May 15th, 2011

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My younger brother is going through a techno/dubstep phase and blew out my Bose subwoofer. How should I punish him?

Will you post a picture of something that amuses you?

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If you could make a deal with the devil, what is one thing right now that you would trade your soul for?

Seeing as I'm feeling pretty down and lonely tonight, I would sell my soul to have my ex back. I miss him terribly. :(

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My brother lost his driver's license and he needs it to get a job. This is the problem: He has a warrant out for his arrest in Rhode Island. We live in Connecticut. He needs to go back to RI to deal with the arrest at some point, but for the time being he wants to save money so he won't be destitute when he gets out of jail. 

If he goes to get a new license, is he going to be arrested? Someone told me with a state ID this is less likely. Help? 

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Is there a class you'd take for the class itself, not because it would lead to a job?

I'd love to take a long European history course. Just start at the furthest back records go and finish at present day. Do this for every country. I know the class would be like 10 years long, but I'd be attentive and excited the entire time.

1/2 hour creative activities

You guys helped me out so much with my previous list!

Now, I'm trying to create a list of half hour creative activities/projects. It could be writing exercises or projects, random things, craft, art, music, sculpture, anything, as long as it doesn't take long to do. Know of any specific activities? (so, instead of 'do some craft' you could say "Make needle felted angry birds").
If you have some online projects or videos to link to that'd be great! Or just describe ideas.
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TQC, yesterday I fell on my face really hard and it sucked.

Last night, I noticed that my front tooth is kind of sore... it hurts, but not very badly. I haven't taken pain meds for it at all, and it's not bothering me too much, I'm just kind of very aware of it. Today it's at about the same level. I didn't chip it at all, it's not loose, and (so far) doesn't look like it's changing color at all.

So, after doing some ~google research~ I'm terrified that it's going to turn black and fall out. Dr. TQC, what are the odds of this happening? :(

Tomorrow I'm going to call my dentist uncle and see what he says and whether I should trek out to see him or not, but I'm hoping you guys can maybe assuage some of my fear and anxiety. Until then, I'm trying to avoid eating hard foods, touching it with my tounge, and falling on/hitting my face again.

DK/DC: Can you tell me about the last time you hurt yourself?
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Do I always seem cranky?  

A while ago someone online said "your gash's flow is evident".  Can you tell someones gender by how they write?  Explain.  

It is raining, should I visit the forest?   

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1. I have this set of 3 pyrex bowls and I use them pretty much all the time. During the epic cleaning of my house that took place yesterday, every dish I own managed to make it into my kitchen and get washed, except for what I believe is the medium-sized bowl in the set. I have looked all over the place and I have no clue what could have possibly happened to it. Like, I can see how something could get lost in my apartment, but that is the last thing that should EVER get lost. So, TQC, WHERE IS MY BOWL!?!?!?!?

2. How many laundry baskets do you own? How many people are in your household? I now own three and I live by myself and I have no idea what the average laundry basket per capita is so I am not sure if this is too many or not.

3. Did you know that lacrosse has power plays? Neither did I until about 5 seconds ago. The WAS-TOR game is on in the background and I just heard them mention it as I was finishing typing question #2.

4. Those of you who are paying attention to hockey... who are you rooting for out of the remaining teams? GO BOLTS!!! :D

Snails and Fishies!

I should probably ask a more specialized community like 1fish_2fish, but this is sort of time-sensitive, so I'm hoping someone here will know. I'll go Google it in a second as well.

I just bought 5 neon tetras for my 10-gallon tank, and the worker who scooped them up also ended up grabbing two teeny brown snails. The tanks looked healthy and everything--clean, with no dead fish on the bottom or anything like that--if that matters.

What I want to know is, will it be safe for me to just dump these snails into the 10-gallon as well? I'm also going to try to put my betta in the tank tomorrow, once the tetras are settled, because I've heard that they can get along as long as the tetras are like furniture to the bettas. I'll be home all day tomorrow, so I'll be able to watch for any signs of stress or overly-aggressive behavior, and will be removing my betta from the tank if it looks like they won't get along.

