May 20th, 2011

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How many nights in a row do you typically wear the same pair of pajamas (or whatever you wear to bed)?

How often do you change your sheets?

Do you shower in the morning or the evening, or just whenever?

Do any of these things relate to one another, in your mind?

I shower at night because I like to feel clean when I get into bed. I usually change my sheets once per week, the absolute longest I'll go is two weeks. I used to go way longer but I've realized I LOVE clean sheets (mine are in the dryer as I type). If I have freshly washed sheets on the bed, I must also wear a clean set of "pajamas" (usually sweats and a t shirt) and I must also be freshly showered. However, if my sheets are a few days old, I'll sometimes wear the same set of pajamas twice or even three times, depending, but I always have to be freshly showered. I don't know why I have these rules...

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What would be the best way to compare schedules with someone else? Basically, a friend and I want to go out and see lots of shows in the upcoming months and I remember seeing something (probably on lifehacker) about comparing calendars with friends so you can plan do to something when everyone's free. Can this just be done on google calendars? It's got a section to add friends' calendars but I currently have none to add to I can't really test if it would be suitable.

DK/DC/Feel like answering another question: What has disgusted you recently? For me it was the post earlier about a woman in a muumuu just taking a dump in some store. It made me think of all of the shit incidents that have happened at my work and it makes me sad for humanity.

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i need new livejournal friends. will you be my friend? i havent updated in forever because no one reads it...and only two of my friends actually post.

my eyelashes are becoming more sparse as i get older. has this happened to you?

what was the last thing to make you happy? i got invited to a party by a guy i didnt think particularly cared for me. yay!

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What foods are good with honey? I'll take anything!

My job had a honeybee event and all of us employees were given a large jar of locally made honey! I want to use it and not just have it sit in my cupboard.

What was the last thing you got for free?

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What was the last book you read?

Mine: Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.

I'm making a reading list for when I get my Kindle. Will you recommend something to me? I enjoy most genres, except romance. :I

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my hair is half way down my back...if i get it cut to my shoulders..will i regret it? Have any of you got your hair cut that extremely before? love it or hate it? I know it will grow back eventually but still lol

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Have you ever worked in hospitality (hotels, etc.)? What percentage of your reservations simply never showed up?

Do you think it's possible to become an alcoholic just from having one drink a day?

Do you know a lot about XML Schemas?
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What are some good ways to kill seven hours in a car? It really isn't that much to me, just like a week of driving around Houston condensed into one day, but I'm with my mom and I want it to go smoothly.

Can we share random things in here, too?
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okay, so I am obsessed with Kirsten Dunst and I HAVE to watch all her movies, but her new movie is Melancholia by Lars von Trier, and he just said he sympathizes with Hitler. I think he was joking, but ehm awkward.

So I want to go to a movie with Dunst but not to a movie by a Hitler lover. Should I go see that movie?

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What are you like when you are tired? Do you get over emotional and prone to tears/anger like a small child? Do you have some other response to being tired, apart from finding some way of resting?

Do you think that people who like sun are cheerful people and that people who like other weather (cloudy, rainy, snowy, whatever) are miserable people? How would you respond to someone who posited this view?

Do you jazz up convenience foods by adding fresh herbs, garlic, spices or other stuff to it? Please give examples.

Do you have useful callouses? Where are they, and what are they caused by? Do you ever have to argue with people (partners, beauty therapists, family, whatever) to keep them?
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Let's say you work in a place where the bathroom is a single bathroom, not a large one with stalls. In this bathroom, there is a shelf that people can keep some personal items on. What personal items would you be comfortable leaving in there? Would you be comfortable using someone else's things? If so, where do you draw the line? Is lotion ok, but not perfume? Hairspray versus deodorant?

When you buy tissue/kleenex, do you buy brand name, or whatever is cheapest? With lotion or without? Does that change if you get sick or are going through allergy/sinus issues?

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On May 21, the Christians are saying that they're expecting the Raptors to come for those who are 'saved'. Do they mean Velociraptor?
1. How do the return of small, ferocious dinosaurs fit in with God's plan?
2. If they're coming for the 'saved', then is God punishing his followers by making them dino snacks?
3. Who do you think is the raptor caretaker in heaven? St. Peter? If so, how large of a bag do you think he uses to pick up their poop when he walks them?
4. Does access to dinosaurs make you more inclined or less inclined to embrace organized religion?

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TQC, decide my gym schedule for me!

