May 18th, 2011

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how typical is it for your doctor/doctors in your area to prescribe antibiotics? and for what?

i have lung disease, so i feel like i get them a lot, but it's my understanding that people don't get them for every other infection...
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Do you use nailpolish remover or do you paint over the existing coat? Does your answer change for toenails?

Do you prefer tv shows with story lines that end within an episode or one that continues throughout the entire season?

How many posts can a livejournal account handle before it self destructs? 

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Anyone else getting sick of Johnny Depp?

The last movie I really liked him in was Sleepy Hollow. He was okay in Sweeney Todd, but the character isn't supposed to be a murdering robot. In the show, Sweeney actually has a personality.

I wish he'd go away for a few years and wait for a good role.
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TQC ers who do yoga - validate me. Is this weird??

 First time taking class with this instructor at a new yoga studio . All seemed normal until the teacher came over to me at the end and asked "May I put some lavender essential oil on your forehead?" I say, ok. She rubbed it on my head, then cupped the back of my head with her hands.  At first I thought the head rub was nice, then I felt weird. Is this unusual for a yoga teacher to do? 
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Hungry now?

Which of these do you enjoy?

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I have huge thighs that rub together when I walk. This is causing a lot of my clothes to wear out prematurely. Anybody else in the same boat and have any tips other than "lose weight, fatty"?
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Is it hard for you to sleep in a house that is not the one you live in?

What's your favorite junk food?

Why is it that chocolate chips taste so much better than any chocolate candy?

What are you looking forward to?

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what unusual things do you regularly keep in your purse/bag?

i have a corkscrew, a tuning fork and a fold-up allen key & screwdriver set in my bag at all times. all of them have come in handy on a few occasions.
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Hi guys!

What brands of sunscreen won't stain clothes?

I had skin cancer in the past and used to wear sunscreen every day. Unfortunately, it kept leaving ugly orange stains on all of my clothes. Last year I finally gave up and wore long sleeves and long pants the whole summer long.

This summer I'd love to get back into shorts. Can you help me?
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I'm going to Maine for the next five days. I'm packing now. It's gonna be cold, wet and rainy. What am I going to forget to pack?

Alternatively, what are some funky things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine? I've been there like a million times but we mainly just shop and it gets old.

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This might be a stupid question but how do I tell if one of my wisdom teeth needs to be removed? I was told by my dentist a few years ago that they won't have to be taken out - could something have changed since then or is this a forever thing?
Have you had your wisdom teeth out? How was it?

One of them is starting to poke through & it is sore and was too swollen to close my jaw properly, but I've been taking ibuprofen and the swelling/pain is down a lot. It seems like it's coming in straight & I can feel my teeth shift a little but I don't think it's obstructing them. I reallyreally hate the dentist and I dread going to get it checked on. D:

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 Tqc-ers help settle my anxiety;

I'm a college student home for the summer and want to work as much as possible since I am bored out of my mind here. I am currently a waitress and shifts are usually 4-5 hours about four day days a week. In my searches for another job I had an interview today. it would basically be a sales job just on weekends for the next month and a half, 10 dollars an hour. The hourly rate is a bit more than I make at the restaurant and if I make a lot of commission, working those two days will make a lot more than I would all week at my other job. On the downside, if I dont do so well as a sales person by three dates, they will let me go; since it's not worth them paying my hourly rate to have me do nothing.

Now my question for you is; how do I break it to my other job that I can no longer work weekends? phone, email or in person? The manager is a real douche bag and I've already requested off a few days during the summer so I'm nervous about having to take the weekends off, even if its just for the next month and a half. 

I'm also not the best people-person so I worry how well I would do as a sales person...

For all of those who are nervous around people, have you ever had a sales/high interaction job? How did it go
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 TQC, I got my third concussion two weeks ago. Have you ever had a concussion? What was your experience like? I am tired of being in pain all day, and being dizzy constantly. Any advice?

My head hurts so bad I spent most of the morning crying and now I'm playing RuneScape high off of prescription drugs. 

Edit: I have been to the ER and the doctor. But will probably be going back.