So, tl;dr: I accidentally got snails with my fish from the store. Should I worry about putting them into the tank too?

(If it matters, I have a smaller, 1-gallon bowl that my roommates used to use for their old fish, so I could just set that up for the snails if necessary.)
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dinner question

My in laws are fixing something I find really awful for dinner. It's chicken and rice, but the way they make it is this goopy mess, where the rice has a terrible texture, and the whole dish is just really bland and waterlogged. They grew up eating it, so they're used to it, but I find it texturally terrible, and I already have a food texture issue.

Is there a nice way to say that I'm very sorry, but I don't particularly like the dish, and that I'll go out and buy my dinner?

ETA: I always forget the little details until y'all remind me. I'm on food stamps, I have no cash. Like, zero cash. We're kinda dependent on them at the moment.


Have any of you had an epileptic dog? Did you choose to medicate him/her?

My 16 month old pup had his first seizure on Christmas, another on Easter, and a cluster of three this weekend. He seems to be having a lot of myclonic-type stuff going on in between. My vet has been hesitant to medicate, and it's not my preference, but it's looking like this will only get worse.

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So yesterday new neighbors moved into the apartment next door. And she put up a windchime, made of glass, so it sounds like trash making noise ALL THE DAMN TIME. The town in which I live is very windy, and I know that they come from a neighboring town that isn't windy, and the damn thing is making noise nearly constantly.

TQC, what should I do? I'm only going to live in this apartment for 13 more days, but I don't think I can take the sound of that chime for too much longer. Should I go over to the neighbor and ask her to take it down until I'm gone?

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 Every time we get into a major argument my brother brings out the big guns, "well at least I didn't fail out of school", now for the record I didn't fail out of school.  I failed a class due to extreme depression and came back home (after living 600 miles away for three years) because it was that or kill myself and I didn't really want to kill myself but knew I was going on that path.  

How do I get him to stop this?
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I'm getting a new TV at the end of the week (HD, yay), and already have a PS3 as a blu-ray player, so I'm thinking about replacing some of my favourite DVDs with blu-rays. If it is an old movie, say 80s, will the blu-ray really look any better than my DVD?

Tell me your top five or ten favourite movies?
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dear tqc,

do you drink?

what do you drink?

what is your favourite thing to take in a shot?

how many shots do you need to do in rapid succession before you feel an effect?

do you prefer to drink alone?

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TQC, where the hell should I go for vacation this summer? It could technically be anywhere. I most want to go to Turkey, Italy, Amsterdam or Prague, but San Francisco or Portland could also be really fun. What's been your favorite place to visit, and what made it so great?
Gravity's Rainbow

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What is your messiest mess you've ever had to clean up? Whether it was a stain on the carpet or your reputation or whatever.

If you could have an informal chat with any author, dead or alive, who would it be?

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What are your thoughts on a heterosexual couple going dancing and showing mild PDA (kissing, hugging) at a gay club (is it appropriate or inappropriate)?


Whats something you have done recently that has had a positive effect on your life?

I suck at wording things...

Through diet changes and making myself get better about taking my meds I have managed to get my blood pressure down from the 180s/100s to 125/80 in 3 weeks :D

I know its nothing monumental but Im pretty proud of myself.

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TQC, do you worry about ridiculous things? Like worrying about the most minute details and logistics of a certain situation instead of the part a normal person would worry about?

I always find myself going to an interview and stressing out the most over where I'm going to park, or what I'm going to do with my keys while I'm in the interview, or how I'm going to spot the person who is interviewing me.

Right now, I've got my first day at a new job tomorrow and I'm most worried about where I should go when I get there.

