May 17th, 2011


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What was the last unexpected thing you got?

I just received the lingerie I sent for and the people who sent it included 3 bazooka gum pieces, a candy bracelet, and a tube of bubble fluid. It's nice to get freebies but I'm a little O_o I cannot understand why they were included.
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Odd question, I know. . .

Anyway, I am going to a concert this weekend. The band isn't especially famous, and the singer is in his 40's and very good looking, but not traditionally so. I am going to make every effort to have sex with this man. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make this happen?

Do you have any similar experiences/attempts to share?

fyi, i'm 23 and not a complete ogre so I think I have a shot

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 So I just got my first salary-paying job. I know the hours go from 7-5 so each day is ten hours. Is it more likely that I will have to work for 40 hours a week for 4 days or 50 hours a week for 5 days?

I am not sure how hours tend to work when it comes to Salaries.

Thanks for the help!

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To cut a long story short, in two weeks time my SO and I were going to move into our own flat. Circumstances changed and now we can't and have to stay with his mother. He's really disappointed. TQC how can I cheer him up? Srs/Non Srs

DK/DC - What was the last big disappointment you had?

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Which of these would you do or accept for $20,000,000?

Get punched in the face by a gorilla
Contract herpes
Sarah Palin as President in 2012 and nothing but Teabaggers in Congress
Have your genitalia tattooed decomposition green, so it looks like it's rotting away. It'll be very painful to get the tat, and just as painful to have it removed
Live in Saudi Arabia for 3 years
Let your SO come home and catch you in bed with Carrot Top and Snookie (at the same time). You cannot mention the money. If you do, you just don't get it and slept with Carrot Top for nothing
Get plastic surgery that makes you look 10 years older. It's permanent
Have electrolysis performed on your scalp. No hair will ever grow on your head again
Become a heroin addict. You're given enough H to make you hooked. What you do from there is up to you

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 Dear asthmatics/people who live with asthmatics of TQC, 
Will you tell me how you manage your asthma? Mine is completely fine the rest of the year and then awful every summer and I'm sick and tired of spending every summer in and out of doctors clinics and hospitals. 
I'm booking an appointment tomorrow morning but I'm willing to try more or less anything rn. 

Dk/dc: What is the appropriate way to respond to my brother's argument that he doesn't need to quit smoking around me because, "If I was drinking around you it wouldn't make you drunk, so smoking around you shouldn't make your asthma bad"? 
Self cleaning

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When was the last time you received really good customer service? Are there any places you consistently receive great customer service? Have you ever written to a company to tell them about good service you've received?
Clem & Joely

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It's a tl;dr.

My roommate for the next year has an alcoholic father who goes up and down with his ability to control his addiction. This has led her to tell me and our other roommate that she doesn't want us drinking and getting addicted and to not drink more than 4 drinks in 24 hours. She wanted this to be an agreed upon, contracted rule in our household that, if broken, she would "notify parents and take legal action". I personally find this unreasonable, but do acknowledge that I cannot relate or comprehend what her family life & situation are like. Me and the other roommate are by no means regular partiers. We've gotten drunk maybe 5 or 6 times in the past year, and it's definitely not a weekly (or even monthly,) regular thing. I even said that if it got to the point that we were getting drunk every Friday, then I can say that that could be too regular and cause for concern. I feel both irritated by her, and just kind of like an asshole, because her personal situation is very sensitive.

I was wondering, if any of you related to her situation, if you could share anything with me that might help me empathize or understand more? I get the common sense of the situation, but if you could share more personal & detailed aspects of the situation to help explain why she takes this topic to this extent..?

Note: She drinks casually every once in a while herself, she's not 100% opposed to it. And yet, even though she's gotten tipsy and has maybe gone "too far" with alcohol a time or two, she seems to be judgmental of other people that drink alcohol. I had too much alcohol once, once and she's never let me live it down.

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So, on facebook, a casual acquaintance of mine posted a link to a sugar daddy/ sugar baby website (a reputable site) and her caption was like " is this legal? Wat?"