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I have a MyTouch 4G.  When I start a new text message ("Compose new message") or make a phone call, it not only displays my contacts, but also every contact from facebook that lists their phone number.  These people do not show up at all in my contacts. This is annoying and I want to stop this, but I can't seem to figure out how.  I've gone through the settings for the phone, texting, and facebook and can't find anything.  Do you know how to change this?

DK/DC - I'm currently watching 18 dogs. How many could/would you handle? My record is 23 by myself.

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ETA: So, the MyTouch 4G has this friend stream thing (don't know if other phones have this or not) and logging into facebook for that (which was done at phone set-up) is what caused all those contacts to pop up.  So, I found out how to log out of that and problem solved!

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Does anyone here work at a college/university?

If so, what department do you work in? how long have you worked there?

For all others...

What'd you have for lunch today?
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Spirited Away

My coworker wants to show this to her 8-year old girl, but is concerned if it may be too heavy for her. For those of you who have seen this movie/cartoon, what do you think? Is it something a little girl can watch, or is it for more mature kids?
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I am trying to remember the name of a mixed drink and I'm not sure what's in it. It's called a "minty __[something]___" and supposedly it's a choice drink of servers because it leaves your breath smelling like mint instead of alcohol. It's got a syrupy sort of consistency and is clear bluish. Do you know???

EDIT: OKAY I think it was rumple minze! I probably only imagined that it was blue... and called minty something.

if you don't know, tell me what is the cutest species of animal?
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Help me with my resume?

I work in IT. Right now I work at one company (A) as a contractor but another company (B) actually employs me.

How do I put this on my resume?

It doesn't seem quite right to say either just A or B. And company B - onsite at company A also seems weird.

Edit: Thanks!

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This is a boring question, but I have a problem that nobody in real life can help me with.

Last week I won a scholarship from the Mass Society of CPAs and at the reception I met a bunch of different people who told me to send them my resume and they would set up interviews with me for a potential job. I have the email written, but I'm not sure what to put as the subject line. What do you think would be an appropriate subject line? I don't want them to just delete the email without reading it!

If you don't know, do you have any advice on what to put into the email? I think I have something good, but I can always use other opinions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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so i am planning to make a disco ball bra (a la lady gaga i guess) by gluing mirror tiles onto a bra...

what would be the best kind of glue to use for this? i'm going to be wearing it to a rave, three days in a row, so it's going to need to be kind of heavy duty.

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 What is a naturally occurring phenomenon unique to you?

If I come across someone I've known in the past before, there's a high likelihood that they won't recognise me, or even worse, they avert their eyes, ahaha.

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What are some fun and cheapish things to do in Lafayette for someone who loves nature/coffee/music and all things educational?

Any tips for not panicking while meeting new people?

What are you looking forward to?

Im going to be going down to Lafayette La in a few weeks with my hubby for his family's yearly get together, I have only met his mom once for a few hours and I hate big social situations but Im still excited!!
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So I finally found a new job and got hired today (at a Nursing Home), buuuut I don't start until next month.

Is there anything I can do for a month that can possibly make money or be free that is possibly fun?

srs/nonsrs ok

1. Do you like old people?
2. What are you having for dinner?
3. Favorite completely unhealthy snack?

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TQC, I've been in such a funk lately. It's gotten so bad that I find myself either on the verge of tears or just bawling my eyes out at any given moment of the day. This is a worse funk than the ones I experience occassionally, but during my normal ones I can always count on listening to Iron & Wine and laying in bed with a nice cup of hot tea to make me feel somewhat better.

What do you do when you're feeling down?
What should I do to make myself feel better?

What book are you currently reading if you're reading one?
Can you recommend me a good book?

What was the last funny thing to happen to you?

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What do you do for a living? What did you study in college? Are they related (getting a job straight out of college)?

How do your like your fries? (thick, thin, waffle-cut, etc.)

Popsicles or ice cream?
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1. What is currently stressing you out?

2. Do you enjoy dating? Can you date multiple people at once (like, can you handle it emotionally)?

3. Are you in love?

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I want to buy a used car. I've never had a car and have no idea where to go or what to look for. Help?

Are you eating or drinking anything ATM? I have salad.

