll be working at a summer camp for the next few months where I'll need to plan and execute four one-hour activities a day with a group of about twenty kids, hopefully in 4th or 5th grade as I requested but they could be younger or older. I'll have a lot of indoor and outdoor space and resources from cooking supplies to tons of toys and games art supplies.

Do you know of any blogs or websites that have good games, sports, crafts, and other activity ideas?
Do you have any ideas yourself?
What were your favorite summer past times as a kid?

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I'm going to Florence this summer. what security measures would you recommend I take so as not to get mugged/raped? I think I"m going to take a flashlight and some pepper spray, as well as carry money pouches/ID pouches, but other than that, any suggestions?
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How would you feel/react if you found out that your current SO was flirting with, accepting sexy pictures/videos from, and provided guided masturbations to someone they met online? This person lives across the country from you and your SO, and is married. They have no intentions of making this "relationship" anything other than a fantasy. On top of this (not sure if it makes it worse), this person your SO is talking to has the same first name as you do.

DK/DC: What magazine subscriptions have you had/do you have?

What would be the best plan if you want to use swimming as a workout?

I'm thinking of swimming at my university gym as a workout to lose weight and to tone up. What's the best way to go about this? I used to swim as a kid but haven't since I was 13 (I think because I began to think I was fat and didn't want to feel exposed...but now I don't care if I feel fat and just want to love swimming as a workout). What's a good workout plan for swimming? What's most effective to lose weight/tone up?
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What have you been into lately?
I have been baking like a fiend. 4 loaves of bread last week, a dozen muffins yesterday, and applesauce cookies just now. The recipe was for 3 dozen but it made over 5 dozen cookies. Thankfully they are like delicious spice cake nuggets so I don't mind.

I am having absolutely no luck job hunting. Clearly I should sell baked goods, yes? What should my signature baked good be???

Do you have any lentil recipes that you love? I have piles and piles of green and red lentils but am at a loss with what to do with them. I have made soups and lentils'n'rice so far but that's it.

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What do you guys think of this article interviewing Chaz Bono? I read it today and was absolutely incensed, especially with the first question.  
I'm writing TIME a letter.  What was this interviewer thinking with some of these questions??
If there's one thing you want the world/your society/whatever to be more educated about, what is it?

it's clear from this article that people need a serious education on how to understand and talk to transgendered people, rule number one being not to question the sanity of said person. You wouldn't ask a cisgendered person that question, so why would it ever be a good idea to ask anyone that? wtf. I just wanna get some thoughts, to make sure i'm not just getting angry over nothing.
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I recently bought a ton of strawberries for super cheap. But now I'm trying to work out what to do with some of them. I have some set aside for eating fresh, some to make a pie out of, and some to make some jam.

What else should I use the rest of these berries for?

Programs to Run GIFs

My best friend has a PC and every time I send her a GIF she has to open it up in Firefox for it to play if she doesn't want to scroll through it (which offs the timing). We tried Windows Photo Gallery and another program (something with the word "Live" in it, sorry, can't remember).

Do any of you know of a good PC/Windows Vista program that runs GIFS smoothly? Mac suggestions would also be helpful, as I have a Macbook Pro and often have the same problem.
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When you clean your house/apartment/whatever, do you do it all at once or bit by bit throughout the day?

I have a really hard time getting it all done without taking breaks in between, during which I'm usually internetting.

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What are Harold Camping and his followers saying now that all of the rapture stuff is over and they're clearly still here and nothing's happened? I've Googled and I've gotten conflicting answers. Does anyone know for sure?


Anyone have any summer goals?

I hope to bike every day I can, walk my dog every day I can, eat healthy, and only have one bookshelf of personal items (besides clothes) at my parent's house.

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Do you use pillow protectors on your pillow in addition to pillowcases?

If not, do you at least wash your pillow every now and then?

I finally got around to getting a pillow protector but before now I've been chucking my pillow in the wash every couple of weeks. This came up in a discussion with a friend and she thought this was a weird thing to do and wanted to know what other people do.
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Where are all the literate roleplayers?

Men or women, it doesn't matter. I just want to find someone to roleplay with. Someone into either video game or anime fandoms, is alright with FCs/OCs... -sigh- It's so hard to find a roleplaying partner.

Also, why are all the men who are literate really ugly too? Literacy, punctuation, capitalization, correct spelling and grammar are all turn-ons for me, and when I find a guy who has all of that and more, he's UGLY. Argh!

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If you keep a diary, when do you intend to read it again?

I have a diary which I wrote when I was in a very bad patch of my life, and its pretty filled with hate and sadness. I can't envision ever wanting to read/remember that period, yet part of me doesn't want to throw it away. What should I do with it?
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I need help!

I am drinking Orangina, and i don't know if you all are familiar with it, but it's "a carbonated citrus beverage made from orange, lemon, and mandarin juice".

ANYWAY. so it's carbonated but you have to shake it in advance, because it has those little citrus flaky thingies companies like to put in drinks made of oranges (why the hell they do that is another question).

So i have to shake the bottle, but if i shake the bottle the stuff will shoot out (cause its carbonated)



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Any suggestions for a good place to eat in DC near the Mall? Food for two, not pricey or fancy - we like all kinds of food but particularly barbecue, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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I want to find a specific comment in a community. I'm not entirely sure when the post was made, though I do know the commenter; it was sometime within the past twoish months. I know this is a long shot, but is it possible to search somewhere on here comments by an entire user in an LJ community?

Thanks, TQC!

Found it, thanks! Now, use this post to tell TQC something you want to find and other TQCers will help if they can! :)