Why would this site be illegal? Is there something illegal about the sugar daddy relationship I don't know about?

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Is anyone in Nursing or Medical school? How are you surviving? Words of wisdom? I'm finising prereqs this semester and am getting scared and going all "omg I need to change my major" which would be royally stupid. Right?

If that doesn't apply, what's the hardest thing you've ever done? Did you make it through?

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I just got this text from my boyfriend (of 2 months):

"Uhoh, you get to meet dads family tonight if you want to... it's grandpas 76th bday... uncle bill is cooking dinner... they invited you."

should I start freaking out now, or wait a little bit?

Edit: I was kinda kidding guys... moment of nervousness and "omg" but I'm excited! He's met all my family and is afraid I'm going to think his family is so weird because my family is apparently "cool and normal". So thanks to all that wished me luck! I'm sure it will be fun!
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What do you post to facebook? What do you like reading? I'm new to it and can't imagine "starting class!" is exciting to read. MAKE ME INTERESTING PLEASE.

Srs/non srs answers welcome.
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If you like Subway, what's your go-to sandwich?

Mine's 6-inch oven roasted chicken breast on Italian bread, pepperjack cheese, not toasted. Ranch, buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, easy onion, green pepper, extra pickle, black pepper and vinegar.

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What goes on your perfect ice cream sundae (on top of your favorite flavors of ice cream)?

Hot fudge
Whipped cream
Oreo pieces
Gummy worms or bears
Waffle cone
Brownie pieces
Other (in comments)
I don't eat ice cream.
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I promise I am not writing a school paper or anything like that.

If you get angry about people using the term "OCD" incorrectly or talking in an uneducated way about rape (two examples that came up recently), do you find yourself getting angry over all liberal buzz issues? That is to say, would you get equally angry at a pro-lifer, or someone you perceived to be biggoted? Or are there particular issues within the "angry liberal" idea set, related to your particular life, that set you off? If every liberal buzz issue sets you off, can you talk a little bit about why and if you ever regret it? Do you think that books, objectively good books even, can ever truly explain the human experience? 

ETA: By liberal buzz issues, I mean issues around which liberals are particularly likely to buzz, not the issues themselves. e.g., racism, homophobia, feminism, female reproductive rights, and yeah, the way society works with mental disorders, refers to them, etc are political issues, regardless of how you identify politically. But these particular social issues, it strikes me, are likely to get legitimately angry responses from liberal activists, and even liberal armchair activists, whereas on the conservative side, they just get very religious/ideological responses. I'm not talking about the issues themselves at all persay, but the way we treat and react to them in debate. So whether you are likely to become angry about social politics is different than whether you have a strong opinion about them is different than what you think about them particularly at all. I'm interested mainly in the emotional reaction and why it occurs. Finally, it seems there's a lot of mention of "read a book," "cite your source," I wonder exactly how likely we are to base our understanding of the human experience based on things (even really good things) that we've read.

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Do you know how to drive stick?  How long did it take you to learn?  Did you learn to drive on a stick, or learn to drive stick after learning on an automatic?

What's you're favorite car to drive?

DK/DC: What's the next upgrade you want to make in your life?  

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Is 30 minutes a "quickie" in your eyes?

How do you define a "quickie"?

Are you male or female?

Do you like quickies?

ETA: Is 30 minutes too long, too short, or just right? (Without foreplay - just the deed itself)

Take a Look

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What color eyeshadow looks best on a moderately pale person with mud brown hair/brown eyes?

Will you use this post to ask for/supply beauty tips? I like these kinds of posts. :)
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Poll #1742403 Rapture poll

When the Rapture comes this Saturday, where will you be?

Rising up through the clouds, bodily, as my savior summons me to Heaven
Out doing something sinful, no doubt. Drinking, sexing, what have you
Looting the homes of anyone who did vanish through the Rapture. Hey, they won't need it anymore
Probably doing what I normally do every Saturday night
Praying and pleading to be among the airborne 'Saved'

If the Rapture was to happen, where would you fall in?