Have you ever tried to post here and accidentally posted somewhere else? I just posted my question in my own journal on accident.
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I have often heard people say that in every relationship, one person loves the other a little more. Ie "in every relationship, there's a flower and a gardener".

Do you think this is true or not?
If you do think it is true, which are you?

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Hey TQC. Serious question time. My SO basically just said, "I can't watch movies or tv without smoking weed first, because I can't let my mind go enough to get into whatever I'm watching." Yes, he's on ADD meds. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do about it (besides get high)? 'Cause it irritates me that I can't just be like, "Oh hey, let's watch a movie or watch tv" and have him enjoy it without being high. Am I being irrational for feeling like this? This applies to all movie-watching, including going to theaters.

DK/DC: If you could go to London or Florence, which would you choose? Assume you have Internet friends in London but have always really wanted to go to Florence.
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TQC, I need some computer advice!

So this new Firefox 4 is really annoying me and I've been thinking of changing my browser to Google Chrome. Is this a good decision?

And if I get rid of Firefox all together, will my bookmarks disappear, or can they be transferred over to Google Chrome? If so, yay! If not, time to crank out some good ole'  paper and pencil to save these sites!
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Based on what they know about you, what are people often surprised to find out about you (e.g. things you do or do not do)?

People are often surprised that I haven't read a lot of sci-fi or fantasy literature.

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I'm going to my dad's for a BBQ on Saturday, what should I bring?
I would usually bring dessert, but he's diabetic, and I don't want to fool around with buying fake sugar/making something that tastes like crap.
I need to bring something that's compatible with bbq (although I'm not sure what he's making), and that I can cook the night before, since I'm going straight from work. His wife mostly eats shrimp, and doesnt like cheese, chicken or potatoes very much. I can't cook shrimp (and wouldnt want to cook them the day before anyways).

fruit? (too sugary?)
some kind of soup?
salad? or ingredients for salad?
something else?
appetizers? but what?
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I'm getting four teeth filled tomorrow. I have no particular dentist phobia, but I have very sensitive teeth and a super-sensitive gag reflex, and a dental visit is always an anxiety ordeal. Will you encourage me or help psych me up?


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TQC, make my decisions for me! Should I get a Kindle?

Kindle owners: are you enjoying your Kindle? Any regrets?

Don't know/Don't care: If you could invent your own potato chip flavour, what would it be?

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What's the worst thing you've seen in public?

This afternoon I was behind this very obese woman in Walmart. She was so big I couldn't scoot past her in the isle, so I was just slowly following and picking up things I needed as I walked past them. I heard her grunt, she stopped for a moment, then continued walking. She was wearing a moo-moo, and before my very eyes, a large turd fell from the moo-moo onto the floor. I just stood in total shock. She took a few more steps, let out a very loud fart, and continued walking. At this time I turned around and sprinted down the isle, away from the horrible, horrible, mess.

I mentioned to a clerk the gardening isle needed to be cleaned, but I didn't elaborate.

I certainly hope I never see anything worse.

To purchase or not to purchase

 I want to buy a new truck.  The deal offered is too sweet to ignore (the dealership is moving overstock at a huge discount).  But the purchase of this truck might push our debt ratio too far and disallow the purchase of a new home next spring or summer.  My wife's income will be included in the calculations when we are ready to buy  new house though, so the truck purchase might not have any real effect on this calculation.  

My question  is this:  Should I buy the truck and hope for the best? Or should I wait until after the house purchase?
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Are eyelash extensions worth the cash? I love me some falsies, but I don't know if I can justify the price.

Also, hormonal BC has caused me nothing but problems. IUD is clearly the answer, y/y?

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Anyone else in TQC get an allergic reaction to a tetanus shot? (or shots in general I guess idk)

I got one in 2000 and developed a HUGE red bump that took up like half my upper arm. They gave me antibiotics and life was good. I just got one yesterday since I needed one (especially since I'm traveling soon) and the red bump is well on its way and I currently have a temperature of 100.6. Arghhhh.

Edit since three is not at least five, are you playing any Facebook Scrabble games right now? If so, what are they called?

Mine are called "tacos" "hamtube" and "badgerines!!!!"