May 16th, 2011



Have you ever had "Chicago style" popcorn? (Cheese & Caramel)
Pizza? (Deep dish, cheese and toppings on bottom, sauce on top)
Hot dog? (Steamed beef dog, poppy seed bun, mustard, onions, sweet pickle relish, tomato, sport pepper, celery salt)
Are there any foods you like that are supposedly "[your town] style?"

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Which is the most annoying personality trait of these three do you think? abrasive, clingy, vain


Do you tend to be attracted to specific traits in people or do you tend to like folks despite themselves?

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I read a tip in Cosmo that you should try smiling at people you don't like/ enemies/ arch nemeses whenever you see them.  I tried it today on my arch nemeses boss and I couldn't do it.  I tried, but I can't make the corners of my mouth go up whenever he is around me.  Do you have any tips that will maybe help me stop fantasizing about his face making friends with my fists/ feet/ teeth?

DK/DC/I'LL ANSWER BOTH:  Post your favorite meme?

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Need to SLEEP!

I've got to get up early tomorrow. It's two A.M and I KNOW I won't be getting to sleep without some help tonight. I am wide awake right now. I've got some gravol, and it's helped me get to sleep in the past. Last night I needed to sleep also, and I took five gravols. It did absolutely nothing except for make me a bit calm and drowsy. So since five didn't really work last night. I'm thinking of taking eight tonight. Is that safe? I've read of people getting high off of gravol. I don't want that. I just want to SLEEP. How many should I take?
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You are able to switch bodies and lives with one person for one day. You can even pick someone who is now dead, although you would be them while they were alive, obviously. Or maybe you want to actually be dead and chill in a grave for an entire day, you morbid freak, I don't know.

ANYWAY. Who do you pick and what do you spend your day doing?

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I'm waiting for it to be 8:00 to make an appointment with my doctor.

What time are they going to give me? * 12:30

I have an ear infection again and this time my ears are throbbing!

When was the last time you had an ear infection?

My co-worker told me I was a child because only children should get ear infections. The last few years I've been getting an ear infection once a year.

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What's better, a toned body or bigger boobs? I've been working out lately, I'm skeered muh boobs are gonna deflate. I'm not fat now, but I didn't have much tone before I started exercising. Guys are always saying they 'don't want a stick figure'.


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Yesterday i spent about 8 hours playing Rock Band and drinking with my husband and a friend from out of town, while fighting a cold. Today I literally can't talk. What's the last thing you did that seemed like a good idea at the time?
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Have you ever subletted an apartment?

If so, for how long? What did you bring?

My boyfriend & I are subletting an apartment for 3 months over the summer. It's furnished, has plates, cutlery, etc., & a TV. Besides clothes, food, and a computer, what should we bring?

What were the best and worst points of your weekend?

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Does anyone here have a larger constrictor or any experience with them and want to share any stories or advice about keeping bigger snakes? Any advice on what species to get, or to stay away from?

Don't know/don't care: how's your Monday going?

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I want to switch phone carriers but keep my number. I have MetroPCS and want to switch to T-Mobile. It may take up to 48 hours for my number to switch over. My metro bill is due today. I could not do this before today. My question is how long does metro wait before they cut you off for non payment? Also, if you've recently signed up with T-Mobile and had to pay a deposit, how much was it?

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Have you ever worked as an au pair, or know someone who has? Any advice/tips? I've heard some horror stories, but I'm still interested. I'm looking mostly at Europe or somewhere French-speaking.
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TQCers who have or are currently going to school and working simultaneously, how much time do you allow between when your classes end and your shift starts, or vice versa if you are taking night classes? I am taking a class this summer and will be working as well, and as I've never had class and work at the same time, I don't know how much time to allow for homework between school and work. This class is also three hours a day for four days a week, so it's not likely that I'll have days in between when homework is assigned and when it is due.

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Are there any TQC questions you want updates on, but never saw in _updates?  

I really wanted to know what happened with the girl who got in trouble for slapping her immature coworker's hand away...I don't remember who the OP was or where the post is.

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I am a poor working stiff who would like to find a way to secure more money, if not now then for my future.    I've been wondering if I should or even can start investing my money in a mutual fund or something like that.    Working alone isn't going to cut it the way I see things.

Does anybody in TQC know anything about investing money?     I'm kind of guessing probably not, but there seems to be a LOT of information out there in Google land and I don't know how to even begin sifting though it.

dk/dc:  Would you post a picture of your pet(s)?    Those are always fun to see!
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Poll #1742100 The 'list'

Would you ever have a deal with your SO about having a list of celebrities you're allowed to sleep with, should the opportunity arise?