Among the Saved. Hallelujah!
Among the damned/fucked. Woe is me
Among those that are pleased there's now a lot less traffic on the freeway.

What do you think are the odds of the Rapture happening this Saturday?

100%. It's gonna happen. You wait and see
50%. I dunno. There's a good chance, but then again, maybe not
10%. Very unlikely, but hey, you can't rule it out
.05%. Assuming the Creationists were correct in arbitrarily calculating when the earth was created and how many years have passed, then there's an incrementally small chance they're right
0%. There's a greater likelihood of Snooki being appointed to the Supreme Court

In Monday comes and no one's been Raptured away, what will be your verdict?

OH NO! God has found NONE of us worthy to be saved! We're all doomed. *weepweep*
Shows that the whole thing was complete bullshit
Someone forgot to carry the one. The Rapture's coming, just at another date. Christianity requires faith, not math skills
Honestly, I'll have forgotten all about this by then

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Would it be really weird to fb message a girl I met once at a party last year asking her for her chocolate caramel brownie recipe? It seems pretty awk to me but it was so good ;_;

Alternatively, do you have a good chocolate caramel brownie recipe? Or if you have an amazing regular brownie recipe, that'd be good too. I want to try make a fudgey brownie because I always make cakey ones.

ETA: Okay, I asked! But please continue sharing brownie goodness recipes :D

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what's the best way to bake chicken breast?

i'm making mashed rutabaga and potatoes and i want the chicken to go with it to be tasty, not bland! but i don't have a lot of money for ingredients and everything. i mostly just want it to be moist and tasty. i was thinking cooking it in chicken broth instead of just water?
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Cat people of TQC, I need your advice!

1. Does anyone have any experience with a cat that was abandoned by its mother? (Or otherwise separated from her too young, I suppose.) My boyfriend recently adopted a cat and we're pretty positive he was abandoned by his mother - even if he wasn't actually abandoned, he was found really young so we know he was separated from her too early. He has a fair handful of problems, including some psychological ones that seem to be pretty standard for abandoned cats. He licks us CONSTANTLY if we let him, we assume it's a leftover urge to nurse. He also likes to touch faces, although that particular problem is a little more bearable now that we got claw caps on most of his claws (he's polydactyl). But he just seems to be quite needy in general, constantly licking/kneading/etc, and it's driving my boyfriend crazy at night as the cat is keeping him up / waking him up when he's trying to sleep. Any tips on trying to train him to not do these things?

2. What can we do to help two cats get along better? One is probably around 5 years old, I'm not positive, and the other (the kitty from the first question) is around a year old. The new kitty was introduced to the home (and to the first cat) about two months ago and they're still not getting along at all. Any ideas?

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Do you live in NJ and have health insurance?

I've been looking for two hours and I've had no success finding health insurance for under $200/month in NJ. :(

Any advice on how to improve my search? Is health insurance going to be more expensive due to living in NJ no matter what?


Which of these acts would be the most blasphemous, guarranteed to place you in the deepest rung of Hell?

Giving a prostitute a sponge bath with holy water
Pleasuring yourself with a buttplug carved from the One True Cross
Voting to legalize gay marriage
Eating a big stack of bacon and washing it down with a glass of pig fat
Using birth control and not respecting the 'every sperm is sacred' rule
Having angry sex while eating a cheeseburger while looking in the mirror, but having your partner do all the work while you wished they were someone else, and then hogged the blankets after (that covers all 7 deadly sins)

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I have a final at 6 PM (it is currently about 4:30 PM) in stats. I calculated it out, and I need about a 73% on this final to get an A in the class. What are the odds I can get away with basically not going over anything before the test and come out with at least a 73? The prof curves nicely.

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Blood tests

How much do they hurt/suck?
I know pain is relative but I still want to hear experiences

I have had them before but I was not fully conscience so I do not remember how bad it was.