Side question: where should I go when I get there?
It's a retail place so there's no receptionist's desk or anything easy like that. And I know I'm just going to end up in back in the employee area doing paperwork and watching safety videos and stuff, but I feel kinda weird just wandering back there in search of the woman I spoke with at the interview. So I think I might go talk to whoever is at the counter for the department I'm going to be working at and ask them what to do. But I feel awkward about that too, because chances are that person is not even aware that a new person has been hired. Should I go talk to whoever that person is anyway? What should I say? WHY DO I STRESS MYSELF OUT SO MUCH OVER THESE THINGS?!
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Have you ever experienced one extreme of human behaviour to the other, within a short amount of time?

8:30pm: I was crossing the street. The walk sign was on. All of a sudden, a minivan came careening out of nowhere and tried to turn at the intersection. If I hadn't jumped back, I would have been hit. I was so angry and upset and couldn't stop shaking for awhile.

8:55pm: When I got off the bus, a woman who had also gotten off asked me if I needed help carrying home my groceries. It was the babysitter who looks after the children upstairs, but we had only exchanged smiles in the past when encountering each other; we'd never actually spoken to each other. I was really touched by her kindness.

DK/DC: Have you ever flown first class or business class? Did you like it?

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Thanks! I'm looking for a "shrug".

I am trying to find a white sweater that I can buy that would go with this dress. I'm typing in "cardigan" and those are too long, but I have no idea what the name of a good sweater would be. I am horrible at fashion and clothing terminology. Can you help me find a nice sweater to go with this dress?

Collapse )
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Already asked this in my personal journal but w/e.

I have to spend basically every waking hour in the computer lab for the next three weeks finishing up my final thesis project, and I need TV to watch in the background. Usually I rewatch shows/movies that I've seen before and like because it's hard to pay enough attention to watch something completely new, but I'm open. I have no time for a social life for the next three weeks so I need something superficial to obsess over.

Things I have watched and enjoyed in the past: The Office, Parks & Rec, Friends, The Simpsons, Freaks & Geeks, Disney movies, Pixar movies. Things I am now considering rewatching (but not that stoked about): Party Down, Community, Arrested Development.

Other suggestions? Movies okay too. Save me from myself :(

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how would you deal if one of your friends came to you and told you they didn't want to die but they weren't sure if they were going to be able to continue living(basically, they don't want to die but they don't feel like they're going to be able to stop themselves from committing suicide one day)?

would you deal with it at all?

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My dog just chewed up my retainer. She somehow managed to get it out of its box!! It's like $280 for a new one, and I need it.

What's the most damage your dog has ever done? Pics?
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old meme

When was the first time you watched 2 girls 1 cup? What was your first reaction?

I saw it for the first time a few minutes ago and my first reaction was, "that's not as bad as I thought it'd be."

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 Is 2 feet high and 6 feet long too weird of dimensions for a desk?  I just want a really long desk where I can have a computer/homework area and also a craft area in one and can use a small low sitting desk chair with.   I am going to slowly start focusing pent up rage/energy/angst/whatever on fixing my room up.   

Have  you ever made your own desk/cabinets/shelves?  I really want to get all new furniture in my room (will be leaving a small round table that was my great grandmother's and a small stool that was my grandmother's and a big mirror that came from my grandmother's bedroom set but other than that I want it all out and new exciting stuff.  

How easy was it?  How much did it run you?
If you haven't made or gotten new furniture in a while what is your dream furniture?  

Also ideas for bed risers?  I'm currently using these hard plastic ones but they suck and one is breaking.  
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Brought to you by my recent review of a drama-filled tqc post--

Am I the only person who thinks LJ notes are kind of OCD? Like, you said this one thing and now when you say things I should actually respect, I'll just be like "OMG YOU SAID THIS THREE MONTHS AGO! BYE!"

I mean, isn't it just a way of holding internet grudges? 


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I had a dream the other day that my class and I took a field trip up to a cloud (like we were walking on top of it) to survey it. We had to wear warm clothes because it's cold up there....

What the hell kind of dream is this?!