I woke up this morning and my legs and chest are killing me. I went to the gym Sunday-Tuesday, and yesterday (4 times). I usually go 5 times a week. I want to go today because I'll be really busy all day tomorrow (helping volunteer at an event in my city).

Should I pop some Naproxen, wait for it to kick in, and go today? Or should I let my body rest and get up really early tomorrow and go?

If you don't do you like your tacos? Beef, pork, chicken, or veggie?

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Would you like to rant about how horrible pop music is?

My friend just posted about it and I can't go rant there because they'll think I'm judging them, and I'm not, I just don't like pop music.

Or, if you love pop music, will you share me some awesome pop I might like?

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I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon. Right now, it's about halfway down my back and has zero layers. After the hair cut, it'll be just below my shoulders and have mucho layers. I'm excited about it, but also nervous as hell. I haven't gotten a haircut in YEARS.

Will you post pictures of awesome haircuts to make me feel better?

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Do people usually make their hair look pretty when they go wedding dress shopping?

Does anyone know a good swimming workout?

If you have an indoor cat, do you give it heartworm prevention medicine? why or why not?
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Responsibility to bare arms.

So I'm attending a joint birthday/going away/punk show house party tomorrow. The dress code is NO SLEEVES ALLOWED and it is going to be strictly enforced.

Now, my dilemma is, do I go in a shirt that was already sleeveless (like a tank top) or do I go all the way and cut the sleeves off something? I sort of feel like the second option would be more of a dude thing to do.

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1. If someone has an icon of a person or character of any sort that you're familiar with, do you read their posts and comments in your head in that character's voice?

74386578923239864. Does anyone want a book of matches?

2 1/2. Or some matching books?

37. If one wanted to bring some U.S. state—Pennsylvania, for example—to its knees and morality was no inhibition, what would be the best way to go about it? I'm sure I needn't mention that this is, er, hypothetical, and I'm just looking for suggestions to hypothetically improve a hypothetical plan already hypothetically in the beginning stages.

2 1/2. How much crud is in your keyboard?

2 1/2. How tall are you? Is it enough to reach something on top of the fridge all the way in the back?
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I'm in a mood, and I have to go to the grocery store soon anyway so I think I'm going to go to the salad bar because salad is like my #1 comfort food. That's probably weird.

What's your comfort food?

Another food question

What cuisine (or names of cuisine) are almost completely unique to your neck of the woods?

I was speaking with my father-in-law a while back and I mentioned growing up eating goulash. He looked at me funny and wondered what the heck I was talking about. I had to explain that I was referring to cut-up leftover beef, cooked with diced peppers, onions, and whatever other leftover veg was in the fridge. This was then served over hot baked beans, with liberal amounts of ketchup to get it down. According to wikipedia, goulash is ACTUALLY a Hungarian dish which is more of a stew or soup, and my folks' usage of the name is american slang for "hot leftovers served over pasta".

Purse suggestions

I am in desperate need of a useful purse. I used to use a messenger bag to throw my stuff in when out and about however I think it's time I've gotten something a bit more practical. I've recently gone back to school and at first I was able to just keep my things in my backpack however that isn't working so well anymore. A few weeks go I picked up a nice purse from target but it is already showing signs of ripping so I think I may have overloaded it/picked out a purse that wasn't right for me.

Some things about my taste...
- Favorite color is green. Specifically a yellow-green version of Chartreuse however I am ok with other shades of green.
- Black would also work and if it's really nice style and fit other colors too except white or beige as those just are no.
- I prefer purses with long straps as they are easier for me to keep on my shoulder while carrying things.
- I want something roomy and strong as I tend to carry random things. I don't really want something as big as my messenger bag but still I need a good size.
- I am not comfortable with spending a lot on a purse, never have before, but it looks like I'm going to have to spend around the $40 or $50 range to get something more durable.

Any suggestions on a specific purse or where to look would be greatly appreciated.

This is an embarrassing question, but serious answers would be much appreciated

So I've been smoking marijuana fairly regularly for the past few weeks and just found out that a job I thought I wasn't getting actually does want me to work there. This means I need to take a drug test sometime next week. Can I get it out of my system that quickly? Would it be helpful to water fast for a couple of days?

ETA: Is there a home test I can buy to test myself before hand?
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 Do you think it's normal to have an elementary/general knowledge of major religions? Do you think religion/history of religion should be taught more in high schools?