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TQC I AM OFFICIALLY FINISHED WITH SCHOOLWORK HOPEFULLY FOREVER. Tonight kicks off Senior Days leading up to graduation and tonight everyone is going to the bar. To make it better, I found out that if I wear my class of '11 shirt, drinks are $3 for me.

I can afford six drinks at that price. What do I get? I'm already planning one at least on Sex on the Beach but I don't feel like drinking the same thing all night.

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I have a question to ask on behalf of my best friend...

Her boyfriend is a French citizen who came to the States to study. He wants to stay in the U.S. and find a job, but it's highly likely that companies won't hire him when they find out that he's not a U.S. Citizen, right?

And how often/easily do companies give out work visa sponsorships? I'm guessing it's incredibly difficult unless the job candidate has a skill set that the company REALLY wants/needs.

He has until March 2012 to find a job, but my gut is telling me that it'll be incredibly difficult for him. He went to a not so well-known school for his undergraduate degree, so it's not like he has that extra thing going for him if it were a master's degree.


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I'm not a cat owner, nor have I ever been, but I've always been curious:

For those who have cats, do you let them outside?

If you do, aren't you concerned about your cat's safety?

I feel like I'd be so worried they'd get hit by a car or get fucked around with by stupid kids or something.

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TQC, I really like to eat and I have a huge sweet tooth. What's you're favorite healthy, but sweet, snack?

What's your favorite food to accompany a cup of coffee/tea?
I like toaster waffles with peanut butter and jelly on them. OM NOM.

Is the weather strange in your part of town?
It's rainy and cold in Sacramento right now. Very strange for this time of year!

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Talk about about season or series finales of tv shows that have pissed you off, or otherwise upset you?

Brought to you by last night's season finale of Castle. Idk if it's just because I'm having a bad day otherwise, but I just watched it and now I am teary sad and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU angry.

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TQC, what's your sign?

EDIT: Sorry for not including cusp signs! If you were born on a cusp, do you identify more with one sign than the other?

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Is it corny that youtube tutorials (as a concept) give me hope for humanity? 

On a related note, what cooking/craft/hobby blogs do you read? whose tutorials do you watch on youtube? 

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What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

I just put in my two weeks notice and while its something I really needed to do for my well being and I have a part time babysitting gig lined up I still feel like I gave up :(

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Dr Who fans - should I watch classic Who? I've only watched nu-Who so far and I'm interested in going back.
If yes, should I start with the First Doctor or somewhere else? (i'm not a big fan of black and white). Any bits in particular that I simply can't miss or that I can skip over?

Dk/DC: What TV series would you recommend to a non-fussy TV watcher?
Billy Mack
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Dad was telling me about a book he read as a kid - and he can't remember what it was. Does the following sound familiar to anyone?

A boy would go and stay with his uncle or whoever and behind the house was a thick, dangerous forest spanning thousands of miles. Nobody except the boy could see it, but people began disappearing as they wandered into the forest they could not see.
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 Who do you think will win the NBA 2011 Championship?

Bulls, Heat, Thunder, Mavericks

Honestly, I hope the Thunder wins because I'm a celtics fan and I still love Perkins and Robinson. BUT if the Heat lose I will be ecstatic.

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Do you watch The CW's Hellcats? I just found out that it isn't getting a 2nd season and I'm all sorts of sadfaces about it.

Have you ever had a show you really liked get canceled? Bonus points if it ended on a huge-as-hell cliffhanger.

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Please help me if you are cooking savvy. I've been invited to a spring dinner party on sunday and everyone is asked to bring some sort of "spring" dish. Side or dessert. I have no idea what to make, nor am I all that experienced at cooking.

What should I bring? What on earth is a "spring" food? If anyone has any ideas or tips, I would greatly appreciate it.

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I just made a group on facebook. I'm trying to get as many people as possible to show up to this event in this town where I barely know anyone. Would it be wierd to invite/add people I hardly speak to?

