May 19th, 2011

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Can I have a TQC update where you tell me what's been going on in your life in the last week since I posted?

How can I make this stupid pimple on my outer ear go away?
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I just tagged myself on a picture on Facebook, even though I am not completely sure it's me. Is that bad?

What are your facebook dilemmas?
or, if you are so hip you don't have a facebook, what are your first world problems?
or, if you are not in the first world, ehm... how do you feel about the Strauss-Kahn case?

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I'm super sorry to post again but I'm having a really rough time with eating disorder recovery. It's been about 5 months since I used laxatives and a month since I binged/purged/restricted, but I feel super ugly and annoying today. Will you tell me your most effective way of reminding yourself you're worth it?

If you can't, and you have a tumblr, will you tell me your favorite tumblrs?

If none of those, will you tell me the last thing you watched on TV/Netflix/etc.?
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I had a Subways BMT with onions and my breath was kickin'.  So, I brushed my teeth and realized that I was brushing gray stuff off my tongue.   I couldn't reach the back of my tongue so it's still grayish and tastes like rotten onions back there.  

Do onions make your tongue gray?
Has any food made your mouth smell/taste really bad afterwards?
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What's been bumming you out lately?

My friends keep making plans to go out and I can never go because of work and school. It's been sucking lately. It doesn't help that I really hate my job. I feel kinda hurt -- whenever my friends have work or whatever I always try to reschedule stuff to making things work out. I'm being bitter right now but I can't help it. And it pisses me off when people tell me not to be "sensitive" about it - I'm having a crappy week.

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TQC, I need a new mattress. Where should I buy one? Is it safe to buy them off the internet and have them delivered?!

Alternatively.. I could just sleep on something that isn't a traditional bed. Like a bed of nails... or a hammock. Any unique snowflake bed suggestions?

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Hey! Nice boobies! Nice tits!! I've been staring at them from across the room the past hour and they look like they want to be petted, with the way they keep peeking back at me.

My questions are...

Is one of your boobies bigger than the other one?

Are many people allowed to handle them?

And....most importantly....regarding the center of your boobies/tits...

What color are the beaks? (what did you think I was talking about?)
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Apartment dwellers: what are your building's rules about pets? Can you only have certain ones, any kind you want or none at all?

Do you have a pet? Do you think certain animals/breeds are better suited to apartment living than others?

EDIT FOR SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: if you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? I'd want a motherfucking platypus.

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How did this bird get into my room?

I awoke this morning to a bluebird flapping around in my bedroom. The window was shut. I figure the cat brought it in, but the cat was already outside. All other windows in the house were closed. I was finally able to chase it out the front door.

Any ideas?
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A local radio station is looking for a Movie Mom, who will be paid to go to the movies and do an on-air review of them once a week. I signed up (via Facebook), saying I loved movies and was sharing that love with my kid.

If I get this "prestigious position", what movie should I review first? (My daughter and I are anxious to see The Green Lantern - we were geeking out over the trailer this winter!)

DK/DC/I hate movie critics: What's your dream job?
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Hey guys! Has anyone done a craft fair before?! I'm in one this June, it's my second time but the upcoming one is more hardcore. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestions for something like this... or the best online places to get bulk items such as bags for sales and such. Thanks!

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Have any of you ever studied abroad or done a field school?

I just got the information for a field school that I am doing as part of my teaching practicum. I'll be in Oaxaca Mexico from September-December. I'm starting to get really scared. I know NO ONE going on this trip, and I have no idea what to pack etc. I'm starting to regret my decision to go on this thing and I need some reassurance haha.
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 Which would you rather? Explain your reasoning in the comments. Poll #xxxx

Which work schedule would you prefer, between the two?

Nine hours a day, five consecutive days a week (Mon-Fri)
Ten hours a day, four days a week (Mon-Thurs)
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Can you help me find a book? I don't remember enough about it to really get a grasp on what would be good words to google - It was about a girl who lost her memory, something about getting knocked down some stairs and getting a head injury, and part of the story was her going to school and talking with people who knew her. I'm thinking that she was slowly starting to remember things but wasn't telling anyone-
likely Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

What was the most terrifying thing you've ever had to do? Or, at least it was terrifying for you- because I know one thing will be super horrifying for one person and the next person would be fine with it.

My best friend is getting married next month, and I'll be missing it because I'll be in basic training- what would be a good newly-wed gift that is also a "i'm sorry its shit that i missed your wedding but life is like that sometimes" (she's okay with it, i mean it sucks balls, but i can't really change my ship date)

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what is the creepiest/weirdest thing in your cities "missed connections" section of craigslist?

title: girl in green camaro
i was drivin a red truck you turned on the same road behind me then passed me and turned at the first road on the left.......when you message me tell me whats on your liscense plate so i know its you


ETA: y'all live in much MUCH creepier cities than me D: x 2

Video Gamers (and Parents!) help me!

My son is going to be 10 this year and he has wanted an Xbox 360 since last year. He constantly tries to save his money and then ends up using it on things he wants, or donating it to charitable organizations. I am torn on whether I should get him one or not. First off, I just tried looking for one and hot damn I am out of my league. I have no idea what I am looking for.

Collapse )

Can someone help guide me in the right direction? Advice? Whatever?

dk/dc what are your favorite games?
Autumn 2 - orange trees


have any of you used the website

i'm trying to set up a job alert agent, but the city & state i live in are different from the city & state where I am looking for jobs. I tried to navigate it, but it seems that they only use your contact information to determine where to send you job alerts from.
Is there a way to distinguish the city you live in from the city you want job alerts from on that site? I can't seem to find it. am i just stupid?
i sent them a request too, after not being able to find the answer in FAQ, but they say it will take 48 hours to answer, if they answer at all, so i was hoping maybe someone here had experience with it.
Thank you very much in advance!
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So I'm getting closer to getting a job at this store but the manager called and asked why I only have one reference (a relative but the manager doesn't know that). I told her I didn't have any other references since I've lost long since contact with past coworkers, professors, etc. She sounded a bit... skeptical and said she'd call back later to see if I could find any other references.