Yes, I'd make one
No, I wouldn't

If you said yes to the above question, say you're with your SO in a bar when he/she brings up the subject again and wants to make an edit. "I want to insert Lindsay Lohan as my #5". You accept this. Your SO then gets up and says 'Don't wait up' and crosses the bar, and sits at a barstool right next to a very drunk Lindsay Lohan. He/she tells her a joke and Lohan bursts out laughing. You're sitting there at your table all alone with the bill. How do you react?

"Well, rules is rules. My SO isn't cheating, seeing as Lohan's on his/her list. I guess I'll go home and watch a movie"
I burst into tears and flee the bar
I approach my SO and call bullshit. You can't edit your list just because you see that celebrity
Break up with him/her on the spot
Ask if you can watch
Ask if you can join in
Walk over and kick Lindsay's ass
Nothing else except get extremely drunk

If you said yes to the first question, then this applies to you. You're sitting at a bar with your SO when someone from your list walks in. He/she looks really sad and sits at a booth all by themself. Your SO points them out to you and you do a doubletake. Your SO looks a little hurt but says "Go for it. We made a deal". What would you do?

Walk over and plop down at my crush's booth and attempt to seduce him/her, but only with my SO's consent
"I...I can't do it. I won't do it, hon. I couldn't sleep with anyone but you"
I had already left the table and had slid into the celebrity's booth before my SO had even finished the sentence
" didn't know that I changed my entry for my list? I dropped this celebrity in favor of someone else. Ooo, you're lucky" (all bullshit just to save your SO the hurt)

Let's say you do go through with it. The next morning you wake up next to your celebrity crush and look at them while they sleep. Something seems off. You check their wallet and it turns out they're not that celebrity at all, but rather, an impersonator who doubles for him/her for various events. Do you tell your SO about this?

Yes. It's a plain ol mix up and we can joke about it
Hell no. Since it's not that celebrity, this constitutes as cheating
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When did you last have pizza?

When did you last have a burger?

Who's more important, your SO or your best friend? If your SO is your best friend, don't bother answering.

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For TQC:

1. Do you harass wildlife? Like, yell at ducks? Chase squirrels? Poke slugs so their eyestalks suck into their head?

I ask because I accidentally mugged a red ant. She was just walking along the driveway, carrying something her own size—doing what ants do, I suppose. I pulled out a Sharpie marker and poked it in front of her. She stopped, turned, and ran. I did it again, and this time she threw down her cargo and took off even faster. I tried to give it back, but she was too busy fearing for her life.

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2. How should I go about getting this back to its rightful owner? I could probably dust the area for leg prints to track, but thousands of her kin must pass through every day and I could never sort them out.

6. If you were an ant and someone did this to you, would a return and an apology be enough, or would it be a little drop going hiss in the fire of your rage?

24. How many forks are clean and in your utensil drawer right now? What do you feel the best answer ought to be for a family of, say, 5?

120. What is the best thing?

720. What would be the best thing, were the best thing not the best thing?

5040. Do you like watching and counting the cars as long trains go by?
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Are you a part of any subculture(s), and if so, what?

What about yourself or your life makes you feel alienated or apart from the mainstream?
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TQC hockey fans, I'm looking for a good website for watching games. I'd like something that streams and archives. Reasonable subscription fees are fine. Do you have any favorites you could recommend?
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Ok, so the backstory is that my husband and I are both non-religious (it's really a complete non-issue in our lives, and almost never comes up). My mom and dad started going to church late in life, largely because that seems to be the easiest way for my mom to feel like she's part of a community. She and I get along ok at this point in our lives, but she's also a passive/borderline passive aggressive person who likes everything to be "nice," and will manipulate people to behave/act that way. I try to keep things light when I'm around her.

Twice in the past week she's said the following to me, totally unprovoked, in the middle of really generic conversations about what's going on in our respective lives:

"...and I know you guys are atheist or agnostic or whatever you are, but I really feel like everything happens for a reason and really see God's influence over what's been happening."

This makes for some discomfort because a) it's dismissive, especially considering the fact that she's NEVER asked us what we believe or why, c) my husband and I never bring up our personal beliefs so it's not normal territory at all, and b) this is the most religious stuff she has ever said...ever. : /

Each time she's said it I stayed quiet until she finished, then changed the subject--but at the rate she's going, it seems likely she will say it again. The last time happened in front of my husband and dad, ON MY BIRTHDAY, and it turned into this prolonged "crickets chirping" kind of silence until I was like "Oh hey, there's a cat!" and walked off.