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 Why won't my eye stop twitching? Srs or non srs answers

 It started about two to three weeks ago now, during finals. My mom thought it was due to lack of sleep or stress but now that Im on break with plenty of sleep, it still continues. It will twitch for a few minutes and then stop. Then a little while later it starts again. It doesnt hurt and is just one of my eyes. It's just very annoying.

Alternatively, what odd medical problems do you have that no one else can seem to figure out
dead zone johnny & sarah

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This might be a dumb question. Obviously I know you can use birth control to skip your period. But is there something else you can do to skip your period? (Other than stop eating, becoming overly stressed, exercise like crazy or whatever else).  I need to skip my period next month but the pill makes me feel really awful.

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What do you have irrational feelings about?

My favourite colour is purple, to the point of obsession. I'm pretty sure as of last night that someone I'm sleeping with is colour blind, and they can't see purple properly. This makes me sad.
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I have a huge presentation tomorrow that is supposed to be within 14 and 16 minutes. If it's under 14, I automatically fail. If it's over 16, some points get taken off. I'm not sure how much.

I've practiced, and I fall in my time frame when I'm practicing. But I feel like I'll talk faster when I'm in front of the panel of judges.

What tips can you give me on maintaining an even pace (while not sounding too slow or too fast) while also making sure I fall within 14 and 16 minutes?

orion's belt.


I'm obsessed with these shoes that I saw in a magazine. I need some casual everyday shoes. I have no idea what kind they are, though. Do you know?

If not, will you recommend some shoes for me? I'm sick of my chucks, but want something similar. I'm a girl, but I don't mind wearing boys or unisex shoes.

Xjournal messed up?

I use Xjournal for Mac, and for the past few days, whenever I try to log in it gives me the error "wrong password." I haven't changed my LJ password in a while. After I go to the Xjournal accounts menu and reenter my password, it logs me in. Does anyone know if a recent LJ code change might be borking Xjournal? The Xjournal comm has no info on it.

DK/DC: I don't want to go to sleep because the dishwasher is still running and I keep thinking what if it overheats and burns up the house. I also won't go to sleep if the clothes dryer is still running. What appliance/machine has to finish running before you can sleep?
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Shepherd's pie has lamb, and cottage pie has beef. (In my head I call it "cowboy pie" which I guess is kinda stupid. Whatev.) Tonight I made it with ground turkey. What should I call it then? Pilgrim pie, courtesy of the genius unicorn_teeth. ♥

DK/DC: Any favorite recipe tweaks anyone'd like to share? For my pilgrim pie, I added a can of corn and some sliced mushrooms, and instead of a mashed potato topping I used mashed parsnips instead. OMG so sweet! I think I'll be using that more often.

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Do you think high school clique mentalities can extend beyond high school?
My social life was far more interesting at my community college this year than it was last, but over time some petty drama happened and what was originally a large group of 100's of people has been broken up into 7-8 smaller groups. It's really weird.

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TQC, I need some advice.

Over the past several months a friend and I have developed this purely physical relationship. I guess you can say we're just "fuck buddies". While in the beginning I was very happy with this because I did not want to be in a relationship, but I missed having a regular sex life and I prefer sleeping with one partner as opposed to several. The only problem is now, as much I don't want to, I'm starting to develop feelings for him and I don't know what to do about it. He's very different from the type of guys I usually go for and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Another problem is that he's very confusing, and sometimes I feel that if I told him how I felt he would share the same sentiments and sometimes I feel that he wouldn't. My initial decision was to save myself and just stop seeing him completely before I get myself into a mess but I broke a couple days ago and saw him and now I'm confused all over again!

WTF do I do TQC?!?!?! Do I run for the hills? Do I grow some balls and tell him how I feel? Do I suck up my feelings and just keep screwing him?

Have you ever had a "fuck buddy"? How did that go?

On a completely different note, what's your favorite dessert?
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i'm planning to stop taking my birth control pill (yaz) and not start another one. for any of you who have done this, can you tell me what, if any, side effects you experienced from stopping? good or bad.