May 21st, 2011

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If you are English, is there a typical "drink" you drink? I know Americans are known for beer and whiskey (I guess - I drink a lot of rum, but when I think American drinks, I focus on those) but I'm writing a story in which someone from Blackburn is having a drink and I didn't know if there was any certain popular "English" drink.

DK/DC: What fandoms are you a part of, if any? Lets meet and greet?
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What's the most boring channel on tv to you?

Ion (wasn't it PAX before?) would probably be my answer. I've never seen anything that looks remotely appealing on that channel. Who's it even geared towards? At least PAX had re-runs of Supermarket Sweep and Shop 'til You Drop.

Next up would probably be the golf channel or something.

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TQC did you ever read a series of novels that were for young adults, centered around a group of girls practicing magic, and the main character as far as I remember was named Diana, after the moon and she was super powerful, and she only just first realised her powers, and there was a stigma around her family?

I'd post to that book community that specialises in this sort of question except I cannot remember the name of it and I'm not a member.

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I got my nose pierced today...but my stud is black and looks like a mole on my nose...WRONG choice! can I go back in tomorrow and get it replaced with something else? or do I have to keep this one for a while?
thanks all :)

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TQCers who have taken Ambien or a similar drug - did you hallucinate? What have you seen? I have elaborate visual and auditory hallucinations while on Ambien (my room has been a dance club and Hispanic health clinic), and was just wondering if it affects anyone else here as strongly as it does me. Can we share stories?

Also, since my Ambien's about to kick in, what's the trippiest music video you can think of that I should watch while hallucinating? 

iPod refurbs

Anyone bought a refurbished iPod? I'm thinking about a refurb iPod Touch because it's half the price of a new one, but I'm wondering how long it will hold up. I had an original iPod 3rd gen and it was always buggy and eventually quit, so I'm a little nervous about spending this kind of money on something that was already not perfect.

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I stuck a newly-bought CD in my laptop and imported the songs with itunes. Why can't any of them play?? The time info says 'not available' instead of any minutes/seconds.

ETA: The second CD imported without any problems... my laptop needs to be exorcised, y/y? It just came back from repairs. :(

DK/DC: Do you prefer to be mistaken for older or younger than you really are?

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My dad's birthday and father's day are roughly around the same time (along with my mom's birthday.. this is going to result in me being poor :( ).

Anyway, for Christmas I got my dad a beef jerky sample pack that he really liked. For another present I made him several different homemade pickle. What other things could I buy/make a man who loves food?

DK/DC: What are you going to get your dad for Father's Day? If you don't know yet, what have you gotten him years past?
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Do you tip extra in restaurants if someone at a nearby table is being obnoxious to the server?

I do. Not enough to cover the probably crappy tip of the other customer, but more than I would have normally.

People don't tip where I am/I never go out to restaurants: should I have toast for breakfast at home, or walk down to Tim Hortons for a bagel and an ice cap?
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On facebook, can a company control who "likes" their page?  For example, I had liked a local company's page sometime last year, I wrote a comment on their facebook asking why they were not returning my calls, and now they aren't listed as a page I have liked anymore.

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I want to raise a couple of chickens for eggs, for myself and others (to share, not looking for a profit.) There's a huge backyard right behind my house, but it belongs to the house next door. There is no fence that divides between the houses so I could easily walk into the backyard, but it'd be trepassing since it's their property. Both houses belong to my landlord so both houses rent. Would it be rude to ask them if I could put a couple chickens in the backyard? How should I go about asking them? They have a 3x5 garden plot, but otherwise.. rarely use the backyard. And oh! This is a small town where raising chickens is common.

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Would you consider yourself a patient person?

(I just ate all of the bacon I cooked this morning with which I specifically wanted to make a BLT for lunch.... guess that's not happening. I have the patience of a 3 yr old. :T)

What would you consider your best and worst personality traits?
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For all you money savvy people, I have a question on selling furniture. How much can I sell a leather and suede 3 seat couch that's 3 years old and rarely sat in (I paid about $1000 for it new)? I think I may have sat in it a total of six times. It's really just a giant cat bed right now. There are some scratching marks on the bottom and one side, but that's the only damage.

Is it reasonable for me to ask the buyer to pay for moving the couch or to take it out themselves? I'm a tiny weakling and can't lift it.

I'm just tired of this couch taking up nearly half of my den!

DK/DC: What are your plans for the long weekend?
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 TQC, can we have a music sharing post? Post your favorite bands, new songs, or account?

Also, unrelated, for those of you who have studied a foreign/second language, how have you maintained your knowledge after finishing classes? I studied Spanish in middle and high school, and my last year of university. I am pretty knowledgeable, but I'm afraid I'll lose it. Any advice?
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There is a family of miniature panthers living in the jungle that is our front yard. They arrived last week (or they made themselves known last week, could have been in there for weeks prior).

TQC, what do I do?

Collapse )

But seriously, should I do anything? Let momma take care of it or call someone? No random cat has ever done this in my yard before, so I don't know WTF you're supposed to do.