If this were you, how would you handle it? Stick with the ignoring and changing the subject? Say something? Bring it up privately? I've tried to think of anything I might've said, but the only thing I could think of was "....and I know you're church-going, but unless you'd like to have a longer conversation about what we believe and why, it's probably best if we don't talk about this."

TL/DR: Have any wacky stories about conflict with people who have a different belief system than you? 


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Which of the following stores would you choose to receive a $100 gift card for?

TJ Maxx
Barnes & Noble
Bed Bath and Beyond

What would you buy there?
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I got a box of frozen Jamaican patties from Costco, with instructions on the side for warming up in the oven/microwave. Whenever I put them in the microwave, the centers stay cold. Whenever I put them in the oven, the crust gets all sad and soggy, not like the delicious flaky goodness I love and want!

What should I do? Is there a way to heat up these things to achieve maximum flakiness? Or am I stuck with gross patties forever?
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Any native Atlanta-s around? The boyfriend and I are traveling to the GA Aquarium Thursday and would like to go out to dinner afterward, but are having trouble unearthing a nice place to eat that isn't pub food or dress-to-the-nines, either. Any suggestions?
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Are there any TV shows you watch when they originally air or do you record them all to watch at a time convenient to you?

If you're too cool for TV, Watermelon Jolly Rancher slushee - great slushee or greatest slushee?

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Do you think two people in a relationship can really love each other for their entire lives?

Unrelated questions, ahoy!

Do you have a hard time deciding on a default icon?

Do you perceive people a certain way based on their icon?

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Hi TQC. Hope you are well. What's something fun to watch on Youtube or the internet (free movies, TV shows) when you're sick while everyone else is out drinking and celebrating?



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The selection of females on my base is limited. There must be 10,000 dudes here all competeing for the same women.
So Who should I spend my precious time on??

Poll #1741987 Who should I pick?

Here are the finalists

Russian chick who speaks little English
Bosnian chick who speaks NO English
American lesbian
African American HR chick with a bad attitude
10,000 guys? Haji...where do I sign up?
Haji...just go gay

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What is it with people who never bathe or clean their clothes?

I understand if they're too poor to use a lot of water, I'm talking about the people who can afford it but don't. My roommate was one of these. She showered once every two weeks it seems and I NEVER saw her clothes being washed. And she smelled pretty bad.

Are they so immune to their own funk that they don’t realize they stink to high heaven?

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Lets say you are moving into a new apartment tomorrow/in the next few days and you're going on your first grocery trip. What do you buy?

Edit: Budget of $75?

Also assume you have basics like spices, sugar, flour, and some dried pastas/rice.

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I'm tired of being a fatass and want to lose a very significant amount of weight over the summertime. So obviously a drastic change in diet needs to be made, and I was thinking of going Pescatarian (one who eats no meat besides fish) as most meats except fish generally wear me down and make me not want to do anything which is probably part of the reason why I've fallen so far off track.

Does anyone here have experience with a diet that cuts out all meats beside fish? How did it go?

DK/DC: If you have lost a significant amount of weight in the past or are seeking to do so, what changes did you make to your diet?
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I have decreed that my apartment is a no-shedding zone. What do you think the best punishments for those cats that chose to break this rule?

I'm off work for another 2 days due to a losing fight with bronchitis. What should I do to occupy myself?

If you think about your favorite color and the color that shows up most in your wardrobe, are they the same color?

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By this time next year I will be finishing university, and turning 21.
What should I do/where should I go/what should I achieve before then?

ETA: I meant this to be a sort of '100 things to do before you die' type thing....I have all the careers advice I need.
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Some guy used my e-mail to book a flight with Southwest and I keep getting e-mails with trip announcements and his confirmation number. On a scale from 1-10, how fucked up would it be for me to cancel his flight? Would it be even creepier to call him and be all "Hey, lol! You Scott? Your flight confirmation is _____!"? (He can't get his boarding pass without it)
Seriously, people use my e-mail all of the damn time. I don't get it.

What was the last supremely unusual thing you did?

lets go internet shopping

Will you help me find the perfect bomber jacket? I am looking for a cute lightweight (springtime) bomber jacket (can be leather or fake leather) with a hood and a fur trim. Fur trim is preferable but optional, hood is required. I want to spend between 30-50bux but if you have pictures of really awesome expensive ones thats cool too!

What clothes do you want to buy?