I could give her a number or two of a family friend and have them BS for me but I don't feel like doing that. The simple truth is: I don't have any goddamned references. I've never done volunteer work and didn't stay long enough at my previous job to form a relationship with any of the coworkers.

Should I tell her this or BS? If I tell her I don't have any references, are my chances of getting hired pretty much shot?
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snacky snacks!

I have a girls get together that I'm leaving for in about two hours. I need to make a snack for it! I have what I want to make but I think I'd like to jazz it up a little bit. I am not a chef, though. Will you help me spice things up?

The theme of the party is Spring Fling, or Spring Fever, or something spring. I don't know. The hostess has challenged us to bring only healthy appetizers and desserts.

My snack, originally, is just wheat crackers with cottage cheese, drizzled with local honey (to help combat seasonal allergies!). It's pretty okay.

What can you suggest to make this a little more ...appetizing? I have a full spice rack, some shredded cheese, a carton of strawberries, but not much else.

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I stretched my ear about 2 days ago and currently have the acrylic taper in. How long should I wait until I replace it with a horn earring?
I did the other one about 6 days and have a horn earring in. It's still pretty weepy. Is it ok or have I messed it up?

license and registration, please!

This is probably a really dumb question. I just updated my address (I live in a different county) via my state's online Dept of Driver Services, and it said that it would take up to 28 days for my new license to be mailed to me. I need to register my car in my new county by the end of next week. Will I even be able to do that, since the address on my license is in a different county? Or will they be able to see that I've changed my address by looking at the license number? I live in GA. nvm, it appears I'm brain dead.

DK/DC, on a scale of 1-10, how lame would it be for me to bring baked goods to the office to share with my coworkers for my own birthday?

If you celebrated your last birthday, what did you do? What do you plan to do for your next birthday?
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If you're sending an email asking if a company has any openings, is it better to send it to a person you know/have talked to before at the company or to the person directly in charge of hiring (and maybe mention that you know whoever)?
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Has anyone here in TQC inspired you to do anything lately?

A bunch of you have inspired me to watch Audition during the long weekend.

whorecruxx inspired me to visit the dentist (she made a post a few weeks ago asking when we had last been to the dentist). My teeth are in excellent shape. Yay!

claystarling inspired me to make some chili for dinner last night. It's delicious!
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Have you seen the season finale of Castle? Can we talk about it? I just saw it last night and feel the need to discuss it. Did you like it? Hate it? Why?

obviously this post will be spoilerific so if you haven't seen it yet, don't click to read the comments!
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You need protection. From the mob, from your mom, from bad diarrhea, it doesn't matter. Who is your celebrity bodyguard and why?

My bodyguard is Carrot Top, his face alone is enough to scare away bad diarrhea.

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This is kind of a personal question but have you ever dealt with getting off of an opiate? Or have you known someone close to you with an opiate addiction?

Problem is, I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition and I started taking percocet's while I was waiting to get into a pain clinic and I ended up *dun dun dun* addicted. Surprise surprise. So I was wondering what your experiences were and how you got off them.
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What are your favorite artists that are really great to dance to?

I'm not ridiculously overweight, but I have a bad anxiety disorder, and the gym is where I live so idk, I'm working up to it. (I'll probably just use the pool anyway), but I've been dancing for about a week (badly, I might add), and I've already lost 5lbs.

DC/DK: How tall are you?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Has anyone else noticed the extreme amount of Gaga advertising in the last day or so? Starbucks, Farmville/Zynga, Words with Friends, what next? Is anyone else mildly alarmed?

What do you think about the rapture?
Alternatively, what are your plans for this weekend?

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i invited the guy i like to a show tomorrow night and told him it was $8. well, turns out i was wrong. it's $20. and i don't think he'll want/be able to pay $20 for a band he's never heard of before. so obviously i need to tell him so he doesn't come and get blind sided and want to pop me one.

how should i word it so that he knows i'd still like him to come but don't expect him to pay that much and would be OK if he sat this one out? i was thinking of inviting him for drinks before since the show isn't until 9:30.

and what if he says no, nevermind to seeing me at all? i'm terrible with rejection. how do you deal with it? you'd think given how much rejection i get i'd be used to it but i'm not :(

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So sometimes my Verizon phone says it's "connecting" like it's receiving a text message, but it says that the message failed. I have a very basic phone with a very basic plan. Sometimes it will do this up to 30 times within a few hours, and I notice it almost every day. I don't think it's someone I know messaging me, cause they'd just call me after I haven't answered their texts for months, right? What is this? Is my phone tapped? Are aliens trying to contact me?

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Are you a movie quoter? If so, which lines do you find yourself quoting often or lately?

I often say "Just in cases" which is from the end of Love Actually. I also say "Tempting... but... no... thank you." in the way Julia Roberts says it from Notting Hill. I know I do more but those are the two I can think of off the top of my head.

What's the last movie you watched and what's your favorite scene from that movie?

I'm in the process of watching Notting Hill and I love the scene where Hugh Grant brings Julia Roberts as his date to his little sisters birthday dinner and then everyone tries to win a brownie by being the biggest loser and Julia Roberts tries to compete. So cute!
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do you ever go "house/living space/apartment" shopping online, just for fun? like window shopping. do you get as elaborate as i do and look at things to decorate it with? will you show me pictures?