EDIT: I'm having no luck finding a no-kill shelter that isn't at capacity in our area. I'm going to look further out and see if I can find someone that can drive them for me. Suggestions from TQC Silicon Valley/Bay Area folks would be appreciated.

And my mother-in-law thinks we should be feeding the momma. I really don't want the cats adopting us, so is that a really bad idea? (I told you, I don't know what to do.)
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have you ever had to ask your parents for a relatively large amount of money (let's say--hypothetically of course--a couple hundred dollars)? how did that go over?
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TQC, I'm so discouraged.

I'm in the last month of a temporary job I got, and on June 14th, I need to move back home to San Francisco, CA to live with my parents and be unemployed. AGAIN.

The only job experience I really have is working in libraries, usually doing data entry or shelving books, or working in aquariums.

I'd really like a job as a waitress or a barista or a cashier at a grocery store or SOMETHING like that, but EVERY. SINGLE. JOB. I look at on craigslist in the retail or food service section requires previous experience in those fields. And I have none.

How does someone get a job when the only way to get a job is to have previous experience?

Will you complain about your job woes here? I need to feel less alone. :C

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To cut a very long story short, my very overweight, lonely and bitter godmother had a thing with a Kenyan guy half her age, which not suprisingly ended in tears. Because my mum didn't approve of the relationship, she didn't talk about it with her, which eventually lead to my godmother refusing to talk to my mum anymore.
She now directs all her filthy texts to me. The latest one is about how she's been asked out by a 26 year old who likes plus size women.
What should I reply to this with? It's pretty inappropriate but I kind of feel I should make a joke to make her realise she's being silly.

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Recommend me a beer to try tonight? I tend to like darker brews and craft things, but if it rocks your socks and commercially produced, let me know about it.

What's your favorite color of nail polish? And what do you think of Burt's Bees' products? I've been using their bar soap and I really like it.
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I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 months, and in a couple of weeks I'm meeting his mum, aunt & grandmother. The first time I meet them we are cooking for them.

What should I cook & what should I wear?!

DK: Tell me good stories about meeting your SO's parents?

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Have you seen Food Matters? What do you think about the organic food/slow food movement in general? What about the raw diet? Do you shop at farmers' markets or buy from local food purveyors? I'm sorry but I'm watching Food Matters right now and I have ~questions~.

more car problems :(

So after months of just not giving a shit that my truck was all janky, I finally broke and got my lower intake manifold gasket replaced (it was dumping coolant into my oil and generally making my driving life miserable). Everything went fine for about a day after the repair, but after that, my check engine light came back on again, the truck vibrates like crazy when it idles, my gas mileage has gone to shit, and it feels like someone stuck some engine half its actual size in there, it has no power anymore.

Any ideas this time? I'm on a 'fix this truck for dirt cheap by myself/with my mechanic buddy because I'm too broke to afford taking it in' kick, that and I need to get it in a working/non-check-engine light state so I can drive it back to Colorado and get emissions done so I can do my plates before my grace period ends.

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Have you seen the show extreme couponing? What do you think of it?
Do you think that it is a form of hoarding?
Do you think it's okay that TLC is praising this behavior (stock-piling items for the sake of saving money that would be impossible to consume before they expire)?

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 Poll #xxxx Chest hair
Poll #1743782 Chest hair


I am definitely not attracted to chest hair, and may find it repulsive.
I am not attracted to chest hair/I would rather a man trim or wax
I have no strong sexual feelings either way about chest hair
I am attracted to chest hair.
I am strongly attracted to chest hair.
I am a lesbian/straight man/other who is not attracted to people who could or could not have chest hair.

Showing a moderate amount of chest hair in public is

Not okay
No opinion
Super attractive

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1.What are you super excited about?
- graduating high school in less than a week!
- senior grad trip on Thursday. GOING TO DISNEY LAND! :D

2.If you have an Ipod what did you name it?
- emily -_- (my name lol)

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This is a continuation of a post I had earlier..

If you were going to receive one of the following handmade presents, which would you rather get?

Homemade Bread w/Homemade Spreads
Infused Alcohol
Meat Rub

dk/dc: What's the best homemade gift you've received?

hot yoga?

I went to my first ever hot yoga class today. To me it was just like normal yoga but sweatier. However, other people seemed to be seriously uncomfortable, etc. When I got done I was warm and a little flushed but not like OMFG GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Is it possible my naturally low blood pressure just kept me from getting as overheated as other people? I don't mind hot weather the way other people do, either, and I'm starting to think maybe there's a real reason.
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What is your favorite unnatural hair color?
ok just answer the second question. lol

If you have been seeing someone for a few months, but haven't had the RDC which established that you two are "official" and exclusive, is it ok to date/sleep with other people?
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What would you do if you had to choose between your suits and a pot of gold?

What would you say if you gave your suits away; in return, you'd never grow old?

What would you pick, one million chicks or a single three piece suit?

What if world peace were within your reach-

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When was the last time you felt validated/vindicated?

I moved out of my old house because the housemates were slobs. I've just seen pictures on facebook with filthy dishes everywhere and rubbish on the sides and angry notes EVERYWHERE.