Inspired by the fact that my friend (raised in a non-religious home) didn't know what "the rapture" was. Not the current event everyone is worried/loling about, but the word/event at all. I just feel like major religions (especially Christianity in the US) is something everyone knows about. But maybe I'm out of touch/I majored in religion. (fyi: I was raised in a non-religious home)

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As I understand it the world ends tomorrow and purportedly the dead will rise from their graves. Now assuming that they aren't brain eating zombies but rise up as fully functioning people, What dead person would you most like to meet up with and share a bit of Judgement Day with?

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what should i eat?

all i've had today was a piece of toast(plain), a couple bites of puppy chow and this little energy bar and water. i also biked for an hour total(running errands, doctor) and had a vile of blood drawn. I PROBABLY NEED TO EAT. but i want to eat something healthy! i have:

an apple
peanut butter
boca burgers
chicken noodle soup(canned, obvs)
mac and cheese
pasta and sauce
spaghetti squash(though i think i'll have that for dinner since it takes like 45 mins to cook)

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On a scale of 1-10, how seriously do you take your life? 10 being with the utmost seriousness.

In other news, I hurt my knee and can't bend/flex it beyond a small margin of movement without awful pain. Should I still go to a party tonight and get inebriated? Going to the party sober is not an option.

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How well do you escape the grasp of sales people? Any tips?
My SO is terrible and almost got sucked in to buying something he didn't really like for more than he wanted to pay today :/

Ubuntu minded people: My movie player is saying "cannot read from resource" and not letting me watch my dvd. Forums are being confusing - halp?

How long will whole potatoes take to bake in the oven? Is there a way to cook them in the microwave instead?
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So I just got a new TV, and it does not have the standard RCA red/white/yellow OR S-Video ins. It does have a few component ins as well as HDMI. What do I need to connect my old VCR which only has standard RCA out? Do I need a converter box of some kind?

NEVERMIND thank you

What was the movie you watched?
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My thesis project is due in less than two weeks and I am having terrible anxiety that is keeping me from working, which causes more anxiety. I don't think I have enough time to get drugs so what should I do? Stress relief techniques? My ideas so far are cardio, yoga/meditation, deep breathing and booze.

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Sorry for asking this easily googled Q but I'm drunk and it's difficult. In Mario Party 1 how do you save coins to buy minigames from the minigame shop? I know you have to play an adventure but do the total number of coins earned in the game go to your till or is it factored some other way? Should we avoid buying stars or will stars equal a certain amount at the end? Hope I'm making sense.

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I cannot stand when people refer to each other as "Mama" or call their brothers "Bubbas". I just got irrationally angry about that. What has made you irrationally angry today?
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What was being "grounded" like when you were a kid?

If you have/had kids what does/would it mean?

Are you a fan of any YouTube channels?

Do you find you're more addicted to shows when you can get them streaming vs having to wait for them to air on television?

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For those of you who work in one, how is your cubicle decorated? Bonus points for pics! I'm still in training but I want to get ideas for when I get my own.

What is your office extension?
Mine is 72133.

What is your job?
I work at a helicopter ambulance office in patient accounts. I keep in contact with the patient and file with their insurance and collect payment.

Don't work in an office/don't care:
How was your day today?
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Have any of you ever been in a relationship with an alcoholic? Can you tell me about it?

Does being an alcoholic mean that the person gets rip-roaring drunk all the time, or can it just be someone who ALWAYS has to have alcohol on hand, drinks throughout the day every day and is usually slightly buzzed? What is your definition of alcoholism?

I'm worried about my boyfriend :(

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I've had a stupid cold for the last week that just won't go away, so I just took some NyQuil. Should I watch Pan's Labyrinth or The Orphanage while I wait for it to knock me out?

What are your favorite foreign-language (other than English, but with English subtitles) films?

Alternatively, will you share your most recent FB status or tweet or whatever?

Mine: So uhhh... the meowing cat I heard, but couldn't find, in the bushes behind my building when I got home from work at like 5pm? It's apparently stuck way up in a pine tree, still meowing. I didn't know this actually happened in real life. Poor kitty :C
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Something to do

Will you help me think of something fun/different to do with my fiancé for our anniversary?

I can't get him anything tangible, so I'd like to take him somewhere where we can make an awesome memory. Only I can't think of anything. XP Indoor skydiving is too expensive, there are no good horseback riding places near here, we hate the beach, a cooking class would be torture for him, and we've already been to the indoor shooting range a few times. We've been to all the aquariums, zoos, museums and theme parks around here. We went to an arcade just a few weeks ago. I'm out of ideas. HALP!